Borreliosis –in the media it is raged like a deadly beast as incurable. Nevertheless, most information which circulates to such an extent about this illness is absolutely wrong, claims our author Marlene Kunold. For many years she has specialized in the treatment of chronic borreliosis and is known for her highly successful cures.

For raum&zeit she explains how she proceeds with the treatment of this new plague, and at the same time what meaning a new light therapy has.

Borreliosis patients are often diagnosed incorrectly, are not taken seriously, are treated incorrectly, and far too often are put into the “psycho corner”. Dependable figures about new illnesses are not given, only bad suppositions, cover-ups and projections over which minds are divided. All this is of little use to the affected persons. Yet if we dare to look into the connections quite a lot of the fear simply resolves.

The causes and involved factors of chronic borreliosis are multi-layered. On no account does it concern just a simple infection. Borreliosis, better called borreliosis syndrome is curable. Our body is not a theater of war in which it is a matter of destroying enemies, or of dropping bombs. That is why the knowledge alone that a good 90 percent of our bodies consist of bacteria demonstrates that the opinion that we must destroy bacteria with antibiotics is virtually ridiculous and extremely dangerous. Louis Pasteur whose life’s work even today is resplendent on every milk package (“pasteurized”), had himself even recognized by the end of his life: It was wrong what I preached. Claude Bernard, the French physiologist and doctor (1813-1878) was right: “The germ is nothing, the milieu is everything.” This milieu includes far more than we generally think.

Claude Bernard (1813-1878)
French doctor and physiologist

Louis Pasteur (1822-1895)
French chemist and microbiologist

Our body is not a theater of war in which it is a matter of destroying enemies, or of dropping bombs.

The Immune System

Our immune system is a strategically ingenious and very complicated network of defensive mechanisms. Even after a long time immunologists have not yet deciphered everything. As a normal mortal it is almost impossible to understand the immune system. Here is a small overview.

The Bowel and Antibiotics

The bowel is our greatest contact surface with the “outside”. Here there must be a secure barrier that reliably ensures that what we put into our mouths does not kill us. Before something can pass through the intestinal wall into the lymphatic system (and afterwards into the blood), it is reduced/digested so far that it can slip through the microscopic small openings, so that the “doormen” of the lymphatic system recognize what reaches there as belonging to the body (for example amino acids). If this does not work out, antigen-antibody complexes are constantly formed, the blood and immune system are burdened. This occurs if the bowel is “leaky” (“Leaky Gut”), and if the so called “Tight Junctions” are not allowed to happen in the lymphatic defensive system which surrounds the bowel, for example peptides (short amino acid connections, therefore not yet finally reduced protein). Promoting factors for this are for example stress, antibiotic and cortisone treatments, preservatives and heavy metals.

After antibiotic doses the bacterial flora of the bowel is damaged without fail. The acidification flora consisting of Bifido- and Lactobacillus strains among other things is decimated and the pH value is shifted into basic. This calls damaging germs like yeast-fungi, pathogenic Escherichia coli or clostridium strains into action. The digestion is disturbed, the milieu is changed, the decomposition-toxin-factory in one’s own bowel runs full blast, and at the same time completely damages the liver and pancreas. There are countless variations of a disturbed intestinal flora. This is why it is elementary to find out in what state the bowel is found and it is a matter of aiming to balance it again.


Every infection pathogen which is vaccinated provides for the fact that long term antibodies, or antigen-antibody complexes are formed and fixed in the body. Therefore a permanent latent state of alert, or a chronic state of infection, remains in existence. In some cases this burdens and blocks important immune reactions. Another drop could bring the barrel to overflowing. The more vaccinations, the more engaged the immune system is. Consequently, and not for nothing, every vaccinating physician knows a vaccination is contraindicated when the inoculated person has an immunological illness or possibly has a heavy influenza infection. The remaining stabilizers like for example the mercury compound Thiomersal (mercury is a nerve toxin) or an effect amplifier with aluminum, act on the brain and nervous system.

The more vaccinations, the more engaged the immune system is.

What else a vaccination has in its luggage was already described by Antonie Peppler in raum&zeit “Neuroses from the Shot. The spiritual-mental meaning of vaccinations and typical vaccination illnesses”: “Before an illness becomes so dangerous for me that I die of it, I take care of it rather than a lifelong smoldering process.” The acute conflict with the infection is prevented, but therefore also the immunological healing process which goes along with it, like for example fever (see also “Vaccinations – a Hidden Danger” in that Issue of raum&zeit).

