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19th Germany Tour

The Fall of 1994 featured the Institute’s 19th German Biological Medicine Update Tour. This year’s tour, as always, was very interesting.

The emphasis of this tour was cancer, and methods of dealing with this devastating disease of civilization. During the tour we visited one of the leading and largest Biological cancer clinics in Germany to see first hand what they are doing for their patients. This particular clinic employs various therapies including, ozone, ionized oxygen, and mistletoe preparations.

The tour included a short introductory session on darkfield microscopy, to introduce attendees to the concept of Terrain and monitoring a therapy course. Also included on the trip was a visit to an Ozone equipment manufacturer where we saw the latest in equipment, and received some instruction on the proper use of ozone, and latest research findings.

At the hotel conference center, three different speakers gave presentations on a variety of mistletoe preparations. We were introduced to the different types of preparations, general instructions on how to use them, both by themselves and in conjunction with orthodox cancer therapy.

The presentation by Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp was definitely a highlight of the tour. One of the world’s leaders in Bio-Photon research, he introduced some of the work that he is doing with associates in the U.S. Later, everyone had the opportunity to examine some of the latest in Bio-Photon instrumentation and learn about possibilities for patient applications.

Overall, a very enjoyable and relaxing tour, spending most of the time around the scenic area of Baden-Baden, and sleeping in the same hotel for six nights. Veterans of previous tours will no doubt be envious of this years schedule. Besides the easy schedule, the hotel, the food, and the beer were outstanding. The less arduous schedule allowed us all to gather some rest, learn from each other, enjoy the speakers, and absorb German hospitality.

An Update Review for OIRF Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 1995

Prepared by OIRF Staff
© Copyright 1995, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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