Complementary Medicine Diagnosis
and Therapy Procedures

What is Meaningful and Up-to-Date?

There is absolutely no question that classical school [orthodox] medicine is unsurpassed in acute [emergency] care. Treatment of a bone fracture will not be successful with globuli or Bach Flowers. Now and then however doubts are expressed whether its exclusiveness claim for maintenance and/or recovery of our health can remain even today. In this article, it will be demonstrated that for chronic illnesses the symptom related approach of school medicine is not always carefully targeted. Also in prevention it does not deliver a satisfactory approach. However, it just makes sense to prevent the child from falling into the well. Is it not more intelligent to prevent illnesses, than to treat them?

The body in its entirety, with all its levels – somatic, energetic and informative – should be moved into focus. Nevertheless a differentiated consideration both on the energetic as well as on the functional and structural levels would absolutely be introduced. Additionally, a meaningful supplement should still be the inclusion of the psyche, according to the motto: The psyche is involved in every disturbance or illness; no matter whether the physical disturbance results in a psychic burden or whether the psychic burden releases a physical disturbance.

Before we turn to the individual diagnosis and therapy procedures, just this once get involved in a small game.

Figure 1: Connect these 9 points with one line, which is bent 3 times – for a total of 4 lines.

They make the astonishing statement that you cannot reach all the points. No matter whether you go forward horizontally, vertically or diagonally there are always one or two points remaining inaccessible.

In order to get to the goal, the accustomed range of action must be abandoned. The 9 points form a unity which is regarded as a border. Nevertheless, the terms of reference for the task did not have the content that the framework of the 9 points may not be left. The solution is quite easy:

Figure 2: In order to get to the goal, you must sometimes abandon the accustomed range of action. Connect these 9 points with one line, which is bent 3 times – for a total of 4 lines. We determine what suits our framework and ignore other facts.

As a rule the limitations to which we submit, often only take place in our own head. So you simply allow us to “look out over the edge of the plate”.

In the past, school and complementary medicine were often confronted as alleged adversaries. A barrier separated both namely in particular a language barrier: One spoke Latin and the other Chinese. Both spoke of the same patients, but communication was not possible. We see our job as leading both these working models to each other (Fig. 3):

Figure 3

To be able to assess and evaluate the person in his actual totality, the working mechanism is asked not to value the end of the chain (symptoms), but rather to determine the causes at their beginning. A change from symptom treatment to cause recognition is demanded. On a time axis this can be shown as follows (Fig. 4):

Figure 4

In order to come to the causes as a basis, in this article we want to introduce four diagnosis and therapy procedures in more detail which have proven themselves very well in complementary medicine for many years. At the same time the individual systems in each case are independent methods which are however also combinable among themselves in every variation (Fig. 5).

Figure 5

  • For the energetic level, meridian diagnostics – Prognos®
  • For the autonomic nervous system, Heart Frequency Variability measurement (HRV) – Kardivar®
  • For functional and structural levels, segmental diagnostics – AMSAT-HC®
  • For the psychic level, Voice Frequency Analysis according to Dr. Heinen – SFA®

The Diagnosis and Therapy System PROGNOS®

Not only airplanes, but also the organism has a Black Box. All (energetic) burdens which are not visible from the outside are recorded in it. With PROGNOS® these burdens are recognized and an effective therapy can be introduced. PROGNOS® is the diagnosis and therapy system based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Here thousand year old knowledge was united with the most modern computer technology into a system which makes early diagnosis of illnesses and weak points possible. A picture of the energetic state of the body is provided in a manner that is completely painless for the patients. Already 5,000 years ago Chinese doctors found out that the cause of all illness is due to a disturbed energy cycle.

With the help of meridian diagnostics based on the PROGNOS® measurement technology, a status beyond the basic energetic healthcare is provided and possible weak points are clearly indicated. Over detailed additional measurement series the causes of diffuse clinical pictures and chronic ailments are recognized. Through diagnosis of the energy status illnesses are recognized before cell damage causes symptoms and laboratory analysis shows distinctive features.

In this manner diagnosis is carried out and therapy is indicated, which again enables the body to regulate itself and thereby reactivate its self healing forces.

How is it Measured?

From Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) we know the meridians, the energy guidance pathways of the human body. The meridian system is the fastest and most sensitive information system of the person (even faster than blood!).

