Strategies for Using
Classical BioResonance

One thing I love about working with the MORA is the fact that I can think like a Western medicine-trained therapist, that is, in terms of anatomy, physiology, pathogens and toxins. In addition, I can enhance that thinking with any knowledge of homeopathy and acupuncture I may have.

I know there are many therapists who stick with the 40-point testing and treatment, which is based on the acupuncture meridians. I use that approach when needed, but most of the time I don’t have to use it. I can work the way that seems most natural to me.

Of course we can combine the various systems of testing and treatment, because this is the world of energy medicine, and energy doesn’t differentiate between our medical systems. That which resonates is what we can use. If a remedy (or group of remedies) resonates with the client, then their body knows how to make use of those energy patterns.

With these thoughts in mind, I’d like to describe my favorite strategies for testing and treating clients with acute and chronic problems. I will give an example of each.

Acute – Food Poisoning and Jet Lag

The client had just returned from an overseas trip the day I saw her. She’s a 43 year old mother of three. She presented with strong nausea and a bilateral temporal headache, which came on immediately after lunch.


I started by searching for the Salmonella and Shigella nosodes. I use the single-point testing method, so I tested each nosode on the large intestine point. I like to use this point because it’s on the index finger, so it’s easy to reach. It’s also a very responsive point.

Both Salmonella and Shigella tested as “yes” (giving the low sound), so I marked them.

I thought that perhaps the headache was related to jet lag, so I then went to one of my homeopathic remedy test sets to test jet lag remedies. The ones that tested positive were Lycopodium, Arnica, Bellis perennis, Chamomilla, and Ipecac.


Program 78 – ELH Lycpodium, Arnica, Bellis perennis, Chamomilla, ipecac – all at 30K potency
Program 77 – ELH salmonella nosodes

Her nausea began to improve, but the headache persisted, so I changed tact.

Further testing and treatment

The headache was in the region of the gallbladder meridian, so I tested the 40 ting points. The ST ting point on the left side gave a dropping indicator. When I put a vial of Salmonella nosode at D30 potency on the input, the ST ting point went into balance.

Then I ran the Energy Circulation “–ose” treatment for the Stomach meridian, placing the D30 Salmonella nosode on the input. When the treatment finished I asked her to drink some water.

The headache went away. The nausea was also gone.

I made a bottle of support drops with the jet lag remedies (30K) and Salmonella/Shigella nosodes (D4) for her to take if any nausea or headache returned. The symptoms did not return.

Chronic – Restless Legs

The client is a 55 year old woman whose legs had not been able to relax for 30 years. She had to get up several times every night and pound her thighs with her fists, and stamp her feet on the floor. She said that she had to do this to “get the circulation going again”. If she tried to sit still during the day, her legs were never able to relax. She had to keep them moving at all times.

It all started on her honeymoon in the Bahamas, when she was stung by mosquitos. She became extremely sleepy and weak. At the time, doctors were unable to give her any diagnosis, so she lived her life as best she could. She recounted fainting if she had to stand in a queue, and collapsing after attending a course. Although she eventually regained her strength, her legs were restless since that time.


The symptoms sounded like a job for homeopathic Rhus tox, but that remedy did not resonate. I knew I had to go deeper, so I tested the nerves of the legs, in particular, the Sciatic, Femoral, Tibial, and Peroneal, at all the potencies available in Test Set “W”. Whenever I got a “yes” answer (i.e., the low sound, when testing the LI ting point), I put the organ preparation into the honeycomb.

With my tested collection of organ preps at various potencies in the honeycomb, I activated the honeycomb and began testing vials of nosodes against it. This procedure is sometimes called the Correlation Test, or Filtering.

How to understand the Correlation Test

If you put just the organ preps in the honeycomb and test, you will get a low sound, indicating that the body wants these vibrations and is taking them in. When a nosode correlates with the organ preps in the honeycomb, the MORA gives a high sound. This is because the nosode balances out the organ preps, so the body is saying that if it receives the nosode, it doesn’t need the organ preps.

This concept is often difficult for new practitioners to grasp, so I give this analogy:

If your favourite food is chocolate, but I don’t have chocolate to give you, you might settle for carob. So there you are enjoying the carob (which corresponds to the organ preps in this analogy). But if I then find some chocolate (ie, the nosodes – the underlying problem) and give it to you, you will gladly take it and no longer be interested in carob.

