As Occidental Institute has worked, struggled and survived through 43 years of research and education in the fields of Acupuncture (TCM) and Biological Medicine we have witnessed, and often participated in, several cycles of acceptance and persecution that have directly affected patients, practitioners and educators.

Within the Naturopathic community we have seen a strong shift to “prescribing”. Studying is done, exams are taken and that coveted permission to prescribe medications, supplements and homeopathics is achieved. In many ways this is closer to the traditional practices of the German Heilpraktikers.

Many of our acupuncturists, chiropractors and natural health therapists have turned to certification in homeopathy or herbalism as a pathway to “prescribing” homeopathics, supplements and herbal remedies.

During recent years in this part of the ever turning cycle we have seen widespread acceptance by government at the federal and state/provincial levels as well as your professional certification boards.

The continued acceptance and certification of acupuncturists, herbalists and general natural health care practitioners along with our longstanding professions including naturopathic, chiropractic and homeopathic practitioners has led to a major decline in the use of instrumental methods within the everyday practice. As the new and younger practitioners enter the field their focus is on prescribing – getting the permissions and stocking a literal pharmacy in their practice.

I understand. For many practitioners the patient intake and consultation – the diagnostics – is only the basic part of your income. On the other hand the majority of your clinic income comes from the sale of remedies out of your pharmacy and the various effective natural therapies you can offer.

Within the past few years we have seen an increase in vaccination controversies. We do not often see a compromise or cooperative opinion regarding vaccinations – it is either “you must get it done” (mandatory vaccinations or your kid cannot go to school) or “no this is poison, don’t get it done” (let’s use homeopathy instead, or let the kid get sick and build a natural immunity). Seldom is there any in between and now our conflict and “threat levels” increase and the cycle of persecution begins.

Here’s a link to an article that appeared in our local paper (but was more widely published separately): She mentions an episode of “Marketplace” which aired nationally in Canada that reflected the same kind of hysterical response (if you really want to watch it here’s the link:

But notice that the focus of the written piece is vaccinations. Here we now begin to see the response of the pharmaceutical firms to the mounting “threat” that homeopathy represents to their campaign of fear trying to force us into supporting mandatory vaccination. I think the threat we represent in this circumstance is more monetary than it is scientific or political. I find it interesting that the only way this so called researcher (who cannot seem to find the many published studies on homeopathy and even on electronic homeopathy) finds to criticise homeopathy is to mock the research and effectiveness of the method – a method that predates orthodox (school) medicine. Her ignorance of the facts leaves her responding emotionally and inappropriately for those of us who have studied and worked with this method.

For example we have seen the demise of Heel in both Canada and the USA as of August 2014. Heel is a huge and well respected homeopathic firm in Germany and is recognized around the world. But, in Canada for instance it simply became too complicated and costly to obtain the required Health Canada DIN numbers and then to maintain the necessary certifications – only to be hit with huge financial settlements when sued over proven and acknowledged claims. And thus Heel just bowed out of North America. Traumeel is gone along with so many other remedies we relied on for years. [Needless to say I will be stocking up when I’m in Germany this fall for the Biological Medicine Group Tour program!]

Beyond the withdrawal of Heel, the National Center for Homeopathy has been involved in hearings with the FDA for months where we face major changes in the regulations and registrations of even basic homeopathics. And then there is Sanum . . . well the list of withdrawn or no longer available remedies is growing longer by the day.

On the other hand, if we still have our test sets and MORA BioResonance, then we can test the remedies and deliver them through MORA . . . Oops! . . . Wait a minute . . . The use of supporting instrumentation in the everyday practice has fallen off. As an aside here, I recently went in to our local ND for a VEGA diagnostic and to get some recommendations for therapy – remember, I’m a researcher not a practitioner and I’m more than willing to recognize the skill and expertise of our trained testers. He is approaching retirement (as I should also probably be considering) and his daughter (one of our younger Naturopaths) is working in his practice now. I asked if their daughter was learning the testing or working with any of the marvelous Biological Medicine devices they have there, and the answer was very clear: “No, she’s not interested and she just doesn’t have time”.

But now the question arises: Where does this leave our younger and newer practitioners as our powerful and effective remedies are being withdrawn from the market? Thinking back to the criticism and persecution we endured when introducing acupuncture and TCM into North America in the early 1970’s, I have to say I’ve watched these cycles too many times to think we will see a reversal of the persecution part any time soon. We are threatening ‘them’ – monetarily and politically – with the effectiveness of our remedies and our natural healing methods. As we lose more and more remedies and see a reduction of the acceptance of homeopathy, where do we turn for both diagnostics and therapy?

