The Power and Flexibility of
MORA® BioResonance

Three Client Cases

The MORA doesn’t ever let me down. The more ways I know of using it, the more powerful it seems to become. And so every article I write illustrates ways to work with the MORA BioResonance device.

People with chronic illnesses rarely have one complaint. The various complaints need to be investigated for a common underlying pattern, or string of interrelated causes. This article will discuss three clients who presented with the following health issues:

  1. Client 1 – Insect bites still inflamed after 9 months, weakness of legs particularly ascending steps, stiffness, reflux, dry skin and fatigue after carbohydrates.
  2. Client 2 – Seizures accompanied by urinary and fecal incontinence, chronic throat infection, allergies, morning nausea, constipation, joyless and irritable, rosacea, night terrors, frequent infections and milk intolerance.
  3. Client 3 – Sweating, stiff joints, bleeding haemorrhoids with anal pruritis, bloating and “feels toxic”.

Client #1 – Insect bites, stiff weak legs

Insect bites can inject not only neuroactive venoms, but also bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites. Usually our immune systems deal with these challenges, but sometimes the immune system doesn’t have the resources to win out. I encourage MORA therapists to assemble a collection of common insects in glass vials. These can be used for testing and matching of energy patterns, as described in this first case.

MFC, a 62 year old woman presented with several long term problems. Nine months previously she had been bitten multiple times by an insect on her ankles and feet. Five of the bites were just as inflamed and itchy as they had been at the beginning. She did not know what insect had bitten her.

In addition, she had a long term weakness of her legs making it very difficult to walk up hills or ascend stairs. She said that this had first appeared 4 years ago after taking Lipitor for 3 months.

All joints were stiff and it was hard to get up out of a chair without thinking about it and lifting herself using her arms and shoulders.

Her skin was very dry.

Her digestion was poor, and she complained of heartburn and also fatigue after eating foods high in carbohydrates.

MORA testing

Using the MORA with Dr Cornelissen’s test set, I found that her stomach acid (using sarcode pylorus) resonated at pH = 4.0 (normal is approximately 2.5). This explained her reflux, as the lower oesophageal sphincter is not sufficiently stimulated to close tightly if the stomach pH is not low enough. This results in weakened sphincter musculature, allowing stomach fluids and contents to push upwards with the natural churning motion of the stomach.

Resonance was noted with the following toxic metals: Cadmium, Aluminium and Nickel. Her copper levels were elevated. Overall toxicity registered at 515 scale units.

In first consultations I test only the most common foods for intolerance. In this case I found resonance with wheat and spelt. I test foods for intolerance using Abar (also called A inverted or Ai) mode.

Nutrients which resonated (suggesting either a deficiency or inability to utilize the nutrient) were zinc, magnesium, molybdenum, and vitamins A, B3, D and folic acid.

Using separate test vials I found resonance with various pathogenic residues. I call them residues because it is not possible for me to determine whether they are active, or perhaps only fragments a previous illness: Ross River Virus(1), Mycoplasma spp, Mycoses, Sandfly, as well as vials of collected ticks and of collected mosquitoes. I keep a collection of actual insects in vials for testing purposes and highly recommend that you do the same, since they contain not only venoms, but local bacteria, viruses and parasites.


The treatment programs developed by Dr Cornelissen are especially powerful, as they use both MORA processors in the MORA Super simultaneously in an alternately pulsing manner. I run at least one of these programs for every client.

The best practice is to select supportive and drainage remedies for the first treatment, and nosodes and various antidotes for the second treatment. This way, the channels of elimination are stimulated in the first treatment, and then the body is given instructions for removal of the irritants and burdens to health in the second treatment.

Here are the treatments administered at the end of this first consultation:

Program # 78 – Supportive treatment

  • Input: MT1 beaker – drop of blood on filter paper
  • ELH drainage remedies:
    • For lymph system – Calendula injeel forte, Echinacea compositum forte, Galium Heel, Lymphomyosot
    • For Kidneys – Berberis Homaccord (also liver), Solidago compositum
    • For Mucus Membranes – Mucosa compositum
  • ELH nutrient patterns, to encourage the body to absorb and utilise these nutrients when present in foods: zinc, magnesium, molybdenum, and vitamins A, B3, D and folic acid

Program # 77 – Neutralisation treatment

  • Input: MT1 beaker – drop of blood on filter paper, vials for Ross River Virus 10M potency, Mycoplasma spp 30C potency, sandfly 30C, physical ticks, physical mosquitoes
  • ELH 4 types of mycoses (from mycoses test set), Cadmium, Copper, Yellow Fever(2)

Notice that I only treated one of the toxic metals. I have found that certain metals are difficult for the kidneys to eliminate, and if combined, will cause detoxification symptoms due to overloading of the eliminative capabilities. Therefore, if cadmium, mercury or lead are to be eliminated, they must be treated at separate consultations. Other metals such as aluminium, nickel, palladium, etc, can be combined in a single treatment.