In other words, the body will settle for the organ preps to support the organs. But if the underlying cause is found (nosodes), the organs will be brought into balance and need nothing more. So the high sound is returned.


With this client, I began a series of treatments over a few months. During each session I tested the organ preps of the nerves of the legs to find the ones that resonated (=low sound), then, with the organ preps in the honeycomb, I tested nosodes at various potencies against them (resonance = high sound). Each time she returned, the potencies of the nosodes which resonated decreased. The treatments were similar each time:

  1. Point therapy, A mode, administered to the NS ting point(1) on each index finger for approximately 8 pulses.
    • low potency of all heavy metals (mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminium, palladium, beryllium, nickel)
    • drainage remedies for nerves (Cocculus, Zincum cyanatum, Zincum valerianicum),
    • the nosodes and the organ preps, as tested
    • plus a potency of Streptococcus nosode, as tested.
  1. Program 78 – various drainage remedies which resonated after the point therapy had been administered, always including at least one immune system remedy, such as Echinacea compositum, plus remedies to support the liver, kidneys and lymph system. This program acts to bring all the meridians into balance.

I saw her every 2-4 weeks. When treating this way, I have found that if we wait longer than 4 weeks for the next treatment, the viruses will return to their previous potencies, so we waste time and effort.

  • After the first treatment, she no longer needed to get out of bed at night to punch her legs and stomp her feet, but her legs still did not ever feel totally relaxed.
  • After 3 treatments she was able to take a flight to the US and return without having to walk up and down the aisle of the plane for the 15 hour trip each way.
  • After 7 treatments, her legs were completely normal and have remained so for the past 8 months.


I have used a similar point therapy approach with many clients. It seems that what is happening is that the viruses are residing in the joint, nerve, or other body structure. When we give point therapy with the heavy metal antidotes, the organ-specific drainage remedies, the nosodes and organ preps, it is like saying to the tissues:

 “Hey, I’m talking to you! (organs) Here’s what’s bothering you (nosodes), and here’s how to get rid of it (drainage remedies).”

Then the body takes the instructions and begins expelling the viruses, strep and heavy metals from the organs being targeted by the point therapy treatment. The intercellular immune system does as much as it can to neutralize the microbes, and the channels of elimination remove the debris.

Please note that the entire amount of the viruses is not removed in one treatment. We must rely on the body’s wisdom to decide how much of the virus to expel after each treatment. Therefore, the client must return for follow up treatments until the organ preps no longer resonate. When the organ preps do not resonate, the body is telling us that it has matters under control and no further instructions from us are necessary.

The great thing about this type of treatment is the quick relief the client gets. Within 2 days their symptoms are noticeably improved. Be sure to let them know that if they wait more than 4 weeks to return for the next treatment, they may feel their symptoms begin to return. After the organ preps no longer resonate, the symptoms don’t return.

An Exclusive Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published October 2017

© Copyright 2017, Marguerite Lane, ND, Gordon, NSW, Australia

About the author

Marguerite Lane, ND is the founder, owner, and operator of Chiron Health Care, which has operated in Sydney, Australia for over 18 years. She is a naturopath whose main modality is Bioresonance using the BioKat MV Bioresonance device, which is the fifth generation of MORA technology.

She has translated two MORA Bioresonance Therapy textbooks from German into English. An international speaker, Marguerite has worked in the USA, Germany and Australia. She is a naturopath member of the International Physicians Association for Biocybernetic Medicine, attending conferences in Germany regularly.

She has spoken at international medical conferences, including “Curing the Incurables”, organised by Dr. Simon Yu, in St Louis, Missouri, USA. She has videotaped the course, “MORA Therapeutic Possibilities: Getting the Best out of your Bioresonance Technology” available from Praxis2Practice, formerly the Occidental Institute Research Foundation.

She was on the Medical Board of Advisors and the Board of Directors of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation (until it closed its doors at the end of June 2018).

She is also a member of the following organisations:

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Australian Homeopathic Association

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science / Naturopathy from the University of New England, Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Pennsylvania State University, USA. She also holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, and diplomas in Nutrition and Botanical Medicine.

Marguerite is a fluent German speaker and holds a Certificate from the international Goethe Institute.


(1) It’s best to administer point therapy to the most relevant ting point. So for example, if the organ preps that resonated were the colon and ileum, I would use LI1 and SI1.

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