Concept and Practice

I. Introductory Remarks

For 150 years we have lived with a world view which is shaped in a significant manner by the knowledge of mechanics and chemistry, the scientific bases that quite substantially determine modern civilization.

In spite of the enormous advances in knowledge in the area of electronics, this usual world view is hardly shaken up. Especially in medicine there are many innovations in diagnostics that show the influence of modern physics. However the new findings from biology about the physical-energetic processes of living systems have hardly found an input into the therapy of diseases.

Whereas classical medicine still limits itself principally to the biochemical basic model of living systems (with some additional knowledge from electro-physiology) that’s why disease treatment is essentially achieved only from pharmaco-therapy, or rather with reference to the mechanical perception of surgical therapy strategies. It appears that obvious therapy forms in the area of Regulation Therapies like homeopathy, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, and finally BioResonance Therapy can also influence the body very effectively toward health and often with much fewer side effects.

MORA BioResonance Therapy represents a modern advancement in the area of acupuncture, electro-acupuncture and homeopathy.

II. The MORA BioResonance Concept

 Scientific Bases

In order to correctly understand and assess the MORA BioResonance Method, which represents a completely new therapy beginning within the framework of biophysical therapies, it is necessary to understand the following basic conditions from modern biophysics:

  • All biochemical processes in living systems are a result of the electromagnetic interaction of the involved reaction partners and the electromagnetic environment. All biochemical materials generate molecule specific electromagnetic oscillations, which have a feedback effect with higher coherent electromagnetic fields steering the biochemical processes.
  • Bio-electromagnetic phenomena like for example biophotons which originate within the cells (cell nucleus) are verifiable in the living organism – with coherent and mono-chromatic characteristics like a laser – and are sent out in specific fluctuation sequences. Through resonance these biophotons cause the transmission of homogenous photons with correspondingly rectified influences into the adjoining cells, more specifically the biochemical processes in the environment. This statement corresponds to the research of the biophysicist Fritz-Albert Popp.
  • All living systems are “open” systems. To maintain the energy necessitated by life functions, they need an ongoing supply of signal energy (not chaotic or heat energy), and the influence from physical energy forms, especially from electromagnetic oscillations, which play a very special role in the formation and regulation of the life processes. According to the statements of the physicist H. Fröhlich and physical chemist I. Prigogine (Nobel Prize in 1977) life is only possible through continuous signal energy supply, which increases the sensitivity of the living systems to the physical stimuli from outside and their controllability with the fixed size of the system. The biological system “person” (very high fixed size) already responds especially sensitively to small sized electromagnetic stimuli which have an effect from the outside and the inside.
  • The skin with its dependent structures is a multi-layered sense organ and in this position, in the area of specific skin zones (acupuncture points, neural zones), is therefore able to take up various information, even electromagnetic information, from the outside world and to process it and pass it on inwards. These zones contain special morphological structures like nerve endings, receptors, etc. and they sensorily connect the body surface with the interior of the body.
  • All biochemical materials deliver molecule specific electromagnetic oscillations (fields) that can be transferred with or without a cable by radio [waves], and influence the living organism according to their characteristics. This knowledge exists in the medication test according to Dr. Voll and the further investigations of Dr. Franz Morell and Mr. Erich Rasche.

In this sense the measurement values of the acupuncture points can probably be assessed.

Compared with their environment they show a characteristic skin resistance which changes according to the reaction situation respective to the corresponding organ systems. And an acupuncture point value changed by a treatment corresponds to a change of the reaction situation of the organ system belonging to it.

Measurement of the acupuncture point values before and after a treatment permits a statement about the efficiency of the therapy. While Electro-Acupuncture treatment according to Dr. Voll and related methods influence these specific skin zones from the outside with supplied defined electric stimuli in attenuated or stimulated sense, MORA BioResonance Therapy utilizes the body’s own [endogenic] electromagnetic oscillations which are in a direct connection with the innumerable ongoing biochemical processes in the body.

These oscillations are measured on the skin surface of the patient, filtered in a physical-electronic system (MORA device), modulated and then given back to the patient as changed signals, with the directed goal of gaining a therapeutic effect through these changed signals in the area of the biochemical structure. Consequently, the previously measured pathological acupuncture point values return to normal.

MORA Diagnostics

MORA Diagnostics occur according to the basic principles of Electro-Acupuncture According to Voll (EAV). The acupuncture points react very sensitively and reproducibly with their measuring values when the patient’s body comes in contact with compatible (therefore order promoting) or incompatible (order limiting) substrates. This way allows all kinds of substances like food, medications, allergens, parasites, toxins, heavy metals, among other things to be tested and to judge their influence on the body.

