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Borreliosis – A greater Threat than Syphilis
and a Trigger of Autoimmune Illness (Part 1)

For many years reports about the illness “Borreliosis” occupy increasing space in all the media. Borreliosis is explained as an illness which is transmitted by ticks and which becomes apparent through skin symptoms. In rare cases it comes in following other illness forms which are nevertheless largely controllable with antibiotics.

There are increasingly contradictory positions against this interpretation which clearly paint a more somber picture. They demand more research about the true health burdens to clear up those regarded as more severe.

These articles try to provide a comprehensive insight into the current situation of Borreliosis from the view of the author and to illuminate the chances for recovery with the possibilities of hypersonic sound.

The Evolutionary Origin

In the biological system (taxonomy) family trees (phylum = division) are created to make the evolutionary rankings recognizable. Borrelia belongs in the system of bacteria in the phylum “spirochaeta”. Within a phylum another division occurs according to strict rules. As the next subunit of the phylum “spirochaeta” the class of spirochaeta follows, afterwards the order of the spirochaetales and afterwards the family of the spirochaetaceae. As a last division within the genus occurs the division into types (Table 1).

As a rule, the further one follows the division of the family tree, the narrower the biological heredity becomes, but also the behavioral relationships and characteristics.

From this arrangement it discloses that the genus Borrelia is most similar as a pathogen to the genus Treponema.

What is Treponema which has the nearest family relationship to Borrelia?

Syphilis is the Nearest Relative of Borreliosis

The bacteria “Treponema pallidum” is known as the cause of an illness which is commonly called Lues or Syphilis – an illness which is feared by people above all as a venereal disease. Syphilis has damaged or [been responsible for the deaths] of millions of people over the course of the centuries. Only through the discovery of antibiotics could the illness numbers in Europe be clearly reduced. Nevertheless, Syphilis is still considered as one of the most widespread infectious diseases. Worldwide in 1999 alone up to 12 million first infections happened of which 90% of those patients were found in developing countries. To this day not much has changed in this situation.

In contrast to this Borreliosis seems to be completely new. There is practically no indication of it in the old literature. However scientists report [when] the Ötzi [mummy] – the Ice Man – was examined, he also had suffered from Borreliosis [9]. Borreliosis is also an old companion to human beings.

Doctors divide the symptoms of Lues (= Syphilis) into four stages as well as an innate form (Table 2):

While the variations of the disease process of Syphilis were comprehensively investigated, the range of variation of the Borrelia illness is established on a lower level by medical science.

It is claimed that the only infection pathway is from the bite of a tick. Because statistically on a regional level 3% to 30% of ticks differently carry the Borrelia pathogen in their bite device, every bite place is to be intensely observed. Only by spread of a reddening around the skin injury would the treatment with an antibiotic be indicated. A treatment duration of approximately three weeks afterwards is sufficient [6]. If it is not treated expertly then the distinguishable stages of the Borrelia illness courses would also arise (Table 3). The correspondence with the stages of Syphilis is amazing.

If the Neuroborreliosis is taken over as the fourth stage of Borreliosis in this system, then only the Borreliosis connata, the innate Borreliosis

With the addition of Borreliosis connata the correspondency with Syphilis would be perfect. However, who says that there is no Borrelia connata? No indications about an innate Borreliosis exist in the technical literature. However, if it is proven in the opinion of the experts that all organs over many years can be attacked, then the child growing in the womb can also be infected by Borrelia from the mother, as well as from the ovaries of the mother and the testes of the father before the conception. Then by infected eggs or sperm it can virtually piggyback to an infection in the unborn child. Therefore why should there be no innate Borrelia? Why are there no indications of a Borrelia connata? That is probably attached to the overall problem of Borreliosis diagnosis.

Borrelia – Diagnostic Difficulties in the Clinical Picture and in the Laboratory

The Borrelia diagnosis is not reached clinically through the typical clinical pictures.

There is no typical clinical picture of Borreliosis. The clinical disease pattern of Borreliosis is unusual and is similar to that of Syphilis.

