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Getting It Together

This article will provide a brief introduction into the concept of Biological Terrain, methods of monitoring the Terrain and methods, which I have found effective, of manipulating terrain. Each of these aspects will be dealt with in greater depth in future articles.

The first and primary goal of Biological therapy is to remove any blocks to the normal functioning of the organism; the second to restore optimum functioning of that organism. Only through the actualization of these goals can the health of the individual be restored.

All too often, therapy consists of trying to relieve symptoms with the eternal search for the “magic bullet” or the “key” that fits all locks. The most common results of such efforts are the suppression of symptoms and the overlooking of the individual uniqueness of each case in as many aspects as possible.

As the basis for assessment of any given condition, one must establish the condition of the biological terrain. As has been repeated numerous times, the concept of biological terrain has been attributed to Dr. Claude Bernard and simply stated, “You cannot grow daisies in cement”

Professor L.C. Vincent was among the first to examine the “terrain”, going beyond simple static chemistry to the dynamic interpretation of the terrain using Biophysics. Examination of pH (acid-alkaline balance), rH2 (oxidation-reduction potential), and resistivity (the mineralization and thermal factor) allows determination of terrain specific to the healthy human. Through observation of the alteration of these factors in altered states of health it is possible to conclude a predisposition to various dysfunctions resulting in disease.

Dr. Franz Morell, a leading German physician, furthered Vincent’s work by developing and applying various therapeutic modalities with the goal of manipulating the terrain into a more biologically compatible state, these include the application of homeopathic remedies, dietetics and the input-output device as the “Mora” instrument.

Another exciting method of evaluating the terrain was developed by Professor Guenther Enderlein. Professor Enderlein painstakingly observed micro-organisms and their evolution native to live blood under darkfield microscopy. His concepts of Pleomorphism and Cyclogeny are vivified when one understands Vincent’s concept of Terrain.

Dr. Von Brehmer was among the first to observe the relationship of Vincent’s parameters and the development of the higher forms of the micro-organisms in the live blood. His work with Siphonospora Polymorpha (recognized as a primary parasite) and with alterations in the acid-alkaline balance and the redox potential have provided many clues to providing effective ther­apeutics.

There are, of course, many other dynamic systems of evaluating the state of the biological terrain. Dr. Revicci’s methods are to be lauded and Dr. Lynn August’s computerized system is inspiring. All serve to clarify the concepts involved in the evaluation of the “Biological Terrain” and as “objective” tools in establishing the effectiveness of therapeutic measures.

Introduction To Methods of Biological Terrain Modification.

The most fundamental and essential prerequisite in terrain modification is the examination and manipulation of the individual’s nutritional status – diet, digestion, intrinsic and extrinsic toxins, and the electromagnetic status of the environment.

If one examines the dietary regimens recommended by Professor Enderlein and Dr. Wm. F. Koch, one is struck by the similarity and, indeed, the simplicity of their dietary protocols – not to mention the effectivity. Although, it would appear that they had different rational for their recommendations, the outcome was the same – return of the biologically sound terrain – thus regression of the higher evolved forms of the microorganism of Enderlein and the elimination of blockages of the oxidation processes of the cells according to Koch. I suggest that all dietary regimens can be evaluated objectively for their effectiveness through examination of the effect on the Biological Terrain with Bioelectronics of Vincent and Darkfield Microscopy according to Enderlein.

There are three other methods, among the numerous, that I find particularly interesting and effective, individually, in combination with the appropriate dietetics, with each other, and with carefully applied homeopathic remedies.

Doctors Enderlein, Spangler and Von Brehmer developed highly effective remedies to promote the symbiotic state of the higher evolved microorganism. The primitive or simplest forms of these organisms such as mucur racemosus Fresn and aspergillus Niger serve as part of the immune system, enhancing its competence. Careful application of these remedies along with modification of the terrain, result in the regression to the primitive symbiotic state and thereby restore immune competence.

Dr. Wm. F. Koch cited “toxic elements” as the cause of disease. These elements interfere with cellular chemistry and metabolism. Substances such as glyoxylide, malonide, 1:4 benzoquinone and ketene are used to overcome obstructive pathogenic molecule. The intriguing aspect of his therapy is that he used dilutions in the range of one part in three million (a homeopathic dilution).

Ionized oxygen (not ozone) is another safe and effective way of modification of the terrain and restoring cellular function. Given that most of the chronic diseases are associated with decreased oxygen utilization by the cell and that our available atmospheric oxygen has been cited to have dropped by 40% in the last 45 years, this form of therapy may have some valuable applications. Dr. Engler of Salzburg has done some enlightening work in this field. Others working in this field include: Kaufmann, Krugger, and Kief. The Biomed-Electronic Gmbh and Co.* of Germany have patented a method to alter the pressure charge of oxygen, provide positive and negative charged oxygen that can be inhaled, used to aerosol medication, and used to charge pure water – all of which are physiologically compatible.

As one may observe, there are numerous possibilities in the use of Biological Medicine to overcome the acute and chronic diseases of today without the use of toxic, surgical or suppressive methods. Finding the unique combination of these biological methods for each patient is the challenge and understanding the biological terrain is the guiding light.

An Exclusive Article for OIRF Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 1994

© Copyright 1994, Dr. Sandy Wood, ON Canada

About the author

February 2008

Dr. Alexander (Sandy) A. Wood (ND, DC) has recently retired from our Board of Directors. We are very sad to lose him as an acting member of our Board. Sandy was one of the founding members of the Board of Directors for OIRF when we returned to Canada in 1984. He originally joined this organization in the late 1970’s and has been a close and personal friend for all those many years. He will always remain on our honor roles for his many contributions to this field.

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