Expansion of the Therapy System with
Psychokinesiology and Systemic Family Therapy

Casuistry of Cystic Fibrosis Treatment

For about 20 years, I am an enthusiastic BioResonance user and I can confirm with my experience that BioResonance has a very important value in the spectrum of natural healing procedures and over and over again therapy results are reached which seem nearly inconceivable with our school [orthodox] medical thinking (Figure 1).

Holistic Medicine = a Synopsis from:

  • University medicine
  • Western natural healing
  • Eastern natural healing
  • Biophysical medicine
  • Therapy for mind and spirit

Goal: Stimulation of the self healing forces

Figure 1: Holistic Medicine

The holistic approach to the person recognizes the patients in their mind-body-spirit unity and tries to understand the illness events on all three levels. My therapy system refers first to the physical level, possibly in accordance with the iceberg theory (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Therapy in accordance with the iceberg principle

Through BioTensor Testing we find out the main burden and can treat allergies, pollution burdens, infections, etc. according to the known therapy system and as a rule come also to a very good therapy result.

We are aware that you must look at health as a comprehensive well being. The desire of the person to come into harmony with himself and to define health not only by the absence of illness, requires a more intensive introduction [approach] by us therapists which includes psychic, social and ecological aspects in the therapy system. Of course it is also about consultation of the patients concerning a conscious healthy life-style, well balanced food, specific food supplements, recreational sports, physiotherapy like yoga, Feldenkrais*, CranioSacral Therapy, and other therapy procedures. We have integrated such approaches into a treatment concept in my practice for a long time, and have additionally included the therapies with Bach Flower remedies, Aura Soma, high potencies and affirmation. With this we achieve good and very good therapy success.

With consideration to the vertical healing systems according to Klinghardt (Figure 3) we recognize that the previously described treatment procedures reach only the first, second and third levels. According to my understanding, we do not reach the fourth and fifth levels with the up until now applied therapy procedures.

Figure 3: The vertical healing system according to Dietrich Klinghardt – the five “bodies” of the person.

A study of articles by Clemens Kuby led me among others together with a cancer patient to a “miracle healer” in the Philippines, and made it clear to me that we must also try to work in the fourth and fifth levels. In my opinion the real illness causes lie in the level of the subconscious and in the area of the spirit and also the possibilities to stimulate self healing forces. According to my conviction, our present therapy failures in many cases are to be sought where we have treated in a way at the wrong levels, thus under omission of the fourth and fifth levels. Another important mosaic in this ‘mental building’ is the book by Joachim Bauer “Das Gedächtnis des Körpers” [The Memory of the Body] in which he describes that a change of the functionality of the genes can also be reached by a change of the feelings. In the end this corresponds with the statements of Clemens Kuby, that the self healing forces can be activated only if a reconciliation occurs at the level of the spirit.

Without being able to extensively describe this new dimension of therapeutic possibilities here, I would like to try to show you more or less an example of a cystic fibrosis treatment sequence:

Casuistry (patient, 12 years old)


Diagnosis and present therapies: Cystic fibrosis since birth, chronic pulmonary infections, exocrine pancreas insufficiency, failure to thrive, diabetes mellitus, chronic Pseudomonas infection, repeated daily bronchial lavage and much more.

Medication: 28 tablets/day (Decortin 10 mg, Kreon 12 Capsules, Euglucon, Panoral and Sempera. Long term medication ACC, Mucolytica, Ursofalk and Dosieraerosol, Sympathikolyse, Multibionta drops).

Examination: Pale child, bradytrophic overall impression, bloated abdomen, chronic cough, chronic headaches. Total IgE 1360, CRP 25, Hba1c (blood sugar) 7.1, ESR 45/71

Therapy Sequence

Therapy beginning 5/03: According to [Bio-]Tensor Testing vitamin supplementation (Juice Plus), own blood drops, symbiosis steering system (Colibiogen, Microflorana and Symbioflor), 10 x Bioresonance therapy (Detox cow’s milk, wheat, virus burden – herpes, EBV and morbillium – fungus therapy with resonated-upward antifungals as well as gemstone therapy with lapis lazuli according to testing).

Control 9/03: Clear improvement general condition, sua sponte [of their own accord] stopped taking Kreon without clinical symptomatology, normalization of diabetes without Euglucon, Decortindosis halved, stopped taking antibiotics, lungs free, no more sputum, stopped taking ACC and Dosieraerosol, bowel movement normalized, 2 kg increase in weight.

Control 2/04: CRP normalized, total IgE 800, no infections in spite of stopping taking antibiosis, very good general condition, no other medication except vitamins. No therapy needed at this time.

Control 6/04: Transient sinusitis healed with phytotherapeutics, 5 kg increase in weight.

Control 8/04: Acute pulmonary infection (bronchiectasis!) timely healing with Cephaclor.

Control 11/04: Lung function almost normal, inflammation values normal, total IgE 337, 3 kg increase in weight, light deterioration of the bowel after the antibiosis (à Symbioflor and transient Kreon), in testing no bacteria or fungus proven, no virus burden. The little girl thrives admirably, takes part quite normally in life, needs no more bronchial lavage, goes into sports, is psychologically well balanced and is pleased with her life . . .

