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Borreliosis – A greater Threat than Syphilis
and a Trigger of Autoimmune Illness (Part 2)

In Part 1 of this article about Borreliosis ( 11/2014, The Bridge 01/2015) the evolutionary position of Borrelia was explained amongst the bacterial causes according to the current level of biological knowledge. As a result, a direct proximity arose from the Borrelia bacterial type to the Treponema type, which is the agent best known as the cause of Syphilis. With the comparison of the illness “Borreliosis” to the illness “Syphilis” it must be recorded that both illnesses run in almost identical stages. Nevertheless a serious difference exists: The cause of Syphilis is presently laboratory-chemically determinable relatively clearly, and therapy with the help of antibiotics is effective. In contrast to this studies prove that the cause of Borreliosis is only now and then clearly detectable laboratory-chemically – sometimes directly as a living “creature” in the tissues, sometimes indirectly across the antibodies of the immune system. A plausible reason for this is still absent. On the basis of the study situation of the spirit-like manifestation of Borrelia it has to be added that it responds to no antibiotic reliably. Also the “usual” infection pathway by tick bites which is highlighted in the media cannot be confirmed. Too many of the laboratory positive ill people cannot remember a tick bite and in some cases as a certainty such an event is even to be excluded. Consequently, as with Syphilis, infection pathways across the bodily fluids and inherited infections are also assumed.

From the experiences of the author in the physical therapy of Borreliosis by means of material/longitudinal oscillations in the frequency range of hypersonic sound, it emphasizes not only the effectiveness of the procedure but also a remarkable accumulation of healings with autoimmune illnesses. It suggests the suspicion that possibly all autoimmune illnesses, which currently massively increase in numbers in the population, in the end are due to unrecognized, chronic, laboratory negative Borreliosis. The laboratory-chemical results which refer to the cellular immune defense of the body are interpreted as a fight of the immune system against its own cells.

The realization that apart from their cellular immune defense humans still seem to have a defensive system available by means of hypersonic sound, demands a re-evaluation of all previous immunological interpretations.

According to this new view the apparent autoimmunological suicide is the survival fight of the body. Above all through its immunological activity it clears out the cells no longer capable of surviving or damaged by Borreliosis in order to make the maintenance of their function easier for the remaining cells.

The following article reports about experiences with the unusual healing course of chronic Borreliosis and the possibilities of therapeutic influence.

For deeper understanding brief information about specific physics, energy balance and immune defense has already been published in previous articles [2-5].

The Physical Fundamentals

The foundations of hypersonic sound were compiled by Gebbensleben [1] and summarized into a book.

In physics two wave kinds are known. Whereas the electromagnetic oscillations are investigated so far that their origin and application is extensively understood, until now scientists could only approach the mechanical oscillations in the lower frequencies. The production of usable measuring devices in the upper frequency ranges, which is designated as hypersonic sound, turned out to be very difficult. On account of this these sound oscillations were not investigated by physics up until now.

All kinds of sound require matter as a carrier. This can be gaseous, liquid or solid. The known sound oscillations originate if groups of molecules are set in motion by mechanical stimulation, e.g. a loud speaker membrane, with frequencies in the hearing range. However if molecules are stimulated with impacts, e.g. by electron bombardment from secondary cosmic radiation or from technical sources, then the stimulation occurs in the atomic natural frequencies of the molecule, the hypersonic sound. These molecules deliver the received impulses lossless and directed to the neighboring molecules. A material existing from many homogenous molecules oscillates not only in its atomic natural frequency. Under the effect of external hypersonic sound fields liquids, gases and even solids form a cluster with a multitude of different natural frequencies so that practically any amount of matter can transmit hypersonic sound frequency and with it an extremely high amount of information. Naturally since hypersonic sound already existed before the development of life on earth, nature has integrated this excellent information carrier into all emerging biological systems from the beginning. In comparison to computer technology at this point you would speak about the “operating system of all life”.

The Hypersonic Sound Balance of the Human Being

It has already been reported several times about the hypersonic sound balance of the human being [2-5].

