Our Honored Founding Medical Director

Dr. Sturm’s contributions to the field of biological medicine began in the late 1960’s. The list of firms, methods and remedies that he introduced to North America, and around the world in all English speaking countries, is extensive. It shows his dedication to finding and teaching the best and most effective methods, and his obsession with “keeping the field clean”. Without Dr. Sturm so many methods and therapies in the field of biological medicine would be unknown in the English speaking world – or hopelessly distorted. I hope you will all join with us at Occidental Institute to honor and to continue the work of his lifetime.

Here are some of the many “firsts” he introduced to English speaking doctors in North America and abroad:

  • Founder of Occidental Institute Research Foundation
  • Traditional Acupuncture Training in English for Western doctors
  • Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV/GEA)
  • Biological Functions Diagnosis (BFD)
  • Helmut W. Schimmel with the VEGA-Test Method, ART and more recently the Photon Resonance Test (PRT)
  • Mayr Therapy with numerous instructors including Ernst Kojer, Dr. Erich Rauch, Dr. H.U. Havemann and Dr. Walter Wolfrum
  • During the thirty Germany tours he organized we heard lectures from such legends of the field as Oswald Bartel, Dr. Gottfried Cornelissen, Dr. Claus Eichhorn, Dr. Ivan Engler, Dr. F.J. Feinen, Dr. Lorenz Geßwein, Dr. Hartmut Heine, Dr. Fritz Kramer, Dr. Heinrich Kremer, Dr. Gustav Krobath, Dr. Wilhelm Langreder, Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, Dr. Peter Maschke, Dr. Franz Morell, Dr. Gerhard Ohlenschläger, Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, Dr. Dieter Reinstorff, Dr. Heinrich Rossmann, Dr. Erwin Schramm, Dr. Herbert Twarock and so many, many more.
  • Remedy firms including Staufen, WALA, Heel, Sanum, Nestmann, Helixor, and Pascoe.
  • Highest quality instrumentation including MORA-Therapy and Bio-Electronic Method of Prof. Vincent (BEV and BE-T-A) by Med-Tronik, Bio-Photon Light Therapy by Medical Electronics, Inhaled Ionized Oxygen Therapy by CSTronic and Ozone Therapy by Hänsler, Darkfield Microscopy

Please follow this link to see the “In Memoriam” for Dr. Sturm.

And also those who have given us so much!

For without their help and dedication . . .

All of the above innovative and sensitive healers were exceptional teachers, and kind but eccentric men who shared their knowledge without reservation. Their contributions over the decades to Occidental Institute cannot be counted. Let their example and their dedication guide us into a new and exciting future of Biological Medicine.

A Memorial Prepared for OIRF Members & Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Initially published shortly after the passing of Dr. Sturm

© Copyright 2004, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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