by the Director, June 2011

You will have noticed a big difference by now in the type of articles I translated for this issue. Both articles appeared late last year in the German journal CO’MED and represent a big change in approach that is currently very popular with practitioners in Germany.

Here at OIRF the incorporation of psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects into our armamentarium of diagnosis and therapy has always been a “touchy” subject.

Of course one important factor for us was that there are practitioners who are properly trained in these aspects and who work with them on a daily practice basis. Beyond our rather extensive research and work with sex therapy in the early 1980’s, neither Dr. Walter Sturm nor I had training with emotional or psychological aspects and we simply preferred to leave that kind of therapy to the experts. At the time many patients were referred for such psychological therapy while they continued their treatments within our natural/biological scope of therapy.

It was Dr. Sturm’s opinion that in many cases a resolution of the physical, emotional and spiritual disturbances of the patient worked their way out at the same time. He felt that the flow of the healing strength could come from all directions. That is to say, for some patients a resolution on the physical level allowed them to resolve emotional or spiritual problems. While for others, a resolution at the emotional levels brought about resolution on the physical level. One direction toward resolution did not necessarily exclude the other.

Based on his own belief system, Dr. Brian MacCoy always required his patients to participate in a form of healing prayer and/or healing touch that was available near his practice offices. As I inventoried the instrumentation and testing remedies in his offices a few weeks ago, it was interesting to see the applications of Feng Shui in his clinic décor (probably unconsciously on his part, but a special interest of mine personally) such as the brass bells, the colors and the open flow of energy and light throughout the offices and treatment rooms. Again, these are all aspects of dealing at levels beyond the purely physical, and ways that we can integrate all aspects of healing and resolution for our patients.

But as Dr. Thomas Allgaier states in his article, if we are to think of ourselves as biological or truly holistic practitioners we must consider the whole patient – not just the physical body, nor in my opinion, just the emotional and/or spiritual body.

In the article by naturopath and homeopath, Dr. Simone Lindenau we can see an approach which relies heavily on resolution of the emotional and psychological aspects of the patients. And this method works very well for her. She has extensive training in the method and utilizes it with most of her patients. Do notice however that she is also talking about combining her monitoring and therapies with other methods – many that we are already incorporating into our practices on a regular basis.

She talks about normergie, hypoergie and hyperergie (what we would usually refer to as vagotonia and sympathicotonia), and you can find a great deal of information and research on this topic in the “Handbook of Ionized Oxygen Therapy in Light of Holistic Medicine” by Prof. Dr. Ivan Engler. The VNS Diagnosis 3000 that works in conjunction with the Oxygen Ion 3000, is a highly effective diagnostic unit to ascertain this status and which then determines which ionized oxygen therapy program is necessary to achieve the much sought after resolution to a “normal” range. This combination of devices for Ionized Oxygen Therapy according to Dr. Engler has proven highly successful in many practices worldwide. It is felt that by pre-determining the vagotonic/sympathicotonic status, the pure ionized oxygen delivered directly to the patient by simple breathing is able to donate energy and information which the patient can then utilize without further processing. It will make work in the psychological area more open and much more easily accessible.

As well Dr. Lindenau mentions the Acid-Base-Balance. Monitoring and controlling these levels is critical in an overall therapy approach, and if this aspect is left uncared for many of your other therapy methods will not bring the healing results you expect. With your cancer and chronic-degenerative patients, even knowledge of the concepts of BioElectronic Vincent (BEV) becomes essential information for monitoring patient compliance, therapy effectiveness and the progress of the healing journey. OIRF has numerous articles and reports available on this method of diagnosis of the acid-base balance in the body. And again, regulation of this balance will make work in the psychological area much easier.

For me the greatest interest in this whole article was the use of the AMSAT HC to monitor the effect of the “emotional monitoring process” (monitoring the monitor so to speak). Once again we see this segmental diagnostic device used to document another method and determine its effectiveness (as we have seen previously in several articles by Dr. Manfred Doepp). The AMSAT has been used in multiple studies of this nature (including an ongoing study with MORA Therapy).

With AMSAT technology you no longer have to rely solely on the subjective responses of the patient – or the subjective testing of the practitioner. Instead you can objectively and clearly see the changes and improvements on the computer generated graphs, images and reports produced after measurements taken with the AMSAT. The images of the ‘lady’ shown in this article have been greatly improved in the newer and more recently developed software package. The images are now much more realistic and the graphs utilize color to make it easier to rapidly see an overall interpretation of the results.

In clinical practice (as opposed to a specific study) the AMSAT device is diagnostically highly efficient. It is so fast – we’re talking less than a minute for a full set of measurements! – and the software shows results almost instantaneously. The biggest drawback I see with this device is its initial cost, but it gives you an objective diagnostic tool (similar to an EEG) that can be relied upon without concern (it is another device manufactured by the highly reputable Medical Electronics company in Germany).