The human being is healthy provided that he exhibits a continuous hypersonic sound of 60 dB in his tissues. With a weakened, long continued or intensive drop off the tissues suffer. The results are pain, functional losses and in the end death. Short term increases are usually felt as refreshing or strengthening, provided that they do not surpass 500 dB too far or too long. The molecular and atomic connection strength is increasingly overtaxed above 500 dB. A tearing up of the connections occurs. At first the consequences are biological tissue destruction and subsequently a physical return of the molecules and atoms into the range of single protons which are left remaining as hydrogen.

The ongoing supply of suitable hypersonic sound with from 120 to 240 dB supports the healing process, because it supplies the necessary hypersonic sound for the regeneration of the “energetically” suffering tissues. Additional information was entered into a series of articles in the report “Hypersonic Sound – Homeopathy” [5].

Figure 1: The Hypersonic Sound Balance of the Human Being
(See Translation Chart for Fig. 1 following this article.)

Homeopathy, Hypersonic Sound Therapy and the Immune Defense of the Body

Hypersonic sound research has shown that humans have two different possibilities of getting over illnesses available. On the one hand it is about the evolutionary older defense system by means of extremely amplified hypersonic sound spectra and on the other hand it is about the evolutionary younger cellular immune system.

Homeopathy uses a small portion of the possibilities which span over the frequency range of hypersonic sound. If the physically effective similarity principle (isopathy) is applied, the hypersonic sound defense system of the body can be used over unlimited resonances. The result is an effective success on a purely physical basis within seconds, provided that the frequency spectrum is suitable and the applied wave amount is sufficient. The inspired background of this defensive system consists of the fact that every injurious material, no matter what origin, can be disassembled and rendered harmless with it – only the necessary suitable oscillation levels and sufficient wave spectrum amounts must be made available.

With the cellular immune defense a completely different functional mechanism is at work. If a patient gets over his illness, he is often able to form “memory cells” against the triggering pathogen. For the next illness occurrence the hypersonic sound defense system does not need to be switched on any more. Through its memory cells in the cellular immune system the body immediately generates the suitable antibodies which then accurately attack the opponent.

This is a significant evolutionary advantage compared with animals, who work only with hypersonic sound defense.

Figure 2: The two different wave kinds with their subranges (taken from [1]).
(See Translation Chart for Fig. 2 following this article.)

The Physical Therapy of Borreliosis

In an article about the detoxification of organic solvents [4] the basic principle of the physical therapy against Borreliosis was already shown in greater detail.

The natural global field is captured by two collective lenses and is strengthened by their spatial construction. The two collective lenses “speak” with each other and add their individual strength into the field between themselves. In the resulting hypersonic sound field between them, the frequency spectrum of the bacterium, in this case Borrelia burgdorferi, is introduced by means of an ampule. Now the frequency spectrum of Borrelia burgdorferi is stored not only in the highly strengthened hypersonic sound field, but also in the infusion water which was additionally inserted into this field. The infusion liquid with the frequency of the bacterium in the strength of the fields is available afterwards for energetic therapy. Manufactured infusion bottles with the frequency spectrum of Borreliosis and a highly strengthened amplitude can also be referred to the market [11]. The infusion liquid is usually infused into the subcutaneous fatty tissue at navel height. Since with chronic Borreliosis a multitude of Borrelia are to be killed, a multitude of high oscillation spectra of suitable frequency must be provided. Large volumes are therefore necessary in order to guarantee the immediate success of the destruction of all Borrelia. Usually 0.5 liter of infusion solution is sufficient, occasionally up to 0.8 liter was necessary. During the ongoing infusion some patients report a feeling of inner cold, otherwise no recognizable or perceptible changes appear as a rule. After this infusion treatment the patient is immediately Borrelia free.

The Long Pathway of Detoxification

After the infusion the patient believes his suffering pathway is at an end. Unfortunately this assumption is not appropriate. Now begins a so far absolutely unknown medical healing pathway, which leads to an emotional roller coaster and new burdens of an unknown kind.

Only a few Borreliosis [cases] were initiated through a tick bite, most are innate or were acquired through partner contact [6]. Depending on:

  • Quantity of the initially transferred bacteria,
  • Duration of the illness time,
  • Quantity of attacked organs, organ parts or tissues, and
  • Intensity of the Borrelia activity during the illness time in the attacked elements,

. . . different suffering pathways and detoxification times emerge until healing for each patient.

