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Please follow this link to see the article on Electro-Smog by Dr. Manfred Doepp and Dr. Patricia Lüning-Klemm

Dear Colleagues,

The preceding recent article by Dr. Manfred Doepp updates and details current information regarding his ongoing research with Electro-Smog. Combined with ongoing research on chem trails, radiation and metal poisoning, dental foci and parasites our assessment and therapy protocols are changing and becoming more complex.

With regard to assessment it becomes increasingly more important that we utilize point and medication testing methods to coordinate and focus the findings in combination with the multiple other diagnostic procedures used in everyday practice. Therapy has become more complicated as we detox patients while focusing on the causal aspects of the patient’s illness.

With every single patient the aspects of geopathics and electromagnetic frequencies must be taken into consideration. As we have become what Dr. Doepp calls “digital natives” who cannot go anywhere nor do anything without our Smartphone, we are constantly being bombarded by this blanket of electromagnetic frequencies. And, I’ll admit that I’m as guilty as everyone else when it comes to my cell phone. But what do we do?

In Europe, Dr. Doepp has used the TimeWaver systems in his practice to determine sensitivity and to analyze the patient’s environment. These are not OIRF recommended devices – they are effective and useful – but we have determined that there are other domestic and alternative devices that will do the job both for assessment and for therapy.

Most of you are already working with these concepts and are aware of the basics for cleaning up our own environment:

  • Shielding computers and therapy devices within the practice (with devices like the little Medisend Protect from AMS)
  • Reducing or eliminating man-made carpeting and flooring in the practice and in our homes
  • Shielding smart meters inside the dwelling/building behind the stupid things
  • Getting all the tech out of our bedrooms
  • Turning our cell phones OFF at least at night and keeping them out of the bedroom at all times*
  • Attaching the neutralizing discs to our cell phones to protect ourselves at least minimally from external frequencies
  • Wearing or carrying one of the neutralizing pendants or gems
  • Obtain one of the numerous room neutralizers that are available on the market
  • And so on . . .

In terms of assessment again there are a variety devices on the market for Heart Rate Variability. One good example is the HeartQuestTM Heart Rate Variability from Dr. Michael Kessler in California at

Watch for the new modules (software program with basic accessories) from Med-Tronik for HRV and also for the BIT procedures of Dr. Bodo Köhler. There are already existing geopathic assessment and therapy programs with electronic testsets available for the MORA-Nova and the MORA-Super. All MORA devices are available with diagnostic modules for full EAV/Cornelissen/Vega-type point and medication testing methods. MORA BioResonance Therapy is highly effective in the treatment of e-smog sensitivity because the patient’s energies and frequencies are quickly balanced and harmonized. When combined with the exceptional detox and allergy applications of this true classical BioResonance, this is a win-win for patient and practitioner.

I urge all of you to incorporate testing for e-smog and geopathics into your everyday procedures.


* Dieter Jossner of Medical Electronics BioPhoton fame demonstrated the safest way to turn off a cell phone during one of his lectures to our Germany Tour participants. “Just a minute” he exclaimed as he rushed out of the lecture room. A few minutes later he returned with a plastic baggy from which he dumped a bazillion pieces onto the table. On closer inspection it really was the remnants of a cell phone. His explanation was that the only way to turn off a cell phone was to break it down into very small pieces and destroy or maim all of the SIM cards and receptors in the device. Funny, but totally impractical in today’s business and personal “world” and I was glad it wasn’t mine that he demonstrated on. But we must remember that even when turned off – often even without the battery installed – the device will be constantly seeking a signal. We just don’t need that in our bedroom as we’re trying to sleep and rest.

A Practice Application for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published January 2017

© Copyright 2017, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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