The Elimination of Intracellular Pathogens like

Borrelia burgdorferi Without Antibiotics

Already we encounter chronic borreliosis in the practice quite frequently. Time disguises it, sometimes more or less clearly. If, for example, innumerable therapy measures go the wrong way, if diffuse symptoms tend to mislead us, and if nothing more is as right as it should be, then more often than one supposes we have to deal with a chronic borreliosis. Virtually unnoticed a many-faced monster has crept into our global system during the last three decades. Besides, Borrelia is serviced by all co-morbidities that a weakened organism has to offer. At the same time, this explains the diversity of symptoms which a borreliosis illness can have in its luggage.

Figure 1: As soon as the tick bites, it is forced to hold onto its “liquid”
drinking source, and consequently the widespread mistake is disproved that an
infection with borrelia would only take place after several hours of suction activity.

Borreliosis can lead to multi-system illnesses, or join with them. A chronic infection with Borrelia can reduce every healing attempt to absurdity, because the fulcrum and the pivot continues to be liberation from the pathogen. (Of course in the practical treatment it is accompanied with restoration of the milieu in the broadest sense.)

What was perhaps looked at up until now as the most difficult undertaking, namely to exactly point these pathogens to the door, in the meantime appears to me with the experience gained in recent years as the simplest exercise.

It is much more difficult to again bring the immune system, the metabolism, the mitochondria, the hormones, the neurotransmitters, the intestinal conditions, the systemic inflammations, etc. into a healthy course.

Some years ago in my search for ways out of chronic borreliosis I encountered a therapy protocol by Dr. I. Woitzel from Pforzheim. The essential point was the application of photons to the body. In my practice I combined these procedures with the therapy protocol thought out by myself. And see: it works. In at least 90% of all treated borrelioses a negative proof could be produced in the lymphocyte transformations test (LTT).1)

Now, however after a few years of successful treatments of borreliosis the questions presented are: Is it really sure then that the procedure works?

Does the LTT always become negative after the treatment protocol? How much must happen “at least” in the treatment?

1)  The therapy controls for the borrelia strain are carried out by means of the lymphocyte transformations test (LTT).

An Application Observation

So, I was allowed with the support of the Viathen Company (Rostock) and the Institute for Medical Diagnostics (IMD, Berlin under the medical leadership of Dr. V. von Baehr) to carry out a small application observation or respectively my “add on” to a study.

Although a lot of interested parties had reported, some shrank back from the costs which originated in spite of the generous support. Some participants had no positive LTT in advance, others failed because of time related basic conditions. Thus four participants remained for this experiment. Certainly not a really representative number, but nevertheless the results make you prick up your ears, particularly since they coincide with the experiences in the practice work.

All four participants were more than 50 years old, chronically ill for many years with borreliosis with multiple symptoms and with positively tested reactions in the LTT for borrelia antigens.

The Basic Conditions – Part 1

Eight sessions, two times per week photon therapy with wavelength 880 nm, and a frequency of 9.88 Hz.

Time duration per treatment point: 350 seconds.

Treated points: Wrist inner surfaces [palm side], ears, necks, upper head, forehead, breast bone and solar plexus.

External (at the appropriate solar plexus) and (from the second session) oral application of the Borrelia burgdorferi nosodes in Kosakoff potency K1000.

The Basic Conditions – Part 2

Administration of:

  • An immunomodulant to balance the TH1- and TH2-reactions.
  • An anti-inflammatory prescription with Curcumin to control overshooting inflammation reactions
  • And some detoxifying and NF-kappa B reducing remedies, which are designed to achieve a mild detoxification by means of contained zeolite mineral powder [natural ion exchanger] and with the help of other contained substances to reduce nitro-stress reactions as well as the excessive formation of nitrogen oxide and peroxy-nitrite.

Taken over three months, starting with the beginning of photon therapy.

The Basic Conditions – Part 3

Laboratory tests before and after the application observation (see Table 1).

Table 1: Lab results before and after the application observation.


In all four cases – and this appears to be the primary and most pleasing news – after approximately three months no more indication of an active borreliosis could be determined.

In all four observed cases the increased values of interferon gamma (IFNχ) had normalized which is also desirable in connection with the treatment of intracellular pathogens.

TNF alpha rose rather high in three measured cases, which on the one hand is also desirable since for example the body uses inflammation as a physiological reaction in order to manage an infection, but on the other hand you could also look at this as the so called “Herxheimer reaction”. In the practice, it is always advisable to keep an eye on the TNF alpha so that it does not shoot up unchecked.

