The True Biological Background of the Myth,
Part 2

AIDS belongs among the unavoidably fatal diseases. Whoever gets a positive AIDS test from then on believes he is reading his death sentence. General practitioner Juliane Sacher explains in this article why the HIV test states nothing about a virus disease called AIDS.

In the last issue of raum & zeit I dealt with the beginning of the HIV/AIDS history (“AIDS – The Chronology of a Mistake, r&z Vol. 24, #141, or The Bridge, Vol. 3, Issue #1). From the outset there were clear references that the official theory (according to which it’s a matter of a new virus that destroys the T4 cells) cannot be correct. After one year it could already be shown in the “HIV Model” financed by the Federal Government that the natural healing therapies used by myself were far more effective than the officially implemented anti-retro-viral therapy.

In this issue I will report on the molecular-biological connections. At the same time, it is important to understand the manner of operation of our immune system.

The immune system works in two completely different ways:

Immune system No. 1: Microbes are killed directly with a cell destroying gas, Nitrogen (NO) gas

Immune system No. 2: Germs and foreign matter are bound and destroyed by antibodies (proteins)

Antibodies (proteins) are measured
with the help of electrophoresis.
This is also dealt with in the HIV test.

Both Immune Systems of People

For over 50 years in medicine we have already known the function of the No. 2 immune system. We can measure the total quantity of antibodies, also the immune globulins and gamma globulins, in an organism by a special examination called electrophoresis. Here the different endogenic proteins, to which the antibodies belong, are fractionated and measured in terms of percentage. All antibodies which are measured with the standard virus antibody tests belong to the immune globulins. If we test whether a person has, or exactly suffers from, a specific virus disease, we see that in: the elevation in the blood, and the kind of antibodies. Also the HIV test is such an antibody proof.

We have only known the function of the No. 1 immune system for a few years, although this immune system is much older in evolution. Already single celled organisms produced NO gas to protect themselves from foreign germs. Then only 50 million years later, on the level of the bony fish, the second immune system appeared. You can imagine the necessity for a new immune system like this: For example if a large fish ate a worm and it then lived on and irritated the intestine of the fish, then the large fish would have had to produce so much NO gas to kill the worm that it would have seriously damaged itself or would even have been killed.

Therefore it was urgently necessary for higher organisms to develop a new kind of immune system and this was the production of proteins, the immune globulins, which had an antibody function. These antibodies bind themselves to the germs and foreign bodies to then destroy them without damaging the organism itself.

Every medical student learns that this antibody system only developed at the level of the bony fish. Funny that nobody asks how living beings protected themselves before this. Earlier I also thought nothing about this until the senior medical officer Dr. Heinrich Kremer explained it to me (see literature).

Both immune systems are linked with one another by the T4 cells, those cells that through AIDS became known as T helper cells, immune cells. It was published for the first time 15 years ago that there are two kinds of T4 cells, namely the Th1 and Th2 cells. The Th1 cells are the immune cells which produce the NO gas and the Th2 cells are the cells which help the B cells (the cells which produce antibodies) to form the antibodies. Both these cells stand together in a balance with each other.

If an organism is attacked by a virus both immune systems react. For the diagnosis whether someone is affected by a virus infection, a virus antibody test is carried out. With this you examine whether the organism has formed antibodies for a specific virus. For an HIV test you need the whole virus or its individual chromosome segments (then you call the virus or its parts an antigen), so that the antibodies from the blood of the patient can combine with it. If you can prove antibodies on the virus, you assume the organism formed it because it came into contact with the virus.

How HIV Tests Work

To test for HIV, you need two different tests. There is the so called Elisa test and the HIV Western-Blot (WB).

For the Elisa test you need to use the entire virus and for the Western-Blot you need to have the “virus” split up into eight individual antigens. You take eight different parts of the virus (for example virus membrane or virus nucleus, etc.) and apply these separately as so called bands on a [test] strip. If you then add the patient’s blood, you can see to which of the eight antigens the patient’s blood has bound itself. Then if the patient’s blood binds antibodies to the test antigens, we speak of a positive test.

