Looking back through these pages as I prepared for the final publication of this Issue #5, I was struck that once again I have chosen Dr. Sturm’s so called “three legged therapy stool” as the monthly features. These three devices formed the therapy basis he utilized for virtually every patient. He seldom sent the patients home with remedies (although he would suggest Epsom Salts and some of the Mayr recommendations for many patients), and he insisted that with these three devices you could handle almost any case that came into your practice. Oxygen first, gives the patient pure oxygen that has been ionized into either a positive or negative charge. Since they do not have to process this oxygen it becomes a pure energy donator. Followed by BioPhoton Therapy – with or without remedy input – which gives you increased cellular communication to speed healing. Then, followed with MORA-Therapy – usually with individualized remedy input – you use the patient’s own energy and oscillations which have been processed in the MORA for their own therapy. In our small limited practice here at the Institute (we try to take care of our own families and friends), these three devices still form the core of our recommended therapies. Dr. MacCoy also adds the magnetic field therapy in his practice, but for him also these three units remain the core therapy approach. Here’s a picture of how we have this set up in our medical office. Easy, simple, mostly delegable and the patients leave feeling better and already into the healing process.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published October, 2009
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