Dr. Beilin teaches seminars in Enderleinian microscopy. Having studied and worked for many years in the field, it is the goal of this column to share some knowledge and interpretive data concerning fungal and mycotoxic involvement in disease etiology.

Whether you currently own a microscope or are about to get one you will find this column a place to compare notes, conclusions and treatment decisions based upon the microbe and the terrain. It will also be a valuable source of practical tips regarding microscopes and techniques. Questions and comments can be sent to the Institute, and Dr. Beilin will try to answer them in subsequent columns.


I will be writing a series of articles for “The Bridge”, the goal of which is to help fellow darkfielders, and to save you some of the grief that I have gone through over the past years.

When you first look down your microscope tubes at a fresh specimen, what we see is crucially important for the determination of the final Enderleinian/microbial conclusion. The most important aspects are:

  • Neutrophil integrity;
  • Platelet number and structure,
  • Erythrocyte homogeneity and form,
  • Symprotit valence and number; and,
  • Symplast/sclerotic formation

Each of these aspects will be dealt with in separate articles

This particular article deals with neutrophil integrity. In subsequent articles I will deal with the other categories. Now for the good stuff.

What is neutrophil integrity?

Well, Dr. Bleker says that the neutrophil with its phagocytotic activity gathers by mistake symprotits into its cytoplasm. Therefore the granules within the neutrophils are a mix of Mucor racemosus and Aspergillus Niger, as well as enzymatic containing granular material found explained in medical school texts. A neutrophil which has too many granules and therefore has hinderance to normal motility is to a degree invaded by the “Endobiont”.

You can see in this photograph (done with my Nikon SA with Naessen condenser) that the cytoplasm of these neutrophils is completely occupied. The nuclear material of the neutrophils may also be invaded in more severe cases and this is a serious Endobiontic invasion.

The way out? Always think Notakehl first. Both Notakehl and Nigersan stimulate neutrophil production and integrity. Notakehl also has the effect of breaking down the barrier of the infection so it can be vulnerable to immunological regulation. Factors for immunological regulation are derived from a healthy terrain. Then you can perfect the removal of the focus or infection with Nigersan.

Also look at the normal CMV of EBV titers. Do a good physical exam. Do what you do for immune enhancements, whether it be astragalus, echinacea, thymus, phytolacca or homeopathy in the drainage methods such as scrophularia, mercurius, etc.

The next aspect of the neutrophil is when a chondrite is observed attached to the membrane. A chondrite is a twisting “worm” structure which moves freely in the serum, or is attached to a blood organelle. It is usually associated with Mucor, but the way out is with Notakehl and Pefrakehl, then Mucor later. Remember to never give Notakehl and Mucokehl at the same time or you will have a neutralized effect.

That’s it for today, but always remember that if you see a platelet, try to get yourself a forklet and knifelet.

Dr. Dan

Note (2024): Pictures mentioned in this article are no longer retrievable or available.

An Exclusive Article for OIRF Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 1994

© Copyright 1994, Dr. Dan Beilin, CA USA

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Dr. Beilin has also created several nutritional supplements including the antidepressant “Well Mind” produced today by Allergy Research Group, as Dr. Beilin was the first to publish and gain recognition for the herb St. John’s Wort, from which came its use today as a potential natural replacement to some antidepressants.
Dr. Beilin has lectured for famous personalities such as Anthony Robbins, Dietrich Klinghardt, M.D., William Rea, M.D., Hans Nieper, M.D. and Jonathan Wright, M.D.. His patients have included well-known personalities as Jane Seymour and Stevie Wonder.

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