According to Dr. Gruba

Purpose of this paper:
To provide documentary evidence for the Medical use and effectiveness of MORA COLOR.

Who am I?
Name: Sir Zenon W. Gruba, MBBS
Address: Camberwell, Victoria, Australia.

Professional details:
I graduated from Melbourne University in 1970 with honors in Medicine.
I did two years internship at Preston and Northcote Community Hospital.
I did three months in obstetrics and gynecology at the Queen Victoria Hospital for Women.
I was in a four man general medical family medicine practice from 1973 to 1984.
I have been in solo, private medical practice from 1984 until now, and for the foreseeable future.

My practice style:
I practice wholistic medicine with an emphasis on physiology. I take careful medical anamnesis. I do a careful and exacting physical examination. I design treatments around the patho-physiology of each patient.
I have had formal investigations into my practice carried out by the Medical Practitioners Board of Victoria. One 25 years ago, when they found 97% of my patients were every other doctors’ failures. But 84% of my patients went into permanent remission. The second was 4 years ago, when they found 97% of my patients were their failures, but this time 92% of my patients went into permanent remission. 45% of my cancer patients were still alive 15 years after the completion of their treatment. The Medical Board has never ever found any fault with my medicine. What they find fault with is my intolerance to people who do not do what I ask of them and who then criticize me for their lack of progress in returning to health.

My Degrees:

  • MB(Hons), BS, Melbourne University 1970
  • FRACGP – Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General
    Practitioners (1976)
  • FAMAC – Fellow of the Australian Medical Acupuncture
    College (1977)
  • FACNEM – Fellow of the Australasian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine (1996)
  • FICMT – Fellow of the Australian College of Mineral
    Therapists (1974)
  • Active Member Occidental Institute Research Foundation since 1980
  • MORA (Dr. Ken McIver, N.Z. – 1994)
  • Mayr (Austria, 1996 through OIRF)
  • Dip. Naturopathy (2004)
  • Dip. Western Herbal Medicine (2004)
  • Dip. Complementary Medicine in Functional Nutrition (2004)
  • KHS Equestrian Knight of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem (2002)

I have done many short courses in counseling, hypnotherapy, myotherapy, prolotherapy, joint manipulation, obstetrics, and pediatrics. I regularly do 50-100 hours of course study each year. I do these in Australia and often in Germany, Austria, Canada and USA.

I own

  • 2 x MORA III
  • 4 x MORA Super
  • 3 x MORA Color
  • 1 x New MORA Color
  • 1 x INDUMED
  • 1 x Photon Resonance Test (PRT) diagnostics
  • 1 x RM10S
  • 2 x VEGA 3 diagnostics
  • 1 x Ionopront (Inhaled Ionized Oxygen)

My first course and introduction to MORA was with Dr. Franz Morell in Sydney, Australia in 1982.

Theory A:
MORA is a self-correcting bio-feed back, bio-resonance devise. It comes in several models.
I purchased my first MORA III in 1984. I soon realized that I in fact needed two more units in order to be able to treat my patients adequately.

  • MORA is able to correct the information that it is given.
  • MORA is able to manipulate the information that it is given.
  • MORA is able to remove information that it is given.
  • But MORA is unable to add new information, nor can it make up any deficiency in the patient.

This is where MORA Color comes in. MORA Color is an electronic color photon generator.
The major problem with the early MORA Color devices was the lack of adequate amplification. I made this up by piggy-backing several amplifiers (RITU units) until I actually got a therapeutic effect. This occurred at 40,000 amplification.
The two major benefits of the new version of the MORA Color are its huge amplification abilities (up to one million) and its great portability. Its good pricing also means that it is well within the financial reach of many more practitioners.

I have been using MORA and MORA Color in my practice since 1984. Both treatments form a major part of my healing armamentarium.
I use MORA color as part of a wholistic treatment plan for my patients. There are times when I use MORA Color as the definitive treatment. But I believe that for lasting benefits, the actual cause of the illness, a patient’s nutritional status, and all the multiple variables that occur, must all be addressed.
MORA Color is also a great symptomatic treatment, clearing nuisance and troubling complaints that get in the way of healing.

I am a family doctor, in a very busy private practice. I do not have time to spend using treatments that I know don’t work.
In a limited way, I used different colors in my early work. But now, experience has shown me what works best, when and where. So this paper is to show which medical conditions I have found MORA Color to be most effective.