It spans the entire body like a network – also extending into the depths – however it is measurable on the skin surface.

With a PROGNOS® measurement the body is examined, in which energetic state it is found, or whether it recognizes a certain illness picture, or whether it accepts or rejects certain medications or dental materials. With it the skin resistance is measured at certain acupuncture points – the beginning and ending points of the meridians. The skin resistance changes immediately if the energy changes in the body. This always happens if the body is confronted with new information, e.g. in the form of taking medications, or also by acoustic or other oscillation patterns. The physical basis of this technology is the mutual influence of electromagnetic waves. Already in 1918 Max Planck received the Nobel Prize for physics for this discovery.

Measurement is with a special measuring probe which has a spring mounted tip with a relatively large contact surface. Now with the measurement the spring resistance must be overcome, therefore it is always measured with a constant contact pressure of approximately 100 g. The measurement current amounts to 450 billionth watt seconds. So it is always guaranteed that through pressure as well as through current, no influencing of the acupuncture points occurs during the measurement process. Measurements are on the left and right of the twelve main meridians on the hands and feet (Fig. 6 and 7).

Figure 6

Figure 7

The respective patient’s data is compared in the computer with more than 12 million measurement series from clinically healthy people and evaluated. The evaluation is represented graphically and is documented in easily comprehensible and understandable graphics. The patients find their personal evaluations explained as an appendix in a detailed patient’s brochure. Thus they receive objective information about their real energetic state. The doctor’s report with therapy and medication recommendations is supplemental. In simple understandable graphics the entire energy household is represented on the basis of the absolute values as well as in the regulation over the balance of the meridians. The relationships give hints of disbalances, and the text hints help the therapist with the cause determination (Fig. 8):

Additional graphics clarify energy deviations and define a meaningful therapy introduction (Fig. 9):

Additional modules make versatile diagnostic verifications possible, like for example the determination of actual disturbance causes (through the “IDT – Integral Diagnosis and Therapy” module). Other supplemental modules make varied therapy measures like for example Bach Flowers, Schüßler Salts, acupuncture, heavy metal detoxification, etc. possible.

Figure 8

Figure 9

Measurement of the Heart Frequency Variability – KARDiVAR®

The heart frequency variability (Heart Rate Variability – HRV) is a measuring quantity of the neuro-vegetative activity and the autonomic function of the heart. It describes the ability of the heart to constantly change the temporal interval from heart beat to heart beat (R-R interval) in order to adapt itself to internal and external burdens. The adaptability of the heart is based on an optimal interplay of the sympathetic (tension/stress) and parasympathetic (relaxation/ease of stress) of the nervous system.

The heart beats 24 hours a day and seven days a week and daily pumps 7,000 liters of blood through the body, as a rule without pause for 70 to 80 years and longer and normally without repair measures: a technical pumping achievement which can only provoke amazement. However when does the heart recover? Solely from one heart beat to another. Therefore there are occasionally extra beats in tense situations, the so called extrasystoles, a measure which the heart carries out for its own rest, because after such an extrasystole the next heart beat pauses and that way the heart finds double time for relaxation. Extrasystoles up to 4% of all heart beats are therefore completely safe. Higher percentages are evaluated as heart rhythm disturbances and belong under medical assessment.

The body achieves a good heart frequency variability if a balance exists between sympathetic and parasympathetic. The sympathetic corresponds to the accelerator in a car, the parasympathetic to the brake. All life related functional courses are sympathetic dominated. The parasympathetic can only be active if the sympathetic allows it. That is to say the cell renewal functional courses in the relaxation phase can only occur if the sympathetic is driven back. This balance between sympathetic and parasympathetic is represented in a spectral analysis and on the basis of measured data compared to internationally agreed standard values of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Life signifies the constant on-swinging back and forth between the two diametrical opposites, tension via sympathetic and relaxation via parasympathetic. Thus we live constantly between the two poles of rigidity and chaos. Deviations from the normal state are on the one hand a raised variability of the heart rhythm which argues in favor of instability including chaos, and on the other hand a decreased variability argues for stability including rigidity.

