With Degenerative Challenges


All of us have lurking in our DNA a most remarkable gene whose job is to protect us from the activation and results of faulty mechanisms; the most dramatic end point may be cancer. This gene and its cofactors constantly scan our cells to ensure that when they grow and divide as part of the routine maintenance of our bodies, they do so without mishap. However, if a cell “makes a mistake” due to the overwhelming onslaught of environmental, pathogenic, emotional toxicities, etc., signaling pathways become corrupt and mutation occurs, physically, mentally, emotionally, and maybe most importantly, energetically. A restorative, healing return requires treatment strategies for all levels. As human beings, we have drifted so far away from the natural design and order of things to the point where we are almost unrecognizable and, in the process, we have dragged all remaining living species along with us. Seen in this light, our mandated responsibility is larger than we might have initially thought, for as it has been said, “Where any are bound none are free”.

The Legacy Continuum

To suggest that we are living in a remarkable time may well be one of the greatest understatements of all time! In the last hundred years our civilizations have achieved monumental advances in science and technology all with the (arguably) noble intent of making our experience of living easier and more fulfilling. Well, that hasn’t worked out very well has it (?) as evidenced by the patterns of increasing extremes worldwide; pollution, environmental decay, politics, food shortages, “wars and rumors of wars”, disease patterns and their transgenerational oscillatory signatures and so on.  Many have made the extended observation that human beings, individually and as a collective, are the cancer of the world. They may have a point … Yet, there is more than just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel. That, however, comes with the specific mandate that a dramatic shift must occur in our perspective and consequent application. Medicine, in form and in principle, could in fact, lead the way.

Dr. Ronal Pero, a leading ecogenic toxicologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center opens a noteworthy aperture, “There is no cure for cancer because there is nothing wrong with cancer. Cancer like everything else vibrates at certain frequencies. The answer out of cancer is to teach people to raise their vibrational rate back to the level where they belong”.

This of course goes completely against the grain of the current conventional paradigm, compounded by self-sabotaging pathological disbelief which basically states, that “even if it were true I wouldn’t believe it” (particularly when one’s salary depends upon it!). This level of marked insanity isn’t just a recent phenomenon.

The splitting of the atom”, said Einstein, “changed everything except man’s mode of thinking”. Apparently, he too was up against this life draining pathology as were all great, courageous, medical pioneers; Abbess Hildegard von Bingen, Dr. Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim (Paracelcus), Dr. Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann, Dr. Constantine Hering, Dr. Eli Jones (the Eclectics) and more recently Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, Dr. Reinhold Voll, Professors Enderlein and Pischinger and countless hundreds and hundreds of thousands of honorable and dedicated men and women too numerous to list throughout the ages … so many. Note that every one of them understood the fact that people where not limited to just a body, mind, a heart, and energetic signature patterns (by any other name). In today’s world we might describe their work in terms of bioenergetic or quantum medicine.

Niels Bohr, a Danish physicist who made foundational contributions to understanding atomic structure and quantum theory for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1922 wrote, “If quantum mechanics hasn’t profoundly shocked you, you haven’t understood it yet”.

A few hundred years earlier, the father of homeopathy Dr. Hahnemann had laid it out perfectly for all who have at least a few resonating heart and brain cells left. He felt that mistunements of the Vital Force (and its signature patterns) underlie all physical, mental, and emotional symptoms that patients experience and that only through the application of medicines that correctly act upon (resonance) or with (concordance) the Vital Force can restore health. For him, the mistunement of the Vital Force as a unified whole, IS the disease needing treatment, with symptoms providing the unique picture of how this is deranged.

Note that he wasn’t implying that the Vital Force was flawed. Quite the contrary! So what is it that creates this mistunement? He answered, “disease is a blockage of some sort between the Spirit and the Form”. Herein is a clue to the fields of connecting substance which is permeable and differentiated from “above”, however, not from “below”. (Above and below are terms used to describe energetic frequencies). Above provides the imprint to below. However, if below is compromised, a blockage or obstacle to cure form, initially energetically, and subsequently emerges through heart, mind and body. These blockages can be measured in the form of energetic signatures often viewed through the mesenchyme, connective tissues, etc., mirrored and amplified via meridian pathways.  See Reckeweg’s Homotoxicology, Voll’s EAV, Mora BioResonance, reproducible muscle testing, energetic signaling test kits/vials, etc.