Appointment #2

At her second appointment, the client reported that she had noticed that her urine had an odd smell for two or three day following the treatments. She also observed a throbbing sensation in her body the first day, plus fatigue. Her skin had itched for a few days.

After that, she was able to walk noticeably faster, including going up hills. One insect bite had healed. Her skin was not as dry, and her stiffness was improving.

Testing revealed only one mycosis (Notatum), a low potency of Ross River Virus (30C) and toxicity was now resonating at a level of 370 (Recall that it was 515 at first appointment).

So this treatment was straight forward: a supportive treatment with drainage remedies similar to the previous appointment because they still resonated with her, and the following eliminative treatment:

Program #77

  • Magnetic probe held over the remaining insect bites
  • ELH: nickel, aluminium, chemicals which resonated at amplification 370

In addition, I used the MORA to create a bottle of drops (purified water with 10% medical grade ethanol) into which the electromagnetic pattern of Rhus tox was imprinted. I used a separate potentizer to bring the potency to 1 M. I asked her to take this once a day to assist with the stiffness which she experienced after periods of inactivity.

Appointment #3

By now the insect bites had faded to a slight pink with only a mild itch. Her stiffness was even more improved, particularly in the knees. After the previous treatment she had noticed for one day that her urine “felt hot” and had a “different” smell, and she had increased thirst.

Her toxicity level resonated at 170, and I tested for chemicals at this level of amplification.

The treatments were similar to the previous appointment, although she no longer needed the frequency patterns of any nutrients, and then I decreased the potency of the bottle of Rhus tox since she was finding it quite strong.

She reported that her reflux was gone. You will note that I had not treated it. This is part of the advantage of working on underlying causes – the body heals itself once its intercellular communication and nutrient utilization improve. Her stomach pH was now resonating at 2.5.

Appointment #4

The last insect bite had almost disappeared. She reported an incredible increase in strength, with stiffness at a level of zero. She was able to go on a long walk for several hours, including hills, and had no weakness. Even her massage therapist had commented that her muscles felt relaxed. She was especially pleased that she could now just “spring up” out of a chair without thinking about it.

Her toxicity level was resonating below amplification of 30, which is my arbitrary line in the sand for acceptable, as the body will now be able to remove toxins as quickly as they arrive.

I used the Allergy test set to find the entire list of foods to which she reacted, so that I could begin the desensitization today.


Program # 78 as before, same drainage remedies. Magnetic probe on the remaining insect bite, for the last time.

Program #76

  • ELH: list of foods
  • Output: vial of water, used for NAET treatment. I like to use the NAET procedure after a MORA desensitization, because I believe it increases the effect of the treatment.

By the time this is published, she will have come in once more so that I can retest the foods and verify that the way is clear for her to reintroduce the foods one by one. That will conclude her treatments.

Client #2 – Seizures, infections, abuse

This is an example of how multiple levels of problems (emotional, physical) must all be dealt with simultaneously, while everyday health challenges cause acute problems that temporarily complicate the picture.

When I first saw this 45 year old client, she had reported a history of physical and emotional abuse at the hands of foster parents, recurrent mononucleosis as a child, and a traumatic divorce three years ago, involving emotional abuse. She was taking micardis 40mg/day.

Her symptoms included multiple seizures over the past year in which she would experience a feeling of heat in her body at the onset, with sweating. During the seizure she lost bladder and bowel control. Understandably, this was very distressing to her.

She also reported a chronic throat infection with mucus and phlegm, worse in the mornings, allergies to penicillin (anaphylaxis), sulfa drugs, overripe fruit (causing urticaria), contact allergy to dust, intolerance to dairy products, pork and bananas. This last had been the case ever since receiving a hepatitis vaccine. She also had rosacea on her face.

