Response to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster
– Part 3

Sent: March 30-11
Email To: OIRF
Subject: Re: OIRF Report – Radiation

Hello Carolyn and Elaine,
Thanks for the heads up.
I have already started my people on a Homeopathic remedy (EAV) for radiation fall-out, kelp and spirulina. I suggest you do the same.
This event has caused me to realize that a host of problems we have been experiencing, as a people, that radiation has been an underlaying factor for some time now . . .
Dr. Earl Van Gaston,
Cleveland, Ohio

© Copyright 2011, Dr. Earl Van Gaston, OH USA

The following article and comments received from Holistic Concepts March 29, 2011
2024 Note: this company no longer appears to be in busines. (Sorry?!)

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March 29, 2011

Hi Carolyn,

So, let’s talk a little bit about the radioactive situation. The problem isn’t only Japan. The following problems we will have all over the world. The SFA can’t reduce the radioactivity, but it helps the stabilization and increases the self regulation power.

In the first step all people can make a download with the BRAC-Frequency. We installed a big super-server for downloads from all over the world. With this instrument you can regulate your biological rhythm.

In the second step you can make the A-A-A… and we will have an automatic method for interpretation of the result. Then the people will get an individual CD with their own sound.

And what Dr. Heinen and I have created isn’t only a tool for earning money. It’s a tool to help your fellow citizen and them from the countries round of Japan. 100,000 people we offered it without any profit. After them we want to have 5 € for each – and it’s a very good price I think. In the beginning we take over the whole costs. It means: we are searching for partners and they will seek medical or other interested personal to transmit the message.

I think there is a big quantity of interested persons – alone under the aspect of prevention and prophylactic. See the following five pages for details. With kind regards . . .

Peter Thurmann
Holistic Concepts

The radioactive contamination in Japan
and our planned action steps

 Short-term we plan 2 action steps:

  1. The BRAC-Rhythm for downloading
    • The goal is the reduction of any disturbances in the Base-Rest-Activity-Cycle „BRAC“.
      Considerable changes in the amplitudes of the BRAC can occur due to different causes/ stressors like anxiety and concerns, but also stress.
      As a result – effective during different times – hormones and neurotransmitters are transmitted into the body, either too many or too few. The effects on the body are considerable.
      The repeated listening of the modulated sound can restore the disturbed Rhythm, by intensifying/ reducing the amplitude peaks.
    • The possibility exists to download the BRAC-Rhythm free of charge from a central big server.
    • The person seeking help visits our website and under the keyword HANAMI (cherry blossom) downloads the wave-file.
    • The duration of the 18 second sequence can be extended using the repeat function of the playback unit (CD, MP3, Cell phone, etc.) up to 14 minutes and should not cause any problems.
  2. The assessment of the thyroid function as an indicator of the radioactive exposure – especially iodine 131 – and the restoration of the bodily regulatory system capacity
    •  First: it is impossible, using the following procedure, to influence or reduce the level of radiation itself.
      The Goal is rather to restore, or to improve, the capacity of the regulatory system of the organism in such a manner, so that the body can better handle the results from the radioactive exposure.
      The repeated listening of the sound CD can significantly support the regulatory capacity.
    • The client logs into our server.
    • The whole process is simple and automated.
    • For the duration of at least 5 seconds he/she repeatedly speaks the vocal A _ A _A_A…. into the built-in microphone. The quality of the mike is not important, because most computers have a mike with good linearity for the frequency region necessary for the assessment (1500 Hz to 3500 Hz).
    • He/she also enters a return e-mail address, otherwise a return is not possible.
    • The recording will be analyzed with a software specially written for this application.
    • The deviations, which are apparent as a considerable Hyper- and/or Hypo-function of the thyroid, establish the individual sound characteristic of the client. These deviations are different for each person, therefore
    • From each recording an individual sound is being generated and is being sent per e-mail to the client.
    • As above the 18 second sequence is repeated using the repeat function of the player and can be listened to using different playback units.
    • The first 100,000 clients receive this service free of charge, thereafter € 5 will be charged to cover our costs.

3. Health Assessment by evaluation of systemic disturbances like Vegetativum, hormonal level (especially thyroid, pancreas), metabolism of vital substances

    • We are currently developing software for the interpretation of the vocal A using the cellphone.
    • A calibration software will then be downloaded into the cellphone.
    • On a daily basis the vocal A will be analyzed.
    • The goal of the assessment is the daily development referred to the previous day.
    • This allows the immediate recognition of any deviation from a normally expected healing process and can then be assessed and diagnosed utilizing additional modalities (i.e. SFA and AMSAT).

Two Exclusive Articles for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2011
© Copyright 2011, Dr. Earl Van Gaston, OH USA
© Copyright 2011, Holistic Concepts, Germany

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