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As the system (the human body) becomes polluted with extra- and intracellular exotoxins and endotoxins, there is a marked decrease in the availability of oxygen and the ability of the cell to use oxygen. The inevitable result is a shift from facultative aerobic metabolism to anaerobic fermentative metabolism. This phenomenon is the most common factor in all degenerative processes, and particularly common to the chronic degenerative diseases of our “modern” civilization.

The works of men such as Warburg, W. F. Koch, Pischinger, Engler, and Enderlein provide the basis for understanding the degenerative processes.

With this realization, it becomes apparent, that a paradigm shift from the treatment of symptoms to a more vital and encompassing approach to restoration of cellular physiology (enhancement of cellular respiration) is required.

The Degenerative Processes

Impairment of cellular respiration occurs with the increase of exotoxin and endotoxin burdening of the matrix or mesenchyme surrounding the cells.

Exotoxins consist of those environmental toxins with which we have all become more and more familiar. They are so numerous that it is difficult not to be overwhelmed. How these toxins affect us is not always as clear as we would like, but there is an increasing understanding of their direct and indirect effect on the degenerative processes of the body. An example put forth by Dr. Helmut Schimmel demonstrates how methyl mercury generated from mercury fillings predisposes to a zinc deficiency in the large intestine, leading to the creation of an environment conducive to mycotic growth. There are, of course, other side effects of mercury toxicity.

Other recognized exotoxins include: pesticides, herbicides, denatured fats, chemical medicines, petrochemicals, heavy metals, food preservatives – and the list goes on.

There are several toxins released by parasites, mycotic organisms and bacteria that are toxic sources occurring inside and outside the body.

Endotoxins are those toxins produced by the body as a result of dysfunction of one or more of its systems. The most common source of endotoxins are those liberated in the digestive tract due to faulty digestion, resulting in fermentation of carbohydrates and putrefaction of proteins. These include indoles, scatoles, mercaptan, cadaverine, spermidine, etc. These and other organic acids are deposited in the mesenchyme, and are the most immediate cause of cellular basement membranosis, a primary inhibitory factor in cellular respiratory physiology.

Establishing the Condition of Cellular Respiration

Through the use of the parameters of Bio-Electronics of Vincent, one can infer a great deal of data reflective of the state of cellular respiration. The oxidation-reduction potentials (redox) are particularly revealing. Using the Vincent method one measures the redox potential as expressed in atmospheres of hydrogen per cm squared (hydrogen pressure). With this measure of hydrogen pressure, one can determine the relative oxygen pressure – oxygen available in the system. The “normal” range for redox potential in the healthy human blood is 22 atmospheres (slightly reduced), suggesting that there is relatively more oxygen available than hydrogen. As the redox values increase the converse is true, and oxidative state (inferring stasis of oxidation, a less reactive state) increases. This indicates that there is either less oxygen available to the physiological process of the cell (Kreb’s cycle) or that there are substances (toxins) blocking the oxidative processes (decreases efficiency of the Kreb’s cycle). This situation heralds the state leading to anaerobic fermentation.

The decrease in the redox potential of the urine (below 24) indicates that the oxidized by-prod­ucts, organic acids, or toxic load is not being eliminated, and therefore are likely accumulat­ing in the blood and connective tissue.

Other methods of determining the state of the terrain that are extremely helpful include Ger­man Electro-Acupuncture techniques such as  he VEGATEST Method according to Dr. Schimmel.

These techniques can be used to determine the toxins involved, as well as the homeopathics, homeopathic nosodes and nutrients required to help restore the system.

They can also be used for determination of the Biological Index (or Biological Age) which provides an indication of the overall mesenchymal burdening, and additionally the burden on the tissue of any organ.

Methods Used in the Restoration of Cellular Respiration

  1. Elimination of Exotoxins:

    a) Using German Electro-Acupuncture, determine the toxins involved.
    b) Eliminate the exposure to the toxin if the source is continuing.
    c) Determine the nosode and appropriate homeopathic drainage remedies.
    d) Determine what other detoxification methods are required, i.e., chelation, biological detoxification using sauna, etc.

  2. Elimination of Endotoxin source:

    The most potent source of endotoxins is the digestive tract. Restoring proper digestion and elimination of dysbiosis (including elimination of parasites – most of which are opportunistic) is paramount to the restoration of cellular respiration. Methods of choice and initial treatment are the Dr. F. X. Mayr Digestive System Detoxification Program, and the Protocols for Dysbiosis according to Dr. Schimmel.

  3. Providing the Essential Nutrients:

    Essential nutrients and further detoxification can be provided with good dietetic practices. The dietetics extolled by Drs. Mayr, Enderlein and Koch are the most efficient in the restoration of a healthy system. It becomes quite evident that the more dysfunctional a system is, the more the need to return to a near vegetarian diet. It is a potent source of natural peroxidases as well as the co-factors required for healthy cellular respiration. The addition of other essential nutrients such as the anti-oxidants [a misnomer] are advantageous, but their effect is greatly potentiated with proper dietetics.

  4. Providing sufficient oxygen and removing blocks in the oxidative system:

    This important step in the restoration of cellular respiration can be accomplished through the use of one or more of the following aspects.
    a) W. F. Koch’s Molecular Therapy:
    The substances used in this therapy include rhodizonic acid-trichinoyl, para-benzochinon, glyoxal, methylglyoxal and a polyketone.
    The utilization and the frequency of administration can be monitored with the simple Erythrocyte Crenation Test.
    b) Ionized Oxygen according to Dr. Engler
    Utilization of ionized oxygen is particularly useful in the normalization of the autonomic nervous system and the neuro-vegetative responses. All aid with the removal of free-radical blockages, and enhance oxygen utilization as well as the competence of cellular immune factors.
    c) Oxygen-releasing products
    The use of such substances such as magnesium peroxide orally, provide an additional source of oxygen as well as aiding in the integrity of the gut.
    d) Matrix Regulation Therapy according to Kohler
    This is an ingenious method of detoxification of the matrix (connective tissue) through the combination of bioresonance therapy, direct current polarization of tissue and petechial extraction massage.
    e) Judicious use of Ozone
    Ozone has been used in Germany for decades with fantastic results and next to no side effects. Benefits are numerous, ranging from the increase in hemoglobin dissociation constants to simple purification of water.
    f) Exercise
    A simple but often overlooked necessity in restoration of cellular respiration is the requirement for adequate exercise. Obvious benefits include increased circulation of both blood and lymph with the resultant increase in oxygen delivery, and elimination of wastes from the body.

Restoration of Energetic Regulation

With any dysfunction of cellular physiology there is a disturbance in the energetic regula­tory capacity of the cells that goes beyond the biochemical parameters. Restoration of the energetics of the cell is often required to initiate normal functioning and to support the continu­ance of the same.

  1. There are several instruments that can aid in accomplishing this:
  2. The MORA input-output device from the German Med-Tronik firm. This bio-resonance therapy includes the capability of inverting dissonant resonances and enhancing harmonic resonances.
  3. The VEGASELECT by the German VEGA firm, combines bioresonance therapy and magnetic field therapy.
  4. The VEGA STT – a metabolic testing and therapy device.

With judicious and knowledgeable application of various combinations of these methods the goal of improved cellular respiration can be accomplished. An individual may then experience the maximum health potential.

In-depth training on these methods is available through seminar and workshops offered by the O.I.R.F.

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