As is known the main problem is that a whole series of different antibodies in the blood, which develop with inflammations or rheumatic diseases, can also bind to the so called HIV antigen in the Elisa test, and thus also react to this test. This is called a cross reaction. Therefore you must never pass a positive Elisa test on to the patient without a confirmation test, the WB.

Unfortunately it still happens that doctors inexcusably [criminally] do not pay attention to this and the patients are plunged into severe anxiety for no reason. I experienced this again last week: A young woman got a positive HIV Elisa test pressed into her hand from her gynecologist with the statement that she was HIV positive and that she must go immediately to the HIV department of the university hospital for treatment. By a coincidence she came to me. On the test result was written in: “WB result is missing! These findings are not valid” whereby the word “not” was crossed out with a black text marker. Four other lines had also been made unrecognizable.

After that I called the laboratory and asked about the WB. I found out that the patient was considered negative because only one single band had weakly reacted positively and that the so called P24 antigen, which is regarded as the nucleus antigen of HIV, was negative.

The patients are plunged into severe anxiety for no reason.

Virus Test without a Virus

As explained above, you need the virus itself for a virus antibody test.

Thus what is tested in the HIV test if an HIV virus was still never isolated or was still never represented purely? What do we understand at all by “pure virus representation”?

If we assume that a new virus is responsible for a certain illness, then we must examine the blood or tissue as a result. When AIDS arose in the early 1980’s, some researchers started immediately looking feverishly for a virus – among others Robert Gallo in the USA and Luc Montagnier in France. Both tried to make electron-microscopic pictures of the virus.

Robert Gallo, MD

Luc Montagnier, MD

Basically viruses are increased in the cells and then are given off outwardly by the cell. In pictures they look like small little balls. But also the cell garbage produced in the metabolic processes is transported out of the cell in the form of such small little balls (vesicles). In the early 1980’s it was already long well known that you cannot distinguish in an electron microscope a new virus from the small balls full of cell garbage. The leading virologists (in here also is Montagnier) agreed on the fact that a further examination is necessary to separate the virus from the cell garbage. You fill this mixture of small balls into a test tube full of gel and then must centrifuge it at high speed. Here the individual small balls separate according to weight.

Each and every single virus always has one and the same weight in contrast to cell garbage which is irregularly expelled. All parts with the same weight collect in the same place in the test tube. This then looks like a band or strip, the so called bands. Then you call a photo of this band a “pure virus representation”, the gold standard. However, this photo does not exist!

Actually this so called pure representation was only published for the first time by a German-French group 13 years after the supposed discovery of the HIV virus. However HIV was not written under the photo shown in the work: “HIV-like particles”, therefore only HIV similar particles. How do they know this if HIV was never isolated?

Stress Instead of AIDS

For a pure virus representation you need the isolated virus in order to isolate the gene material from the virus. Then you can also separate the individual gene sections and consult these, for example, for the standardization of tests (WB and PCR). Then you can also use this genetic material for a possible inoculation.

However, if you do not have a pure representation of the virus, you cannot do all of that.

Therefore what did the researchers, doctors and pharmaceutical companies use as raw material for their investigations and test productions? They took the blood of AIDS patients for cultures and mistreated it with different substances and drugs (Hydrocortisone and neurotransmitters from cells like interleukins and interferons). The cells contained in the blood are stimulated by this intervention and release stress proteins in the shape of the above mentioned small little balls. That means that only gene material from the stress proteins is available for the tests and the other research and examinations. In other words: The HIV test will filter out such persons whose organism is put under stress by something – either mild or medium stress for a longer period of time or by a severe acute event in their life.

In my practice I have numerous AIDS patients who have struck me by the fact that they had a tragic event in their prehistory. I have never experienced such cases in my other practice –nothing at all like in the increased numbers as with AIDS patients.

