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The Measles Vaccination

As We Experience the Subject in our Practice

Since the fall [of 2014] measles illnesses appearing to spread in the area of Berlin once again thrust the vaccination topic into public prominence. For many years measles ran endemically with more or less a lot of illness cases. The media delivered newsworthy welcome headlines of the high illness rate in Berlin and a toddler’s death. Thus also in our “family practice” questions sprang up around the topic of regular “vaccinations”.

We grew up with the slogan: “Vaccination is useful, vaccination protects!” Nevertheless, we frequently encounter parents who regard the vaccination topic as unpleasant, and like to leave this decision to the pediatrician. And thus for many years over and over again it comes to fervent discussions between vaccination advocates and vaccination critics.

These discussions, in part with completely opposite statements, do not make decision making easy for parents. Thus many are insecure and would like to hear an “alternative” opinion. Should we allow our children to be vaccinated? Only partly? Or not at all?

Moreover the searching parents are demanding advice about the too many illnesses (12!) against which you can be vaccinated. Additionally they ask themselves the question again and again to what extent the virgin immune system of an infant copes with the vaccinations.

A mother who decides on vaccination would like a maximum of security for her child. Severe life-threatening illnesses and their complications should be avoided. She would like to incur no risk. A mother who decides against vaccination would like to make a natural development for her child possible. Childhood illnesses also belong with that. She knows about the self healing strength of the organism and trusts in it. Because of the possible vaccination side effects she would like to incur no risk.

Now who is right?

In our experience and gradually in the understanding of numerous homeopathic or anthroposophic pediatricians the many illnesses, against which [children] are vaccinated, can be attended well, mildly and with lasting effect naturally.

If occasionally severe [illness] courses or even death cases happen, there can be individual reasons for it. As a result pre-illnesses and above all contact with fever play an essential role. And that is exactly the crucial point!

Fever is the strongest self healing strength of the organism within the scope of an illness. This important defense reaction is necessary to support it. If it is lowered too early or too often, a pivotal healing effort of the body is blocked because many pathogens are weakened, killed or decimated at 38 degrees. Now if the temperature is artificially and too strongly lowered with leg compresses, fever drinks or suppositories, the “clean-up operations” of the organism are possibly not yet completed. Thus the pathway is only smoothed for complications!

Our critical and attentive position with respect to this subject results from many years of experience with our patients. We recommend the independent, active information of the parents.

Vaccinations belong to the big field of “prevention”, however they are only one part of it!

At least as great importance has to be attributed to the topics: nutrient-rich diet, sufficient drinking amounts, movement in the fresh air, healthy sufficient sleep and in today’s time especially electronics/radiation free time.

Induced Symptoms in Connection with a Vaccination Burden
Children who come into our practice and on whom we test for a vaccination burden primarily have recurring discomfort such as: Infections with “permanent head colds”, bronchitis, otitis media, angina, vague stomach aches, diarrhea, constipation, skin rashes, nighttime bed wetting, behavioral problems (clowns or dreamers), reduction of mental ability (e.g. at school) and physical manner.

Examples of Vaccination Side Effects from our Practice

When we ask parents about the reactions of their children to the vaccinations we get responses such as: Reddening, swelling of the injection [site], sometimes a suppurating inflammation, restless sleep, moderate to high fever, increased crying or also some days “muddled” – these are the apparent reactions. Less obvious consequences are noticeable only with necessary experience and on inquiry.

Diagnostically, among other things, we use a biophysical measurement procedure (Vegatest). With a large number of our small patients a vaccination burden is detectable. In order to clarify this, following are two examples from our practice.

Case Study 1

Baby girl, 4 months old, thin for six weeks, diarrhea-like stools, exhausting rhinitis, which caused the mother to worry.
Bottle nourished infant, still well compensated general condition, grumpy because of the congested nose.
Beginning of the discomfort after the six-fold vaccination which was administered on the same day with the pneumococcus and rotavirus vaccinations.

  • Carrot soup according to Moro (liquid and electrolyte loss, oligosaccharide binding illness cause)
  • Four doses of Rotavirus Vaccination nosode in ascending potency C30 to C10,000 all four days
  • Intestinal flora stool examination


Within the next two weeks the stool frequency normalized, improvement of the rhinitis. The specific intestinal flora rebuilding brought even more stability, this showed itself e.g. when months later only the remaining family members had to fight with the flu infection.

Case Study 2

Boy, 2.5 years old, comes because of infection susceptibility with permanent head cold, cough and recurrent compulsory cortisone spray for bronchitis.
Friendly boy, “always helpful”, loves animals, on the back clearer “Café au lait” marks.

  • Immune cure with Fortakehl, Pefrakehl and Quentakehl drops from SANUM
  • Homeopathic remedies: Carcinosinum C200 and other smaller acute remedies in the further course
  • Intestinal flora stool examination


In the following half year the intestinal flora rebuilding with improvement of the discomfort, however still no complaint freedom.  After renewed examination of the case, the time related connection of the beginning of the illness to the MMR vaccination became noticeable. Since homeopathic treatment of the vaccination burden health is stabilized.


The subject “should I let my child be vaccinated” is a personal consideration of the uses and risks for every individual.

Either way (the parents) vaccination decision turns out, it is to be respected. In the end it is still unresolved – besides possible acute side effects – which long-term effects vaccinations have on the health of the individual.

Not all vaccinated children become chronically ill. However we established that many chronically ill children have, among other things, a vaccination burden.

For complaints which go beyond the usual degree after a vaccination (the parents frequently suspect: “Since the vaccination my child is somehow different”) the test for a possible vaccination burden is absolutely worthwhile!

And finally, for cases which do not “make progress” satisfactorily, vaccinations can represent a healing obstacle which in our experience is well treatable homeopathically.

An Exclusive Translated Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2016

From an article in CO’Med, Volume 21, April 2015
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2015, Helmine Thiele-Gärtner, Stuttgart, Germany

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