She suffered from lower abdominal pain, daily morning nausea, and constipation. A recent ultrasound had shown all structures to be normal.

Emotional symptoms included night terrors (screaming, unable to wake from the hallucinations, as she described them), a feeling of joylessness in everyday life, and irritability.

MORA testing

MORA testing found a resonance with a level of toxicity at 1100, toxic metals: arsenic, lead, cadmium and nickel, mononucleosis 1M potency, wheat and dairy intolerance. Nutrients which were blocked or deficient were zinc and vitamin B6. I was unable to finish testing as we had spent a great deal of time on her history. Despite this, I had plenty of information for her first treatments.


Program #78

  • MT1 beaker: a drop of blood on filter paper
  • ELH: drainage remedies to support the channels of elimination:
    • Berberis Homaccord (kidneys, liver)
    • Echinacea compositum forte (lymph and immune systems)
    • Engystol (immune system)
    • Galium Heel (lymph system)
    • Graphites Homaccord (skin)
    • Lymphomyosot (lymph system)
    • Mucosa compositum (mucous membranes)
    • Natrium Homaccord (emotional support, past traumas)
    • Aethusa cynap 200K (emotional support, past traumas)

Program # 77

  • MT1 beaker: Mononucleosis 1M vial
  • ELH: Cadmium

I prescribed daily Kefir, Vitamin C 1500 mg twice a day, Zinc once a day, Vitamin B6 once a day.

Appointments # 2, 3 and 4

By the third time I saw her, her seizures had completely stopped. Her energy was improving, she had no further infections or sore throats, only occasional nausea, no phlegm in the mornings, no constipation.

She noticed a clumsiness and aching in her hips and legs, which resonated to the homeopathic remedy Lathyrus.

At all levels she was improving, but she was scheduled to work for 3 weeks in an aged care facility in a remote area of the state and she felt vulnerable.

When I saw her next (appointment #4) she was not feeling well. She reported that on the way back to Sydney she had been caught in the rain and wind, and got sick. She tried acupuncture immediately but she got worse. Then she went to a local doctor who prescribed Rulide after diagnosing bacterial bronchitis.

She currently had a low grade fever, sore throat, bronchial phlegm, and shooting pains in the right breast (which started when she took the Rulide, she said).

When a client has a sudden downturn, I devote my testing and treatment to the acute problem at hand.

MORA testing

I used the Nosode test set and found resonance with several bacterial nosodes (Staph, Strep, Pyrogenia) along with Influenza vesiculosis and Pneumococcinum, Coxsackie B2 and Grippe V2. There was also resonance with various mycoses nosodes.


First I administered Point Therapy using sarcodes for immune system structures: Granulocytes, Thymus, Lymph Nodes and Spleen. These structures resonated with various nosodes for Mycoses and Strep, as well as the drainage remedies: Sanum Notakehl and Exmykehl, Heel Mucosa compositum, and homeopathic remedies Bryonia 200K and Kali sulph 200K.

I applied the Point Therapy to her Lung meridian Ting points on her thumbs.

Next I administered the usual two Cornelissen programs:

Program 78 with the sarcodes and drainage remedies used in the Point Therapy

Program 77 with the viral, bacterial and mycotic nosodes used in the Point Therapy

I used the MORA to prepare antidote drops for all the bacterial nosodes in my test sets. These drops act as a universal antibiotic without causing any adverse effects on the digestive tract milleu. She was instructed to take 4 drops, three to four times a day, decreasing the frequency as the symptoms disappeared.

Appointment # 5 and 6

Her immune function improved progressively over the next two appointments, and her symptoms eased to a dry cough and fatigue, and then to a phantom tonsil pain (hx tonsillectomy) and inner ear feeling of heaviness.

I continued as previously, matching supportive drainage remedy combinations, sarcodes and nosodes. I resumed testing and treatment of toxins, as her acute symptoms were no longer urgent.

After these appointments she reached a turning point at last!

Appointment #7

When I next saw her 2 weeks later, she had once again had to work at a nursing home, but did not have any subsequent adverse health issues. All of her previous symptoms were gone and she was feeling strong and much more alive.

Her toxicity was now resonating at 605 and we continued to target chemicals (xeno-estrogenic persistent organic pollutants, from the Cornelissen test set).

Appointment #8

This was an interesting appointment because although she was significantly improved (no need for thyroid medication and had not taken it for months, no mucus, still no seizures, no morning nausea, no lower abdominal pain, emotional balance and no night terrors for a long time), she had experienced dizziness recently.