As our more experienced practitioners who have been so successful in their practices with point and medication testing (whether EAV, VEGA, BFD or even with Darkfield) and the various biological therapy methods (like MORA BioResonance, Ionized Oxygen, BioPhotons, magnetic field) withdraw from practice, who will replace them? And, how will the less experienced practitioners find their way back to these true energetic and biological methods?

Occidental Institute has remained steadfast in presentation of this information and in helping practitioners obtain devices and training. Proven and effective technology methods offer another alternative during these times of change. For those with prescribing abilities, point and medication testing gives you a fast and accurate method of determining which remedies work best in what dosage. Many of these devices offer highly effective therapy through their direct application. In combination such as I have described in previous issues of The Bridge, the effect can be miraculous.

But what about the remedies? This is where BioResonance devices really shine. Especially with the MORA BioResonance devices you can obtain huge libraries of electronically recorded (no, not radionically rated or copied through a simple color recorder) remedy information. There are more test sets than any practitioner could physically collect in our modern era! And yes, there is a huge Heel Test Set (among many others – even Horvi with the snake venoms!). You can test the remedies, and then if you are no longer able to order or stock them, it is possible to transfer the electronic information of the remedies either into drops or directly to the patient. What a concept!

I’ve heard all the complaints and comments before. “It’s too expensive.” Or, “I can’t prescribe a remedy that way!” Or . . . In terms of the price, you will pay less than you pay for a mid-range automobile (and I know some of you are driving some fancy ones!), the costs are tax deductible as professional expenses, the devices are all designed to be “once in a practice lifetime” purchases and will pay for themselves easily within a year – and for devices like the Beauty within six months.

In terms of ‘prescribing’ the remedy information the method of delivery to the patient is open. Information can be transferred into sunflower seeds or Vitamin E or an alcohol/water mix. More importantly the information can be delivered directly to the patient during their BioResonance Therapy procedures. Think about it! No more problems with importing, stocking, pricing, or selling remedies. You don’t have to eliminate those things that are available and within your professional purview, but the heavy duty effective stuff remains available to you instrumentally. It means you are going to have to figure out a new payment structure, but that seems a small price to pay to maintain the high quality and effectiveness of your patient treatments.

The time is now my friends. It is time to be prepared – not necessarily like the “preppers” and the “survivalists” – but the time to be ready to offer the kinds of natural and biological diagnostic and therapeutic methods that our patients are demanding. Regardless of the media driven fear campaigns, patients are more highly informed and educated regarding health matters and will seek those practitioners who can offer them effective resolution to their health challenges. And because they are our patients, it is our responsibility to offer the best and most effective therapy possible.

With decades of informed experience and research in this field combined with our essentially neutral non-profit status, each of us here at Occidental Institute is able to guide you and assist you in obtaining the devices that will become so necessary in this continuing cycle of persecution and change. We look forward to hearing from you to discuss not only your needs but also your suggestions on how we can ensure these highly effective methods will carry forward into the future.

Your ongoing support of Occidental Institute is both greatly needed and greatly appreciated. Together let us exemplify the symbolism of the powerful and auspicious phoenix arising from the ashes of this persecution to bring about the eternal and classical rebirth of cooperation and acceptance.

Yours in Health.

Carolyn L. Winsor
Managing Director

P.S. Here’s another interesting link regarding “Queen Bees Naturally ‘Vaccinate’ Their Offspring”: (Thanks to Elaine for finding this gem!)

P.P.S. Please follow this link to see Marguerite Lane’s suggestions for Post Vaccination (Practice Application) from June 2014

An Exclusive Editorial Commentary for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published August 2015

© Copyright, Winsor/Occidental Institute, BC Canada

About the author

  • Founding director, administrator and executive director of Occidental Institute; the first English language acupuncture “school” in North America founded 1972 which over the years developed into the largest educational and promotional advocate of Biological Medicine until its closing in 2018.
  • 35 years experience with medical and technical translation and literary research in English, French and German.
  • Participation in every seminar, workshop and tour program sponsored by OIRF
  • Participation in more than 35 Medicine Week Congress programs as well as events too numerous to count sponsored by German instrumentation, homeopathic and research organizations
  • Training and certification in multiple Biological Medicine Methods including BioResonance Therapy, EAV, AMA, VEGA, Mayr Therapy, Ionized Oxygen Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, BioPhoton Therapy, the so-called Global Diagnostics and many others.
  • As a teacher, lecturer and author she has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English-speaking countries.
  • Her passion and insight provide an overall view of the most effective German Biological Medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods

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