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Flu Vaccination or Biological
Infection Prophylaxis?

This question is asked again every year – for an answer however a differentiated line of approach is appropriate: From the perspective of school [orthodox] medicine vaccination is recommended to everyone in principle. However, this vaccination protection only works on a defined pathogen type – therefore other pathogens can release infections in spite of vaccination.

Here also a certain degree of caution is appropriate because of the “vaccination mania” and the “fear campaigns” through the media against the expected germs. Just as vaccinations are depicted as completely harmless and side effect free, they are not! Recorded incidents of:

  • Paralyses
  • Nerve illnesses
  • Death
  • Dubious additives as well as remnant materials from the vaccination production / remnants of chicken protein, phenolic compounds, antibiotics
  • Increase of allergies and asthma, etc.

In principle endangered people at advanced age and with serious basic illnesses (heart-circulation illnesses, after serious operations, etc.), in addition to those who are still in close contact with other endangered personal groups (among others hospitals, senior citizen’s homes), should receive this vaccination on the advice of their physicians.

However, whoever does not belong to the above mentioned risk groups should do everything in their power to maintain and to strengthen their body’s own immune system – this is the best defensive strategy!


In principle the following illnesses are differentiated:

  • Infectious Illnesses:
    • Viral infections: rhinitis, sinusitis, acute bronchitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, influenza infection, pneumonia, influenza, etc.
    • Bacterial infections: angina tonsillaris, scarlet fever, whooping cough, pneumonias (often caused by streptococci, Chlamydia, Legionella, among others)
  • Allergic Illnesses:
    • Allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis (colds), pseudo croup
  • Chronic Obstructive Illnesses:
    • Bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, COPD, pulmonary emphysema, among others

On average a German suffers a respiratory illness several times a year – children become ill on average even 7 to 8 times a year. The individual phases can sometimes be distinguished in the medication from the pediatricians: sometimes it is an anti-allergic, sometimes an antibiotic – and several times in alternation for years.

Of course nothing changes in the causes and in the defensive situation of the person concerned.

By far the most frequent respiratory illnesses / “colds” are released by a virus, in which an uncritical antibiotic treatment hinders and damages the immune system rather than protects.

Only if the body’s own immune system does not cope with these viruses, other germs – also bacteria – can join with them and the symptoms are aggravated. Nasal sinus inflammation, cough with sputum and fever are frequently the consequences.

Hence the strengthening and restoration of the endogenic immunological possibilities must be in the foreground – all antibiotic therapy attempts should stay reserved for emergency cases!

The individual completion of a treatment concept by an experienced natural medicine therapist is especially important – because there is no cure that is equally good for everybody!

Holistic Therapy Options

For decades natural medicine has offered tested treatment possibilities and prevention concepts. Perhaps the challenge for the therapist is represented by the selection of the appropriate measures and the most meaningful application timewise.

Defense Strengthening for Prevention

Immune modulation: means mild defense increase with homeopathics, phyto­therapeutics, probiotics, substitution of zinc, selenium, Vitamin C, nutrition rich in vital substances, etc.

Besides the constitutional therapy (= basic treatment / e.g. lymph remedies) the application of ginger (e.g. in the form of IngwerPURE drops [from TRUW]) should also be thought of here for the treatment of individual / familial weaknesses (especially carefully, but effective even in the toddler phase!).

Besides the known effects on the digestive tract with digestive weakness, feeling of sickness, flatulence and cramps ginger (Zingiber officinale) has a metabolism stimulating and antioxidative potential.

The known effects [of ginger] from Ayurvedic medicine were partially confirmed through modern laboratory investigations. Accordingly the contained pungent substances and essential oils have an effect not only on supporting blood pressure and relaxing the stomach-bowel tract, but are also very bactericidal (and weakly fungicidal) on potentially pathogenic intestinal germs while the growth of lactobacillus is promoted [1].

According to Indian plant medicine warmed up ginger in effective dosage at the beginning of the cold season can thus support the unspecific immune defense of the intestinal related immune system. Then also the defense cells, which must do “their job” in the mucous membranes of the nasal-throat area, are “trained up” in the intestinal immune system and reach their destination by way of the blood and lymph.

Defense Strengthening in the Acute Case

Immune stimulation: gets the immune system “moving” – can therefore also lead to the first aggravations, can stir up chronic foci and is also perhaps contraindicated for altogether weakened patients.

If it has already “caught” the patient, the immune stimulation should be immediately begun. If no autoimmunological basic illnesses exist, “echinacea” preparations [2] (Echinacea purpurea, Echinacea augustifolia) are the first choice of remedies.

As a result in my practice I prefer corresponding complex remedies, whose single components act in a synergistic effect. Thus for classic influenza infection with fever, headaches and dry cough the application of the Original Tinktur N-Truw® (hourly up to 8 x daily 10 drops, if necessary in some liquid, held long in the mouth) has proven itself in my practice for a long time.