MORA BioResonance Therapy

MORA-Therapy represents a therapy very individually fitted to the patient by which his entire oscillation information is taken up by the device, is processed and is returned in a suitable form as therapeutic signals.

This individual treatment quite considerably favors the efficiency of this therapy form and allows access to many clinical pictures which are not easily accessible by less individual therapy forms.

Additionally, tested oscillations of medications, colors, allergens, and nosodes among other things are included in the treatment as well.

III. MORA Allergy Diagnostics and MORA-Therapy

In an increasing trend, allergic illnesses belong to the most frequent chronic illnesses. Treatment in school [orthodox] medicine limits itself to the testing of suspicious substrates in the form of skin and inhalation tests with exclusively biochemical treatment forms like attenuated medications with corresponding side effects or very time consuming hypo-sensitizations (less effective and besides rich in side effects).

In school medicine the tested allergens are seen by their effect on the organism as equivalent with the result, that every allergen must be considered as individually as possible without inclusion of other allergens for the hypo-sensitizations.

In contrast to the ideas of school medicine which speak only of verifiable biochemical allergens, the idea of a cybernetically regulated organism gives a flowing transition between incompatible substances and allergens (antigens).

The incompatible substances are only physically verifiable with the typical allergic symptoms, and for unknown reasons have not led to an antibody formation with corresponding change of the immunology (RAST-Test).

On the other hand, the allergens (antigens) expel out additional biochemical changes (antibodies) by their physical verification.

Both groups can cause allergic symptoms in the same manner in the patient.

How important these exclusively physical verifiable intolerances (incompatibilities) are for later allergy treatment is shown by the fact that after a period of rest from these substances and a corresponding MORA BioResonance Therapy, bit by bit a change in the clinical picture with at first a subjective and then later an objective improvement of the allergy problems happens, without the specific antibodies in the RAST-Test changing. The treatment of the verifiable biochemical allergens alone is not sufficient in our experience.

Contrary to the evaluation of school medicine that looks at the discovered allergens as equally weighted in their effect It turns out that according to the experiences of biocybernetic medicine there is a hierarchy of allergens, therefore a different weightiness exists:

  • Starting with a first allergen (causation or main allergen) bit by bit increasing sensitivities are joined with other allergens (trigger allergens) which then lead in total to a greater palette of incompatibilities/allergies, with the result that many patients finally react to practically all allergy causing substrates up to the everywhere appearing house dust, etc.
  • Experience further shows that after finding the causative allergens and their careful elimination the other allergens as allergy triggers lose ever more meaning until finally the body no longer reacts incompatibly to them.

Therefore the allergy treatment decisively depends on finding and treating the specific causative allergen.

Obviously the disposition (heredity) and additionally the permanent supply of burdens – like certain basic foods, dental metals, environmental poisons, electro-smog, etc. – play a determining role in the sensitivity of the organism towards an incompatible/allergic substrate, which then more and more burden the control circulation system and lead beyond these false controls to the formation of further incompatibilities/allergies.

MORA Allergy Diagnostics

On the basis of research results with the medication test according to Dr. Voll, Dr. Franz Morell developed the allergy test within the scope of MORA BioResonance Therapy in 1985.

The procedure is based on the fact that instead of the real substance information (A-Mode = phase constant electronically amplified) the patient is supplied with the inverted information (Ai-Mode = phase constant electronically inverted) of the suspected intolerance/allergy substance. On the basis of the burden the acupuncture measurement point would react to the pathological information (in A-Mode) with a measurement value deterioration. By inverting these substance oscillations it causes a measurement value improvement on the previously pathologically measured acupuncture points on account of the unburdening effect. Moreover, with this method the patient is not burdened by every single test, but is relieved so that there cannot be side effects.

Measurements of these material specific oscillations with different amplifications can capture a very elegant statement about the hierarchy and the degree of burdening of the tested materials on the organism.

In contrast to testing with biochemical preparations (skin and inhalation test) which need pharmaceutical preparations (factory preparations), with MORA testing all conceivable substances can be tested without immediate preparation. With it the therapist is not dependent on standardized test products and can introduce individually to the patient applicable foods, cosmetics, textiles and dental metals among other things directly in the test input.