A borreliosis patient can have these fatal results which appear in everyday practice if he is now vaccinated. If we want to relieve the immune system in the healing of chronic borreliosis we are well advised to deactivate the effect of the vaccination for example by purposeful homeopathic vaccination detox.

The Ability to Have a Fever

Sometime modern medicine thus began to regard fever as the actual illness. Since then fever is lowered. However, you thus suppress the strongest provision belonging to the body to rid itself of damaging foreign materials. In a fever countless immune messenger materials are produced, [some are] activated and others stopped, which in their ingenious teamwork not only completely clears up, but also enables the spiritual growth and maturation processes. With the dubious support of fever reducing drugs, antibiotics and cortisone, the body’s healing ability to have a fever is gradually un-trained. As my mother was in the habit of saying: “Now I have given up feeding the horse [the old nag], because it dies on me!” Already in ancient times we knew that fever is beneficial. Parmenides, Greek physician and philosopher (540-480 BC) expressed: “Give me the power to generate a fever and I am able to cure every illness.” Anthroposophic medicine knows: “In the fire of fever the illness burns.” But also that “fever is the carrier of the spiritual processes.” Quite a lot of mothers are astonished when their child stalks from his room in the morning after a fever infection and suddenly “overnight” seems physically grown and spiritually matured.

In the natural healing treatment of borreliosis it is thus worthwhile to again train the body to fevers. Here whole body hyperthermia achieves good service.

“Give me the power to generate a fever and I am able to cure every illness.”
Parmenides, Greek physician and philosopher (540-480 BC)

Mitochondria: They produce
energy for the body.
Additionally, they need
a lot of light.

The Mitochondria

The central role in the treatment of borreliosis is revealed if you visualize the following:

Almost all chronic illnesses go back to a mitochondropathy: An acquired functional defect, accompanied with performance reduction, neuro-endocrine changes, immunological changes and finally nitrosative stress (the trigger for autoimmune reactions, etc.). For all mitochondropathies a disturbance of the cell performance and cell control is common. The sum and individuality of the emerging functional disturbances are decided finally by the weight and the development of multi-system illnesses (see also “Anti Bios – Against our Sources of Life. Why antibiotics destroy our mitochondria, raum&zeit, No. 177”)

It is Light!

Not only plants need light for their metabolism – but also us people. Different new knowledge from physiology and quantum physics proves this. Simplified we could formulate: Photons hit our body surface, are passed on from there at very high speed to the cells which need light. Each of our cells, that accommodate thousands of mitochondria, possess tubular structures in the cytoskeleton, the microtubules, which are able to receive and to send light. From there the photons reach into the DNA in the cell nucleus and in the mitochondrial DNA. The quantum physical research results of the “secrets” of the cell according to Dr. Heinrich Kremer showed that the DNA is a hollow cavity resonator for cosmic oscillations or for light waves. Further we know that the mitochondria need light to be able to produce energy for the body. More exactly said, photons participate within the scope of the so called respiratory chain in the mitochondria by which adenosine 5’-diphosphate (ADP) is converted into adenosine triphosphate (ATP). Also with the photons there are differences. The organism needs those with “good” oscillations, thus those which behave coherently and synchronized. If we, or rather the photons, lose this synchronicity, we become sick.

Specific stimulation of the cells: The B.E.A.T.
light has 50 programs with which
borreliosis complaints can be relieved.

“In every cell approximately 100,000 chemical reactions take place every second. This can only occur if the reactive molecules are stimulated by corresponding photons . . .”
Dr. Mae-Won Ho “The Real Bioinformatics Revolution; Proteins and Nucleic Acids Singing to one Another?

The ATP is “instructed” in a highly complicated process by the light quantum information with the corresponding cell performance duties. After emission into the plasma the ATP transmits its stored photon information into all metabolism processes running in the cells as leading and control information.

If the order of the DNA level is disturbed, if there is no information stored, held and transmitted in the correct way anymore, illnesses thus originate. Also other biomolecules can store light.

Light Therapy

If we first supply the body with (non-coherent) photons through the skin, there they dash around the meridians where they are meant to be used. Photons can close the gaps in ATP production. The mitochondria and our cells profit from it doubly. On the one hand more ATP is released and on the other hand therefore more oxygen is produced which is of great importance for the intracellular immune response. However attention: This concerns oxygen radicals which for their part must also be defused again. Here the antioxidative glutathione system of the cells takes effect. In the mitochondrial respiratory chain the O2-dependent ATP formation originates at the same time as oxygen radicals (O-) and nitrogen radicals (NO) and which neutralizes the intact mitochondria through the reductive/antioxidative glutathione system. In therapy we thus provide for a sufficient formation of glutathione in the cells (for example with Glutacell,

Photons get the physical processes going in a similar manner as an orchestra conductor incorporates every single instrument into the collective sound. Photons of different wave lengths fulfill different duties . . .”
Dan Eden aka Gary Vey: “Rays of light from the DNA?”