AIDS Patients in Germany

Even after 25 years in Germany and the industrialized countries still over 95 percent of HIV/AIDS patients are:

  1. Homosexual men
  2. Drug addicts
  3. Hemophiliac patients


  1. Homosexual Men. 85 percent of AIDS patients are homosexual, but out of all homosexuals only 1 percent have AIDS according to the estimates. These are the ones who are especially put under stress for different reasons – by sexually active drugs (for example Poppers – see box below), by other usual drugs or by accumulated infections with the well known usual sexually contagious diseases.
  1. Drug Addicts. Drug addicts damage their body by the drug itself. The so called “needle” exchange which is usually held responsible for it, because HIV is supposedly transferred by it, is not so crucial. However the usual germs can be increasingly transferred from one to another in this situation, so that the immune system is put under stress by the more than usual accumulation.
  1. Hemophiliac Patients: Hemophiliac patients are a well documented group of patients since they are recorded because of their basic illness and are checked regularly. Because of their illness they need substances, sometimes daily, which are isolated from the blood of other people. Through this they automatically come into contact with many foreign proteins and germs from other people whereby their organism is put under extreme stress. That’s why an extremely high percentage of hemophiliac patients are affected, i.e. over 80 percent! It is the most highly infected group, but the absolute number is only low. In all other respects here it is also very remarkable that the wives of the male hemophiliac patients (it concerns almost exclusively men) were extremely rarely HIV positive despite unprotected sex.

It occurs over and over again in practice that a patient can trace which persons he had sex with. For example there is that one young man who came into my practice completely distraught. He had recently tested HIV positive and appeared with his friend who was HIV negative. Their only two other sexual partners were tested upon his request and were negative. By questioning him I found out that he was a massive Poppers consumer. Unfortunately it is therapeutically not sufficient in such cases to give up Poppers. Thus if [use of] Poppers causes cell stress and the “Th1-Th2 Switch” to move toward Th2, and as a result more antibodies are produced, then these antibodies cancel the positive HIV test. The damage to the organism is already manifested in such a way that it requires many years treatment to again bring the organism back into a healthy situation. Actually so far we do not even know whether it is at all possible to cancel this switch again.

What we can do however is to keep the organism stable with a series of substances and treatments so that no serious diseases occur and thus a long survival is possible.


This substance is amyl nitrite or butyl nitrite. Poppers supply nitrogen (NO) gas and thereby lead to better blood circulation and thus to a penis stiffness that is sometimes several hours long. Simultaneously it leads to a relaxation of the anal musculature. Therefore it seemed to be (and unfortunately still seems to be for many homosexuals) the ideal substance for regular and frequent sex. However an extreme amount of NO gas is set free in the body by Poppers. NO gas is produced by the one kind of T4 cells, the Th1 cells. If NO gas, which is also cell destroying in large quantities, is now supplied regularly from the outside, the body tries to produce a balance in that it virtually “switches” toward Th2 cells – that means more Th2 cells are produced than Th1 cells. Immunologically this is exactly the condition which we find with HIV/AIDS patients (see Part 1).


What can we do? I have the luck to have known Dr. Heinrich Kremer for 20 years and profit from the exchange of ideas about his research results. His realizations form an important foundation for my therapy approach. The main goal of my treatment is the re-establishment of the Th1/Th2 balance. I work especially on two levels: nutrition and athletic activity.

Dr. Heinrich Kremer and Dr. Juliane Sacher
A collaboration and freindship lasting many years!


With nutritional therapy I consider the individual factors for replenishing the proteins, respectively the amino acids, which are demonstrably decreased in patients with the AIDS diagnosis. Ultimately orthomolecular therapy also belongs here for this. Dr. Kremer speaks here of Balance Therapy.

For general nutritional advice I recommend an as fresh as possible vegetable-rich nutrition, rather with fish than with meat, and with as little as possible sugar and a lot of non-carbonated water.