If you make a search for a chronic borreliosis with CD57+ NK cells, which are consulted as a diagnostic reference, the evidence capability is somewhat overrated. They are not only subject to the circadian rhythms with fluctuations up to 30%, but are also by no means as is sometimes claimed absolutely “borrelian specific”. In connection with other indications they may substantiate a diagnosis. They are less suitable as a therapy control. Nevertheless, you can presumably assume in the current observation that the “control CD57+” is away [from home], and namely at the location of the events (in the tissue) in order to perform its work. If you notably find less CD57+ in the blood, they have presumably swarmed out to arrest villains (of course they are currently in the tissue).

Similarly, it is valid for the measured number of NK cells. In conclusion, the quantity is not crucial for their function. An NK cell functions test, which gives information on the lysis capacity of the NK cells, is more appropriate.

Altogether it can be said that with this type of treatment the immune activity is strongly set in motion, and above all it may be stated that the borrelian activity is prevented.

Now of course there is still no long term monitoring for this, but in my very own personal case, I can announce the “my” borrelian-LTT is now negative for the third year after similar treatment . . .

Figure 2 (left): Spirochaeta look like this, when they “spiral” into the body as new comers. Soon they disappear inside the cells.
Figure 3 (right): The photon emitter is applied directly to the skin so that the photons so that the photons can reach through the skin into the body.

What Happens With Photon Therapy?

Photons are light quanta, therefore without mass, not further divisible elementary particles. Plants, animals, people, everybody needs these photons for life. Plants, so to speak, incorporate sunlight in their chlorophyll. Living cells can take up, store and emit photons. If a cell is ill, it is dark. Photons can be less well stored and the cell breathes out its remaining light slowly.

Under normal circumstances, active photon traffic prevails in the human body. Along the “photon highways” (one supposes these are the meridians) the light particles, equipped with a great variety of information, whiz along to their destinations.

Xenobiotics, above all heavy metals, radiation, potential pathogenic causes, but also persistent distress, disturb the bright light harmony. However more than ever we see ourselves exposed in our environment to these troublemakers. In the case of borreliosis it is the photons “stirred up” with the nosode information so to speak that tips the scales.

The Wavelength 880 nm is a Special One, Because . . .

In Complex IV of the respiration chain (mitochondrial, oxygen dependent energy production) is approximately 90% of the inhaled oxygen is processed. The wavelength of this absorption lies between 600 and 900 nm. With the described photon therapy, photons are emitted in the range of 880 nm and are supplied to the body through skin contact.

Among other things, chronic illnesses go along with a cellular dysfunction in Complex IV of the respiration chain, because Cytochrome c forced through hemoxygenase is reduced. As a result a congestion forms in the electron transport in the whole respiration chain and among other things therefore into the mitochondropathy (1).

Since through the photon therapy photons are emitted exactly in the wave range with 880 nm where in Complex IV of the respiration chain photons are absorbed, presumably one of the main effects can be seen in this. Thus the congestion in Complex IV of the respiration chain can be bridged over. If you even additionally give curcumin extract, the very same as photons in the same wave length range where Cytochrome c is absorbed, thereby the therapeutic effect strengthens (1).

Figure 4: In all observed cases the borrelian activity could be stopped within three months.

Nosodes Serve as “Signposts”

Applied nosodes load the patients with the negative information of the pathogens. The body and the immune system react to it. However in order to go specifically and powerfully to work the body needs support. The photons, by chance “on a wavelength” with the plan, offer exactly this support.

Thus the body is enabled to eliminate the pathogen through its own resources of the immune system, e.g. the NK cells. This may serve as an indication that the pathogenic burden is thoroughly resolved.

If you want to get rid of the pathogen with antibiotic external influences, things look different. Because borrelia happily exists intracellularly, it is rather difficult for an antibiotic to kill all intracellular pathogenic reservoirs, since otherwise you would have to assume, in my opinion, that all bacterial endobionts, especially even the mitochondria, would have to be eliminated as well. Operation successful – patient dead?

On the biochemical level under the given circumstances of a chronic borreliosis there are still one or more additional requirements. Nutrient deficits or immune disbalances must be balanced, toxic burdens removed and inflammations calmed. And this is why in the application observation we chose very widely effective supplements for the pure photon therapy:

Regulation of the immune response and the inflammation reaction, mild detoxification.