Chaos corresponds to an absolute arrhythmia with regard to the heart and is a result of a breakdown of the sympathetic, with an appropriate dominance of the parasympathetic. A rigidity is not usually recognized and is the domain of the HRV measurement. It is a result of a strong dominance of the sympathetic, e.g. through distress. If it is not treated successfully, life expectancy is shortened. With total rigidity acute mortal danger exists.

A dominance of the parasympathetic causes chaos and arrhythmia with the danger of cerebral infarction. A dominance of the sympathetic causes rigidity with a danger of heart attack.

Our Heritage from Primeval Times

When we still lived in caves we were considered as potential victims for many predators and had to brave diverse other dangers which in each case required an adrenaline output. On the other hand rest and relaxation were problem free and not life threatening.

In primeval times we could simply reduce our stress through fight/flight reactions. Today this has seriously changed. We live in a stimulus flood which releases permanent stress and without physical processing is no longer so simple to dissolve.

If permanent stress continues for too long a time, the adrenals can be exhausted and it comes to a burning out in the form of Burnout Syndrome. A long continuing rigidity tendency can thus abruptly change into chaos. Besides an arrhythmia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and cancer are possible results.

Today it becomes obvious how important a diagnostic is of the individual status within these regularization states of the vegetative nervous system.

Heart and brain are connected closely through the semi-autonomous neuron network of the “small brain of the heart” to the real brain. Together they form the Heart-Brain System and both constantly influence each other mutually. Nevertheless, great importance is attached above all to the autonomous nervous system consisting of two branches. The sympathetic branch accelerates the heart beat and activates the emotional brain, the parasympathetic works as the brakes.

The Results of the Measurement in Detail

The heart frequency variability measurement of the KARDiVAR® evaluates the R-R interval (time interval between two heartbeats) and individually determines the following values of the vegetative nervous system.

The average pulse frequency during the five minute measurement and the variability around the axis of the sinus nodes provides important indications:

  • A decreased variability (rigidity as a result of sympathetic dominance) with the risk of heart attack danger
  • A too high variability (chaos as the result of parasympathetic dominance) with the risk of arrhythmia and with that to thromboses and the danger to suffer a cerebral infarction
  • And, knowledge about the state of the limbic brain (among other things the hypothalamus) with the indication whether the patient has:
    • Poor impetus (danger of depression with under-presented centralization index)
    • Or, is too highly motivated (with the risk of mania with over-presented centralization index).

If too much pressure is exerted on the blood vessels, the danger of a hardening with the risk of a later “calcification” exists.

The Heart-Brain system very strongly determines our entire state of health exactly in our time and thus the question of how we process everyday stress. With the measurement and evaluation of the heart frequency variability it is unmistakably recognized if the sympathetic and the parasympathetic are not in balance. The worldwide accepted norms in this system are indicators of the health risk of the patient (Fig. 10).

Figure 10

The Terms

In the left column the functional state is evaluated. The steps:

  • 1 to 3 define the physiological norm
  • 4 to 5 define prenosologic state
  • 6 to 7 define the premorbid state, i.e. the steps 4 through 7 already show disturbances in the regulation of the autonomic nervous system
  • 8 to 10 define failure up to cessation of adaptation. The adaptability of the heart to external and internal changes fails.

In the lower area the evaluation of the state of the regularization systems and their activities is described.

The middle column shows an excerpt of the ECG recording.

  • The Cardio-Intervalogram graphically shows the variability of the heart frequency. Every heart beat is represented with a blue bar. The length of these bars reflect the temporal interval from the preceding heart beat.
  • The meaning of the main parameters of the heart rhythms is described in detail below.
  • The status description/summary should be taken seriously.

The right column shows:

  • The individual graphics of the histogram. Here the frequency range of the single heart beat is represented in its proportional number. The utilized color reflects the evaluation of the functional states (left columns).
  • The scatter diagram shows how far the variability of the heart frequency lies within or beyond the normal window.
  • The spectral function shows how the portions of HF, VF and VLF are distributed. No evaluation is found in the ULF range. The ideal distribution of the spectral analysis appears as follows:
    HF (Parasympathetic)                   1.0
    LF (Vasomotor center)                 1.5
    VLF (Sympathetic)                       2.0

That means that the LF range should amount to 1.5-times from the HF range, the VLF range should be twice as high as the HF range. Ideally the distribution would be:

HF (Parasympathetic)                   22
LF (Vasomotor center)                 33
VLF (Sympathetic)                       45

Seriously exceeding the normal values shows poor processing of stress (problems are suppressed); values far below normal characterize the choleric person.