The special value of the allergy test according to Morell lies in the fact that it represents a single test method for intolerance/allergy by which the body is not provoked, but is even relieved during the test process. The test methodology and the later treatment are practically painless and are easily practicable with children and sensitive adults. The possibility of the physical testing permits the examination of numerous substances in a very short time span.

MORA Allergy Therapy

After the intolerances are tested the treatment occurs. The discovered substrates are brought up to the patient with Ai (inverted) Mode with defined amplification and filter adjustments on the device. By the phase equivalents and modulated inverted allergen oscillations comes a reduction of the original allergen oscillations in the patient’s body, which now optimizes his possibilities to eliminate the allergens resident in the tissues and as a result to decrease the sensitivity of the immune system to the allergy information.

Treatment with the tested allergen oscillations is carried out several times. Then another test of the discovered intolerances/allergens takes place to determine to what extent the treatments must be further continued. As long as an absolute period of rest from the tested remedies is complied with.

At this opportunity it must be observed that the MORA test and therapy method for allergy treatment described here works well alone, especially for children and young adults without additional chronic illnesses.

With older or multi-morbid patients, this test and treatment alone is not sufficient for lasting illness improvement. With these patients there always exists (besides the phenomena of the allergy) other restraining or even blocking influences of the organism which must be recognized and be switched off as much as possible.

Additionally for example there are the constant burden from E-smog, incompatible dental metals, parasites or derailed acid-base household.

Only then can a lasting treatment success be achieved.

Chronic diseases cannot be treated successfully by a simple “kitchen recipe at the push of a button” alone.

The combination consisting of a MORA Allergy test and therapy as well as a treatment strategy which additionally supports the body and improves its general reactivity produces good results. For this constitutional therapy before and during the allergy treatment the MORA device with its big selection of treatment possibilities offers the best conditions.

The results of some case studies indicate that beyond the possibilities of school medicine the MORA BioResonance method can be a successful therapy.

IV. Practice Examples

A)  Skin Allergy

H.S., 10 years old

For three years skin allergy symptoms with temporary night itch and various papules on the torso, especially however in the school swimming pool, restless sleep, sweating. During this time treatment by allergists with antihistamines. A hyposensitization treatment had to be broken off.

  1. First Appointment: Testing of an electromagnetic overloading, incompatibility to sweet milk products, beet sugar, various nuts, amalgam, chlorine and the wash powder used in their house. MORA treatments with allergens. At night the mother pulled the electrical appliances and electric cables out of the current [wall sockets] in the child’s room. A period of rest from the tested foods.
  2. Second Appointment (after two weeks): Better sleep, itch and skin symptoms at night gone. No sweating. Still itching after the swimming pool. MORA treatment with allergens
  3. Third Appointment (after four weeks): In the meantime a short therapy treatment with the tested allergens. Now no more itching after the swimming pool. The food and chlorine is no longer pathologically tested. Period of rest from the incompatible food is waived.
  4. Fourth Appointment: Complaint free – Another testing of the allergens. Except for the amalgam everything is gone. The mother is advised to continue the current elimination in the child’s room and a later amalgam removal for the child.

Result: Incompatibility towards amalgam, sweet milk and sugar (main allergens). The chlorine and wash powder incompatibility were the trigger. The incompatible reaction was aided by disposition and by long term burdens like E-smog and amalgam.

B) Bronchial Asthma

J.B., 2 years old

For some months nightly cough stimulus and increasing dyspnea. During the day at first no symptoms of the airways, later also dyspnea in the day, above all after exertion. A lung function test showed an obstructive ventilations disorder. An allergic component was expressly excluded. Treatment with steroids and bronchial dilating medications.

  1. First Appointment: Allergy testing: Incompatibility with wheat and beet sugar, apple, nuts. Strong electromagnetic burdening. Afterwards MORA treatment with the tested allergens. Ordered the mother to remove current carrying parts [appliances and cables] from nearby the child at night and to keep a four week rest period from the allergy causing food.
  2. Second Appointment (after 14 days): No more nightly coughing and dyspnea attacks. During the day full loading capacity. No more current burdening. Burdening from wheat, apple, nuts gone. Burdening from sugar weakened. MORA treatment with the remaining allergens. Careful eating of wheat and apples.
  3. Third Appointment (after three weeks): Child complaint free. In testing all allergens gone. No medications. Current is again connected. The child can eat everything again.

Result: Allergic reaction to wheat and sugar (main allergens) under the influence of disposition and E-smog with symptoms of bronchial asthma. Disappearance of symptoms after MORA Allergy treatment and after removal of E-smog.

