Dr.rer.nat. Michael Galle
April 27, 1960* – March 7, 2018†

Unexpectedly for all of us, Michael Galle died on March 7, 2018. After his studies in biology he worked together with Prof. Fritz Albert Popp at the International Institute for Biophysics. He graduated from the mathematical-scientific faculty of the University of Saarbrücken. The interference-like emission patterns of daphnia populations documented among other things in his research examinations were a clear indication that “morphogenetic fields” can be developed across weak electromagnetic interactions in the optical spectral range. His publication attracted worldwide attention.

In 1997 he learned about [the engineer] Erich Rasche, the co-inventor [with Dr. med. Franz Morell] of classical BioResonance, founded the Institute for Biophysical Medicine and cooperated with Erich Rasche for the investigation of classical BioResonance and low frequency information transfer. He accomplished an outstanding service in his publication of high quality studies, worldwide research for BioResonance studies and the support of dissertations and theses. With that he helped to create the scientific background of the technology and to make the clinical defense possible in relation to the licensing authorities.

Dear Michael Galle, rest in peace.

Yours, Andre Rasche
BioKat GmbH
Lahr, Germany, April 2018

An Exclusive Translated Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published May 2018

© Copyright 2018, Andre Rasche, BioKat, Lahr, Germany

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