accidental cure

(Extraordinary Medicine for Extraordinary Patients)

Living Life by a Symphony of Strings and Meridians

By Simon Yu, MD

Eastern medical philosophy merges with Western medical science in this book that explains paradigm-changing “curing” of incurable diseases by addressing five principal underlying causes of illness.

Dr. Simon Yu was born in Korea and has spent most of his life in the United Sates. Today, Dr. Yu is a leading medical doctor and clinician who has learned to use energy medicine as a new biometric diagnostic technique. His therapy is based on acupuncture, and Acupuncture Meridian Assessment, as well as supporting the immune system by balancing body biochemistry (biological terrain) and exploring the connection between quantum physics and biocybernetics (quantum physics is a branch of physics that explains the behavior of very small amounts of matter and small units of light – called photons).

Dr. Yu’s five therapies that address the causes of illness are:

  • Parasite elimination with natural herbs and prescribed medications
  • Detoxification therapy, including mercury amalgam removal
  • Detection and eradication of hidden dental infections
  • Resolution of food allergies
  • Nutrition and dietary support

A long list of diseases often spontaneously disappear when applying the five-fold plan described in this book. Physicians, health professionals, and patients will benefit from learning about Dr. Yu’s experience in Eastern and Western medicine, and about his 25 years of US Army reserve military career milestones that led to challenging the limitations of evidence-based medicine (EBM). Dr. Yu’s goal is to share this valuable, but not widely recognized, information with medical professionals as well as the public, and to promote “accidental cures”.

Dr. Yu introduced his new book at the Vancouver Biological Medicine Symposium in June 2010 and already over 1,000 copies have been sold. Dr. Yu has done an excellent job with his research and the well thought out material is presented in an easily read format. If you don’t already have a copy, please get your orders in to: Prevention and Healing Inc., 10908 Schuetz Rd., St. Louis, MO 63146 or visit their website at

Both of Dr. Yu’s current titles are now available on Amazon.

Well done, Simon and thank you for all your efforts and dedication.

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