I tested the sarcode Labyrinth and found that it resonated with some of the bacterial and viral nosodes (Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and Coxsackie strains), as well as the drainage remedies Phytolacca and Ferrum phos. This suggests that she had a mild inner ear infection. I applied point therapy using the nosodes and drainage remedies. This completely cleared the dizziness.

Consultations are ongoing with this client, but we are approaching the end of treatments. As soon as her toxicity levels come down to 100 or less, I will test all foods for sensitivities, and then administer the MORA desensitizing treatments (as described above for client #1). This will remove the remaining burdens particularly from her immune system (reacting to foods as if they are pathogens) and digestive system.

Client #3 – Sweating, stiff, “feels toxic”

The last case to be discussed reminds us to always consider toxins as one of the underlying causes. In this case, there was an acute exposure to airborne pollutants. The MORA gave the first confirmation that something was amiss in the environment, and eventually the police got involved to solve the environmental problem.

This female client, age 48, had seen me in previous years about various health issues. The last time I saw her she was feeling good and her toxicity was low. So when she appeared in my clinic this time (27/9/14) I knew it would be a recent illness, probably with acute symptoms.

She complained of episodes of sweating accompanied by a constant tightness of her joints, as well as anal pruritis, bleeding haemorrhoids and bloating. She said she “felt toxic”.

This constellation of symptoms had started after she spent a few weeks with her mother in a nearby medium size city (Newcastle NSW, Australia). She described a recent terrible smell in the neighborhood where her mother lived, which permeated the house. Her mother was experiencing breathing difficulties.

Whenever a client who was previously in good health appears with a sudden worsening of nonspecific symptoms, alarms bells sound in my mind. The problem usually springs from an acute exposure to toxins. I have seen a large variety of toxin-induced symptoms, mimicking (or actual) celiac disease, hot flushes, influenza, debilitating fatigue, pain anywhere in the body, bleeding from any orifice, nausea, unremittent thirst, and on and on. The first substance I test is Roundup®, since it is the most commonly used poison, and people spray it around like water. After that I test other common garden toxins such as Weed Seed®, Confidor®, Diazenon®, etc. I have glass vials of each substance, collected over the years.

MORA Testing

First I measured her level of toxicity, which resonated at 950. This is a very large increase from her previous low level (less than 100), so I knew I was onto the underlying cause.

I found no match with Roundup® or the other common garden poisons, so I went to the Cornelissen test set where there is a list of the top 20 most prevalent, most poisonous environmental toxins. Here, with amplification set to 950, she resonated with Dioxin and Misc Solvents. My client had anticipated that it would involve toxins, so she had collected an air sample. This is easily done by placing an open glass jar of water in the area suspected of having toxins, and leaving it there for at least 24 hours. Then put the cap on and bring it in.


Program 78

  • ELH: Calendula-Injeel forte, Carduus marianus Injeel forte, Taraxacum Injeel forte, Echinacea compositum forte, Galium Heel, Mucosa compositum, Natrium Homaccord

Program 77 – MT1 beaker contained the air sample (water)

  • ELH: Dioxin, Misc Solvents

Appointment #2

Two weeks later she returned. She had contacted the Office of Environment and Heritage – Environmental Forensics Division, as well as the local government council. She suspected that there was an illicit drug lab operating in the area.

Her symptoms were easing, although she reported depression. Her toxicity was down to 575. MORA testing found resonance with Hexachlorophen, Isocyanate, Misc Solvents and Atrazine.


Program 78

  • ELH drainage remedies: Calendula Injeel forte (lymph), Carduus marianus injeel forte (liver), Echinacea compositum forte (lymph and immune system), Galium Heel (lymph) and Mucosa compositum (mucous membranes)

Program 77 – MT1 beaker contained the air sample (water)

  • ELH Hexachlorophen, Isocyanate, Misc Solvents and Atrazine

In addition to the MORA treatments, I decided to test and treat her with the Ondamed Pulsed EMF device as a direct and wholistic way to address her nervous system and depression.

