How Alternative Therapies Can Help,
Part 3

Even if AIDS is not a virus illness, the patients suffer from the symptoms. However, they do not necessarily have to proceed into the chemical machinery of orthodox medicine. There are gentler, and at the same time more effective, possibilities for getting a grip on the immune weakness.
From Juliane Sacher, Frankfurt

In both the last issues of raum & zeit (“AIDS – The Chronology of a Mistake”, r&z No. 141 and The Bridge, Vol. 3, #1; and “AIDS – The Virus that is Impossible”, r&z No. 142 and The Bridge, Vol. 3, #2) I have gone into the history of this illness and have demonstrated the true cellular connections. Based on that background I will explain what the resulting therapy is. Besides, it is a general “basic therapy” which every patient needs.

Additionally there is another series of different therapies that are necessary in certain situations. I am often asked whether there are non-toxic therapies for acute illnesses which the purely orthodox medical doctors do not use.

Alternative Therapies

Here now are some examples of the typical acute problems occurring over and over again in HIV-positive and AIDS patients for which good functioning, alternative and non-toxic therapies are available. It is not necessary to immediately give the current orthodox medical, metabolism-blocking remedies (like cytostatins or loperamide), or even to give an antibiotic.

For acute diarrhea:

Along with activated charcoal and healing earth a number of other substances and very effective remedies are available which should be taken first. Additionally the patient should take glutamine powder. This is a component of the glutathiones. For over 20 years I have helped those affected persons with these substances and only in some few stubborn cases this is not sufficient.

For acute bronchitis:

Here a non-toxic preparation from orthodox medicine is available, the acetylcysteine (ACC or NAC), which I begin with HIV/AIDS patients anyway (see Part 2).

Additionally I give mustard oils and other ethereal oils in capsule form which have an antibacterial and antiviral effectiveness.

If this does not help, since the intestine really does not digest anything due to the acute illness, I give short infusions with glutathione, ACC, B vitamins, folic acid, selenium, and homeopathic lymph and cough remedies. At this point there usually occurs a complete healing without me having to use an antibiotic.

As with diarrhea the same thing applies here: Often I must use short infusions which work better and also faster than the oral dose of remedies. Since with acute bronchitis also the intestines, as well as the mouth, nose and throat mucous membranes are always involved and thus are not so absorptive.

For acute Bladder and Kidney Problems

In this case there are effective plant preparations such as berberis and solidago which work excellently, and in this way save the patient from the usual immediate antibiotic therapy.

The central role of the intestine

It is effective and wise that after the described acute therapy for all three above mentioned illness examples to do a so called intestinal redevelopment by taking intestinal bacterial cultures. More than 80% of our lymphocytes are located in the intestine, to which the T4 helper cells that became known through AIDS also belong. I reported about this extensively in the previous articles.

Located in the intestinal mucous membrane are also large numbers of small microbes and bacteria that in cooperation with the lymphocytes represent a protective wall to our immune cells.

You must imagine this like a “germ lawn” which protects the intestinal surface against disease causing germs and toxic substances. If the “lawn” is well maintained, it is no problem if sometimes a tiny little weed plant (say a fungus) grows. If now however the healthy little lawn plant (healthy intestinal germs) are damaged and/or destroyed (for example by antibiotics which are used to destroy germs) then the weed (again a fungus) is able to spread out into the developing vacant places. Then you must carry out redevelopment measures.

Actually after such redevelopment measures, there is a subjective improvement of the general illness feeling and also a halt to the previously occurring bronchial and intestinal illnesses. And we can also prove this objectively when a before and after stool test is done. Unfortunately this test is not paid by the legal health insurance companies. It costs approximately (the parameters vary) 150-200 Euro.

Questions from patients

In the following I will answer the most frequent questions from my patients:

What can I do to prevent my body developing the inflammation reactions, which lead to the Th1/Th2 Switch and thus to the Positive HIV Antibody?

Here nearly all the measures that I mentioned in the last issue of r&z and “The Bridge” are possible. That is the advantage of natural healing oriented biological therapy: They are helpful in the illness situation, however correct nutrition, gentle sport and magnetic field therapy can in the same way be taken for prevention. A key remedy which influences the Th1/Th2 balance demonstrably in the direction of Th1 is a food supplement remedy which consists of algae, hops and spices. A small study about it was completed successfully a few months ago.

Why do you also use the official anti-viral therapy in certain cases although you are convinced of the non-existence of the virus?

If I am not successful with all the previously mentioned measures and the condition of the patients worsen even more, subjectively as well as objectively, then I also use the official combination therapy – not as a so called “antiviral” drug but as a cystostatic, a cell destroying drug. The AIDS drug AZT was originally produced for this in the 1960’s – namely for tumor destruction.