Borrelia can attack each organ and there can speed up their destructive work for many years. Besides, [this destruction] sometimes goes forward brutally and aggressively, but other times stealthy and gently. In the first case the illness symptoms strike after a short time, mostly after a few days, which leads the patient to the doctor; in the second case it can last many years until the doctor’s visit seems necessary. With the first investigations in the course of an apparently serious illness the attacked organ sometimes exhibits almost completely intact, in others sometimes almost completely destroyed. Typical for Borrelia is that the Borrelia additionally attacks a huge number of organs simultaneously. It is not only just the stomach for example that is concerned. Thus a patient can develop a highly dramatic feeling on account of a detached retina in his eye because of the danger of the loss of sight, while he almost overlooks his mild intestinal problem existing at the same time with his food intolerances. Likewise also induced by his Borrelia he considers the thyroid gland impairment [treated by] efficient medications for years as uncritical, and the skin phenomena which he tries to treat lifelong appear absolutely marginal in this situation. The unpredictable mixture of more organ burdens and their different destruction degrees is a sign of Borreliosis. Consequently there is no generally valid disease pattern which could lead to a diagnosis.

According to the accounts of many authors, since the “typical” marked annular skin reddening after a tick bite is only observable or memorable in a minority of patients, only the laboratory diagnosis remains to create clarity for the prevailing majority of suspicious cases.

But the laboratory diagnostic has a catch. It is often wrong – incorrectly positive (you find indications of Borrelia) or incorrectly negative (you find no indication of Borrelia although they exist), or the laboratory findings change in their results over and over again. If for example a patient tested negative with the first test, then it can happen that he is tested positive with the second test and with the third test again negative. Which laboratory finding is correct? Therefore the laboratory test is uncertain. Apparently something is being tested which has no connection with the actual illness or there are unclear disturbance elements which influence the test results. Worldwide there are more intensive specific test procedures worked up and there are already many tests for which the manufacturers claim this uncertainty problem would not emerge. Nevertheless a great uncertainty continues to exist compared with the laboratory results.

If the disease pattern and also the laboratory diagnostics do not lead to a certain diagnosis, then how is a “correct” diagnosis made?

Uncompromising “scientists” consult the laboratory results exclusively as the basis of their diagnosis. Who has tested negative by it therefore has no Borreliosis and is treated only symptomatically. Then in the opinion of the doctors [the patient] suffers from an unclear illness cause and/or a psychic faulty regulation. More pragmatically aligned doctors search for another way out while they treat the patient as if he had a Borreliosis or another bacterial illness – they administer antibiotics and they hope for relief or healing.

This unsatisfactory situation has led among other things to the foundation of a self help group (Aktionsbündnis gegen zeckenübertragene Infektionen Deutschland e.V.,, which during demonstrations in Berlin even demanded from the Federal Government that it finally take action and provide more money for research. The question remains unsolved in what manner the Federal Government is to bring an influence to bear on science and on how science should be concerned not only with diagnostics but also the therapeutic problem.

Borrelia – The Therapeutic Problem

Borrelia is not only difficult to grasp diagnostically, but also in therapy the results are unsatisfactory. The generally standard statement that an antibiotic therapy could cure Borreliosis is not correct.

From the author’s study overviews you receive the problematic highlights illuminated [7, 8]. Nevertheless it becomes evident that during the last 20 years nothing in this precarious situation has changed:

  • The laboratory diagnostics do not have the necessary precision and certainty, and
  • The antibiotic therapy cannot achieve the strived for healing rates.

The study overviews that are pointed out in the bibliography are by no means complete. Many studies were not listed for lack of space. In addition there exist further studies about animals with comparably unambiguous results.

Currently no antibiotic is able to prevent with certainty the spread of Borreliosis after a recognized bite infection. All other infection pathways are currently not considered.