On the basis of current experience with time windows it is calculated that for children up to three months and with adults from 6 to 18 months for the detoxification process.

The force of the detoxification burden can be reduced by the timely intake of suitable hypersonic sound solutions [11] and be partially cancelled. If this does not occur the body still heals itself. The quality of life in this transitional period without hypersonic sound support is strongly diminished.

What is detoxed from where?

In conventional considerations of life the cell is almost exclusively described by its function. Nevertheless every cell is a specialist. It is for example a muscle, heart, kidney, liver, etc. cell.

Problems of “service performance” (supply and disposal) are cancelled in these superficial representations. The extracellular space, the direct surroundings of a cell, takes up the eliminated garbage of the cells and transports it to the circulatory system. This passes it forward to the appropriate “detoxification specialists” and/or to the “excretion specialists”. In the reverse direction, essential supply elements are brought into proximity to the cell by the circulatory system. They then cross over the extracellular space into the cell, the destination of their regulation.

The extracellular space is a transit route which must be bridged in both directions for the preservation of the life of every individual cell.

If this space is blocked by garbage, food and

  • Defensive bulwarks against Borrelia, or
  • Attack elements of Borrelia against the cells, or
  • Hiding places or lodging structures of Borrelia, or
  • Common to all [above] in different quantities

What then? Then the supply of cells is endangered. The cell is starved and dies in its own garbage in a supply deficit.

All hypersonic sound measuring results point to the fact that the “battlefield” of the body against Borrelia lies in this transit area.

In some cases significant amounts of protein structures were built up here in the ill people, which were not used any more after the “war” and hindered the normal transit traffic. Their demolition must urgently and quickly be speeded up, in order to loosen the “stranglehold” in which the surrounding cells are found, or in order to dissolve them. The “Borrelia battle tissue” which is present as a protein conglomerate can nevertheless only be broken down into small enzymatic lumps. Moreover, because the body does not always have the strength and because it allows certain activities only at determined usually rhythmic periods, the broken up lumps always result in temporal thrusts with different quantities. Besides, the released protein decomposition products generate violent defense reactions of different kinds in the affected organs, in the circulation or in the tissues depending on where they appear. The period of this phase after the Borrelia destruction is intensively characterized because of this.

A comparable detoxification problem is familiar to everyone: After unusual physical work a muscular strain arises. Even if the physical stress takes effect on only one day, the detoxification of the “garbage”, in this case lactic acid (Acidum lacticum), consequently lasts between two and three days. With the intake of suitable isopathics, therefore Acidum lactium, the actual muscular sprain pain disappears almost immediately and there remain only small muscle adaptation changes. Nevertheless in this case how long must a many years long illness, which was connected with rebuilding processes, have a lasting effect until the generated “garbage” has become detoxed?

Detoxification Intensity and Sequence

For mild and short illness cases the detoxification of enzymatic garbage passes almost without noticeable problems within a few days or up to weeks.

On the other hand, for illnesses which have lasted for decades and have brought significant burdens with them into the illness phase, the detoxification usually proceeds according to the following temporal pattern:

  • After the infusion which killed the Borrelia the body is weak but released from the fight against Borrelia. It recovers for a few days – the pains decrease, the patient feels better.
  • The beginning of the clean-up work follows this improvement phase. Nevertheless, the reduced strength is only sufficient for small activities. But on account of the still predominating weakness state even these are felt as burdens. It comes to a deterioration of the condition in comparison to the prephase.

The body is integrated into external (e.g. day/night) and internal (activity/regeneration) temporal rhythms. An important clock is the endogenic cortisol production because cortisol influences many cell activities.

In the early morning hours cortisol is usually produced by the body’s own rhythm. Meanwhile between approx. 7:00 and 8:00 PM it significantly reduces the production. Everything points to the fact that cortisol forces the cells to pursue their higher function in the organ group. All further activities are suppressed or hindered. However as soon as the cortisol level subsides, the cell can again easily take necessary specific repair work under attack.