Ondamed treatment (frequencies and programs selected by radial artery reaction, also known as the Vascular Autonomic Signal):

  • Frequencies 2.00 Hz (Heart) and 11585.23 Hz (Gall bladder)
  • Program 22 – Band D, which has an antidepressant effect if selected by Vascular Autonomic Signal
  • Program 70 – Old Overloads, which can affect both physical overloads such as toxins, as well as emotional burdens

Appointment #3

The client had visited her mother and was feeling “very toxic” again. She had a persistent headache, and shingles. She was very pleased with the effect of the previous treatments because they had caused her to have a dream where she relived an incident (sexual molestation) from childhood that had caused post-traumatic stress. She felt that the emotional burden had lifted.

Program 78 – Drainage remedies as for previous appointment.

Program 77 – ELH Herpes zoster and H. simplex

  • Hexachlorophen, Isocyanate, Misc Solvents, Atrazine, PAK, PCB, PCP, Parathion

Ondamed Module I, frequencies 5.99 Hz (Liver) and 645.07 Hz (Circulation)

Last appointment

She felt much better. Her toxins resonated at a level of 40.

In the meantime she had a blood test which showed Cadmium, Lead and abnormally low Calcium. She had arranged for her mother to have a blood test, which came up with similar results.

I tested sarcodes related to calcium absorption and utilization. The sarcode for Parathyroid gland was the only one that resonated, so I applied Point Therapy using Pulsatilla as the drainage remedy and Cadmium, Lead and Aluminium as the substances which resonated to be cleared.

Then I used the MORA to imprint water-alcohol drops with drainage remedies: Calendula Injeel forte (lymph), Carduus marianus injeel forte (liver), Echinacea compositum forte (lymph and immune system), Galium Heel (lymph) and Mucosa compositum (mucous membranes). I instructed her to take them for several days, and several times a day when she visited her mother.

End of story

In May 2015 the client received a report from the Office of Environment and Heritage – Environmental Forensics Division. They had tested an air sample (45 second duration) for Volatile Organic Compounds and found Trichlorofluoromethane, Dichlorofluoromethane, Chloromethane, Ethanol, Acetone and Toluene.  These certainly qualify as “misc solvents”. The other substances that the MORA indicated were not tested by the governmental agency.

In the June-July timeframe, the police located 4 illicit drug labs in the area. They were dismantled and their operators arrested. Since that time the air quality (subjectively assessed) has significantly improved. She has had no recurrence of symptoms or elevated toxicity and her mother feels much better, too!

If you would like more information on how I use the MORA, the Occidental Institute has a 1-day course I taught last year, entitled MORA BioResonance Therapeutic Possibilities – Getting the BEST out of your MORA Technology. It is packed full of my favorite tips and techniques with demonstrations for using the MORA with full power.

An Exclusive Article for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published March 2016

© Copyright 2016, Marguerite Lane, ND, NSW, Australia

About the author

Marguerite Lane, ND is the founder, owner, and operator of Chiron Health Care, which has operated in Sydney, Australia for over 18 years. She is a naturopath whose main modality is Bioresonance using the BioKat MV Bioresonance device, which is the fifth generation of MORA technology.

She has translated two MORA Bioresonance Therapy textbooks from German into English. An international speaker, Marguerite has worked in the USA, Germany and Australia. She is a naturopath member of the International Physicians Association for Biocybernetic Medicine, attending conferences in Germany regularly.

She has spoken at international medical conferences, including “Curing the Incurables”, organised by Dr. Simon Yu, in St Louis, Missouri, USA. She has videotaped the course, “MORA Therapeutic Possibilities: Getting the Best out of your Bioresonance Technology” available from Praxis2Practice, formerly the Occidental Institute Research Foundation.

She was on the Medical Board of Advisors and the Board of Directors of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation (until it closed its doors at the end of June 2018).

She is also a member of the following organisations:

Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Australian Homeopathic Association

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Health Science / Naturopathy from the University of New England, Australia and a Bachelor’s degree in Business from Pennsylvania State University, USA. She also holds an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy, and diplomas in Nutrition and Botanical Medicine.

Marguerite is a fluent German speaker and holds a Certificate from the international Goethe Institute.


  1. Australia’s most common mosquito-borne illness. It is a member of the Togaviridae family of RRV is transmitted in an animal host-vector-human cycle, where the vector is the mosquito. accessed 7 Feb 2016.
  2. Note that the resonance for Yellow Fever may indicate Zika virus, or other similar viruses. For my purposes it isn’t important to isolate the exact virus. If there is a resonance with a nosode, the treatment provides the nosode and the resonance is neutralised.

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