In the meantime quantum physical technology is so far, that we administer the previously mentioned photons transdermally, and these can even be provided with (coherent) cell instructions. In the form of photon resonances which are up-modulated to the photons, specific cell duties are targeted and are stimulated or inhibited. In the B.E.A.T. Light device ( these qualities are combined. Thus if you want to activate the intracellular defense concerning borrelia you use information in the form of a nosode (homeopathically potentized pathogen), send light quanta/photons into the body and specifically stimulate the ATP production with the program “General Vitalization”. For the many typical borreliosis complaints there are more than 50 programs with which the “divine light order” can again be restored in many body systems, or in their photon control.


Countless processes in the body are oxygen dependent but also the intracellular defense. Nevertheless the magic word is called balance. We need oxygen radicals, but too many of them have destructive effects. Where oxygen radicals should fulfill their duties, antioxidants must always be nearby. It is dangerous if “treated” (with no special direction) wildly and without this background knowledge with oxygen methods like the MMS from Jim Humble. Embedded meaningfully into a therapy MMS is absolutely useful. There are different oxygen therapies (for example Oxyvenierung according to Dr. Regelsberger, H.O.T., Ozone therapy) which can come into use.

The Causes

Basically there are probably two kinds of causes to be distinguished:

  • The cause, which was actually always there or which has developed through evolution
  • And, those which were developed as biological weapons in laboratories and have for inexplicable reasons found their way to “live in the wild”

The latter ones are generally as sly as they come. Much speaks for the fact that Borrelia is such a laboratory construct. In his book “Lab 257” author Michael Carroll excellently investigated and described in detail what happened in the former military laboratory “Lab 257” on Plum Island in New York State in the 50 years after the end of the war. In addition to chronic borreliosis there is a “zoo” of other causes; thus co-infections and opportunistic infections which feel at home especially in an over-vaccinated body, which cannot have a fever, which lacks in glutathione and vital materials, where the mitochondria are burdened toxically and fight for their bare survival, putrefaction is accommodated in the bowel, etc. etc. There the causes find favorite places to increase in batches over and over again . . .

Prof. Fritz Albert Popp discovered that bacteria devour the photons in their surroundings, which explains that a body which accommodates a whole zoo of “untreated” pathogenic causes has fewer photons available for itself, above all if the fewer photons again “radiate chaotic stuff”. The condition nevertheless leaves the host at least alive because the person is a tough guy . . . but this has little to do with health. If it is now further treated with chemical bombs, it is self explanatory that this way is living in the shadows.


We are surrounded by countless toxic sources. Often enough the most poisonous sources are found in our own mouth (root canal fillings, dental foci, dental materials). Multiple toxins accumulate in the body, cannot be managed or eliminated by the body’s own system, and have damaging effects (disturbance fields, chronic inflammations). Here a conscientious construction of the detoxification systems is needed, and after that as thorough a decontamination/detoxification as possible. This should occur with homeopathic support, however on no account only homeopathically because this can release a mobilization but not an excretion. This has been proven for example by the use of different natural substances like Zeolithe (in the beginning), brown algae, micronized Chlorella, etc. which are administered in succession or combination.


Hyperacidity, as well as a deficiency of basic minerals/electrolytes also going hand in hand with a deficiency in trace elements, accompanies every borreliosis syndrome. Particularly in the biophysics of our organism the electrolytes play a big role. This is why the acid-base balance must again be restored, and the extracellular space of the matrix must be cleared so that nutrients can actually occur.

Food and Vital Materials

Besides healthy food which should be milk and gluten free as well as organic, nowadays the body needs B vitamins in high dosage (especially B12), omega 3 fatty acids, minerals, trace elements (like zinc, selenium, manganese and iron), enzymes, Coenzyme Q10, amino acids, polyphenols, and vitamins E, A, K and above all D. Possibly the hormone system, the neurotransmitters and the metabolism must be temporarily supported in their regeneration process.