Syphilis and Borreliosis in Medical Comparison

A complete result of the observations is to be held onto:

  • Borrelia comes from the same evolutionary family as Syphilis (Lues) and is its nearest biological relative.
  • With both [Borrelia and Syphilis] the causes are the same, different stages of illness are detectable, and correspondingly many organs can be attacked at the same time and in different intensity.
  • The transmission pathway of the infection is:
    • With Syphilis it is defined with certainty by sexual contact
    • With Borreliosis (cause: Borrelia burgdorferi) it is exclusively described in the technical literature by infected ticks and their bite. On account of the high illness frequency with obviously missing tick contacts the second, until now unknown transmission pathway, is with certainty not to be excluded.
  • With Syphilis a suspicious diagnosis can be raised from the clinical picture. It is confirmed through the laboratory diagnostic with relative certainty.
    With Borreliosis there is neither clinical nor technical laboratory certainty for the diagnosis. A Borreliosis is then only found if the cause is specifically searched for in the laboratory and if at the same time a positive finding is raised in the laboratory. A negative laboratory finding is not a certain indication to the fact that no Borreliosis exists.
  • With Syphilis up to now an antibiotic therapy is still successful.
    With Borreliosis illness (Borrelia burgdorferi) antibiotics can relieve the symptoms, but the cause is not removed with certainty. At present the situation is:

    • With 50 to 76% of the (laboratory positive) patients the standard medical therapy apparently was successful
    • With 24 to 66% of the (laboratory positive) patients the short therapy was not sufficient [8].

Autoimmune Illnesses and Borreliosis – An Unexpected Connection

It was already reported about the successful treatment of a life threatening situation exclusively by means of hypersonic sound [3]. Because of an undifferentiated collagenosis, in this case a laboratory confirmed autoimmune illness also designated in popular usage as rheumatism, the female patient had taken the rheumatism remedy “Quensyl”. After 14 days she developed a Lyell Syndrome against this remedy. That is a skin reaction to the medication that is perceived by the body as toxic. The organism reacts to the remedy by throwing off 100% of its skin. Without intensive medical therapy the illness proceeds at this severe degree as a rule fatally.

After healing up the skin defects by means of hypersonic sound [3] the rheumatism returned (which had completely disappeared in the meantime) with unexpected force and within six months made the patient virtually unable to move. There came a stiffening of almost all large body joints and to a progressive extreme muscle decline of the entire musculature in the upper and lower extremities. The rapid dramatic dynamic of the physical decline did not seem to be checked. It was aggravating to take into consideration that the usual dose of medication for the autoimmune therapy was forbidden because of the danger of the outbreak of a renewed Lyell Syndrome.

Laboratory-chemically no Borrelia infection could be proven, however the physical measurement by means of EAV and hypersonic sound diagnostics proved the indication of a Borrelia illness as the cause.

A specific hypersonic sound infusion therapy as was described already several times in principle [3, 4], immediately stopped the illness dynamic and initiated the final healing. Today this female patient is pain free. Her mobility is extensively recovered. Chemical drugs were neither administered nor taken during the Lyell Syndrome or during the rheumatic discomfort and the healing time of the rheumatism. [Healing] came exclusively by application of hypersonic sound solutions. Through that it was possible to address all the illness problems directly and to bring about healing.

It points into the future that above all patients with autoimmune illnesses search for a therapy pathway by hypersonic sound.

It turned out with the physical testing by means of EAV and hypersonic sound diagnostics that up to now without exception all patients with autoimmune illnesses suffered from a Borrelia infection being in the foreground.

Moreover in comparison all other problems (like for example heavy metals and viral or bacterial burdens) presented themselves as nearly meaningless. The unique infusion therapy with a Borrelia hypersonic sound spectrum in extremely high amplitude followed with an immediate Borrelia elimination. Afterwards most patients were immediately able to stop taking their until now long term carried out chemical therapy for treatment of the autoimmune illness, all others went forward creeping and could renounce these preparations permanently after some time. From these results it is apparent that an unexpected direct connection between autoimmune illness and Borreliosis must exist.

The cause of autoimmune illnesses is unknown in medical science. From this the current illness model assumes that the body forms the same materials with its immune system which it uses against its own cells as well as their nuclei in order to destroy them.