  • LF together with capacity VLF (very low frequency) defines the sympathetic
  • TP (Total Power) is a summary of the individual parameters. An extreme shortfall from the normal values must be considered with the above mentioned values!

The Meaning of the Individual Index Values

  • HR (Pulse frequency) greater than 100 = Danger for the heart
  • SDNN (Middle square deviation, variability of heart frequency) smaller than 10 = danger of cardiac infarction
  • CV (Coefficient variations) describes the qualitative variability of the heart frequency, greater than 15 = danger of brain infarct
  • SI (Stress index) greater than 1000 = danger of cardiac infarct
  • IC (Centralization index) under the norm = risk of burnout up to depression
  • IC over the norm = risk of mania
  • With significantly elevated number of arrhythmias and extremely lowered values of the SDNN and CV an increased risk of apoplectic stroke exists.
  • Capacity HF (high frequency) defines the parasympathetic
    Capacity LF (low frequency) defines the vasomotor center, shows the pressure of the blood vessels and the risk for hardening with later following calcification.
  • Seriously exceeding the normal values shows poor processing of stress (problems are suppressed); values far below the norm characterize the choleric person.
  • LF together with capacity VLF (very low frequency) defines the sympathetic
    TP (Total Power) is a summary of the individual parameters. An extreme shortfall from the normal values must be considered with the above mentioned values!

A typical Burnout Syndrome appears in a combination from:

  • IC smaller than 0.8
  • HF greater than 60, and
  • VLF smaller than 15

The Segmental Diagnostic AMSAT-HC®

Today particularly in the natural healing area vegetative resonance tests are available. These have proven themselves in practice and above all are used not only to recognize later organic changes but also to diagnose and treat those already in the pre-stage or early stages.

Measurements with this system are based on a wide data base. Among other things the software considers variables like time of day, room temperature, patient’s age, gender, height and weight. The main application areas are as source diagnostics for assessment of every kind of therapy and for continuous therapy course control as well as in testing medications and other therapeutics – before prescribing. Within the framework of reaction measurements side effects are also evaluated. The easily readable graphic evaluations enable the therapist to enter into a “feedback” with the patient and to assess the [therapy] course in order to be able to adapt the therapy.

Across six flat skin [surface] electrodes (two each on the forehead, hands and feet) and 22 measurement channels the resistance measurements are carried out with minimal current (350 µW direct current, 6.7 Volt, 50 µA modulated with 10 to 25 Hz). For diagnostics the so called short measurement is carried out in 9 to 18 seconds duration.

The overlapping of the measuring distances results that the internal organs are measured several times, quantified and objectified. The software compares the results of 67 organs and structures with its normal values (with consideration to age, gender, height and weight). Functional status is assessed on Sol/Gel state (dense tissue, colloidal status) and the illness risk.

On the basis of resistance related conductivity of the 64 measured segments the system weak points are indicated. These serve for recognition of hyper-/hypo-activity, tissue status, disregulation, and differentiation of acute and chronic disturbances. The results are shown in figures, circle and bar diagrams as well as anatomical pictures, which enable direct recognition of the findings and their optimal interpretation – also with paired organs.

Therefore the AMSAT-HC® is a clinically and physically consistent model which needs no quantum physical or vacuum energetic hypothesis.

Representation Possibilities

Figure 11

The bar graphics show above average, function and Sol/Gel of the individual risk steps. Already here the first sure knowledge is gained.

Figure 12

The circle diagrams are likewise retrievable differentiated according to Function and Sol/Gel. Hyper- or hypo- functions as well as the differentiation according to chronic or acute are unmistakably differentiable.

Figure 13

The anatomical (Phantom) images show color coded Hyper-/Hypo- Functions of all organs/structures, offer risk judgments, pH value distribution and enable the comparison of two measurements (“Dynamism”).

Figure 14

The representation of the organ systems makes a fast judgment and realization of disturbances possible, here a typical example for a stress burden.

Figure 15

The function status of the 22 measurement channels indicates the weak points which can be verified by other representations.