In the area of isolated nutrients, proteins, amino acids (components of proteins), minerals, trace elements, vitamins and special fats (Omega 3) are used:

Glutathione: This is a tripeptide, a protein consisting of the three amino acids cysteine, glutamine and glycine. Glutathione is the most important detoxification molecule of the organism. In the meantime we know it also regulates the balance between the two different T4 cells, between Th1 and Th2. If a glutathione deficiency is present, the balance shifts in favor of the Th2. In studies with HIV positives an existing glutathione deficiency was clearly proven and the positive effects after intake were confirmed.
Glutathione above all occurs naturally in egg yolks. Glutathione is started up as SAG (S-Acetyl-Glutathione): daily 200-1000 mg.

Cysteine: You can also try to increase the glutathione level through intake of material cysteine. Already in the early 1990’s successful studies about cysteine therapy were carried out. I begin cysteine – as acetylcysteine in 600 mg capsules – in a dose of 2-3 gm per day. I reluctantly use the acetylcysteine available in all pharmacies as effervescent tablets, because they contain sweeteners which I then regard as too toxic for the body especially with the high dosage.

Official Treatment Criteria

The approach of the official treatment is the alleged HIV virus. Therefore you use “antiviral medicines”. This sounds logical and correct to the layman.

However for this you must know that there are no antiviral medicines on the market which kill only the virus without also destroying the cell in which the virus lives. That means antiviral medicines are cell destroying medicines. In that they destroy the cell, they also destroy alleged and actually existing viruses which live in the cells, because viruses are not able to increase without the cells. To evaluate the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS [therapy] the main criteria are then taken as:

  1. The T4 Cell count
    I reported about the number of T4 cells in detail in Part 1. There I also explained that their reduction in the blood does not have anything to do with destruction by the virus. Consequently their re-increase in the blood does not have anything to do with the alleged killing of the virus after use of the antiviral medicine. The “antiviral” medicines cause a suppression of the chronic inflammatory processes in the organism, so that the T4 cells again become measurable in the blood.
  1. The PCR
    If the values fall, you want to prove by this fact that the previously proven plentiful virus copies decreased. However it cannot be about proven virus copies, because no one worldwide has any original virus. You cannot prove with a drop in the PCR that you also killed the viruses. With the drop of the PCR you can only prove that less chronic inflammatory processes took place and therefore fewer stress proteins were set free.

MAP (Master Amino Acid Pattern)

A high quality, purely vegetable protein. For the usability of protein preparations the so called nitrogen utilization level is crucial. This determines how much can be used by the body and which portion is useless for it. From animal protein – meat, milk, and milk products – our body can only use 25 to 30 percent. Consequently a 70 to 75 percent portion of animal protein is completely worthless, thus garbage, and must in addition be disposed of at great cost by the organism. This is also the reason why nutrition with a lot of meat is so unhealthy [in this situation]. From eggs we can use 48 to 50 percent, so that only 50 percent is worthless.

Particularly fiber, which is removed from many foods, contains the phenols that are important for us.

In the preparations which contain MAP the nitrogen utilization level is 99 percent. In this process the vegetable protein from lentils and beans wins. This is excellent for protein and muscle construction without the organism being overexerted with waste disposal.

Among other things, Alpha Lipoic Acid improves the glutathione recycling. That means if the body’s glutathione becomes used up – read oxidized – then the oxidized glutathione is again regenerated, therefore reduced, by this preparation. Furthermore, it improves NO gas production.

The large group of vegetable substances from algae, root extracts and herbal extracts are worthwhile, if the body has been damaged by stress and the resultant chronic inflammations. The main damage comes about by the oxidation of the endogenic substances. A well known oxidation process is when rust results from oxygen on iron. Then the iron can no longer be used as iron. Likewise endogenic materials are made worthless and ineffective. The organism is thus striving to lead the materials changed by oxidation back into their functional condition. This happens via anti-oxidation. Therefore we call the substances just anti-oxidative substances. For this purpose plant materials matter above all, for example polyphenols.

