Protection from Aggressive Radiation

It has been proven for a long time that mobile radio is harmful to biological organisms. However those responsible still close their eyes when faced with this scientific fact. Concerned persons have no other choice than to actively protect themselves and to set up damage restriction.

It is not only active telephoning with a cell phone which affects our health. Independent experts do not yet agree which is unhealthier: Holding the radiating cell phone for a certain time period to the head, or the 24-hour long bombardment by the omnipresent mobile radio poles [cell phone towers]. Protection against the latter is far more difficult to realize.

Of course the very best measure would be if as many people as possible gave up their cell phone – the contracts discontinued and the cell phones brought into the material recycling – because then the demand for this life-hostile technology would break down and the infrastructure would be built back up. Every cell phone user should be conscious that he makes his little contribution to the surface covering radiation insanity.

Realistically however you can probably only aim for damage control. Whoever lives near a mobile radio pole should check the radiation situation with a serious baubiologist and consult him for possible preventive measures. In some cases windows with metal frames and/or protective metallic fly screens may already achieve sufficient shielding effect.

Protection with Graphite Paint

Particularly bedrooms and children’s rooms should nevertheless be more thoroughly shielded. Here a complete screening with graphite shielding paint is recommended for walls, curtains with silver fibers and, if the room is also irradiated from below, a ground screening. By this 99 percent of the radiating power can thus be eliminated. Those who would like to find out more detail can visit In the meantime, the building industry also offers for example radiation absorbent bricks under the trade name “Poroton”.

Opposition by Citizens’ Groups

In case a new mobile radio pole is supposed to be installed near your apartment, organized resistance in the form of a citizens’ action group is the right way. Only if politicians notice that the voters threaten to run away from them, will they also exert themselves for those interests. This is particularly valid for local and regional politics. So as a concerned citizen you should round up the whole neighborhood for an information event, and it would be best to invite an advisor who shows the negative sides of mobile radio unadorned. The non-partisan consumer organization Diagnose Funk [Diagnosis Radio] supports such action groups with Info-Material and the arrangement of contact people in your area. Further details under

Politicians and mobile radio lobbyists tell us over and over again that the limiting- and standard- values for high frequency radiation have been proven to be low enough to protect our health. Nevertheless, they rely on studies in which all of them were financed by the mobile radio industry. Actually it is a matter of pushing through an extremely questionable technology with all force. The former leader of the Bavarian state chancellery, Erwin Huber get to the heart of it: “After all we will do everything which God allows us, and also some things which he forbids, to promote this innovation {UMTS = Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, the author DS}.” (Die Welt, 10/16/2002).

Corrupted Research

Even at that time there were numerous studies available by independent scientists that urgently warned about the health consequences for people, animals and plants. Why should these scientists and physicians publish possibly false results? Who would be served by this? By contrast the independence of the researchers who are instructed and paid by the mobile radio industry must be doubted. Diagnose Funk has gathered an overview of the studies together on their site which prove beyond all doubt that high frequency radiation, even far below the limiting values, causes serious health damages, like for example:

  • Damage to the genes (19 studies)
  • Increased tumor risk (13 studies)
  • Weakening of the immune system and intervention in cellular processes (11 studies)
  • Pathological changes in the head area and specifically in the brain (21 studies)
  • Ova- and embryo damages (7 studies)
  • Sperm damage and male infertility (9 studies)
  • Insomnia, headaches, depression, learning disturbances and memory disturbances (19 studies)
  • Changed behavior in animals and plants (10 studies)

These studies prove unequivocally a causal connection between high frequency electromagnetic fields and dysfunctions, respectively illness symptoms in people, animals and plants – and in fact far below the allowable limit values which only take into account thermal effects. In his report “Bees, Birds and People – the Destruction of Nature through Electrosmog” the bio-scientist Ulrich Warnke describes among other things a plausible primary active mechanism which is capable of explaining the biological malfunctionings on the basis of EM fields. Warnke proves in it that exposure to unnatural electromagnetic fields leads to a disturbance of the redox balance through oxidative and/or nitrosative stress, and thus the formation of free radicals in the organism.

Plausible Active Mechanism

According to Warnke the enzyme NADH-Oxidase plays a fundamental role with the proven active mechanism, which shows “a high – and absolutely reproducible – sensitivity to the magnetic and electromagnetic fields of mobile telephones”. Suggested for the scientifically interested is the detailed description of the active connections in the quoted report. “The proven active mechanism is also therefore important, because it shows that the subjective sufferings of many people have a fully explainable biological basis”, according to Warnke.

In view of these alarming research results, public pressure against the surface covering radiation of the population must grow. You should first of all drastically regulate the radiating power of the radio poles down. To be precise this would be possible without the connection quality suffering perceptibly from it. While they impose 10 million microwatts/square meter on the population in Germany, the UMTS cell phone function is still guaranteed with from 0.15 to 10 µW even in buildings. However, additional functions like mobile internet might not function as rapidly any longer.

Actually it is a matter of pushing through an extremely questionable technology with all force.

Admittedly in the long term, an entirely biocompatible mobile radio technology has to come. The biophysicist V.M. Shiroff, a member of the Russian Radiation Protection Commission warns: “As long as no conversion of the mobile radio technology to nonpathogenic field parameters is yet realized, it is urgent to advise against an intensive utilization of mobile radio telephones, WLAN and residences close to mobile radio antennae.

A Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2010

From an article in raum & zeit,
Volume 29, Number 168, November/December 2010
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF
With apologies, further author information is not available at this time.

© Copyright 2010, raum&zeit, Detlef Scholz, Wolfratshausen, Germany

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