Figure 16

The skeletotopic analysis judges the spinal column including the individual vertebral body and the Sympathetic/Vagus stress and distribution in the body.

Figure 17

The viscerotropic analysis makes the regulation of a victim-offender-relationship between the spinal body and the organs possible. This is all the more important because such a relationship plays a not to be underestimated role in the regulation of a successful therapy. If the victim is shifted instead of the offender in the focus of the therapy, it must not surprise [us] if this allows the desired success to be missed. Thus, clear relationship networks can be defined here:

Through further graphics the medical care areas or segments are indicated for the spinal nerves, the sensitive superficial skin, as well as the relationship of the 32 dental elements.

Therefore AMSAT-HC® is a diagnosis system delivering strong and reproducible results, which primarily return somatic results and additionally is sufficiently sensitive to control psychic findings and each therapy.

A considerable part of the entirety of the patient is registered with a method that is influenced neither speculatively nor subjectively. In the medication test strong chemical medicines can be evaluated just like homeopathy.

Voice Frequency Analysis – SFA

Formative and especially traumatic events are reflected in the human voice. That which has exerted a determining influence on the development of the personality (already beginning in the prenatal phase!), can also decades later still be recognized in the voice. As a result it is completely unimportant whether these events are accessible in the wakeful consciousness. Even if they are anchored exclusively in the subconscious, they exert their influence in the regulation. Blockages are the consequence of such unprocessed emotions to a not unimportant extent.

How does the person process his unsolved emotions, how are these integrated? Exclusively in his sleep through his dreams. If we succeed in releasing a Memory Effect through our dreams for unsolved experiences and unprocessed emotions and thus enabling integration, we would be a considerable distance further toward reprocessing such problems. Exactly this makes the Voice Frequency Analysis according to Dr. Heinen possible.

Already since antiquity the human voice is considered an outstanding biological signal in order that the person can be evaluated for personality, energy status, regularization ability as well as empathic, informative and communicative qualities. Every mother and our own experiences provide the evidence of it.

The human voice is the expression of an interference of all systems of our organism and all internal as well as external influences which have an effect on our organism and thus influences and forms the whole regularization system.

Through graphic representations the SFA Software makes the qualities and the peculiarities of the voice visible with regard to the biological rhythm systems and enables its analysis.

The SFA shows no frequency system relationships and no diagnosis in the sense of conventional school [orthodox] medicine, because every system (e.g. heart, lung, kidney, red blood cells, DNA, etc.) has picked up several different frequencies through interference in itself with other systems. That is the reason why different frequency data are to be found in the literature for one and the same organ. Every system informs/communicates with every other and with the whole in order to build up and to stabilize its self regulation.

Classical school medicine diagnosis is only used after the event, but then the child has already fallen into the well. Properly applied the SFA already reveals the emotional-functional process of the regularization disturbance and thus illness there, and already points out imminent problems/illnesses beforehand corresponding to a genuine sense of prevention.

In the past the ear of the therapist was very expensively educated and trained, but today fast computers enable automating this possibility with the help of special algorithms through the frequency analysis. Using the human voice as a measuring signal can be explained in particular with the advantages that it is non-contact and without use of removable foreign energy and is carried out without influence from the therapist.

The Basic Vocalyse® Program

The whole equipment (microphone, PC, etc.) is calibrated and also remains supported for future updates. The measurement results are reproducible and valid. Because exclusively the vocal “A” is recorded, no possible (subconscious) influences and “side effects” occur which can be caused by figures, words and sentences. The measurement time amounts to only 2-times 5 seconds for each recording in which the rhythms of the thoughts (green head curve) and of the body (yellow body curve) are differentiated and analyzed. Through special visualizations blockages and early formative events (intersections of the courses of the curves) can be judged. A characteristic feature exists in this respect that the specific representation of a sound picture corresponds to all system specific biological rhythms in the frequency range of 0 to 5,500 Hz. Thus in comparison to other biosignals the voice possesses the widest frequency spectrum.

Figure 20

With the help of the intersection points of the green/yellow course curves a determination is possible of the disturbed or conspicuous frequencies in relation to the age in which this disturbance originated. Thus a classification can take place from the long, long ago events and experiences which have led to trauma, addiction, blockages of every kind, relationship problems, stress, Burnout, etc. Therefore the way to an effective therapy is now presented. (Fig. 21).