Dr. Kremer asked himself why the animal organism in the course of evolution never learned, like plants, to produce the benzene ring that forms the basis for the polyphenols, even though it nevertheless has such a big demand for it. The answer is that in the course of evolution living beings always had enough of it, because with their water they took in polyphenolic containing algae.

Only humans, especially in the industrial lands, have gotten their water for 100 years through water pipelines. Here there are no more algae. Nowadays we take in a lot fewer polyphenols than people in earlier times have gotten, especially if we eat few “greens”. But in particular the fiber that is removed from many foods in order to make them finer (for example with grain products) consists mainly of these phenols.

Vitamins, minerals and trace elements are responsible in the organism for various tasks in the metabolism. Nevertheless, I use them only if I have proven a deficiency in a blood test.

By the quite repeatedly mentioned B cell stimulation in the Th2 state, it causes high protein and antibody levels. Proteins and antibodies are large molecules, so that thereby the blood circulation is substantially disturbed. Here it makes sense to use blood circulation promoting medicines (Ginkgo, etc.). Also protein diminishing enzymes can work excellently.

Each person should use relaxation techniques such as yoga.

PCR Test

During the 1980’s they noted over and over again that the number of T4 cells in the blood did not correlate, as they expected, with the clinical disease condition of the patients. Also other specialized doctors (doctors who concentrated on treating HIV/AIDS) had noticed this, so that they needed a criterion by which they could better assess the condition of the patients. Here a new invention came to their assistance, the PCR – the so called Polymerase Chain Reaction. The inventor of this was Prof. Karry B. Mullis who got the Nobel Prize for this in 1993.

What can we do with this?

This method is suitable to prove hereditary material, DNA, in the smallest amounts. If you have for example a little piece of DNA in a test tube which you normally cannot see nor prove in any other way, then you add a so called starter molecule [together] with it which holds the DNA piece and then this is copied and copied and copied. Now large quantities of identical DNA copies are available which you can prove through light reaction. That means if I now send light through the test tube, as much light no longer comes through to the other side as before, because the accumulated quantity of DNA in the test tube obscures the light. You can surely imagine yourselves that this method is very inaccurate for precisely counting virus copies.

Mullis himself says that with his method you can only prove qualitatively that a certain virus is present, but not quantitatively.

The PCR is also inappropriate to find an unknown virus. You can only prove a virus if you already know it, because the “starter sequence” which you add to the examination material must be known. That means that you must have isolated the virus at least once to then extract this starter sequence. Mullis emphasizes that his method is unsuitable for identification of a new virus. In addition it develops that you can only prove DNA viruses with it and not RNA viruses. However, HIV is supposed to be a retro virus and retro viruses are RNA viruses. Here now of course is the question: What then was taken for the official PCR tests, since to this very day HIV has not been isolated one single time, which they could have taken out of the gene sequence? It actually concerns the smallest endogenic protein and nucleic acid particles which are set free from the cells with oxidative stress. When this was clear to me, I imagined that you could possibly find such “particles” in the blood of non-HIV positives whose organism is in a chronic “stress situation”.

In the mid-1990’s I wanted to get this examined in the laboratory of the University in Frankfurt. At the time this was the only laboratory into which I could send the blood of my patients for examination. Partners of my gay patients, who also have a series of diseases and complaints but are not HIV positive, should be compared with the HIV positives.

In order to find out exactly, I wanted to send the blood of my patients into the laboratory without communicating who was positive or negative. I argued that this would nevertheless be a marvelous opportunity to find out how meaningful this examination is. Unfortunately they didn’t want to carry out such a “study” there as a doctor informed me at that time with an inquiring telephone call. She meant they would only examine the blood of HIV positives. Her comment basically was: If let’s say “a small splash” from a positive “by chance” came into the blood of a negative and then the PCR precipitates positively then I would state that this person is HIV positive.