The alchemists of old described this field in terms of THE Heaven and THE Earth. THE Heaven being the “template of gestation” where the energetic signatures are generated and then gathered together, emerging when stimulated as THE Earth of heart, mind and body. (Note that the heart comes first in this “cascade”.) The heart to which the ancients were referring is not the focus of cardio-vasculature. It is more TCM than typical western medicine but with emphasis on the sub-conscious, archetypes, symbols, perceptions, transgenerational energetic patterns and yes, to an extent, emotions, which are also energetic patterns. (Remember: every cell houses and carries “emotions”, for the issues are in fact, in the tissues!). This cascade continues to emerge through the mind in various patterns and on through to the physical body, revealing forms related to the initiating signal(s) as causal chains. This is an interesting way to think of conventional Western medicine’s psychosomatic diseases!

Dissonance creates obstacles to cure. Resonance with the Vital Force is the cure. Dissonant bioenergetic signals from below are the cause of mistunements. Resonant bioenergetic signals from above are the attuned expression of the Vital Force.

Laws of BioEnergetic Medicine (Fig. 1)
The higher frequencies permeate the lower.
The lower frequencies are a differentiation of the higher.
The lower frequencies do not permeate the higher.

Hopefully this very basic introduction can be food for thought and integrated in your testing and protocol work. So, in keeping with our alchemical metaphor of THE Heaven and THE Earth let’s work with THE Earth with the laws of bioenergetic medicine fermenting in the background.

Hopefully this very basic introduction can be food for thought and integrated in your testing and protocol work. So, in keeping with our alchemical metaphor of THE Heaven and THE Earth let’s work with THE Earth with the laws of bioenergetic medicine fermenting in the background.

Signaling Mechanisms

Borrowing from my introduction, “All of us have lurking in our DNA a most remarkable gene whose job is to protect us from the activation and results of faulty mechanisms, the most dramatic end point of which may be cancer. This gene, known simply as p53 constantly scans our cells to ensure that when they grow and divide as part of the routine maintenance of our bodies, they do so without mishap – however, if a cell makes a mistake…”

So, if a cell does make a mistake at the level where it’s copying its DNA during the process of division, p53 stops it in its tracks, sending in the repair team before allowing the cell to carry on dividing. However, if the mistake is irreparable and the rogue cell threatens to grow out of control, p53 commands the cell to commit suicide. Cancer, for example, cannot develop unless p53 itself is damaged or handicapped by some other signaling fault in the system. Not surprisingly then, p53 is arguably, the most studied single gene in history.

Every time a cell divides there is a possibility of genetic errors. As an example, for cancer to develop, it requires the control mechanisms in just one cell to be thrown into disorder, resulting in unlimited replication (daughters) of that rogue cell. Considering the exponential number of cell divisions occurring in the human body daily, the development of cancer is relatively rare. Scientists rightly, have long suspected that there is a very powerful protective mechanism at work.

Insidiously malignant cancers have many seeming causes, known and more probably unknown. p53 may be seen as the single most unifying factor in the disease. For most types of cancer to develop, p53’s suppressor activity has to have been disabled. Interestingly, p53 was initially thought to be a cancer-causing protein. Then came the moment of clarity and the potentially great unifying principle was born. In 1989, p53 was revealed as the master tumor suppressor.

In the questing spirit of cancer research, the 1979 discovery of the gene named p53 was the equivalent of finding the Holy Grail. One of its discoverers, the oncologist David Lane, dubbed it the “Guardian of the Genome” which is an apt description.

The gene, it turned out, is a kind of master switch that orchestrates life and death signals in every cell. Scientists stumbled on p53, while investigating (wouldn’t you know it), a monkey virus. Simian virus SV40. I am going to make reference to this a little later on as it is becoming a central factor in much of our work, as you will see.

