Over the summer and fall of 1994, Dr. Walter Sturm, along with the OIRF staff and directors began a project that was intended as an ongoing project to publish the information and experience of the many affiliated international and North American practitioners of Biological Medicine (a term coined by Occidental Institute in the mid-1980s as the organization moved back into Canada and became the non-profit Research Foundation). The goal was to become a “bridge” between the innovation, information and development in this field in Germany and English speaking practitioners worldwide, while showcasing the expertise and experience of the elite practitioners and directors of OIRF.

The concept and the initial banners of this newsletter were designed and developed by our advisor and director, Mr. Bruce Velestuk. His input and guidance were of incalculable value and continued even after Dr. Sturm’s passing in 2004.

Although the Institute had attempted a newsletter format in the preceding years, often they became promotional in nature as Dr. Sturm’s talents and interests were usually geared toward the Germany Tours, seminars, workshops and even the “resident training programs”. In these preceding years are also the research, translation, development and publication of the three major Occidental Institute courses, and many of the reports and extended articles still available through this organization.

For these and similar reasons, publication of the newly created Bridge newsletter became somewhat irregular through until the early 2000s. With the progression through the years I have tried to maintain the timing and continuity of the articles through 35 years of digital files and ever changing word processing and publishing software programs. I trust you will find much of value and interest in these incredible newsletter articles.

Here, then is Dr. Sturm’s Introduction for this very first “official” newsletter called “The Bridge”.

Carolyn L. Winsor
Occidental Institute, and
Praxis2Practice Consulting.

In the past 22 years the Institute has seen various modalities, equipment, and  people come and go. We have been around long enough to watch the evolution of therapies such as acupuncture go from fringe to main stream. We have watched mainstream medicine evolve and change. Throughout all this change we have steadfastly charted our course. We have learned plenty, as have all those practitioners who have attended the seminars, and one of the primary things is that the terrain is all important.

The importance of the terrain cannot be understated. It is very important to the proper functioning of any organism. The question is, why are practitioners of Biological Medicine so hung-up on the terrain while orthodox practitioners hardly pay any attention to it? Of course a large part of the answer is politics, but let us look further.

Part of the problem lies in knowledge. A lot of general practitioners are unaware of the vital importance of terrain to the health of the organism. It involves a different way of looking at health problems – that is, looking at a great many health problems as only symptoms of underlying terrain problems. It often involves treating the system first and symptoms second.

They are not used to treating or objectively assessing the terrain. Their practices are not geared to terrain modification, on either asymptomatic nor symptomatic patients. A lot of doctors just plain look at and measure different aspects of the human condition than practitioners of biological medicine. Many practitioners of biological medicine have obtained measuring devices such as the computerized SEG, perform various types of VRT, have microscopes for darkfield work, or do BEV. The point is that these are all effective, objective tools for measuring a patient progress. Many practices also of course also incorporate elements of a traditional practice.

If you were never trained to appreciate the significance of the terrain, and have never used the measuring devices required to properly monitor terrain modification treatment programs, then you are unlikely to develop a good body of knowledge on treatment protocols or perhaps to even recognize the significance of the terrain. When you have the tools and know the importance of measuring the terrain, you measure the terrain. The value of doing so becomes readily apparent.

With time you develop a body of knowledge, that you share with others. For the past few years we have been focusing on bringing speakers from around the world to our seminars, and unfortunately neglecting newsletters. This is the first newsletter in a while, and as with its predecessors the intention is simple – to share knowledge with all our associate members. In all likelihood you will not always agree with what all the articles say, which is perfectly fine. The Bridge is intended as a forum for sharing information and ideals, and we welcome all to share.

Walter D. Sturm,
CEO and Managing Director

Please follow these links to see seven of the articles and announcements included in this first ever edition of “THE BRIDGE” Newsletter of OIRF.

  1. Water the Essentials, Key Principles That You Need To Know, by Dr. Walter Sturm
  2. BioPhotons: A Tour Through The O.I.R.F. Library, by Dr. Walter Sturm
  3. Terrain Modification in Biological Medicine, by Dr. Alexander (Sandy) Wood
  4. The Enderleinian Microscopist, by Dr. Daniel Beilin
  5. O2 Ions as Energy Carriers of Our Life Energy, Oswald Bartel
  6. Proper Care and Maintenance of Your VEGATEST II Machine, by Dr. Walter Sturm
  7. Mayr® Training Program, by Dr. Walter Sturm

We hope you will find much of interest and value in these articles.

An Introductory Article for OIRF Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 1994

© Copyright 1994, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

About the author

Thanks to an eidetic memory and a near Mensa level IQ, Dr. Sturm had the ability to research huge quantities of printed materials (in seven languages) and then absorb and correlate the information without error or confusion. A dynamic speaker with an innate talent for teaching, he was able to meticulously share his knowledge and depth of understanding with the participants. Dr. Sturm was able to bring you right up to date with the very latest German discoveries based on his regular attendance at German language Symposia and conferences as well as the most recent German language publications.

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