Is this a Necessity?

A Way for Complementary and Orthodox Medicine

The experience of the patient increasingly shows that both – orthodox and complementary medicine – need each other. The increasing spread of bacterial and parasitic infections in the population, with which our organism no longer copes and which thus often goes over into chronic and inexplicable forms, necessarily needs an interaction of conventional and complementary medicine.

Dealing with e.g. a parasite (worm, leech, etc.) or a borreliosis from only one point of view usually remains unsuccessful in our experience. Thus a borreliosis patient not only needs antibiotics, but also a complementary medicine milieu therapy and a successful intestinal redevelopment and often also an orthodox medicine anthelmintic (parasite remedy). Instead of a symptom treatment, the unclear and varied symptoms of for example borreliosis (see our following case as an example) often require an ever greater capability from holistic diagnostics and from individual therapy procedures.

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt is a forerunner in complementary medicine who already pointed out the meaning of metal intoxications in the 1990’s and recommended several remedies for it. For the last few years he is once again aware of new infections from largely unconsidered causes and recommends predominantly chemical remedies for therapy. Therefore the basic therapy is: first orthodox medicine chemistry and then complementary medicine and milieu therapy.

For approximately one year we have included in our medication tests (meridian and segmental diagnostics) this search for new infections (especially borreliosis, parasites, EBV). Thus we routinely test with suitable causally working ‘exciter’-nosodes for proof as well as consistent therapeutics (antibiotics, anthelmintics, isopathy). In the optimal case the remedy for both the causal proof and the corresponding therapeutic medication are logically in agreement and virtually form a pair.

It was amazing what huge numbers of clinical diagnoses turned out to be caused by unrecognized infections.

The proof can be guided “ex juvantibus”, in that suitable antibiotics or anthelmintics worked from palliative up to healing within a short time and findings which were inexplicable at first sight returned to normal.

In Table 1 important causes and chemical remedies are listed. However this in no way means that natural remedies would be unnecessary or would be excluded. Nevertheless, alone and in the early stages they are not adequately effective. As well, this does not mean that other causes (heavy metals, fungi, toxins, foci, allergies, milieu, etc.) would be unimportant. Their therapy takes place following the acute treatment phase.

In the area of parasite control, naturopathy also has very effective remedies in supply. Among other things these are: papain, Para-Rizol, black walnut shell, black caraway oil, wormwood, clove, mugwort / artemisinin, barberry, grapefruit seed, olive leaves, oregano. They are all tested in individual cases together with the chemical remedies.

The organism knows what is the most effective for it now, and through our energy medicine testing we are open for the individual answer for the patient.

A Case Study

A patient (53 years old) was referred by the psychotherapist because of depression and anxiety with attempted suicide. He received Cipralex for it.

The most important acute finding was an absolute arrhythmia. This was already treated with Sintrom and Escialopram without success. Therefore next recommended from the cardiological side was an elimination of the sinus nodes with a pacemaker. His life quality was considerably limited. The anamnesis yielded as a side finding, a tick bite with the borrelia antibodies that had led to a therapy also at that time.

In Figures 1 (from 16.06.2010) and 2 (from 8.07.2010) results of the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) are performed. It is a burnout result with a tendency towards deterioration. During the first three weeks he was gently treated naturopathically.

Figure 1: HRV from 16.06.2010: absolute arrhythmia with atrial fibrillation

Figure 2: HRV from 08.07.2010: additional tachycardia

Figure 3 shows the meridian diagnostics conducted (with Prognos®) in July. A deficiency in the right bladder meridian, as well as an energetic weakness in the meridian system is conspicuous. Here it is more reflected against the psyche of the patient: worried-impatient (spleen-pancreas), melancholy-powerless (liver), analytic-aggressive (stomach), furious-angry (gall bladder).