Tumor Suppressor Genes

In more than half of all human tumors, mutations corrupt p53. Half of all human tumors! This mutated gene starts to propagate cancer rather than prevent it. Very briefly there are two levels of defense to discuss here:
The Caretakers
First line of defense; prevent genomic oncogenic mutations to occur.
The Gatekeepers
Second line of defense; eliminate (by apoptosis) senesce cells with oncogenic mutations

p53 is situated at the crossroads of a network of signaling pathways that are essential for cell growth regulation and apoptosis induced by genotoxic and non-genotoxic stressors.

Researchers eventually discovered that when p53 is functioning normally, it attaches itself to the DNA in a damaged cell and takes control of other genes, switching them on and off as necessary and disabling cells that might threaten these organisms. One of the most important functions of p53’s armory is the ability to induce a state of permanent arrest and also instruct a seriously damaged cell to commit suicide.

Another purpose of tumor suppressor gene p53 is to prevent cells with damaged DNA from dividing and passing on the DNA damage to daughter cells. The cell can monitor itself for DNA damage during the cell cycle. If DNA damage is detected, the p53 protein plays an important role in putting a “brake” on the cell cycle. This “brake” is not removed unless the DNA damage is repaired. In a cell with a mutated p53 gene, the braking system is defective, and the damaged cell goes on in the cell cycle and divides. A defective p53 gene deprives the cells of crucial signals that normally put the “brakes” on inappropriate cell division and tumor development.

UPSTREAM/DOWNSTREAM Transcription Factors

p53 functions primarily as a transcription factor, a protein that regulates and controls the activity and expression of many other genes.

The functional signal transduction circuit of p53 consists of the upstream mediators (which sense and relay stress signals to p53), the core regulation components which form the core circuitry maintaining and regulating p53 levels and the downstream effectors (which initiate cellular response programs).

As a functioning transcription factor, p53 stimulates the transcription of a group of target genes. Among them is p21, one of the most important. The product of the p21 gene is a negative regulator of cyclic independent kinases – enzymes that are critical in the progression of the cell cycle and ultimately cell division. By stimulating the transcription of the p21 gene, p53 prevents cell proliferation. That is vitally important information. This stoppage gives the cell the opportunity to make repairs, if possible. However, if substantial DNA damage has occurred, the p53 protein can help to trigger cell death. Apoptosis. The death of a cell that has incurred substantial DNA damage is beneficial to the organism because it prevents cells with deleterious mutations from proliferating.

As mentioned, cells have a very efficient repair system for most kinds of DNA damage. Cell suicide is a sacrifice that must be made to protect the overall health of the body. Without it, damaged cells would continue to divide and pass on the defects to daughter cells. More importantly, these damaged cells would continue to accumulate additional mutations that could allow the cell to escape from normal controls, eventually leading to the formation of a life-threatening tumor.

Think of a tumor suppressor gene as an emergency “off” switch. The tumor suppressor gene can prevent a cell with an oncogene from dividing and passing damaged DNA on to other cells. If a tumor suppressor gene is inactivated, or damaged in some way, it can no longer provide this control over abnormal cell division.

How can a cell escape the “stop” signals given by the tumor suppressor gene? One way is to damage the tumor suppressor gene so it can no longer function properly. Tumor suppressor genes are written in a DNA code that must be transcribed and translated to make the protein signal. Mutations to the DNA code can turn off a tumor suppressor gene or disrupt the signal.

By changing the DNA code of a tumor suppressor gene, the cell can no longer make a tumor suppressor signal the cell recognizes. By omitting one letter in the DNA code, the mutated DNA message makes no sense to the cell. In response, the cell may not be able to make the tumor suppressor protein.

Other types of mutations can result in the cell producing a defective tumor suppressor protein that can no longer convey the “stop” or “die” signal. Remember oncogenes say go and the tumor suppressors say stop or commit suicide. Since the rest of the cell’s machinery is still intact, the cell can carry on with the other activities needed for survival.

The Nature of Mutated p53 Tumor Suppressor Genes

The nature of mutated p53 tumor suppressor genes helps to illustrate why traditional forms of cancer treatment, such as radiation, are not always successful in treating cancer. These treatments rely on damaging the cancerous cells more than the normal cells, so that the cancer cells will commit “cell suicide.”