Figure 21

According to Luise Hay and Dorn physiological, psychological and morphological-structural events and problems are stored and/or reflected in corresponding vertebral body areas. Through the SFA classifications are possible here.

The so called Basic-Rest-Activity Cycle – briefly called “BRAC” – is a dependable indication for whether the organism is found within its natural rhythm or has more or less jumped the track. The consequences of such derailments lead not only to insomnia and states of exhaustion but additionally up to stress and burnout symptoms.

Figure 22

SFA detects the conspicuous frequencies and treats with a special CD, produced through the below described rhythmovogue-plus® software. In addition it enables the judgment of the vegetative state (sympathetic/parasympathetic). Included under the BRACs target/actual comparisons are possible, which reveal light, moderate, strong and extreme derailments as well as over stressing and over stressing inhibition. The discovery and the kind of processing of fears and aggressions are possible as well as a judgment of the hormonal situation, e.g. the thyroid gland, insulin, etc. and the general supply of vital material.

Type and Personality Analysis

How often we are faced in many situations with the question of judgment of a person in the realm of professional or private cooperation. Knowledge of the type and the personality can avoid misjudgments and wrong decisions. Nevertheless, the historically developed names (melancholic, sanguine, choleric and phlegmatic) are substituted with neutral terms (Point-/Wave- type) in order to maintain more neutrality and to avoid the often negative allocations.

In the therapeutic area, however also in the areas of personal politics, coaching and relationships, etc., it is crucial to get an objective judgment of the (Basic-/Active-) types of the personality. Multilateral evaluations describe in detail specific characteristics, harmonic and disharmonic states of the properties, behavior patterns, and relationships with people, with work and with personal backgrounds.

Figure 23

In addition information comes for the type specific perception of space, time, speed, distance and energy/mass as well as behavior in everyday and borderline situations.

Nutrition- / Movement- Analysis

There cannot be any general recommendation for nutrition and movement, because the individual constitution type requires different nutritional habits and likewise must also take different and individual interests into consideration in the movement analysis. With the therapy CD realization of objectives (weight regulation, athletic success, etc.) is just as possible as processing of the metabolism derailment.

Figure 24

Based on the programs vocalyse® and type- and personality- analysis, this software indicates the actual and stress-conditioned metabolism processes (on an 8-sided printout) in its complete variety. It enables statements about:

  • Acid-base household
  • Redox system
  • Carbohydrate type
  • Egg white type
  • Fat type
  • Metabolic type and anabolic-catabolic type
  • Hormone household

A summary shows all the information in an understandable representation (Fig. 25):

Figure 25

The Basic Rythmovogue plus® Program

Through the Basic vocalyse® program the head and body voice are recorded. Both the disturbed frequencies determined here as well as those recorded under a certain visualization (e.g. trauma, additional problems) or tied together with special objectives (e.g. with the will to victory or to weight loss) can be transferred in the modulations software rhythmovogueplus® in order to produce the individual CD of the analyzed frequencies.

Figure 26

Here it is possible to produce an individual sound with comprehensive variations which differs according to the demand in the following parameters:

  • Application duration
  • Sound composition
  • Impact details with differentiation of the desired vibration, and
  • With sedating or tonifying effect

As a function of the desired kind of therapy the application of color as a supporting factor is possible. With the help of an octavation computer the acoustic frequency corresponding to the 62nd through the 64th octave jump is converted into light and color.

Repeated listening to this CD – possibly 2-times daily in a relaxed atmosphere – enables the patients to again bring their biological regulation system into balance. The body reacts to these acoustic signals in milliseconds with changes of the pulse frequency, the muscle tension and the respiration. This Stimulus-Reactions-Pattern utilizes the rhythmovogue® concept in order to again bring the organism into balance – through the completely personal sound rhythm.

This positive information and the clear structure of the sounds helps the body to a wholesome relaxation state, during which the endogenic rhythm can be regenerated at all functional and structural levels. Through this individualized extremely gentle regulation the self healing and self organization forces of the body are specifically stimulated.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
Published September 2011

From an article in Naturheilpraxis, Volume 64, July 2011
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2011, Dr. Wieland Boockmann, Reichshoffen, France

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