Medical Heretics in Munich
for IPT/LD Conference:

(Medical) Renaissance in Florence

Obama Care or NObama Care for medical politics aside, rather than accepting current medical care, what we need is a new Medical Renaissance based on New Biology. Renaissance – Rebirth – is always preceded by heretics who change the “paradigm” of current thinking by challenging the ruling authority.

Let me introduce you to one of the original modern medical heretics, Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD. An American pediatrician (1926-1988) who served as Chairman of the Medical Licensing Committee for the State of Illinois, Mendelsohn was an Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and Community Health in the University Illinois School of Medicine. I stumbled upon his book recently.

In 1979, Mendelsohn published a classic book, Confessions of a Medical Heretic. It described how to guard against the harmful impacts of doctors, drugs and hospitals. Dr. Mendelsohn believed annual physical examinations were a health risk, and should be restricted to high risk industrial workers and prostitutes. He believed hospitals are dangerous places for the sick (the Temple of Doom), most operations do little good, and many do harm (Ritual Mutilations). Additionally, he believed medical testing laboratories were scandalously inaccurate (they are especially for parasite testing in my experience), most drugs caused more harms than they cured (the Devil’s Priest), and finally, the X-ray machine was the most pervasive and most dangerous tool in the doctor’s office (Dangerous Diagnosis).

By definition, a heretic is someone who dissents from accepted and established belief or dogma (such as Roman Catholicism), a nonconformist. During the Dark Ages of medieval European history, most dissenters who spoke up had rather poor outcomes. Many of the heretics were burned by stakes if they did not recant. Galileo, the Astronomer, recanted in order to save his life.

Medical heretics are contemporary heretics who go against standard medical care, status quo guidelines, and rigid medical establishments. Many of them die prematurely from the emotional stress of peer pressure, financial pressure, state medical boards investigations, or under mysterious circumstances.

I read Mendelsohn’s book during my medical school years in the 1980’s, and found it again recently. I found it amazing how his book may have influenced me indirectly, looking for alternative medicine approaches while going through medical school training. Considered a true critic of modern medicine, medical maverick, and a self-claimed medical heretic, he died in the prime of his life at 62, hospitalized for a non-life threatening condition.

After traveling to Germany for Oktoberfest 2017, I gave a lecture at the International Insulin Potentiation Therapy/Low Dose (IPT/LD) Conference in Munich, Germany. The IPT/LD organization is run by Mexican physician Donato Perez Garcia, MD. I spoke on how to use Insulin Potentiation Therapy (IPT) in other applications, without using low dose (LD) chemotherapy. Visiting Munich during Oktoberfest provided a convenient excuse to attend the conference.

A small group of physicians – less than 40 – attended from South Africa, Kazakhstan, Mexico, USA, Europe, and elsewhere. They are a small group of medical heretics who will not conform to the conventional standard medical therapies. The main topic of the conference was using IPT/LD for Lyme and cancer treatments. I presented case studies of reversing stage 4 lung cancers, stage 4 multiple myelomas, and an ALS case using integrative therapies including IPT, but without using low dose chemotherapy.

All speakers spoke without fear of repercussion for unconventional approaches to treating Lyme disease and cancer using IPT/LD as a part of treatment plan. For more information on this treatment see, “Insulin Therapy for other than Diabetes: Insulin Potentiation Therapy,” which is available on the articles page of on my website, A physician from South Africa pointed out that many animals develop tumors, and ranchers successfully treat tumors with parasite medications in his country; but medical doctors use chemotherapy for tumors, often with major side effects.

With advancements in science, we like to believe that we are more socially and intellectually enlightened compared to the Dark Ages. Fake News, Conflict Biased Research, and Fake Scientific Data sponsored by Big Pharma, and Artificial Intelligence cannot create a modern Medical Renaissance. Our medical science has become a pseudo-religion, and has suppressed many natural modalities that cannot be explained by current science. See more on this subject in my article, “The Unscientific Basis of Modern Medicine on Life Force,” and “Metaphysics and Medicine: Metamorphosis of Modern Medicine into Pseudo-Religion.”

Many integrative medicine practitioners are threatened by modern medical priests, driven out by scientific dogma and scientific dictatorship. We need to create a Renaissance of modern medicine. Embracing and incorporating ancient subtle energy which reflects quantum principles; exploring Dark Matter and Dark Energy (Unknown Matter and Energy) in bio-physics and quantum biology; integrating Energy Medicine and modern Western medicine; and integrating “dental” fully into medical care so we understand, diagnose and treat interconnected, systemic problems can create a Medical Renaissance like in Florence which ended the Dark Ages.

Are you ready for a Medical Renaissance? Let’s visit Florence and experience the Renaissance, if not physically, thru re-visiting Renaissance history. Before leaving my secure job as a regional medical director for a managed care company and jumping into the field of integrative medicine, I did visit Florence, searching for inspiration. I went back to Florence 25 years later, seeking greater inspiration.

The Medici family and Michelangelo are symbols of the Renaissance Man in Florence. We need both medical heretics and dental heretics -the Medical Renaissance Men and Women – to move on from the medical/dental death traps of the current Dark Ages. Trust, Love, Hope, Compassion, Intuition, Inspiration, Integration and Faith, not Fake News or Bought Science – are the foundation of creating a New Medical Renaissance.

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Published December 2017

© Copyright 2017, Dr. Simon Yu, Missouri USA

About the author

Dr. Simon Yu has been practicing Internal Medicine since 1984, and Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) since 1994. Dr. Yu has been a Center Medical Director for Managed Care.

Dr. Yu received his B.S. degree from Washington University, and did postgraduate research in Diabetes at Washington University Medical Center. He earned a Masters of Science Degree from research on Immunology through a joint program at Washington University Medical Center and University of Missouri-St. Louis. Subsequently, he graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia, School of Medicine in 1984 and completed residency training at St. Mary’s Health Center in St. Louis.

Dr. Yu lectures around the world and has studied Biological Medicine extensively in Europe. Dr. Yu sponsors an annual conference on Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Yu serves as a Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. He has changed his practice to Complementary and Alternative Medicine, and has been a member, advisor and support of Occidental Institute since 1996.

Dr. Yu has hospital admitting privileges at Missouri Baptist Medical Center.

Dr. Yu is a Clinical Instructor at Washington University Medical School in St. Louis

Dr. Simon Yu, M.D. is a Board Certified Internist. He practices Internal Medicine with an emphasis on Alternative Medicine to use the best each has to offer. For more articles and information about alternative medicine as well as patient success stories visit his web site at

Dr. Yu, along with his wife and partner Kate, have attended many Germany Tours. He works with the MORA Super Plus and Electronic Homeopathy. A significant part of his treatment for parasites involves the use of MORA for delivery of the remedies. It greatly reduces the number and amount of medication the patient must take, reduces or eliminates side effects and lowers the cost for the patient. Watch for more articles from Dr. Yu in future issues of The Bridge.

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