BioPhotons and Magnetic Field for Chronic Exhaustion – A Practice Case

It is not always a bone fracture that limits the radius of action in our patients; and also, the very widespread degenerative illnesses like arthritis and arthrosis for instance are not automatically the cause of a movement restriction. More and more often patients find their way into our practices who have a flawless locomotor system at their disposal, however they hardly make use of it because the motive impulse belonging to it is absent or a chronic fatigue (CFS, chronic fatigue syndrome) ruins any motive impulse.

And while we naturopaths for example have a series of effective treatments available (among other things Neural Therapy and Osteopathy) for the abused locomotor system, which as a rule bring quite perceptible relief on short notice, we now and again find a tough nut to crack with CFS.

In the following report I describe a therapy possibility on the basis of a practice example with (bio-)photons and force fields by which we can also perceptibly help stubbornly affected CFS patients. Occasionally however we must clarify in advance for the affected patients that after the conclusion of the treatment (series) a previous pension claim is no longer valid – as in the present case – in the absence of symptoms.

Nevertheless, before I show you the concrete application of this photon-force field- therapy, I once more kidnap you briefly into the interesting world of biocommunication.

In our body 10,000,000 cells softly fall asleep per second and dissolve completely or are split off. All these cells must be replaced all together immediately. Furthermore, approximately 100,000 chemical reactions run off in every living cell within one second, as a rule absolutely error free, one after another finely coordinated. The organism must therefore be informed of this every time and simultaneously, when and where everything runs “according to plan” or when cells are to be fully replaced to maintain our quality of life as high as possible as well as to make a long life free of pain possible for us.

But who or what knows about or steers such complex events?

Only a fool believes this is possibly biochemical! Even the most polished messenger material cannot reach the necessary transmission speed for the overall and simultaneously available information. However, how can our body system nevertheless function so magnificently? The simple but amazing answer is: By the light in our cells.

Since F.A. Popp we have a name for this light, which can steer biological systems from the inside out, and yes is presumably even responsible for the growth, regeneration and repair processes: biophotons.

The biophotons radiated by every cell leave a coherent electromagnetic field and with it develop a regulatory state. Through overlapping of these regulated fields interferences develop, the so called photon shadows and thus “light patterns” which are optimally suited for information transfer and make regular radio traffic possible in our organism respectively every single cell– and that at the speed of light.

A permanent “fine tuning” of the well being of the individual person can thus be guaranteed.

Among other things the microtubuli, the finest protein hollow cylinders that hold in shape each individual cell as part of the cytoskeleton, presumably serve as light conductors.

The special characteristics of biophotons as well as the biophoton fields also probably make possible at will the regulating of the permeability of the skin and tissue for radiation. This explains the much higher coherence on the inside of the organism in comparison to the radiation fields of the environment.

However what happens if physiologically active cells are disturbed in their communication, e.g. by germs, X-rays, metabolism interferences or the like?

Scientific investigations have shown that for example cancer cells fire a considerably increased light amount before their extinction. Subsequently virtually no more radiation is measurable. Detached from the greater communications network of the body, the cell begins to do “it’s own thing” that is: to divide and to grow exactly as it likes.

The therapeutic task would be to connect the cell again through an energetic overloading to the greater communications network. Actually many kinds of cancer diseases are influenced by the specific application of a photon-force field-therapy – at least adjuvant – as practice shows. (Marco Bischof, S. 160 ff. und Erfahrungsberichte einiger Naturheilpraxen).

For this reason the combination of photons and force fields is interesting because two information channels which are very complementary are used here to adjust the body’s cells, and life as we know it, is actually only possible: on the one hand by the already described coherent photon light and on the other hand by the many times stronger frequencies of the earth’s magnetic fields (the so called Schumann Waves).

Scientific studies particularly for cancer therapy are meanwhile still pending. Fortunately however in the very near future adequate studies are probably being considered, because already some [university] chairmen are interested in the relatively new photon therapy.

After our small excursion let’s return back again to the living everyday practice:

However to what can you now bioinfomationally compare the state of an arthrosis illness or a patient who suffers from CFS? Think at the same time of a clock with an efficiently running clockwork whose battery charge state is in the yellow or red area. It is slow or it does not run at all anymore. If you succeed in stimulating the energy source again ([new] battery), or in recharging (rechargeable battery), the clock will once again provide good service.

Our organism behaves exactly the same with each individual cell. A cell which is too weak to fulfill its duties must be stimulated as skillfully as possible, i.e. especially in a manner that is pain and side effect free, to once more become a reliable cog in the whole organism.

We can summarize thus: If the person has a biocybernetic system with flawless communication at the cell level available, as a rule you may assume health. On the other hand illness always represents – at least however almost always – a communications problem at the biophoton level. And thus we are again at the photon-force field-therapy.

On the basis of concrete practice cases, I would like to describe such a treatment course. It is applied and happens through a therapy device which combines polyfrequency photon light with an electromagnetic coil, which generates a several times strengthened earth’s magnetic field. Moreover alternatively three different brain frequencies (alpha, delta and superdelta) can be connected effectively, especially at the psychic level.