Overall, I found this to be an interesting clinical approach and will endeavor to follow up with further research on this method of the “emotional monitoring process”. But, I did feel that this was shown as a rather autonomous approach for a broad range of patients. Instead I think we need to first bring the patient relief. Relief from pain, relief from illness or discomfort and then often the patient will be able to ‘relax’ and look at the emotional or spiritual aspects more easily. Not that these psychological issues should be ignored or dismissed as ‘hooey’, but rather that they should be integrated as one part of our holistic clinical approach.

I found the article by Dr. Thomas Allgaier of great interest. To start with he taught me a new word – and I really like it! He uses the word casuistry* right in the subtitle and it had me going for awhile. When I work my way through these translations I quickly learned that I have to pay attention to the spellings and read what is printed not what you think he means – in this case it is not “caus”-ative but rather casuistry. And let me be real clear here. If we are to be a true holistic practitioner, our ‘principles of ethics’ play a major role in how we diagnose and treat our patients.

We are working in a field that is littered with all kinds of craziness. We have to deal with everything from reports on how “TicTacs will cure headaches because they contain mint” to orthodox medical treatments for cancer – and everything in between. If we are to treat our patients ethically, and assist them on their journey to health and well being, it behooves us to work with the best tools and the most effective methods that are available to us. Whether these methods are remedies, instrumental, psychological or laying on of hands the ultimate goal is to find the approach – or combination of approaches – that will work for each individual patient.

Maybe this goes back to the old joke about “he who has the most toys, wins”. But I strongly feel that each of you as a practitioner seeing patients on a daily basis must seriously consider what methods you are comfortable working with in your practice. Then it becomes a matter of deciding when it is best to cooperate with other practitioners who utilize alternate skills and tools. Let us learn about and work with as many tools as we are comfortable with, and then – most importantly – learn to recognize our own limits. Do notice that Dr. Allgaier referred this little girl to an outside practitioner for the psychological work.

In his article Dr. Allgaier mentions doing his measurements (testing) with the BioTensor. This is an excellent kinesiological tool and is utilized by practitioners around the world. I’m sure you are all familiar with kinesiology to one degree or another, and for those skilled and sensitive enough it can be a fast and effective way to make basic diagnostic determinations. For those of us with a more technical outlook and skill set, testing can be done with EAV, BFD (that’s Biological Functions Diagnosis by the way) or Vega style point testing methods. For objective testing there is the BE-T-A for BEV analysis and AMSAT HC for segmental diagnostics.

Although we see the buzz word “BioResonance” right in the title of his article, very little is really discussed except to mention that it is incorporated into the treatment for detox of allergies and the viral and fungal involvements. Of course, true BioResonance is MORA Therapy and I suspect Dr. Allgaier is using some kind of knock off device (probably BICOM). Under those circumstances, use of BioResonance does only apply to the lower levels of Dr. Klinghardt’s system. However, with MORA and the full biological filter system designed and developed by Dr. Franz Morell and the engineer Erich Rasche there is clear evidence that there is an effect into the upper levels as well.

I remember an anecdote told by Dr. Morell many years ago about treating a middle-aged man with one of the early MORA II’s. His physical distress and illness (I suspect it was allergies, but . . .) were rapidly and clearly healed, however a short time later he felt so liberated that he literally ran away from home and joined the circus. That’s when they went to work and further developed and refined the filters. This is also when we started to see the high and low pass frequency filters. And yes, they tracked the guy down, changed his treatments and returned him to his family intact. But I digress . . .

For those interested in pursuing these emotional/spiritual aspects and incorporating an approach to deal directly with them into your practice, I urge you to consider the REBA device as available from BioMed International/Terra Medica (www.biomedicine.com). They have excellent and powerful test sets and the device (and this is another device manufactured by Medical Electronics in Germany so we can be sure of its quality and the claims made for it) has been utilized and taught by long time member Dr. Craig Wagstaff. We will also be hearing lectures on this method from Dr. Reimar Banis during the forthcoming tour.

As well, if you are not already familiar with the work and research of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, I strongly recommend that you contact the Klinghardt Academy (https://klinghardtinstitute.com/). There is an article on their website taken from Explore, Volume 14, No. 4, 2005 on the topic of the vertical healing system. Dr. Klinghardt teaches ongoing seminars in both Germany and North America.

But always – please – remember that we claim to be holistic practitioners. That means that we must first look at the patient, and then we look at how we can assist him in his healing journey. This also means that we need to look at a broad range of approaches and methods, and we have to make sure that a combination of them is individualized for this particular patient. I challenge each of you to look at the casuistry of your diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Carolyn L. Winsor,
Managing Director & CEO

* Casuistry: The application of general principles of ethics to specific problems of right and wrong in conduct, in order to solve or clarify them (dictionary meaning #1 intended here I believe).

A Personal Commentary for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2011

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