The recent Mayr Level III Training Program held in Whistler, British Columbia, Canada was a great success. This was the first of its kind held outside of Austria, and only the third ever Level III in English. Attendees of the two-week training program naturally were required to undergo the “Mayr Cure” themselves, as well as attend twice daily seminar/hands-on sessions. The twenty participants came from Africa, Australia, and all over North America.

The instructor was Dr. Ernst Kojer from Vienna, Austria. He is one of only two official Mayr physician instructors, and President of the Austrian Mayr Physicians Society.

The Mayr program involves re-establishing the normal functioning of the digestive system, through dietary and manipulative means. The digestive system is seen as the “root” of many other health problems. Eliminating the root of the problem leads to extinguishment of many other secondary or symptomatic illnesses. The results, of this established Austrian technique are very dramatic, as evidenced by all those who attended this program.

Our congratulations go out to all those who attended the program, and in particular, those who having completed their Fourth Level thereby achieving the status of Mayr Physician as awarded by the Society of Mayr Physicians in Austria.

This course marks the first time that a Level Three/Fourth course has been offered outside of Austria. The next North American Level Three will be two years from now, according to the Institutes agreement with the Mayr Physician Society. Dr. Sturm, the first ever North American Mayr Physician, will be teaching several Level One and Level Two courses in the meantime.

Shown in the picture is Dr. Ernestine Stowell, who besides becoming a certified Mayr Physician, was an invaluable help to the smooth operation of the two week program.

Note (2024): Pictures mentioned in this article are no longer retrievable or available.

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Published September 1994

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