This would normally work, since the DNA damage would be detected by the cell, and the p53 proteins would stimulate the cancer cell to commit suicide. However, a cell with a mutated or deleted p53 gene cannot make the “cell suicide” signal. As a result, the treatment will not work effectively.

All Chronic Conditions

Now this doesn’t just relate to cancers. All chronic conditions carry various forms of DNA mutations, mostly related to p53 and its transcriptions as p53 is at the crossroads.

If a mutated tumor suppressor gene is already present in the sperm of the father or egg of the mother, this genetic damage can be passed on to their children. The pickings in the gene pool are slim.

Simian Virus 40 (SV40) & Mesothelioma

SV40 was the 40th virus found in rhesus monkey kidney cells when these cells were used to make the polio vaccine. This virus contaminated both the Inactivated Polio Vaccine (IPV) created by Dr. Jonas Salk and the Oral or “Live” Polio Vaccine (OPV) created by Dr. Albert Sabin.

CDC made this statement: “All of the current evidence indicates that polio vaccines have been free of SV40 since 1963.”

Not so. In 2005, the journal Cancer Research published a study titled, Some oral poliovirus vaccines were contaminated with infectious SV40 after 1961.” The research for the study was prompted by the detection of SV40 in a wide range of human tumors, leading the World Health Organization to issue a recommendation in 2000 to test polio vaccines produced after 1961. They found that vaccines from a major eastern European manufacturer (EEVM) contained infectious SV40 which was “produced from early 1960s to about 1978 and were used throughout the world.” In other words, they don’t know!

How many of your patients (how many of us) received these vaccinations?

Today, a multi-institutional study supported by the International Mesothelioma Interest Group confirms the presence of SV40 in humans, with rare forms of cancer, such as malignant mesothelioma. The study printed in Cancer Research on October 15, 1998, suggests a “co-carcinogenic interaction between SV40 and asbestos in humans should be carefully tested in future investigations.” The study goes on to state, “If SV40 and asbestos are co-carcinogens, people who are SV40 positive may be at a higher risk of developing mesothelioma when exposed to asbestos. Identifying individuals at higher risk may offer opportunities for prevention.” It’s apparent that there are a wide range of co-infections implicating SV40, not just cancer. Lyme would be a primary example.

So what is it that damages these tumor suppressor genes, particularly p53? Viruses for one. The virus gets into the cytoplasm and wreaks havoc on it; stealth Virus, HPV, Coxsakie, Herpes, adenoviruses, SV40, etc. In addition, xenobiotics such mycoplasmas, glyphosates, EMFs, heavy metals, radiation, chemicals, a myriad of pathogens, chemotherapeutic agents, vaccines, etc. Isn’t this what we’re dealing with in our practices much of the time?

Hormesis and the Arndt Shultz Law

However, it’s not just the pathogen and environmental factors that create the stressors. It is the signature patterns that are locked up deep in the fields with which I began the article. The mesenchymal fields, the subconscious fields, the archetypal fields, the pathogenic fields, the transgenerational field, the emotional fields and so on. These energetic signals must be removed out of The Field if there is to be complete restoration. Failure to do so results in a recycling of the original insult as well as the translocation of biological interferences and their signatures and the reabsorption at deeper levels as seen in the processes of hormesis, heat shock proteins, micro inflammatory processes, rigid signals, adaptation and adoption.

If the pattern has been long standing and/or transgenerational, you will always be dealing with rigid signals. More often than not these rigid signals are fixed in a causal chain pattern that has been adapted to and adopted by the body AS SELF in a final attempt to isolate these errant signals and contain damage. Typically, you will see this reflected on the Reckeweg Homotoxicology chart as within the final column. This is challenging as for all intents and purposes the signal isn’t there! It’s been adapted to and adopted by the body as self. There is a specific protocol that we teach to EAV and BioResonance practitioners which has also been adopted by auricular and muscle testers that through the application of specific nosodes, a heat shock protein involving a micro inflammatory current diagnostically brings the cloaked and fixed rigid signal to the attention of the immune system. A cascading effect draws the signal away from the mesenchymal field as one example, and out through the fields of the emunctories or drainage pathways.  When the field is clarified and the drainage pathways are opened, the healing power of the Vital Force restores and repairs heart, mind and body quickly and effectively.