Briefly: With other collaborators, Dr. med. Franz Morell found that acupuncture points and meridians, various organs in the body and the whole body could be either favorably or negatively affected by electro-magnetic wave forms (EMRs). This effect could be observed by changes in the electrical measurements from acupuncture points, by changes in biochemistry testing and by observing changes in the patients.
Dr. Morell (physician) and Mr. Erich Rasche (engineer) developed the MORA device and all of its progeny.
Dr. Morell found that MORA could modify and even subtract information from its readings, but it could not add any information of itself. For this, it needed an external source of information.
Dr. Morell used Chinese Traditional Medicine principles to design the theory behind MORA Color.
He found according to Five Element Theory,
Each meridian / organ could be influenced best by a specific color,
There was typically a dominant / stimulating color.
And a sedating color.

The Stimulating Colors

  • Red stimulates Heart & Small Intestine
  • Orange stimulates Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas
  • Yellow stimulates Kidney & Bladder
  • Green stimulates Liver & Gall Bladder
  • Blue stimulates Lung & Large Intestine
  • Purple stimulates Triple Warmer & Circulation

The Sedating Colors

  • Red sedates Liver & Gall Bladder
  • Orange sedates Lung & Large Intestine
  • Yellow sedates Triple Warmer & Circulation
  • Green sedates Heart & Small Intestine
  • Blue sedates Stomach, Spleen & Pancreas
  • Purple sedates Kidney & Bladder

Interestingly, certain places on each meridian can be influenced by other colors.

  • The MORA Color has an input roller that picks up the EMRs emitted by the local tissues.
  • It then electronically inverts all these EMRs.
  • It adds the chosen color.
  • It amplifies all the signals by a chosen amount.
  • Then delivers the processed EMRs via an output roller.

I have used the original MORA Color device as an add-on to my MORA III. The major problem I ultimately discovered was a lack of amplification. I purchased amplifier (RITU) units from Med-Tronik, until I got an amplification of over 10,000. I actually found that an amplification of 40,000 worked reliably well. The new MORA Color can amplify up to one million.
When using MORA Color, we are dealing with local clinical symptoms, local clinical signs and local pathology.
The higher amplification makes treatments more effective, and treatment times shorter.
Interestingly, I have never had any treatment reactions to the therapy.

For every thing I think about. I have used MORA Color for acute events like trauma, for chronic events like rheumatism, for systemic events like eczema.

More is missed by not asking, not looking and not examining than by not knowing. In my practice, I find so much that no one else looks for. Also it is my experience that most patients have never had any doctor actually touch them.
Physical examination tells you where your patients’ symptoms are, where they are tender, what is happening.

There are many ways of selecting the color.
Various tests including ELH, RM 10, AK, electro-dermal testing, etc.
You can ask the patient, what color they think might be useful.

You can consider the nature of the problem.

  • Red would be useful for acute conditions
  • Blue would be useful for chronic conditions.

You can consider the organ you are treating.

  • Green would be useful for Liver and Gall disorders.

But with experience that started in 1984, I have found that the most effective color is BLUE. I find that blue is useful in over 85% of all conditions that I have treated. It is most certain that a chronic disorder underlies most of what we see in clinical practice

My second choice is RED, especially when there is underlying inflammation.

My third choice depends on the organ or area that I am treating, for example:

  • Green or yellow for the soles of the feet.
  • Orange for the pelvic floor muscles

My fourth choice is to ask the patient, what color they think would work best for this condition.

For very acute conditions, one treatment will be enough.
For more chronic conditions, I treat once a week for 4 to 6 treatments. This will result in a remission of symptoms and signs for very long periods of time. Often the remission will be permanent.
Can the problem re-occur? This depends on the problem and on the patient.

Gently roll the twin roller along the skin.
There is no need for any pressure.
Pressure does not confer any additional benefit.
I usually do 10 x passes at a time.
In most cases, 10 x passes resolves all the symptoms and signs.

If I get good, but incomplete remission, I will do another 10 passes.
If I do not get a really good diminution of signs, I will try another color
Sometimes, when I get no response for the first color, I go to the opposite color for 10 x passes. Then, when I return to the first color, I get an improvement.
The speed of application does not seem to matter. I do 10 x passes in about 10 seconds.
It will also work through clothing, which makes it even more convenient.

