Waves and Fields

Considerable 400-times
Increases in Electro-smog

Can Mankind Still Endure This?
The Consequences can become Dramatic

Already deeply concerned about the health of the population in 2002, with the so called Freiburg Appeal twelve practicing physicians from different fields appealed to the responsible people in the Health Service and in politics indicating a dramatic increase in severe and chronic illnesses.

These illnesses especially include:

  • Learning, concentration and behavioral disturbances in children (e.g. Hyperactivity)
  • Blood pressure derailment [hypertensive crises]
  • Heart rhythm disturbances
  • Cardiac infarctions and strokes with younger and younger people
  • Brain degenerative illnesses (e.g. Morbus Alzheimer) and epilepsy, and
  • Cancer illnesses like leukemia and brain tumors

In the meantime there were numerous further physician appeals for precautionary measures, demanding protection against permanent burdens through electromagnetic fields and frequencies, with no effect up to now [1].

Already at the end of 1999 there was an article by author M. Doepp published in the CO’Med [Journal] in January 2000 under the title “Electro-magnetic Over Sensitivity – A Study”. It reported about the meridian diagnostic tests with involvement of exposure in relation to electrosmog and their course observations during 1999. In this “good old time” in the mobile radio range the old B and also the C networks existed. Citizen initiatives were established which tried to prevent mobile phone transmission towers. The antennas were frequently installed hidden, so for example in church towers. The e-smog opponents did not have a chance of success. The radio frequencies had nevertheless been sold by the government to the IT companies for enormous billion-sums.

In 1999 nobody walked around with a Smartphone/iPhone almost constantly at their head as it is usual today. However the results at that time were already alarming. The percentage of negative reactions to technical e-smog climbed from 12% in January 1999 to 37% by the end of the year. The summary read:
a) “the burdening effect of e-smog prefers to take place on the regulation centers of the autonomous systems, which are predominantly localized in the brain stem,
b) the e-smog over sensitivity seems to increase with the burdening of the population through e-smog,
c) the relevant known symptoms correspond extensively with the meridian systems disturbed by e-smog.”

It reported about a pallet of symptoms which become ever more current today:

  • Central Nervous System related: headaches or migraines, concentration disturbances, fatigue, sleep disturbances, depression, dizziness, memory weakness, decline in performance, nervousness
  • Immune system related: allergies (e.g. with food), asthma, urticaria, neruodermatitis, infection susceptibility, autoaggressions
  • Endocrine related: thyroid gland disturbances, lack of libido, impotence, infertility
  • Cardiac: heart rhythm disturbances and up to arrhythmia
  • Abdominal: nausea, maldigestion, colitis, constipation
  • Blood cell count: A phenomenon provable anytime is the agglutination of erythrocytes (“rouleaux formation” phenomenon) in darkfield vital blood microscopy, which together with the spastic contractions of the precapillaries leads to blood circulation reduction. On the other hand this can be brought on in association with tinnitus and sudden hearing loss. It can also be correlated with ocular vessel thrombosis, cataracts and macular degeneration.”

Both from the user’s side and from the burden side the situation since then has gotten considerably worse. The burdens through technical electrosmog have increased twenty times since 1999. Today we are – ever younger, ever more – “digital natives” who are online nearly incessantly and active in social networks, emails and SMS receiving and sending, telephoning and downloading from the internet. On average a young person looks at his display about 100 times per day and as a result is IT active. It is to be seen that both PCs as well as laptops with cable connections will vanish in favor of somewhat bigger Smartphones with only wireless technology.

“With the help of an APP researchers at the University of Bonn have evaluated the mobile phone use of 60,000 people and came to the result: The mobile [cell] phone makes you unhappy, unproductive and dependent.” [2]

Without permanent contact to both WLAN as well as mobile radio transmitters life is hardly possible, it seems predominantly empty. To speak of a dependence or addiction which concerns these communications is justified. The mobile phone became the universal service provider, hardly any personal activities (except food, drinking and sexuality) take place without the mobile phone.

The quality of communication was replaced with their quantity. We are active in networks with contacts of so called friends – however without empathic feeling involvement with the huge number of contacts. Partly we find ourselves no longer in the present with space and time, but rather the person or the subject which currently appears on the screen claims our full attention. The spiritual law: “What you do, do this completely (or not at all)” finds no more consideration. We are increasingly alienated from ourselves and our reality.

Which Future Awaits Us with Regard to the Burdens from E-Smog?

