A Personalized and Non-Disease Label
Approach to Improving Body Functions
Versus Treating Disease


Disease labels do not help us cure our patients. Imagine an approach that would rapidly allow you to find the hidden physiological and emotional cause of your patient’s symptoms, while simultaneously stimulating your patient’s nervous system with focused therapeutic electromagnetic fields. This is a non-invasive method to help you, the therapist, find the source of your patient’s symptoms within minutes, while simultaneously treating and stabilizing your patient.


The human body works on the basis of biophysics and biochemistry. While traditional medicine has much to offer in the chemical sense, it lacks the therapeutic approach of physics. Practitioners use the noninvasive ONDAMED technology and the biofeedback loop to scan the body for underlying dysfunctions, such as inflammation, infections, scar tissue and emotional trauma residing at a cellular level. These areas often prove to be the source of disease and symptoms that might be otherwise difficult to find. Identified areas are treated with focused pulsed electro-magnetic fields to stimulate tissue and the nervous system. Therapy with ONDAMED focused pulsed fields helps reduce local stress and improve metabolism and lymphatic flow resulting in reduced inflammation, pain and edema, while improving stress tolerance by reducing cortisol levels and by influencing the nervous system.

More specifically:

ONDAMED is very unique in its ability to deliver specific resonant frequencies to the source of illness. While other devices deliver either a pulsed electromagnetic stimulus to a symptomatic region in order to reduce pain and swelling or affect abnormal brain electrophysiology, the ONDAMED approach is focused on what we discover about the illness and its location. Once discovery is completed, ONDAMED accurately delivers focused pulsed fields to the dysfunctional cellular/tissue areas which are found with the unique biofeedback loop.

ONDAMED’s emotionally driven feedback helps locate the patient’s weakened or dysfunctional areas such as inflammation, degenerated tissue or, even more critical areas linked to experienced traumas, residing at a cellular level. Traumas that reside on a cellular level often prove to be the primary cause of disease and dysfunction.

It is quite impossible for either the practitioner or the patient to find such areas by themselves. The solution is “Emotional Biofeedback”, which an ONDAMED practitioner receives when stimulating the patient’s nervous system with specifically selected pulsed fields at an area which may be linked to an either recent or even old physiological, mental, or emotional trauma.

It is thought that by stimulating areas connected with experienced traumas, the focused fields reanimate the areas’ functions.

Reanimating these areas’ functions may help patients resolve the secondary indication or symptom(s), for which the patients had originally come to seek help. ONDAMED may be considered a combination of “emotional feedback therapy” and “focused electro-magnetic stimulus causing an induction within tissue”.

Within minutes, the ONDAMED therapist finds the specific treatment stimuli for the patient, finds the actual location that is in most need to receive therapy and treats the discovered area by applying a systemic therapeutic stimulus. The stimulus energizes the flow of electrons across natural immune system inflammation barriers. These barriers are often undetectable or treatable in any other way, and include free radical scavengers.

When placing the nonintrusive applicator to a specific area, electrons and white blood cells are summoned to the area to start the repair process.

ONDAMED, therefore, jumpstarts the body‘s immune functions and directs the immune response to the area of dysfunction, which is often hidden or in “stealth mode” to the immune system. Cells and tissue in need of therapeutic stimulation can be oscillated by specific resonant frequencies selected from a wide range of 0.1 to 32,000 Hz. In standard electro-medical treatment, the tissue of least resistance will draw the current while potential dysfunctional tissue stays untreated.

ONDAMED applicators emit a focused field, which implements a vector driven current induction to access the tissue of dysfunction.

A vector driven current induction allows stimulation of tissue dependent on the position of the applicator rather than the tissue’s structure.

Tissue vibration can enable detoxification of unwanted heavy metals, waste and toxins, potentially resulting in improved metabolic functions. Nutrients, remedies and supplements can then be assimilated by “cleaner” or detoxified tissue and cells.

The lymphatic system (an important part of the immune system) can also be stimulated. Toxins and waste can then be discharged by stool, urine, sweat and the release of fluid in certain areas.

One of the first effects patients usually notice is a general feeling of relaxation due to the influence of ONDAMED‘s resonant stimulus on the entire central nervous system, particularly when the therapy calls for frequencies in the delta and theta ranges.