The Mental

We know that every illness has its mental background. The emotional patterns which are formed in the infant or even prenatal of course also play a role in the construction of chronic borreliosis syndrome. Access to these patterns, dogmas and blockages (e.g. the “day off sick” thinking and the distraught pattern) must be created and the mental released. The creative homeopathy of Antonie Peppler ( also here provides fantastic service. Mens sana in corpora sano is once more confirmed here. Only the other way around . . . So, you have courage, if you are among the affected persons. There is no “quick fix”, it needs some time.

To see her preceding article, And Yes – It is Impossible, please follow this link.

COMMENTS from the Director

I am sure that many of you are really curious about why I included this particular article in our final 2012 Issue of “The Bridge”. Many of Dr. Kunold’s comments are quite basic and easily recognized by all of you, but we must be grateful for her acknowledgement and respect for the research and development of the past. Also, she talks about instrumentation (such as the Bireg biophoton device) that is not on the OIRF recommended listings.

Dr. Kunold’s work with borreliosis patients has become quite well recognized in Germany and this is the second article by her that we have included in issues of “The Bridge”. Her high success rate in treating these patients bears close watch and I will be seeking further contact with her to determine whether or not she can speak to – or write directly for – our members.

In terms of the various treatments which Dr. Kunold uses, I was most interested to see her excellent combination of therapies – BioPhoton Light Therapy and Oxygen Therapy. Although she uses other brands of instrumentation, the concepts and applications are applicable regardless. She has utilized BioPhotons with her patients for a long time, however has used the Bireg B.E.A.T. Light Therapy. What is most interesting is the utilization of different light frequencies for specific applications.

We have worked closely with Mr. Dieter Jossner of the Medical Electronics company (one of the original and long term researchers for BioPhoton technology) and have requested technical information on the difference in the devices and the need for different frequencies. Technically – in spite of the Bireg’s multiple frequencies – that device has been found to deliver a lower quality of biophotons in irregular frequencies. The HPT 3D Standard BioPhoton device recommended by OIRF has two basic frequencies (Alpha – mostly used on the head, and Poly – mostly used on the rest of the body). This approach has been highly successful with nearly 30 years of experience behind it. And, if the practitioner really feels it necessary to work with additional frequencies, other models of the Medical Electronics devices are available with those features. With BioPhotons we are talking about delivering information to the body via the body’s own light pathways. The introduction of remedy information (of course also possible with the HPT 3D) will not only send energy to the body, but the information it needs to bring about healing. In view of cost, effectiveness, long term r&d and longevity, the OIRF recommendation remains with the Medical Electronic models. You will simply find Dr. Kunold’s therapy concepts will be completed more quickly and effectively.

But I do want to add that the Bireg company definitely seems to have “homed in” on the borreliosis aspects. They have commissioned the manufacture of a special and very good Test Set which contains some very specific and new strains of borreliosis. There are only about 20 ampules in the set, but it sells for over €200 – very expensive. Being pushed for funding this year, I have not yet obtained my set but it is definitely on my wish list. If you are working with borreliosis patients I recommend that you contact this company to see if you can get a copy of that test set. [If it can be obtained, the Test Set from Heck Pharma also contains many good remedies including borreliosis.]

In terms of the oxygen therapies Dr. Kunold mentions, I again go back to the OIRF recommendations. Based on our experience and research the fastest and the most effective method for delivering general oxygen therapy is the Inhaled Ionized Oxygen 3000 by Dr. Engler especially when paired with the VNS Diagnosis 3000 (both manufactured by the CSTronic company in Austria). This is a delivery of highly energized pure oxygen via our normal breathing and respiration.

I must say I agree with her assessment of the MMS oxygen therapy from Jim Humble – it has its place and its application but not as a complete or general therapy. And in essence the same applies to the other oxygen therapies mentioned in that all have some highly effective applications. For Ozone therapy we recommend the devices from the Hänsler company in Germany.

And of course for determination of the acid-base balance please look at the information on the BE-T-A (Bio-Electronic Terrain Analysis). Developed by Med-Tronik this device has won awards for its design (especially the electrodes) and is based on the original work and research of Dr. Franz Morell and Prof. Louis-Claude Vincent. This is a subjective diagnostic tool which is useful in all clinics, especially if you are treating cancer patients.

But I could go on and on. Dr. Kunold gives us a good example of the combination of methods and techniques which will assist the practitioner from intake to final therapy session.

Carolyn L. Winsor
Managing Director & CEO

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published December 2012

From an article in raum&zeit, 13. Jahrgang, Nr. 180, Nov/Dec 2012
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2012, Marlene Kunold, Hamburg, Germany

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