2012 “Occidental Institute Research Foundation” Board Members

Board of Directors

Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm, BEd
Penticton, British Columbia, Canada
(Chairman of the Board, CEO)

Peter Service
Peachland, British Columbia, Canada
(Vice Chairman of the Board)

Elaine Mackenzie
Kaleden, British Columbia, Canada

Karim Dhanani, ND
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
(Chief Medical Advisor)

Zenon Gruba, MBBS, KHS
Camberwell, Victoria, Australia
(Medical Advisor)

European Medical Board of Advisors

Gottfried Cornelisson, DMD
Rostock-Warnemünde, Germany

a. Prof. Ivan Engler, MD, PhD
Salzburg, Austria

Prof. Hartmut Heine, PhD, MD
Witten/Herdecke, Germany

Dieter Jossner, Engineer
Rheinau, Germany

Richard Kraßnigg, MD
Neunkirchen-Seelscheid, Germany

Eva Rasche, MD
Friesenheim, Germany

Hendrik Treugut, MD
Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany

Prof. Dr. Herbert Twarock, Pharmacist
Köln, Germany

Honored Past European Medical Advisors

F. J. Feinen, MD
Ernst Kojer, MD
Fritz Kramer, DDS
Wilhelm Langreder, MD
Peter Maschke, MD (Ret’d.)

Franz Morell, MD
Erich Rasche, Engineer
Erich Rauch, MD
Helmut Schimmel, MD, DMD
Erwin Schramm, MD (Ret’d.)

Medical Board of Advisors

Current Staff at Canadian Office

Carolyn L. Winsor, Managing Director, the “Boss-lady”
Dr. Karim Dhanani, Medical Research Director
Peter Service, Financial and Business Advisor
Elaine Mackenzie, Administrator
Bruce Velestuk, CMA, our ISO, Health Canada, Financial/Business Advisor

Founding Directors of Occidental Institute

Walter D. Sturm, BEd, DAcu, PhD, HMD
Rev. Michael E. Coburn, HMD
Brian L. MacCoy, ND
Alexander (Sandy) A. Wood, DC, ND (Retired)

Annual Announcement of OIRF Directors
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2011

© Copyright 2011, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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