Figure 3: Distribution of the Qi energy on the network of the meridians

Nevertheless, neither the HRV analysis nor the meridian diagnostics give a reference of the present strong heart rhythm disturbance. Only in the medication test by means of segmental diagnostics (with AMSAT-HC®, Figures 4 through 7) was the main problem of a neuroborreliosis found. The sequence of the four strongest affirmed test remedies is the following:

  • Strodival MR Caps.
  • Ceftriaxone amp.
  • Nosode Borrelia C30
  • Teasel tincture

Figure 5: Effect of the strophanthin preparation Strodival MR (blue = positive)

Figure 5 shows the effect of Ceftriaxone on the 67 distinguishable organs. Above all the right abdomen is positively influenced (corresponding with the right bladder in the network of the meridians). The same area is made worse by the Nosode Borrelia C30 (Figure 7). In Figure 6 you see that Strodival strengthens among other things the heart, but logically not the abdomen. Figure 8 shows that the teasel tincture besides the abdomen (left-stressed, not however on the right) also positively influences the heart.

Figure 6: Effect of the antibiotic Ceftriaxone (= Rocephin®)

Figure 7: Effect of the Nosode Borrelia C30: red = negative in the abdomen

Figure 8: Effect of the teasel tincture: partly positive, also with regard to the heart

Accordingly our therapy began: Already after the second Ceftriaxone intravenous drip the heart rhythm returned to normal. After the fifth intravenous drip, subjectively the patient felt healthy.


To sum up it can be stated that it is probably a sign of the times that problematic infections increase rapidly and generate unclear clinical pictures. Today you can suspect many negative effects as a cause: stress, E-smog chaos, poisoning by among other things halogens, switching, systemically active dental foci, and many others.

In the meantime all these topics should be checked consistently with almost all clinical pictures and as a matter of routine.

Because conventional medicine does not usually examine and as a result therefore also gains no knowledge, it cannot react. On the other hand, complementary medicine could see itself constrained to come up with the causes and to use hard methods to undogmatically fight at least for the present time.

In any case, it is appropriate to direct relevant questions to the body and to let it answer for the entirety of the organism and / or the fields of information by means of energy medicine methods. Therapy success is thanks to it.

NOTES from the Director:

On several occasions in past issues I have made additional comments around the articles of Dr. Manfred Doepp that I translated. While working through this particular article I felt it was important to put a few things into perspective. Dr. Doepp completed and submitted this article to CO’MED when he returned to Germany after speaking at our Biological Medicine Symposium in Vancouver, Canada last June.

Dr. Doepp sat in on all of the lectures during the Symposium and even checked out a few of the workshops. The necessity of dealing with parasites was specifically covered in two important lectures – obviously the one from Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who repeated his frequently delivered lecture on Borreliosis and how it relates to such things as Autism and advanced Lyme disorders.

The other in depth lecture on parasites was presented by our own Dr. Simon Yu, from St. Louis, Missouri. Dr Yu has been extensively researching and treating parasite cases for decades and is a recognized authority on their treatment. For further well researched and more detailed information on this topic I refer you to:

  • His website at,
  • Numerous back issues of “The Bridge” including:
    • Vol. 5, Issue #1, Feb. 2009: The Bolivia Connection (US Army targets parasites), or follow this link
    • Vol. 5, Issue #1, Feb. 2009: Power of Darkness, Ray of Hope (Cancer, Autoimmune Disease & Vitamin D),
      or follow this link
    • Vol. 5, Issue #2, April 2009: Geopathy Disturbances, or follow this link
    • Vol. 6, Issue #1, Feb. 2010: Do you have MUS? Or follow this link
    • Yu’s book “Accidental Cure (Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients)”. Both books now available on Amazon.

I see also that Dr. Doepp is still using the Prognose as his chosen device for his “meridian” diagnostics. The fact that it has the built-in HRV test makes the device a very neat package – but – this is a very expensive device that is limited only to subjective diagnostics. Any EAV device (that meets the standards of the industry) can do his so-called “meridian” diagnostics and numerous smaller devices for HRV are available on the market. And you can see that he turns – always – to the objective segmental diagnostics of the AMSAT-HC® to confirm and prove his findings.

But what is most interesting in this article, and a concept that Dr. Doepp comes back to frequently, is the ‘marriage’ between orthodox and complementary medicine. Like the old song about love and marriage – “you can’t have one without the other” and it behooves all of us to remember that our biological medicine methods are not the only answer for every patient. Complementary diagnostic techniques can provide us with detailed and causal information without intrusive testing, but often the therapy must incorporate a marriage of therapy methods.

An Exclusive Trarnslated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published October 2010

From an article in CO’MED, No. 8, 2010
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2010, Dr. med. Manfred Doepp, Prien, Germany

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