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22 September 2011

And now all the news I have been bubbling over to tell you! After attending the Medicine Week Congress last year and keeping my usual eye out on my incoming German journals I noticed, and then have been a bit overwhelmed by, two major trends showing significant changes and controversy in Germany. In both cases, we will see the fallout of these trends in North America shortly.

First of all, let me talk about the recent trend in Germany for various biological medicine companies to merge or negotiate specific cooperative agreements. The article I mentioned above by Dr. Wieland Boockmann (follow this link) is a perfect example of this. From what I can gather Dr. Boockmann is a representative of the companies and methods that he talks about in this article which has been quite well researched. I apologize for any little “glitches” in the translation. Dr. Boockmann is from France and I suspect he originally wrote this article in French and then translated it into German for publication in the Naturheilpraxis journal. I am now translating it into English – and you can start to see the problems. I have done the best I can to maintain my longstanding tenet of true translation – I am not interpreting what the author said nor telling you what I think (although I did have to add a few footnotes to get my two bits in). Rather here in English is exactly what he said in German.

But all that aside, in this article you can see the coalition of four different companies/methods. They are non-competitive in practical application and thus by combining their research, development and marketing, they are all able to benefit. Docs let’s face it, this is a competitive and tough economy out there. All these small little companies in Germany, Europe and here in North America (the Institute included) are struggling to survive. In order to maintain our place in the market and a sufficient income to survive financially we simply have to cooperate with each other.

The time is over for the EAV camp calling the VEGA camp upstarts, or the remedy companies saying that instrumentation is unnecessary, or whatever little controversies arise. Both as practitioners and as the supporting companies that provide you with the products for your practice, we have to work together. This is a theme that I have harped on for several years. We have enough criticism coming at this field of biological medicine from orthodox medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and organizations like QuackWatch, that if we are to continue making these viable and effective methods available to our patients we have to work together.

So, in Dr. Boockmann’s article you see a recent marriage of four separate companies and methods. Seen from the perspective of the need for cooperation, it becomes a coalition that makes a lot of sense.

But, I would like to make a few comments before you read this article to help you keep it all in perspective:

1) We have noticed before with the articles from Dr. Manfred Doepp regarding AMSAT that he uses one of the more recent EAV/meridian diagnostic devices called the PROGNOS®. This is essentially an EAV device with built in diagnostic and analysis software. It is okay. It meets the parameters of the industry and makes accurate measurements. The software looks really nice (appearance-wise), and probably has a good database for the analysis. But, the company has been in financial trouble for a couple of years and the device itself is not at all unique. There are several good EAV (or even Vega-type) diagnostic devices on the market (including MORA, Kindling, Pitterling, etc.) and all will fulfill this aspect of your diagnostic needs without difficulty.

2) Next he talks about HRV (Heart Rate Variability) and recommends the KARDiVAR® device made in Germany. Again, this is a good device and from what I can see the software is great. But, this is not a unique device for this method. There are several domestic (to North America) devices available that will provide you with similar information should you choose to incorporate this method into your practice. I will be checking this particular device out while at the Med-Week this year to get some further information for you.

3) Then we get to the devices and methods that are unique and already known to us. The AMSAT® segmental diagnostics are the best available on the market today – period. There are several “competitive” models on the market (including the so called Global Diagnostics) all of which are highly suspect. Many of those competing models are based on radionics and/or are solely based on software analysis with only “virtual” input. I cannot recommend any of those other devices. But, we know AMSAT delivers, and in this case it behooves us to make sure we are not utilizing inadequate instrumentation. Combined with the other three devices mentioned in Dr. Boockmann’s article you can easily confirm your diagnostic and therapy program for ensured effectiveness with AMSAT.

4) And here is an introduction to the Voice Frequency Analysis (SFA® – this is the added lecture with Dr. Heinen for Tour #38). I will let Dr. Boockman’s article speak for itself. In my research to date I have found this device to be unique and although Mr. Thurmann has been talking to me about it for several years this is our first opportunity to hear about it in more detail. I will have more information and detail available for you when I return from Germany in November (see also Volume 7, Issue #2, Pages 28-33 for their response to the Fukushima incident, or follow this link to Response to Fukushima, Part 3).