C) Fructose Intolerance

D.D., 29 years old

For a long time various bowel discomforts, especially after eating. It was diagnosed by an allergist as a fructose and lactose intolerance. Since then a strict diet with rest period from lactose and fructose however with only moderate improvement of the digestive discomforts.

  1. First Appointment: In the MORA test proof of the incompatibility to milk products, diverse fruits, celery, nuts, gluten and many other products. Strong electromagnetic burden. Afterwards MORA Allergy treatment, E-smog elimination, period of rest from burdening food for six weeks. Removal of current carrying parts in the bedroom.
  2. Second Appointment (after 14 days): Another testing of the old allergens, additional testing for chemicals, parasites, recreational drugs, etc. After E-smog elimination first perceptible improvement of the bowel discomforts. Clearly and verifiably less allergen burdening. Fructose no longer verifiable. Further period of rest from [burdening] food.
  3. Third Appointment (after four short treatment appointments in the space of ten days): All burdening food tested as no longer burdening. Parasites gone. Complaint picture much better. Permission to eat milk and fructose containing products.
  4. Fourth Appointment (after ten weeks): Another testing of all substances. Very good improvement, which continued over years. No more bowel discomforts. Patient can again tolerate milk and fruit symptom free.

Result: In spite of lactose and fructose intolerance proven externally by respiration test it is possible through E-smog elimination and MORA BioResonance therapy to get the patient completely free of symptoms. Main allergens: Milk, fructose with numerous accompanying trigger allergens.

D) Neurodermatitis

B.H.-G., 62 years old

Since childhood, neurodermatitis with temporarily violent itching attacks after consumption of certain foods, increases with solar radiation. Numerous treatment attempts by allergists and natural healing physicians so far without tangible success.

  1. First Appointment: Testing of foods, dental metals. Burdening with amalgam, milk products, wheat, diverse fruits, vegetables, nuts, E-smog (strong burden). Afterwards MORA BioResonance therapy, E-smog elimination, rest period from [burdening] food.
  2. Second Appointment (after 14 days): Mild deterioration of skin and itch, restless sleep. E-smog burden gone. Another testing of old tested products. Testing of own food from the household, of skin care products, heavy metals, detergent. Lowered burden from milk and vegetables, strong burden from fruits, nuts, amalgam, skin care products, partially medications. Wheat is now good. MORA treatment with all incompatibilities.
  3. Third Appointment (after 14 days): Perceptible improvement of his state of health. Itch practically gone. Through testing Milk and nuts have very much improved. Still very clearly apple, pineapple, certain skin cosmetics, as well as a medical skin ointment. E-smog gone. Amalgam better. MORA BioResonance therapy and further rest period from the still burdening foods.
  4. Fourth Appointment (after four weeks): The patient is very good. No itch, good sleep. Skin symptoms to a great extent gone. Burden still from amalgam (must be cleaned up!). Food no longer a burden. Testing and treatment for parasites (MORA). Testing for environmental poisons, household materials, food preservatives and suitable MORA BioResonance treatment.
  5. After four further short therapy sessions (after a total of three months) very good state of health. Skin free. Itch gone. Food rest period completely waived. Amalgam was cleaned up. The E-smog burden eliminated by installation of a mains free switch.

Result: In this case besides the allergy testing and treatment with the help of MORA additional exclusion of long term burdening like E-smog, parasites, amalgam. Thereby stabilization of the freedom from allergy symptoms. This symptom freedom was interrupted over the years from time to time by light skin allergy symptoms caused by considerable stress and/or bigger viral or bacterial infections. The stable state could be restored by one or two MORA appointments.

To underline these case studies figures from a statistical examination of the allergy patients over my last ten practice years:

The improvement of allergy symptomatology for all 576 allergy patients examined and treated with the MORA BioResonance Method was valued at about 18% with “very good”, about 54% with “good”, about 20% with “adequate” and only 7% with “unimproved”, and of the 7% the therapy dropouts must be calculated which for different reasons have not led to an effective allergy treatment end.

These interesting figures are even more interesting because all these patients have been treated unsuccessfully by experts from school medicine.

The fascinating possibility, to test out the body carefully for incompatibilities as well as immunologic impressed and allergic substances in one easy, timely practical procedure, to recognize the hierarchy of these suspicious substrates and to diminish together through a rest period and a MORA therapy, opens a completely new access to the control of this serious disease form.

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