A 48 year old female patient who was already dismissed as unfit to work at the age of 31 years due to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) presented in my practice after approximately two years. The patient had previously cancelled this first appointment with me twice already through her mother with the reason that her state of exhaustion as well as the lethargy was too great. When she appeared in the third attempt however, she reported to me about an extensive therapist-odyssey at home and abroad. She had over and over again used her entire meager pension to get well … unfortunately up to then without success.

The tiredness/exhaustion would come on stealthily and then become stronger and stronger, until she finally physically broke down in 1992 on a vacation visit in Allgäu.

The only “hard” findings consisted of a massive mercury burden. However after detoxification therapies* of all kinds, among other things with Dimaval (DMPS), Dr. Klinghardt, various homeopathics and phytotherapeutics, etc., she remained without appreciable success. Also various fasting cures, intestinal cleansing, etc.

In 1993 on account of only a small pension the patient already withdrew into the house of her parents, who provided for her from then on and also drove her to her treatment appointments. Independent initiative was inconceivable. Until the middle of May 2009 her activity level moved towards zero. Her life was limited to sleeping, dozing, food, a little television and some therapist consultations.

Up to this time my therapeutic efforts were putting it mildly also modest (I used among other things neural therapy, osteopathy, own blood, family places, detoxification therapies*, homeopathy, various infusions).

Then for the first time on 15 May 2009 I could bring into use the described photon therapy device – with impressive success:

Already one week later the patient told me that for the first time she had started with her long desired bicycle riding, and besides she had begun barbell training. She sensed the motive impulse power to bring her figure back in order again and looks forward to it every day, and to undertaking a little more.

Of course the first steps were very much reduced (approximately five minutes of bicycle riding and approximately ten minutes of light barbell training) … meanwhile however – after approximately three months of regular photon-force field-therapy – “if it goes well” she rides over 35 km on her bicycle and already sometimes trains for 45 minutes with the barbells. Besides, in the summer of 2009 after many years, she swam some lanes for the first time again in the outdoor swimming pool.

Occasionally however she would experience relapses again and again to such an extent that she felt very exhausted, nevertheless without reaching the extreme extent of past years.

The summer months in 2009 passed with relatively stable with consultations every fourteen days.

In October 2009 my patient arrived for her appointment in her old car again, which had stood in the garage for many years with cancelled registration. One month later another wish came true with a membership in a fitness center. The training community rounds out the joy of life found again by my patient, when you think that she lived for years almost completely isolated in the small garret of her parents.

Now her next goal consists of finding suitable employment and in establishing her own household. The fact that her then existing pension was lost, was already anticipated.

Therapy Pattern for CFS

 Photon-Force Field-Therapy

From May 2009 once weekly with connection of selected brain frequencies for approximately 30 to 45 minutes (ALPHAplus, ProLight). A higher interval with two to three treatments per week was rejected for financial reasons. As a rule from August 2009 consultations were only every 14 days predominantly with connection to the alpha frequency.

  • Body Zones:
    1. Atlas
    2. Pituitary
    3. Thyroid
    4. Thymus
    5. Liver
    6. Solar plexus
    7. Ear, on both sides

(1st sitting, 2nd through 7th in back position, in each case without jewelry and directly on the skin, thus no frequency interference originates.)

  • Working time: Approximately 4 to 6 minutes per point.
  • Distance to the skin: 2- to 30 cm guarantees an optimal magnetic field and light cone intensity
  • Connection:
    • At first the Alpha frequency, promotes among other things daytime activities and harmonizes both hemispheres.
    • From the third treatment Super-Delta frequency, promotes among other things the intuitive attention as well as inner serenity.
  • Besides, 2 ml of own blood in a clear glass ampule were regularly introduced into the circuit. The device is provided with a special case; here, also drugs of all kinds can be “swung in”.

Infusions Therapy:

The photon-force field-therapy was supplemented every two weeks with an infusion of 200 ml NaCl, 5 ampules Lactopurum, 1 ampule Nervoregin, 1 ampule Derivatio, 1 ampule Wibotin (Pflüger). Since October 2009 the above infusion is only administered once per month and partially in alternation with Vitamin C 7.5 gm (Pascoe).

This was also already infused before the photon-force field-therapy, however without great success. It has the appearance that the temporary combination increases the extremely effective influence of the unique photon therapy on the recovery once more of the patient.


In conclusion it remains to be stressed that the field of research of biophotons is an exceptionally interesting one and we can all look forward to further knowledge that we can then gratefully use for our patients.

Already today very positive therapy results can also be achieved with appropriate technology, not least for the health of patients with limited range of action – no matter whether the limiting factor is the painful locomotor system or a chronic exhaustion.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2010

From an article in CO’MED, No. 4, 2010
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2010, Dr. Jörg Victor Schöpe, Hattingen a. d. Ruhr, Germany

About the author

* In all instances in this article the word “detoxification” is translated from the German phrase “ausleitungstherapien”. In this context detoxification means the forced removal of toxic or non-processible substances (such as mercury from amalgam fillings) from the human body, as opposed to the usual “entgiftungstherapien” meaning a detoxification of chemical or poisonous substances. For the “ausleitungstherapien” detoxification the natural healer uses a number of detoxifying methods (see above) that include such things as leeches, special teas (like nettle), purification, cleansing (via the gut or the urine), purgation, humoral therapy, chelation, cupping, bloodletting etc.

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