January 2015

In view of our continued emphasis on devices and instrument assisted methods following the discontinuation of so many homeopathic and natural remedies, here once again is a copy of our instrumentation policies. It is worth repeating since sales of devices represent our biggest fund raising activity for OIRF, and also because of our commitment to providing you with the information you need to make an informed decision about purchases.

As stated in those policies, our recommendations are based not just on the claimed function of the device, but also on many other factors that include efficacy, quality, pricing, availability and – most importantly – the aspects of service and support from the manufacturer or supplier. In the past year of transformation for OIRF itself, there has been a great deal of change within the many companies in Germany which support and supply instrumentation to our members.

Over the past few weeks as I worked my way through all the preparations and planning to update and upgrade our website, I find it is time to specifically advise you of some of the more important changes to our instrumentation recommendations. Information on the newer devices will shortly be posted on the website, and many older device pages will be quietly disappearing. For those devices where we are withdrawing our recommendations, please rest assured that we are not abandoning those who have these devices in their practice. If purchased through OIRF we will of course continue to offer as much support and assistance as possible.

New Instrumentation Recommendations:
  • ONDAMED – We are pleased to announce a cooperation between Ondamed and OIRF. This long term reputable German and American company offers biofeedback devices with pulsed electromagnetic field. Watch for some basic information to be posted on our website along with special discounts and contact details for ordering directly. Dr. Silvia Binder will be introducing some of the general applications of Ondamed in her initial Advisor’s article in Volume 11, Issue #5, May 2015 of “The Bridge”.
  • UVLrx – This new and innovative technology offers a significant improvement on ultraviolet blood irradiation. Again, watch for some basic information to be posted on our website along with special discounts and contact details for ordering directly. Dr. Michael Galitzer will be introducing this device to us in his initial Advisor’s article in Volume 11, Issue #3, March 2015 of “The Bridge”.
  • M3 and M5 – These innovative true BioResonance devices by the BioKat Company have recently been added to the list of available devices. Offering Single-Channel and Two-Channel technology along with diagnostics, remedy software and color therapy, they are fully capable of all BioResonance applications. Watch for some basic information to be posted on our website. For now, orders should be discussed and placed through OIRF offices.
Discontinued Instrumentation Recommendations:

The following devices no longer have the OIRF “seal of approval”. I have tried to outline the various reasons for withdrawal of our recommendations and from this you can see our continuing commitment to ensuring ethical business transactions (some of these devices are expensive and you need to know that the company you are purchasing from is legitimate!) as well as their quality and appropriate support.

  • MORA-Super: Originally designed and marketed in 1991, this device has been discontinued (no longer manufactured) for several years. We understand that Med-Tronik is working on an upgrade device that is expected to be available in mid-2015. Service and support are still available for this device.
    Because this device is registered with Health Canada (beyond all the usual European and ISO certifications) the device will continue to be listed on the Praxis2Practice website until the newer model MORA Nova and the MORA Beauty have also been registered with Health Canada and the US F&DA.
  • The RM-10/S – This device has also been discontinued (no longer manufactured) for several years. At the present time there are no plans for a refurbished or re-designed device. Basic service is still available for some of the RM10/S devices. Rechargeable batteries must be obtained domestically.
    Our current “suggestions” for those seeking a smaller diagnostic device (instead of the diagnostics portion incorporated into larger devices like NOVA and M3/5) are limited to devices available through the Kindling Company.
    This however presents a number of cautions as in recent years Kindling has gone through numerous distributors and representatives all with an individual (usually personality driven) and/or commercial agenda. Although the Kindling devices seem reliable and do usually meet the full standards of EAV parameters, we have not established a connection or recommendation for these devices.
    Dr. Uwe Uellendahl (formerly with Med-Tronik) has been working with Kindling for the past year and they have developed a new device for diagnostics and therapy. This is still being investigated by OIRF Advisors and we hope to see the device and hear about it during the fall Germany Tour program.
    In spite of the American made smaller “EAV” devices, there are no longer any smaller, reasonably priced reliable diagnostic devices on the market. We have found that the various American made devices do not necessarily meet the technical standards and parameters long ago published for EAV and these changes in response must be taken into consideration with all point testing results.
    Vega devices (now from WEGAMED) are all larger devices with built in software remedies and so-called BioResonance abilities. We have never renewed our support or recommendation for the Vega devices/company even under the new owners.
  • BE-T-A – This device has also recently been discontinued and will no longer be manufactured by Med-Tronik. There are, at present, no plans for a re-design or re-introduction of this device.
    Service and support for these devices is inconsistent. Electrodes can be refurbished through an alternate company (BioKat), and we have not been able to determine if replacement electrodes are available.
  • AMSAT – After several years of struggle and frustration, we are now completely withdrawing our support and recommendation for this device and the Holistic Concepts Company. Service and support for the device is extremely expensive and only grudgingly offered.
    Initially, we were advised that this segmental diagnostic device – although based on Russian designs – was completely designed and manufactured in Germany by none other than Dieter Jossner of Medical Electronics (manufacturer of the BioPhoton devices). Based on those claims, we further investigated and utilized the AMSAT device extensively prior to our initial recommendation.
    In recent developments however we have discerned multiple inconsistencies with the claims made for the device. It now appears that all the circuits and “guts” of the devices were made in Russia and the devices were instead “assembled” in Germany by Mr. Jossner. There have been “problems” and “challenges” with many of the circuit boards, and although Mr. Peter Thurmann at Holisitic Concepts is able to make minor repairs, all other repairs must primarily be made by replacing the Russian circuit boards completely – at astronomical prices with no warranty on repairs. Both Mr. Jossner’s and our hands are simply tied in any attempts to cover warranty or repair problems.
    This is totally unacceptable to OIRF and our members. I can only offer sincere apologies to those docs who are experiencing these repair and service headaches with their AMSAT devices. I have tried whining, crying, cajoling, flattery and pressure to assist in this challenge – mostly to no avail. I am still on your side and will assist in any way that I can, but . . . Although the concept and application of the device (when it’s working) remain exceptional, like with Vega it is too difficult to deal with the company and to obtain the needed service and support.
    For these reasons, our recommendation for the SFA (Voice Frequency Analysis) software according to Dr. Heinen also supplied by Holistic Concepts has also been withdrawn.

s/ Carolyn
Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm
Managing Director

An Exclusive Informational Release for Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published January 2015

© Copyright 2015, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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