Hormesis is a term used by toxicologists to refer to a biphasic dose response to an environmental or xenobiotics agent. It is characterized by low dose, moderate dose and high dose stimulation. In other words, the Arndt-Shultz Law, which basically states: For every substance, low doses stimulate, moderate doses inhibit, large doses kill. We use very low dose nanomolecular nosodes to provide a sequential stimulation.

In the fields of biology and medicine, hormesis is defined as an adaptive response of cells and organisms to a moderate (usually intermittent) stress. Tobacco farmers know this. Bee keepers know this. Recent findings have elucidated the cellular signaling pathways and molecular mechanisms that mediate hormetic responses which typically involve enzymes such as kinases and deacetylases, and transcription factors such as Nrf-2 and NF-κB. As a result, cells increase their production of cytoprotective and restorative proteins including growth factors, protein chaperones (heat shock proteins), and phase 2 antioxidant enzymes.

It’s important to have an understanding of the right remedy, at the right time, at the right level and in the right sequence. With this in place the Vital Force can work its wonderful magic. (This is where BioResonance instruments such as the Mora, and EAV instrumentation along with other bio dynamic testing procedures and protocols provide us with such an advantage. Adding artistic and masterfully formulated remedies which are highly energetic (The Heaven) and organically sourced and free of chemical manufacturing (The Earth) provides the greatest service to the patient.

Remedy Ingredient Suggestions

I like to use liposomes as part of a complete protocol treatment. A true liposome (@100 nm depending on the substance) which is also chirally correct, will not be degraded in the digestive system and will by-pass the first pass of the liver. An ionic ligand, target directs the remedy to the binding sites after it reaches the immune lymphatic cells of the small intestine. (Many of you may remember Dr. Voll stressing the importance of the gut associated lymphoid tissues and Peyers patches. Of course he was insistent and rightly so, of the ondotoma connection, the palatine tonsils, sinuses, and so much more!). I also use many causal-chain combinations of potentized Homeopathics, Spagyric botanicals and Matrix Nutritionals.


 From age to age, these transgenerational patterns have now vanished into the mists leaving only a faint and distant, signal. Mistunements of the Vital Force reach far back into antiquity; since the “fathers fell asleep”. They have plagued human kind through endless cycles of terrible physical, mental and emotional traumas of seeming indiscernible origin. However, these are at the causative core of every obstacle to cure and every disturbance through which human beings suffer; body, mind and heart.

 As human beings, we have drifted so far away from the natural design and order of things to the point where we are almost unrecognizable and, in the process, we have dragged all remaining living species along with us. Seen in this light, our mandated responsibility is larger than we might have initially thought, for as it has been said, “Where any are bound none are free”.

 Please feel free to contact me and I will send you in the right direction for remedy medicines, unique to this current cycle, which provide causal chain-specific homeopathic detox/drainage/sarcode/milieu potentized signatures, hand-crafted Spagyric ethno Intrinsic botanicals and matrix nutritionals to care for The Earth (heart, mind, body) and The Heaven (fields within fields) of your patients.

It is my great pleasure and privilege to greet you in the spirit of collaborative, encouragement.

PS Please don’t confuse this article as flat world, new age, techno-babble! It is the result of over four decades of successful, personal, clinical practice, built on the shoulders and hearts of exceptional mentors living and in the near and distant past, and on the experience of thousands of International BioEnergetic practitioners who work closely together with me in this grand adventure!

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Published May 2018

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western and eastern views of medicine to encompass the dynamic ranges of physics and energetic influences. Dr. Cass has earned international acclaim over many years as a Master Formulator and Founder of Physica Energetics (hand-crafted ethno Intrinsic Spagyric Botanicals and Homeopathics and Matrix Nutritionals). He continues actively writing, formulating and teaching in North America, Europe and the Middle and Far East where his protocols and healing strategies are successfully being applied in thousands of clinics throughout. Dr. Cass is also on the Medical Advisor Board for OIRF. When he is in the USA he spends his time between his homes in Santa Barbara, California and Tucson, Arizona with his wife, children and grandchildren.

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