ONDAMED’s wide range of personalized frequencies enables the targeted therapy of a wide range of issues; often issues with difficult abnormalities otherwise going undetected.

After all, it is the specific tissue of the individual that we treat and not just a symptom or disease. The ONDAMED System enables the practitioner to draw upon four prepared Modules and each Module can be considered application specific.

Module 1: Selecting and using 2 specific pulsed fields relating to organs and organ systems
Module 2: Selecting and using 170 preset protocols to stimulate tissue with pre-programmed frequency combinations
Module 3: Selecting and using one (1) highly focused frequency to stimulate immune functions
Module 4: Selecting and using nutritionally related resonant frequencies.

From your research, you will find that the ONDAMED technology stands on its own due to its intelligence and personalization to each patient. The use of this 20+ year old invention allows the practitioner to obtain a larger diagnostic perspective of the patient complementing, yet going beyond standard diagnostics and offers the solution as to where treatment is needed on the body and which frequencies prove most significant for the patient.

The ONDAMED epigenetic impact is now being considered, and while we appreciate that no energy system or even medication can bring about a cure of any disease, ONDAMED shows that the body can effectively be stimulated to heal itself.

It has become recognized that the body’s DNA, when fully able to express its protective (genes) mode by enabling the reduction of the excessive cellular histone acetylase DNA tightening, may become the ‘holy grail’ of healing most chronic diseases. Leading scientists are now in hot pursuit to determine if biological energy healing will become the final answer to histone acetylase reduction.

A multi-disciplinary collaborative program between AlfaGene Bioscience Inc., NJ, the Department of Biology, City University of New York and the Ondamed Companies in New York and Germany is now underway to study bio-interactive mechanisms of ONDAMED’s focused electromagnetic fields with cell and/or tissue types in the physiological and disease state. Modern bio-medical engineering tools, novel stem cell technology, sophisticated cellular, molecular, and genetic techniques are utilized in our studies. The results will be published in the near future.

Finally, ONDAMED encompasses the individual‘s specific needs at the time of discovery by finding  the patient-specific treatment stimulus, the exact location that needs stimulation and non-intrusively delivers the stimulus during the same session, often providing immediate results.

ONDAMED is both practitioner and patient friendly. ONDAMED “a better way to make you better” couldn’t be easier to learn and use.

We invite you to learn more about integrating ONDAMED into your daily practice life.

Rolf & Silvia Binder at A4M in Las Vegas, Nevada 2016

Please follow this link for the Practice Application for ONDAMED

An Exclusive Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published May 2017

© Copyright 2017, Dr. Silvia Binder, Germany and NY, USA

About the author

Silvia Binder is the Founder of The Binder Institute for Personalized Medicine in Southern Germany. She was born in Germany, and grew up in Vienna, Austria, where she earned her degree in business. A motorcycle accident at the age of 15 brought her into a coma for 21-days, announced clinically dead 5-times. She spent her 16th year of life recuperating from her injuries, bound to a wheel chair. Her life changed dramatically by having heightened awareness.

Her career led her to New York in 1989 where she lived for 22-years until moving back to Germany in 2010. Her personal story with her 5-year old son fueled her passion for complimentary medicine. Silvia received her N.D. degree from the College of Naturopathy in London, U.K. followed by her Ph.D. degree in naturopathy.

Silvia has been helping chronically ill patients from all around the world, she is an Advisor/Board Member of the International Medical Wellness Association, member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, belongs to the Board of Advisors of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation, is involved with clinical studies at various university clinics, lectures around the world, and offers specialized courses for healthcare practitioners.

She states: My main task is the continuing education of medical professionals worldwide by offering a number of different courses, focusing on extended diagnostic perspectives along with a variety of pearls of wisdom from different cultures, as well as innovative technologies and therapeutic methods.

I collaborate with medical schools, local hospitals, and private clinics in Europe, North and South America, Asia, and Australia. I am a faculty member of the Medical Wellness Association and a member of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine in the US.

It is my goal to identify the roots of medical conditions and use a non-invasive treatment approach.

Dr. Binder primarily utilizes the ONDAMED in combination with biofeedback.”

Contact: [email protected]

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