This illness course is absolutely impressive because it succeeded in curing [that’s the exact translation but in English we had better say ‘healing’ CLW] a serious clinical cystic fibrosis which seemed impossible according to school medical knowledge. Nevertheless the therapy described above understandably limited itself to levels 1 to 3 according to Klinghardt, and with only this therapy such a successful treatment would most likely not have been possible.

Parallel to my efforts we brought the young patient to a therapist who combined psychokinesiology according to Klinghardt with systemic family work:

From the moment of their conception all people experience psychological traumas. According to Klinghardt a subconscious psychological conflict with resulting ‘calling in sick’ originates only if an experience leads to a blockage in the limbic system, instead of a conscious processing taking place in the cortex. Besides [clinical] practice shows that considered objectively the traumatizing event can be quite commonplace and harmless, and thus has been placed in no logical proportion to the subjective perception of the affected person. Often bad events are reversed, very well processed and leave no subconscious blockages.

Because it is concerned with the genetically determined illness of cystic fibrosis, it is searched for according to the system analysis in the family of the parents after “emotional injuries” which are considered so to speak as the cause for the genetic aberration. While doing so, you look for strokes of fate, early deaths, missing family members and similar [events] in the parental family, by which the unsolved psychological conflict could have been caused.

The body “knows” everything. The subconscious answers only if it is asked properly.

After the injured emotions are found, the emotional balance is produced by reconciliation work at the spiritual level.

An Example from the Illustration (Reconciliation):

A newborn child loses his mother during birth. Often the child will live in such a way as if he has not earned his existence in the world. The healing sentence could be: “Dear Mommy, to honor you and your destiny, I make something special from my life. I accept the gift from you with gracefulness.”

With the patient, the events of her childhood were made up emotionally: It was about the fact that the child can improve her feelings and recognize corresponding emotional injuries.

It could be mentioned as an example that the girl very often felt “narrowness in her chest”, also at times when anyone in school medicine could not understand because no lung infections or lesions were present. System analytically they found a feeling transference from the mother, who had experienced the serious illness of her daughter as a shock and had thereby fixed this narrowness feeling of the lung on the subconscious level of the daughter.

In this sense, the often expressed feeling by the patient of loneliness and linked with it anxiety are also to be interpreted. Here system analysis showed an interrupted relationship with the mother caused by frequent clinical stays as a child.

Pausing in the emotion of anxiety often leads children at the subconscious level to aggression tendencies toward the parents.

Reconciliation of these emotions can be brought on here at the spiritual level through system analysis work, so that these are in a way resolved.

Another important issue was the chronic worries of the parents about the state of health of the child, which the child had again fixed in a guilt transference.

Not the least for this seriously ill little girl was indicated the emotional reconciliation with the finiteness of life, whereby this process has led to a spontaneous and clear improvement of the abdominal symptomatology. We also know this connection from the Five Element teachings; here the emotions of the large and small intestines are associated with fear and abandonment.

With the improvement of the clinical condition of the child the whole family had to also define itself anew.

From the former submissive attitude a joyful acceptance of the new situation developed: “We have quite a normal child”.

This realization process required various monitoring and repeated psychokinesiological assistance to several family members to dissolve the impeding emotions.

With the patient herself the emotion of self assurance was worked on in the last therapy phase, the ability to perceive her own feelings, to admit humility for the gift of life, to build reconciliation with the family, to dissolve here her former special position, and to perceive the desire to consciously be healed.

The process was also quite important to building emotional peace with the affected organs. You can look at this in such a way that you consider the organs as you might say in a friendly meditative introspection and lovingly support their healing.

According to Klinghardt in the end it is a matter of humbly submitting on all five levels to the law of creation and of coming into peace with your own soul.


According to my experience and conviction, if we want to pursue really holistic medicine, we must fully use the vertical healing system according to Klinghardt and also try to treat the levels 4 and 5.

Psychokinesiology and the systemic family therapy are two methods which can be combined very well to uncover the subconscious psychological conflicts and to lead to the solution. As I see it the solution itself, i.e. the stimulation of the self healing forces, is possible at the time when reconciliation with the traumatized subconscious is produced at the spiritual level. The art of tracking down these restrictive emotions in the subconscious and bringing them into the conscious feeling of the patient is absolutely a very particular challenge, to the therapist as well as to the therapy method.

We know from newer research that our DNA reacts directly to language, to frequencies and to thoughts [2, 3, 4]. The DNA is apparently, among other things, an organic superconductor which is able to store light and information. As we are shifted by selective emotional work into a state to communicate with our genes, we can also come into the healing where illnesses were determined genetically.

However it does not help to try harder, to want to force holding something back, and strictly even with yourself everything is ruined.

What helps is to be in love with all, but first of all with yourself, to be authentic and open as well as feeling gratitude for everything in life.


I have written this article about the expansion and supplementation of BioResonance Therapy with Psychokinesiology and systemic family therapy in the hope that as many as possible holistically working therapists are inspired to include the fourth and fifth levels of the vertical healing system according to Dietrich Klinghardt into their therapy system.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2011

From an article in CO’MED, No. 10, 2010
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2010, Thomas Allgaier, MD, Heitersheim, Germany

About the author

* The Feldenkrais Method is a somatic educational system designed by Moshé Feldenkrais (1904–1984). The Feldenkrais method is designed to improve movement repertoire, aiming to expand and refine the use of the self through awareness, in order to reduce pain or limitations in movement, and promote general well-being. The Feldenkrais Method is often regarded as falling within the field of integrative medicine or complementary medicine.


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