Up until now no one can give a reason for this process. Currently the treatment of this apparent self destruction happens above all by means of Cortisone or with remedies which have arisen mostly from cancer chemotherapy. A standstill or a healing of the illness cannot be reached in every case. Also a logical explanation for this is absent. A connection between the autoimmune illnesses and Borreliosis does not superficially appear to exist. Nevertheless the practical results indicate in this direction.

The most important autoimmune illnesses are put together in Table 4.

The hypersonic sound research asks about the sense of the reaction of the body. Nevertheless, the question in the foreground is: “Why does the immune system destroy its own cells?”

Fundamentally it should be noted that the human being in his development occupies the leading position in evolution. Nevertheless the purpose of evolution is not self destruction, but rather the expansion of life in every possible evolutionary niche and the passing on of our genetic information to the next generation. According to the newest research results not only physical characteristics but also even individual experiences and emotions are transmitted on the epigenetic pathway to the descendants in order to also enable the next generation the adaptation to extreme psychic situations in life. With this combination of circumstances an undirected suicide program of the body against its own organs and/or essential differentiated structures appears more than questionable. Nevertheless the body apparently removes its cells.

As the only logical explanation for this action it can be concluded that the immune system does not carry out its destruction process randomly, but suffers specifically. Cells no longer capable of surviving are eliminated and by that create space for the surviving cells to continue their work as optimally as possible. Evolution has an extreme will to survive and in order to secure that survival the destruction of cells is sometimes also meaningful and necessary under particular conditions.

Because Borrelia cannot be diagnosed certainly either clinically or in the laboratory it is understandable that it can attack tissues unnoticed and unrecognized. However the immune system follows its function reliably to create and to receive the best conditions for life. Therefore no self suicide process runs, but these specific laboratory values indicate the activity of the garbage disposal.

One recognizes the intensity of the tissue infestation and the tissue destruction by Borrelia by the strength of the autoimmune reaction.


A Lyell Syndrome on the basis of a rheumatic illness was the starting point to look at the intensive autoimmune illnesses. The following discoveries are put together from this and the following therapies as well as the above represented connections:

  • Borreliosis proceeds (like Syphilis) in distinguishable stages. Many organs suffer from the illness at the same time. As a result the intensity of the organ burdens varies considerably.
  • Borreliosis has accompanied humanity for thousands of years. It can infect a person across different ways; ticks thereby play a subordinate role.
  • Behind all autoimmune illnesses treated in the practice of the author up until now, an unrecognized chronic Borreliosis (mostly laboratory negative) appeared as the cause.
  • Chronic Borreliosis and/or autoimmune illnesses are diagnostically and therapeutically difficult to grasp. As an alternative, physical diagnostic methods are offered which are likewise susceptible to disruption however they increase the overall diagnostic certainty. The use of chemical preparations for therapy is uncertain in the result. However Borrelia can be treated with certainty by physical therapies, in this case supplementary chemical preparations can be renounced.
  • Through the goal-directed [specific] therapeutic success with the help of physical hypersonic sound therapy it becomes recognizable that the immune system of the human being must dispose of several components.
    Currently the cellular immune defense which is optimized by vaccinations is in the foreground in medical science. Beside it exists another necessarily evolutionary older immune defense which can repel all dangers through hypersonic sound. This defense has been used up until now in a weakened form with homeopathy. Both systems are coordinated with each other and in cooperation effectively maintain the health of the affected person. This is expanded in a separate intensive conclusive article.

Part 2 of this article reports about the author’s experiences with the unusual healing courses of Borreliosis and about the possibilities of therapeutic influences. A translation of that article and the bibliography appear separately. Here is the link for Part 2.
Follow this link for the Introductory Remarks.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newlsetter of OIRF
Published January 2015

From an article in, Vol. 20, Nov. 2014
The Bridge, Volume 11, Issue #1, January 2015
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2014, Richard Kraßnigg, Neunkirchen-Seelschied, Germany

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