  • Apparent deterioration results appear in the early phase of detoxification almost exclusively from 8:00 PM as well as the whole nighttime. The endogenic cortisol level is low and the repair work goes full blast.
  • If the body becomes stronger, it even manages to push through detoxification peaks against the lightly raised cortisol level. In the middle phase in addition to the nighttime the detoxification already succeeds in mobilizing the broken up lumps around 4:00 PM.
  • In the late phase it has already freed itself from the burdens so that it can also already launch the first discharge activities at midday.
  • In the end phase the detoxification comes at any time of the day or night.
  • “Detoxification storms” can occur. This means that in the meantime the body has collected a lot of strength. It now passes large amounts of protein debris into the tissues and into the bloodstream over and over again. These accumulate here and in the draining urinary tract and induce through this an illness feeling with significant symptom increase. This state can drag itself on over many hours. If the broken up debris flooding in with each passing minute in thrusts is not dissolved through suitable medications; the body must do it itself. It then develops inflammations in order to “burn” them through high hypersonic sound amplitudes. It remains valid to prevent this with suitable medication in order to avert additional damage. Then such a “storm” sometimes unexpectedly and suddenly comes to a standstill. Whether “storms” will once more appear remains uncertain.
  • As a further complication problems can appear which apparently stand completely without connection to the detoxification. Burdens of tissue, organ or skin appear unexpectedly without recognizable connection and also no protein decomposition products are provable. During the cause search, unsuspected results appear – e.g. herbicides or heavy metals are found in the suffering structures within the extracellular space. As an explanation of these events it must be concluded that during the rebuilding protein structures have been dissolved into the extracellular space which immured this disturbance potential there, and therefore has made them harmless for the body. Of course the elimination of these complications likewise occurs through a specific hypersonic sound therapy.

Over and over again for various reasons it can come to shifts of the basic pattern.

Figure 3: The height of physiological cortisol levels and the times of increased
detoxification (a = early detoxification phase, b = middle detoxification
phase, c = late detoxification phase)

Only after passage of the detoxification and everything has survived, [then it is] detectable what permanent damage the Borrelia has left behind which is no longer recoverable by the body itself.

The Symptoms Which the Detoxification Products Generate

The patient recognizes the flooding of the body or of an organ with protein waste products and the repair activity of the organs by the following symptoms:

  • Changes in the smell of the urine and skin
  • Increased urine excretion particularly at night
  • Bladder pain with improvement with urine departure (with infection it burns during urination)
  • Hay fever-like symptoms (nose, eyes) with swelling and redness
    • Detoxification of the mucus membranes directly outward
  • Asthmatic symptoms (lungs) with coughing and sputum
    • Detoxification from the lungs into the airways by coughing up
  • Stomach aches with and without diarrhea
    • Detoxification from the intestinal cells into the intestine by departure with the stool
  • Heart pains with compressions or piercing pain
    • Detoxification from the heart cells directly into the surrounding field
  • Muscle and joint pains with movement restriction, with feeling of weight and solidification
    • Detoxification from the musculature or the joints directly into the surrounding field
  • Destruction feeling, or feeling of total energetic breakdown from complete well being within seconds
    • Detoxification of the cerebral areas directly into the surrounding field
  • Headaches, visual, hearing, balance and sensory disturbances of all kinds
    • Detoxification from the brain structures directly into the surrounding field
  • Disturbance of heat and cold sensation
    • Detoxification from the thyroid gland and other inner glands
  • [Dyssomnia] Difficulties in falling asleep [dyskoimesis] and sleeping through [dysphylaxia] – during the day very tired, as soon as the body comes to sleeping in the horizontal one is immediately wide awake, sleep almost only possible between 6:00 and 10:00 AM, sleep purely superficial, trance-like, every noise is perceived
    • Detoxification into the sleep regulation center of the brain
  • Long continuous feeling of a glowing on the entire external skin
    • Detoxification from the skin, but also from all the other organs into the skin from the destruction by the hypersonic sound (see [5], paragraph 3).
  • Depressive irritation over some hour up to days
    • Dissolving of the structures into the tissues which contain the psychic information and which induce long term depressive effects

This enumeration only lists the most frequent symptoms. Not everything appears, others can come. Usually only some of the symptoms are detectable at the same time.