And I can already hear you saying “so what”? Well docs, you need to watch for this kind of cooperative and/or merger situation. The implications of these “cooperative agreements” in Germany are two-sided. On the one hand these companies are more assured of surviving the economic realities of the biological medicine market today which means that these methods will continue to be available to us as practitioners. On the other hand these kinds of arrangements can easily leave some excellent but smaller or competitive products/companies unavailable or out of business. Too often these cooperative arrangements are not only two sided but also very risky. The arrangement outlined above and discussed in Dr. Boockmann’s article is only one example of this kind of cooperation. I am aware of several other situations that are already in place as well as negotiations that are currently underway with other companies. How these cooperative agreements will affect availability of instrumentation and remedies here in North America is yet to be determined. But, in general I find this a refreshing and a good trend. I will keep you informed as I see further developments.

The second major trend started with a controversy that broke out over an article printed in the January, 2011 issue of CO’Med. The dentist Dr. Franz Christians wrote this article totally slamming BioResonance and MORA. In essence he said that BioResonance doesn’t work and is all “balderdash” (I’m being diplomatic here). This article set off what in conservative Germany would be called a firestorm of controversy.

Here again we had competing companies writing nasty comments about each other and slinging mud back and forth as a way to say ‘that company’s stuff is crap’ and the competitive company saying the opposite. I had all these articles set up for translation and was most of the way through several of them – and I will do my best to complete and publish them at a later date. But I think in the long run though it was all based on a total lack of cooperation between companies, and an out-and-out competitor bashing mêlée. What can I say except “tacky, tacky”.

But everything changed very quickly. Almost every one of my journals picked up on the controversy and dealt with it by publishing articles outlining the background, the scientific basis and the practical effectiveness of the biological medicine methods – especially including true BioResonance.

What a thrill for me. I can’t seem to keep up with all the articles and incoming information, let alone get it all translated and ready for inclusion in the newsletter. As I was finalizing the two articles you find in this Issue, in came many more journal issues wholly dedicated to topics like “Fields and Frequencies: BioResonance” and “Electricity and Medicine”. And the articles – Wow! There are multiple articles on radiation in light of the 25th Anniversary of Chernobyl and the more recent Fukushima incident, darkfield microscopy, scientific articles outlining much of the recent research expanding Dr. Popp’s work, and . . . I’m going to be busy for quite awhile trying to get this all ready to send out to you! – and I am working on it.

And again I can hear you saying “so what”? Well, look at it this way – here’s more information, research and detail than we have ever had before. So many of those “conservative” German researchers and practitioners got so upset that they are publishing and publishing and publishing.

Quite frankly it doesn’t matter whether information on BioResonance is published by Med-Tronik or by Regumed. It is BioResonance and as long as we are talking real, true BioResonance (with a filter system for pathological and physiological oscillations) then the information applies – and we can use it! Quite frankly it doesn’t matter if Dr. Boockmann is talking about PROGNOS® or Dr. Herrmann is talking about Med-Tronik as long as the devices meet the standards of the industry, then the information applies – and we can use it! Now it is our turn to practice cooperation. Let us take full advantage of this blizzard of information and research to help us in our daily practice – after all it is our patients who are the ultimate beneficiaries.

I thank you for your support and for listening to my latest “rant”. With the next Issue of “The Bridge” we will begin our membership campaign for 2012. This is your opportunity to support and to cooperate with OIRF. Renew your own membership and recommend us to your fellow practitioners, and we will all be able to boldly move forward into this new era of cooperation in biological medicine.

A Personal Commentary for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published September 2011

© Copyright 2011, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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  • Founding director, administrator and executive director of Occidental Institute; the first English language acupuncture “school” in North America founded 1972 which over the years developed into the largest educational and promotional advocate of Biological Medicine until its closing in 2018.
  • 35 years experience with medical and technical translation and literary research in English, French and German.
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  • Her passion and insight provide an overall view of the most effective German Biological Medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods

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