I always compare this to a fever situation during infections. Imagine that somebody gets an infection. The body then naturally develops a fever to kill the germs. Thus it is not sensible, as unfortunately nowadays it mostly happens, to immediately use fever lowering remedies because then you work against the body. However if the fever is not sufficient to kill the germs, and it continually rises and the person is in danger of dying from the fever, then the person can first be saved by the fever lowering drugs until other measures can be taken. I use the “antiviral” therapies in the same way. First I brake all inflammations with [the “antiviral” therapies] so that the unending chronic inflammation processes are stopped because the chronically active cells are destroyed cytostatically. This way a calming of the organism occurs and the body can recover. Then again I reach for the remedies which I otherwise also use. After a few months, I then try to break off the “antiviral” drugs again so that the damaging effects are held within limits.

However I still additionally administer the special remedies which have proved themselves excellently for the heavy mitochondrial damage, the Tri-O-Acetyl-Urine phosphate.

Which blood tests besides the T4 cells and the PCR make sense to diagnose the condition of the organism?

  • Once a year you should get an analysis of the minerals and trace elements including sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, copper, iron, zinc and selenium carried out. (Cost: together €50)
  • Also an analysis of the vitamins A, E, B6, B12 and folic acid is helpful. (Cost: €20 each)
  • You measure the number of Th1/Th2 cells over the messenger substance (cytokine) produced by them in the blood.
  • Differentiated stool examination including the healthy and the disease causing germ flora.
  • Examination of the food utilization.
  • Inflammation parameters
  • The so called biodynamic protein profile (CEIA). With the blood test, the currently known 53 endogenic proteins are examined quantitatively as well as their relative distribution among each other. With AIDS, but also already with HIV positives, a massive increase (a right shift of the curve) occurs in the immune proteins which are especially responsible for the “telecommunication” of the cells among each other. Although I have carried out this examination with the most differing illnesses for over ten years, I have not ever seen such a massive right shift. Consequently, this examination is an excellent parameter for the overall condition of the organism. At least once annually would be necessary as a good control. (Cost: €105)
  • The homocysteine value is a good parameter for inflammation processes and vitamin B deficiency.
  • Measurement of the macrophage activation in the blood. There are the so called phagocyte (macrophage or scavenger) cells in the organism. These supervise the body’s system for increasingly attacking germs, fungi, viruses, pollutants and tumor cells. If they “have eaten” a specific amount they transmit a signal to the organism in the form of messenger substances (TNF alpha, ß2-microglobulin, noepterin). We can measure the intensity of this macrophage activity on the basis of the messenger materials and as a result we can recognize that something in the body is not right.

Steps for an anxiety free life

If you carry out the therapeutic steps described by me in this and the previous issues, you can live safely and without fear in your life. Moreover, there are another series of measures, like oxygen therapies, magnetic field therapies and rebuilding infusions that you can do additionally, if you would like to do something extra for yourself. It would lead us too far to mention all of these here.

Of course there can nevertheless also sometimes be “invasions” in the form of acute illnesses, but this can happen with HIV positives – just like with negatives. We should not immediately make ourselves crazy with every little problem – and already not at all allow it to happen. We can learn to take our own life into our hands.

In Part 1, Dr. Sacher described the chronology of the misunderstanding. Part 1

In Part 2,  Dr. Sacher described their therapy concepts. Part 2

In Hops and Cocoa against Cancer and Allergies (2010) follow this link

A confidential article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published May 15, 2007

From an article in raum&zeit, Volume 25, Number 143, September/October 2006
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2006, Dr. Juliane Sacher, Frankfurt, Germany

About the author

In 1990 Juliane Sacher founded the DAGNÄ – Deutsche AG niedergelassener Ärtze in der Versorgung HIV-Infizierter [German Society of Registered Doctors in Private Practice for Care of the HIV Infected] – and in 1991 in Frankfurt the HAGNÄ – Hessische AG niedergelassener Ärtze in der Versorgung HIV-Infizierter [Hessian Society of Registered Doctors in Private Practice for Care of the HIV Infected] – over which she presides as chairperson since then.

From 1975-1993 she was an occupational health specialist with the German airline Lufthansa. From 2000-2002 she worked as the physician in a part time assistant position in the mathematical faculty of the University of Wuppertal in the area of medical statistics about HIV/AIDS.

For more than 25 years Dr. Sacher has educated herself further in the area of natural healing and biological medicine. Since the beginning of the 1980’s she has worked on the molecular-biological, evolution-biological and biochemical connections of the immunological, hormonal and cellular disturbances of chronic diseases of today’s time.


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