What Have I used MORA Color for?
This is the clinical experience in successful treatments that I have had since first using my MORA Color in 1984. As I have a family medical practice, many of the conditions that I will mention will number fewer than 10, but many of the others are a daily event.
Please remember that for many conditions, MORA Color is a symptomatic treatment. The practitioner still has to find and eliminate the actual cause of the illness.


Acute shingles (Herpes Zoster), Effective for chronic shingles pain but takes longer to work.
Pre-surgery preparation means that the patient needs less anesthetic and less analgesia. Their wounds heal faster. There is less post-operative infection and complications.
Post-operative pain and wound inflammation resolves in a matter of a few days.


Otitis Externa


All headaches:  Tension, Migraines.
Sinusitis, Head colds, Otitis Interna, Tonsillitis, Sore tongue,
Glossitis. Lichen Planus of the mouth,
Tempero-Mandibular syndromes.


Sore gums and teeth, Tooth abscess,
Post-dental procedure pain,
Dead teeth (obviates the need to do root canal fillings)


Acute throat infections, pharyngititis, laryngitis,
Chronic laryngitis,
Acute thyroditis, Thyrotoxicosis (but not myxoedema)


Bronchitis, Asthma, pleurisy. Not much good for emphysema

Heart & Blood vessels:

Pericarditis. Coronary vascular disease.
Peripheral arterial disease.
Will relieve the pain of varicose veins, but not get rid of the veins themselves. Not much good for ridding the spider veins (but these are due to hormonal events and require other treatment modalities.)


Tender and painful liver syndromes
Tender and painful spleen syndromes
Tender and painful pancreas syndromes
Tender and painful Small Intestine and Right Iliac fossa pain Syndromes.  (NB. Beware of acute appendicitis. These MUST be referred to a surgeon for management.)
Tender and painful Large Intestine syndromes, including Hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, colitis, peri-anal itch.
With all Intra-abdominal syndromes, it must be remembered that conditions that require surgery should always be referred to the appropriate specialist, as early as possible. However, MORA Color can and does improve the outcome of any surgical intervention that might be necessary.
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Inflammatory Bowel Syndromes. MORA Color will give symptomatic relief for Crohn’s syndrome and Ulcerative Colitis. The practitioner has to find and resolve the causes of these illnesses for a final remission.

Urinary Tract:

Acute urinary infections. Interstitial cystitis.


Dysmenorrhea. Menorrhagia.
Vaginitis of all causes. (NB, Make sure that your patient does not have significant vaginitis due to venereal causes, etc.)
Lichen planus of the vagina.
Dyspareunia (pain on intercourse).
Fibroids (when they are small).
Sometimes prolapse will resolve for at least a short time.
Non-specific vagina discharges.
Fallopian tube inflammatory disorders.


Benign Prostate Enlargement (especially in the early phases).


All acute musculo-skeletal injuries.
Myofascial Syndromes
Some symptomatic relief for inflammatory joint disease. (The practitioner has to find and treat the cause of these illnesses to resolve them.)
Plantar Fasciitis. Calcaneal Spurs.
Cervical, Thoracic & Lumbar pain syndromes, including disc disorders, and non-specific inflammatory syndromes.
As with all treatments, if there is a compensation element to the patient’s disorder, this should be resolved first, before under-taking MORA Color.
Generalized Body Pain Syndromes, Fibromylagia.


A focus is that associated condition that prevents the illness from resolving itself. These are typically chronic tonsillitis, chronic appendicitis, post operative pain.

Systemic Disorders:

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
Local and generalized tense muscle disorders.

Psychological Disorders:

It is interesting that when we remove the under-lying pain and tenderness, the under-lying causes of the patient’s illness, very often the neurotic and depressive parts of the patient’s illness go away.


It can be seen from the above, that MORA Color has a wide application for many of the conditions presenting to a general practitioner. It is a time effective and symptom effective treatment.

For more chronic illnesses, it is mandatory for the practitioner to find the cause of the illness and treat that. However, MORA Color can buy the doctor and the patient time to find and treat the cause.

An Exclusive Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2009
© Copyright 2009, Dr. Sir Zenon W. Gruba

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