Therefore it is never predictable which symptoms will appear and in which combination. Some have such a menacing effect that the affected person turns to the emergency doctor (e.g. heart pains with suspicion of cardiac infarction), or they are burdened so strongly that they take care of corrections (obtain new glasses, put in new hearing aids, shop for new blankets, etc.) which afterwards turn out as unnecessary because the sensory changes develop further or back on short notice.

In spite of the described symptom thrusts the whole state of the patient continuously improves. Sensation-wise it goes two steps forward and one step backward.

What the Detoxification Provokes

Strong, apparent deteriorations appear above all:

  • After phases of physical well being of several days (the body collected strength for the next action)
  • After physical, muscular burdens like athletics or massages (increased blood circulation from otherwise less active tissues which are thereby activated)
  • During or after heat, e.g. as a result of a sauna session (increased blood circulation of the skin and mucus membranes)
  • During or after sun stress (ultraviolet rays activate the formation of special immune cells – dendritic cells – in the affected internal organs reducing the inflammation trend [9,10]

On the basis of various illness courses, variations and changes can also occur here.

Medications and Energetic Detoxification Support

The application of symptomatically effective medications is possible and helpful at any time during the detoxification.

The healing duration and the pains during detoxification can be positively influenced energetically through a constant increase of the hypersonic sound levels in the body (see [5], Paragraph 2). Without testing this is only possible with an energetically informed collection solution from the range of the periodic system [of chemical elements] [11]. As a rule the intake amount for the energetic strengthening remains constant during the entire detoxification time.

As soon as the detoxification symptoms appear for the patient (see [5], Paragraph 8), you should try to relieve the body of this additional strain and thereby prevent tissue melting down through inflammation. This is possible while a drinking solution with a suitable hypersonic sound spectrum [11] is taken orally. The desired effect takes place immediately within seconds, so that the burdened tissue can recover in the following 5 to 10 minutes (see [5], paragraph 3), if the assigned solution quantity was sufficient.

However, if no symptom improvement is detectable after taking the drinking solution, as a rule the amount of this solution has not been sufficient. Then a repetition of the intake brings the aspired for success.

During the healing course constantly increase the detoxification strength with the patient.

That’s why the detoxification thrusts not only increasingly appear, the patient also increasingly suffers them daily and their intensity increases in force. Under the circumstances during a detoxification storm he must resist for a few hours the aggressively detoxed protein and the symptoms generated by them with hypersonic sound products. – There originates the absolutely unusual picture of a continuously improving illness state which is however interconnected with a climbing quantity of necessary medications.

It turns out to be meaningful with advanced healing to always have a bottle with the manufactured drinking solution in case of need “for the worst” in order to be able to cope with the onrush with an immediate “gulp from the bottle”.

Only at the end of the detoxification phase the medication need reduces in order to then dry up completely.


During the usually years long illness duration of Borreilosis the body has substantially changed internally. The re-construction of these changes is begun immediately after the elimination of the Borrelia.

The detoxification of the decomposition products occurs in thrusts. The detoxed amounts increase continuously during the healing process as a function of the regained degree of freedom of the cells. Every detoxification thrust is interpreted by the patient as apparent illness increase, provided that he was not intensively cleared over the healing process.

According to the illness intensity the healing is concluded after 3 to 18 months. What damage has remained behind because of the illness can only be judged definitively afterwards.

Follow this link for An Introduction to the Hypersonic Theory of Gebbensleben.
Follow this link for Hypersonic Sound, Borreliosis, Part 1

An Exclusive Translated Article for Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2015

From an article in, Vol. 20, Dec. 2014
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2014, Richard Kraßnigg, Neunkirchen-Seelschied, Germany

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Specialist in general medicine, acupuncture, homeopathy with a focus on individual holistic medicine, hypersonic diagnostics and therapy. Additional qualifications in ear acupuncture, body acupuncture, Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV), various complementary medicine methods and training in fractal mathematics and fractal geometry. President of the “International Society for Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll from 2000-2014.

Translation Chart for Figure 1:

Translation Chart for Figure 2


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