A Chronological History of the
Occidental Institute Research Foundation

Doors open in Weston (Toronto), Ontario, Canada
Traditional Acupuncture School
Publication of Extension Training Program

Move to Montreal, P. Québec, Canada
Traditional Acupuncture School
Publication of Master of Acupuncture Program

Move to Miami, Florida
Start of traditional acupuncture resident training programs
Introduction of MORA Therapy to North America
Sponsor first Clinic and Lecture Tour to Germany
Sponsored first North American seminars for:

  • Dr. Hartwig Schuldt (EAV)
  • Dr. Franz Morell (MORA/BEV)
  • Mr. Erich Rasche (Med-Tronik)
  • Mr. Hans Brügemann (MORA)
  • Mr. Hans Kupka (BFD)

Move to San Francisco, California
Publication of EAV Desk Reference Manuals
Sponsored first North American seminars for:

  • Dr. Helmut Schimmel (VEGA)
  • Dr. Erwin Schramm (NBT)
  • Dr. Ernst Kojer (Mayr)

Move to Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Founding of Occidental Institute as a non-profit research foundation
Sponsored first North American seminars for:

  • Prof. Dr. Hartmut Heine (University Professor/Researcher)
  • Prof. Dr. Herbert Twarock (Pharmacist)
  • Dr. Wilhelm Langreder (MORA)

First North American VEGA Symposium

Move to Penticton, B.C., Canada
Ongoing Tours to Germany
Introduction of and continued research into:

  • Dr. Gottfried Cornelisson (MORA)
  • Dr. Ivan Engler (Inhaled Ionized Oxygen)
  • Dr. Thomas Hermanns (ScreenPen)
  • Dr. Erich Krämer (ScreenPen)
  • Mechthilde Röhrig-Weking (PRT)
  • Dr. Erich Rauch (Mayr)

Death of Dr. Walter D. Sturm, Founder of OIRF
Introduction of:

  • Photon Resonance Test (Schimmel)
  • ScreenPen (Drs. Krämer and Hermanns)

Transition to new facility specially designed for OIRF
Ongoing Tours to Germany

Introduction of and continued research into:

  • Magnetic Field Therapy (Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, AMS)
  • Low Level Laser Therapy (POWERLaser from Denmark)
  • Water Regeneration (Liquid Energy AQA 707)
  • Vegetative Diagnostics (VNS 3000 / Dr. Engler)

Ongoing Tours to Germany

Introduction of and continued research into:

  • MORA-Color Therapy for pain
  • Segmental Diagnostics (AMSAT-HC by Holistic Concepts)

Ongoing Tours to Germany

Introduction of and continued research into:

  • Magnetic Field Therapy protection with computers (Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, AMS)
  • BioResonance Therapy with the MORA Nova (Dr. Uellendahl, Med-Tronik)
  • Voice Frequency Analysis (SFA / Prof. Dr. Heinen, Holistic Concepts))

Ongoing Tours to Germany

Occidental Institute celebrates their fortieth (40th!) anniversary with a Biological Medicine Symposium featuring introduction of and continuing research into:

  • Prof. Dr. Roeland van Wijk (BioPhotons in Diagnostics)
  • Dr. Ted Cole (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy)
  • Dr. Bärbel Aldridge (EAV)
  • Dr. Reimar Banis (PSE)
  • Dr. Alex Mostovoy (Thermography)
  • Dr. Dickson Thom (Clinical Practice)
  • Dr. Arno Josef Heinen (by proxy – Voice Frequency Analysis)
  • PaedDr. Uwe Uellendahl, HP (BioResonance Therapy with MORA Nova)
  • Dr. Gary Verigin (Biological Dentistry)
  • Dr. Craig Wagstaff (Biological Medicine Therapy and Phenolic Therapy)
  • Dr. Simon Yu (EAV and Parasite Therapy)

North American Introduction of the MORA Nova by Med-Tronik
Ongoing Tours to Germany

Introduction of and continued research into:

  • BioResonance Therapy with the M3 and M5 by BioKat
  • BioResonance Therapy with MORA-Nova Professional and MORA-Nova Basic by Med-tronik
  • Biofeedback therapy with ONDAMED
  • Cosmetic BioResonance Therapy with MORA Beauty by Med-Tronik
  • Ultraviolet blood irradiation with the UVLrx

OIRF Directors and Advisors lecture in diverse conferences and seminars
Ongoing Tours to Germany

OIRF continued to sponsor multiple seminars, workshops and of course the annual “pilgrimage” to Germany and thus successfully completing forty-four Biological Medicine Group Tours to Germany.

On 29 June 2018 Occidental Institute permanently closed its doors. Carolyn Winsor has semi-retired and you can see her continuing adventures and work at http://praxis2practice.com/#meetme.
Thank you to everyone for their support. May this information move forward into the future offering relief to patients and effectiveness and reward to our practitioners.

An Exclusive Historical Article for OIRF Supporters
From the OIRF Website and Newsletter
Published June 2018

© Copyright 1972-2018, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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