The Hypersonic Theory of Gebbensleben

“The word hypersonic is occasionally used to refer to sound above the frequency of about 1 GHz, i.e. for very high frequency ultrasound. In everyday phenomena such noise does not matter. However the engineer Reiner Gebbensleben (born 1939 Magdeburg) from Dresden, Germany represents the pseudo-scientific view that many technical and natural processes are based in the presence of hypersonic. In his opinion hypersonic is, among other things, perceptible by humans and in truth electrosmog is hypersonic.”

The above is a definition of hypersonic quoted/translated directly from an encyclopedia source.

Technically hypersonic is not measurable, but is detectable with the use of various radiesthesic devices (i.e. divining rods). There are a number of devices – critically called “non-functional” – available on the European market including pendulums, pyramids and various neutralizers.

Although such devices are not recommended or available through OIRF, there is no question that radionics and radiesthesia are effective methods for many practitioners. The following Part 1 article (and the Part 2 article which follows in Issue #7) is presented here for the insights and connections developed by our Medical Advisor Dr. Richard Kraßnigg regarding Borreliosis, Syphilis and autoimmune illnesses.

In spite of the complicated clinical picture and uncertain laboratory testing for Borrelia, all diagnostics can be accurately defined with EAV, VEGA and other point and medication measurement methods. Treatment with actual or electronic homeopathic remedies and MORA BioResonance can easily work within the frequency ranges mentioned by Dr. Kraßnigg and should bring comparable results.

Additionally Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt has done extensive work in this field and offers many suggestions and protocols for treating Lyme/Borreliosis patients through his ongoing seminars and publications.

As I finalized the formatting and presentation of this article my thoughts returned to the work of Dr. Juliane Sacher and her research with AIDS, cancer and other degenerative illnesses. There still remain many questions concerning the work of Dr. Luc Montagnier and the “discovery” of the AIDS virus. In light of Dr. Kraßnigg’s research and findings with autoimmune illnesses being linked to Lyme/Borreliosis, perhaps we should all be testing our patients (with EAV or VEGA or whichever point testing method you use) for Borreliosis?? It is a point to ponder, and a “clue” to be utilized with all our patients.

s/ Carolyn
Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm
Managing Director

Follow this link to the  Article: Hypersonic Sound, Borreliosis, Part 1
Follow this link to the Article:  Hypersonic Sound, Borreliosis, Part 2

An Introductory Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published January 2015

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