The governments of all countries of the western world are in agreement that it must be possible for the population to have WLAN-adequate internet access everywhere. This information flow density should be high enough that you can download a film in seconds up to a maximum of minutes. This “democratization” of the WLAN access requires for example that 20,000 new transmitters be established in Bavaria. [3]

By this [means] the e-smog is once again increased twenty times in the next few years. Cables no longer play a role, it must be “wireless” although in many places fiberglass networks exist. Chancellor Merkel and President Hollande have arranged that an omnipresent internet access with up to 50 GB/second should be achieved

Altogether since 1998/1999 – thus in the course of approximately 18 years – a 400 times considerable increase of technical e-smog has been established. Here satellites, GPS, HAARP, etc. are not even included.

There is no doubt about the fact that the incidence of many illnesses has increased and will increase. This concerns nearly all organs. At the forefront of the danger is the brain and with it above all the pineal gland. However this is the most valuable of all the hormone glands because it is located at the uppermost position. It is the connection between the physical and the spiritual world – and, as Descartes already knew – contains the contact to the soul. If it is blocked (not only by e-smog, but also by metals, in the same way as for example fluoride) we can neither recognize nor realize our life order, we degenerate to Zombies. [4]

It makes sense to point to the fact that we should make a distinction between Hertzian waves (transversal oscillation) and Skalar or Tesla waves (longitudinal oscillations). The electromagnetic waves found in use today are of the Hertz type. They are evaluated in their effects with the help of the temperature increase in the brain close to the ear. This is relatively insignificant. Much more important are the Tesla waves which damage biological structures. If they are of technical origin, they misinform the nervous system or cause a mind manipulation.

The excellent Viennese stock market analyst Manfred Zimmel concentrated on the subject of electrosmog in his newsletter on 26.04.2016. He prophesized: “1,000% yield for electrosmog protection”. He assumes from this fact that complaints will increase over the next years through the exponential buildup in such a way, “that every person will virtually shout after a protective possibility”. Existing and effective products for this will produce enormous turnovers. [5]

The number of sick notes of German employees constantly increases since 2003. This relates above all to psychic illnesses from which especially women are concerned. The DAK* announces: “The number of sick notes in Germany in the first half-year of 2016 has climbed to a new highest level for 20 years. In this period the rate of sick person’s amounted to 4.4 percent. Women were absent because of depression and other psychic illnesses nearly twice as often as men. As a rule a sick note because of a psychic illness leads to an average outage of 35 days. The average downtime because of psychic illnesses therefore outran even that of cancerous diseases”. [6]

Measurements with HRV can illustrate how the organism is burdened by electromagnetic fields and frequencies.

In the first recording of the HRV (at 12:13 AM) the client is located in his sleeping place. He often wakens about 4 AM in the morning with panic feelings. The measuring protocol shows a stress burden, the first bar and the fourth bar indicate a stress by a longtime burden. The measurement with a frequency analyzer shows a high burden in the sleeping place. The second measurement at 12:21 AM takes place in the next room [which is] clearly less burdened by e-smog, and the measurement of the HRV shows a less stressed result (see Figure 1). After the bedroom was harmonized with a room installation (which should use the natural orgon field), another clear relaxation effect was shown for the patient.

Figure 1: (On the left) the measurement takes place at 1:36 PM with a pendant which serves to neutralize the effects of e-smog. (On the right) the measurement takes place at 1:44 PM without pendant.

Figure 2 shows that the repeated dialing in with a mobile phone raises the heart rate and increases the distress.

Figure 2: (On the left) the source measurement at 3:11 PM. (On the right) in the course of the measurement at 3:23 PM five calls occurred with their cell phone near the experimental subject: Heart frequency and distress have increased.

Besides the measurement of e-smog with a frequency analyzer and measurements by the HRV, an environment analysis with the TimeWaver MED (Information field technology) should also make an indication of a burden from high frequency radiation possible.

The future throws its shadow ahead. In spite of these disagreeable perspectives we should not put our head into the sand (although sea sand can protect against e-smog). Protective chips, pendants and innovative room installations offer protection. Negative thinking and persistent fears are counterproductive.

Tip: These measurements were carried out with the TimeWaver Cardio.
Warning: The TimeWaver Systems and their applications are not recognized by school [orthodox] medicine on account of lacking scientific proof for the purposes of school medicine.

Please follow this link for the Practice Tips article.

An Exclusive Translated Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published January 2017

From an article in CO’Med, Volume 22, October 2016
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2016, Dr. Manfred Doepp, Switzerland and Patricia Lüning-Klemm, Germany

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