O2 Ions as Energy-Carriers of our Life Energy

The following is Part 2 of a two-part article by Oswald Bartel. The first part focused on ionized oxygen, this second part talks about ionized water. Included are some therapy suggestions that are still at the research stage. This is an authorized translation from a German article. At times the English and grammar are a little rough, however, except where absolutely required we have not altered the original article.

As was already mentioned (in part one), there is another way to improve the electrical field of the body – energetically enriched water. Water can be enriched with either a positive ionic charge, or a negative ionic charge, or a combination of both positive and negative ions. This last combination is particularly important in the case of stomach as well as intestinal disorders, and for all kinds of metabolic imbalances.

The effect is increased when homeopathic medications are added up to a strength of 20X. Due to the charge in the water, these homeopathic medications form electrified colloids carrying the specific homeopathic information. Homeopathic concentrations higher than 20X also have a much better effectivity through electrical magnification of the information.

Newest research on water ionization has shown that it takes a somewhat different course than has been postulated up to now. Prof. Trincher has already proven that the ions enter into niches in the molecular structure. This remains the case, but in the meantime more is known about the way that ions saturate water.

Dr. Castleman, University of Pennsylvania, in 1992 showed that an ion, whether positive or negative, is encompassed by twenty water molecules. This forms an eight-sided cluster of such stability that the ion is only released under extreme physical (evaporation, pollution) or biological conditions, for instance as part of the metabolic cycle of the body. This is of extreme importance for two reasons:

  1. The water between our cell membrane has a certain structure similar to “heavy water”; to a certain extent it is “heavy water”. This water has a different surface tension than normal water, which is relatively low. This is readily apparent when we consider that our blood has a surface tension of 45 dyne per square cm, and normal water as it comes out of the tap, has a surface tension of 74 dyne per square cm. This makes it clear that the structures in the water have become modified.
  2. The surface tension of the water changes as soon as an electrical charge pervades the liquid. This electrical charge leads to the cluster formation. This is the case for energetically enriched colloids. In the course of this process, the structure of the water molecule is pulled together and this means that the surface tension is reduced.

If such water is pure and then electrically charged it takes on the properties of cell water. This means that water of this type is much better integrated and absorbed into our bodies than hard tap water or mineral water.

Water has the ability to change its structure so as to take on another crystalline structure. As was already mentioned, water can charge itself through motion [such as in a waterfall] and can keep the charge in the form of colloids. This means that the structure of the water changes so that it is similar to cell water. This demonstrates that electrical charges help to restructure water.

This illustrates what our ancestors already knew, that Holy water and medicinal waters are special. They have a clockwise molecular structure or rotational spin. Such water has a special structure that is inimical to fungus and bacteria even in higher concentrations. It is therefore very important to drink energetically enriched water with few minerals. This water has certain “information” which is processed differently by each individual, but which is crucial in order to bring the organism back into equilibrium.

Some Recent Research

A half liter of distilled water is heated to 35 degrees Celsius (heating by convection). Two drops of blood are added, the mixture is then ionized. Whether the solution is ionized exclusively negative, exclusively positive (this requires caution), or both negative and positive (as will be the method of choice in most cases), depends on the disorder being treated. The temperature must be maintained. In order to keep the erythrocytes alive that temperature of the solution must not drop below 32 degrees Celsius. Living erythrocytes are energetically charged and returned to the circuit. This therapy should only be carried out once a week at the most, as it has a very potent effect. Indications for its use must be carefully considered.

Editors Note: We have included an example of Mr. Bartel’s research investigations that accompanied this article to let you see the direction that research with ionized water is going, and to get practitioners exposed to a broader scope of applications.

Since no clearer details for using this therapy are available to us at this time, nor a list of indications, we highly recommend that practitioners refrain from pursuing this as a course of therapy until more is known. We will continue to explore this particular application of Ionized Oxygen Therapy and keep our readership informed.

An Exclusive Translated Article for OIRF Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published February 1995

© Copyright 1995, Bartel/Occidental Institute, BC Canada

Note (2024): Mr. Bartel supplied this German language article privately to Dr. Sturm. Translation was completed with his permission. Mr. Bartel was one of the original suppliers of devices for the ionization of oxygen. It was called the IONOPRONT BME, and some of these devices are still in daily use in many international practices. When Mr. Bartel retired, other German and Austrian firms developed similar (more current) devices according to the research of Prof. Dr. Ivan Engler of Austria.

Reference and Suggested Reading:
Dr. Reichs “Orgon” and Practical Employment of Ionization from the book “Die Entdeckung des Orgons” Vol II by Wilhelm Reich

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