  • The immunomodulant altogether consists of: Micronising brown algae powder and alginic acid, sesame oil, cocoa and humulon. It modulates a dominant TH2 reaction in favor of the TH1 reaction.
  • The contents of the anti-inflammatory prescription are: Vitamin E, olive oil Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin D, niacin, curcumin, antioxidants, all micronising.
  • The third remedy, that supports the detoxication and prevents the formation of toxic nitro compounds consists of: Magnesium trisilicate, silicon dioxide (as a colloidal silicic acid), sodium alginate, mustard flour, cinnamon powder, asafetida (ferulic acid), brown algae flour, hop bitters, cocoa powder, extract from Curcuma longa. All content materials are micronising.

In the treatment of chronic borreliosis multiple system disorders should be addressed. The aim of the application observation introduced here was to achieve a very strong effect with as little as possible application.

Various Factors in Chronic Borreliosis

In principle there are two main directions (in individual cases still certainly with innumerable gradations and alterations):

  1. Inflammatory with all its facts and “strings” which you follow
  2. Allergic, also with foreseeable risks

A chronic borreliosis is always systemic, multi-factorial and multi-causal.

Today we know that the chronically persisting borreliosis primarily represents an immunological illness.

Borreliosis counts as one of the co-triggers for numerous multi-system illnesses like chronic inflammatory fatigue syndrome (CFS), MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) and Fibromyalgia, but also autoimmune illnesses like Parkinson Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) and even also Alzheimer Dementia, Schizophrenia or Uni-polar Depressions.

Chronic multi-system illnesses originate if different factors come together. According to hereditary diathesis, genetic polymorphism, pollutant burdening, bacterial or viral or rather general intracellular burdening, traumatic experiences, stress expression, constitution, etc. locally forms a nitro-stress and causes – just locally – in part very pronounced and irreversible mitochondropathies, i.e. damages the mitochondria. A pronounced fatigue due to the ATP deficiency goes along with it.

Possible Accompanying Circumstances

  • Heavy metal or other neurotoxic burdens (solvents, wood preservatives, PCB . . .)
  • Basic viral burdens (e.g. Epstein-Barr virus, Cytomegalovirus, Varicella-Zoster virus and other pathogens from the Herpes family.
  • Basic bacterial burdens (e.g. Chlamydia trachomatis or Chlamydia pneumoniae, Yersinia, Erlichia, streptococci, etc.)
  • Parasitic burdens
  • Metabolism acidosis and disturbances
  • Food intolerances, bowel dysbiosis, Leaky Gut
  • Serious nutrient deficits (e.g. zink, selenium, vitamin B12 or vitamin D, magnesium).
  • Vaccination burden (often after polio vaccination)
  • Organ burden (liver, kidney, pancreas, heart, etc.)
  • The previously mentioned chronic silent inflammation with increased TNFalpha, IL-1b, IL-6
  • Nitro-stress burden (mitochondrial toxic nitrogen compounds NO / ONOO)
  • Disturbance fields (e.g. root canal fillings in teeth, chronic sinusitis)
  • Energetic considerations: Foreign energies in the system (often spiritually “open” people)


In the end result how each therapist treats the “environment” of the chronic borreliosis may play a secondary role. However, it would be gratifying if the method mentioned above could find in a greater applied study to confirm the observations made here.

To see her article Borreliosis, Exposure of a Monster please follow this link.


Diagnostically, in my opinion, the following parameters are relevant (varying with individual cases):

  1. Borrelia LTT (a serologic examination delivers extremely unsafe values and at least one third of all chronic borrelioses fall out sero-negative).
  2. LTT of other more opportunistic- or co-infections
  3. Immune cytokines TNF alpha, interferon gamma, IL-10
  4. Homocysteine
  5. 25-OH-Vitamin D
  6. High blood count, zink, selenium, ferritin, blood serum iron
  7. TSH, fT3, fT4
  8. Neuroendocrine stress profile
  9. Stool flora
  10. NK cell functions test
  11. Testing for toxic burdens
  12. Nitro-stress test

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
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Published October 2009

From an article in CO’MED, Nr. 07 / 2009
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2009, Marlene Kunold, Hamburg, Germany

About the author

1) Dr. Heinrich Kremer: Die stille und heimliche Revolution in der Krebs- und AIDS-Medizin. Ehlers Verlag, 2006

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