Because this experiment didn’t happen, I sent my blood into the laboratory for PCR examination under the name of an HIV positive patient of mine. At the same time from the same blood sample I sent a tube under my name for the HIV test. I have a rheumatic illness and for 20 years a clear to substantial increased blood sedimentation rate which points to chronic inflammation processes and which was very high at the time of the blood withdrawal. Actually 1800 “HIV virus copies” were found in my blood while the HIV test was negative. Of course a person is healthier if the so called HIV-PCR is negative, but an increased value does not have anything to do with a high virus burden, but rather with chronic inflammatory processes in the organism and it does not automatically mean that someone is critically ill.

The Physical Level

In my practice I also discuss the questions of athletic activity, relaxation techniques and magnetic field therapy. All of this leads to reduced production and to dismantling of stress proteins. Also consultation therapies for psychological crises and respectively tension situations belong here.

I recommend to every HIV/AIDS patient to do mild sports. It cannot be too much, but the athletic activity must always be in the so called aerobic area. That means, the pulse rate should not exceed a certain elevation, because otherwise the body works within the anaerobic range. In this range it works in oxygen deficiency and produces its energy from sugar combustion. Here unfavorable waste products such as lactic acid develop which everyone knows from the pain of muscular strain. However, within the aerobic range the body uses oxygen for energy production in the cell. First of all no waste results from this and the energy production is 20-fold more effective than the anaerobic one.

Also with athletic activity a series of negative substances – formed by stress – are diminished. Everyone who does sports knows that anger and stress feelings are often blown away afterwards.

We also know that the mitochondria (hundreds to thousands of small corpuscles in every cell which are responsible for 90 percent of the energy production) work better and even increase after sport within the aerobic range.

There are numerous recommended relaxation techniques: Breathing exercises, Yoga, Reiki, Tai Chi, Qigong, biofeedback. Each person should learn a technique that is pleasant for him to moderate or eliminate the negative stress influences.

After a long search I have found an effective magnetic field therapy. Since I have used it with my patients, I noticed that a series of symptoms and complaints disappear faster. Over the last few years more about these system studies is becoming known which show both that the total blood circulation is substantially improved as well as the glutathione produced in the body is increased. Additionally more than 20 percent ATP are formed. Only these three proven improvements already justify the acquisition of such a magnetic field mat.

The described therapy outlines my basic treatment pattern which I use with each patient, no matter whether he is HIV positive, or has, or had an illness belonging to the definition of AIDS.

There is still another quantity of other substances and therapies which have a positive influence on the illness, but which I use very individually.

In the first issue, Dr. Sacher described the chronology of the misunderstanding. Part 1

In the next issue, Dr. Sacher answers questions about their conception of and therapy
in practice. Part 3

In Hops and Cocoa against Cancer and Allergies (2010) follow this link

A confidential article for members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 15, 2007

From an article in raum&zeit, Volume 25, Number 142, July/August 2006
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2006, Dr. Juliane Sacher, Frankfurt, Germany

About the author

In 1990 Juliane Sacher founded the DAGNÄ – Deutsche AG niedergelassener Ärtze in der Versorgung HIV-Infizierter [German Society of Registered Doctors in Private Practice for Care of the HIV Infected] – and in 1991 in Frankfurt the HAGNÄ – Hessische AG niedergelassener Ärtze in der Versorgung HIV-Infizierter [Hessian Society of Registered Doctors in Private Practice for Care of the HIV Infected] – over which she presides as chairperson since then.

From 1975-1993 she was an occupational health specialist with the German airline Lufthansa. From 2000-2002 she worked as the physician in a part time assistant position in the mathematical faculty of the University of Wuppertal in the area of medical statistics about HIV/AIDS.

For more than 25 years Dr. Sacher has educated herself further in the area of natural healing and biological medicine. Since the beginning of the 1980’s she has worked on the molecular-biological, evolution-biological and biochemical connections of the immunological, hormonal and cellular disturbances of chronic diseases of today’s time.


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