Should the infection have “marched through”, because for example the patient comes too late (“I thought what comes by itself also goes away again by itself”) additional preparations can be prescribed: for example Angi-Truw® N lozenges for sore throat or Broncho-Sern® Sirup (English plantain liquid extract) for cough, also sputum from bacterial infection.

A quickly effective and mitigating therapy supplement is Reflex Zone Therapy with essential oils and subsequent injections according to the Truw® Injection Concept (see below).

Complementary Measures against Defense Weaknesses / Chronic Recurrent Infections

So, it is simply not always as described above in the everyday practice – chronic recurrent infections from constitutional or antibiotic induced defense weaknesses are nothing unusual.

If we then “bore even further” anamnestically, we quickly work with the stress burdened lifestyle, deficient and poor nutrition, and intolerances / allergies, which are always an indication of immunological mistakes.

Also for these patients a symptomatic natural medicine acute therapy does not lead to a lasting success.

At the latest then, when the acute phase is overcome and the recurrences should be prevented, an as long lasting as possible immune stabilization must be begun.

Additionally individually applied therapy options are offered:

  • Intestinal milieu cleansing according to stool findings
    • Sealing mucous membranes, foreign germ elimination / replacement by probiotics
    • Multivitamin or vital substances substitution (e.g. Vita-Truw® N plus, 1 to 2 capsules per day.
  • Detoxification and decontamination: through lymph, liver, kidney, Aschner method
  • De-acidification: vital fresh foods, base remedies (e.g. Basen-Thohelur® Z, 1 to 2 granule-sticks per day).
  • Vegetative stabilization (Distress has an immunosuppressive effect!): Consultation about lifestyle, moderate sports.
  • Autohemotherapy for immune stimulation
  • Injections and infusions for prevention, but also in acute cases.
  • Reflex Zone Therapy (e.g. with bronchitis and breathing difficulty)

At this time the respiratory tract and the vegetative nervous system initially respond to a cupping massage with suitable essential oils (here e.g. thyme, camphor, rosemary, melissa) or to the Baunscheidt Therapy through the cuti-visceral reflex pathways.

Subsequently a very quick effect can be achieved with paravertebral intracutaneous injections of suitable ampules (here Truw® Injectio-Präparate) for the purpose of homeosiniatry [3].

In the beginning the recommended therapy rhythm for this is between twice to once per week with a total of four to eight applications.

Case Study

Female patient, 53 years old, office worker, lymphatic type, comes to us in January 2013 for “alternative treatment” for persistent dry cough and sinusitis after the third respiratory tract infection and the third antibiotic therapy. (“I am suffering! We are always mutually infected in the office.


  • Hygiene instruction: do not cough and sneeze into the inside of the hand, wash hands frequently.
  • Original Tinktur N Truw® 100 ml, during the first week daily 100 drops in 500 ml of mineral water, over the day gulp-wise drink, from the second week 60 drops per day.
  • Strong cupping massage / the whole thoracic vertebral column with arnica massage oil / Wala + additional thyme oil and afterwards with paravertebral intracutaneous mixture injection with Truw® Injectio lymphatica, febrogrippalis and bronchialis twice per week, in total 6 x (see Fig. 2).

Figure 1: Upper Respiratory Tract / Sinusitis, feverish infection
Segmental Therapy / Upper Respiratory Tract Infection
HWK = cervical vertebral body

Figure 2: Lower Respiratory Tract / acute, chronic, feverish bronchitis
Segmental Therapy / Lower Respiratory Tract Infection
BWK = thoracic vertebral body

At this point, you are reminded of the fundamental obligatory registration for mixed injections according to the AMG-Novelle 2009 / Production and Application of Medications. Moreover the original manufacturer’s liability for single preparations goes over into the therapist’s liability when mixing injections. For further details please ask your professional association.

[Treatment] Course

  • The expected “first aggravation” with fever did not happen
  • Moderate coughing up after the first and second treatments
  • Dry cough negative after one week, nose free after two weeks

Because of her statement “Now I only wait for the hay fever” and [because of] the previous antibiotic therapies we arranged a stool examination (flora: main bacteria strongly decreased, decomposition germs clearly increased; digestive remains, enzymes, Candida negative; IgA and histamine moderate increases).

The following specific intestinal redevelopment:

    • Among others, with probiotics for immune modulation (Probiotik protect Pulver [powder] , Mutaflor Kapseln [capsules])
    • Took place over two months

With additionally prescribed hay fever medication from DHU in March 2013 for approx. six weeks, four times daily 10 drops, the patient was nearly pain free over spring and summer.

The recommendation of doing a preventive autohemotherapy treatment in the fall fell into oblivion.

However the likewise recommended ginger cure was strictly carried out over eight weeks during the “mucky weather phase” in the fall and described as very pleasant and stimulating.

Only in February 2014 she came again to us – this time early – with an influenza infection. (“Until now I survived the winter months super – I never again want to have something like at that time!”)

We could easily cure the infection with Original-Tinktur N Truw® 100 ml and Lymphomyosot® 100 ml (four times daily each 15 drops in liquid before food).

Please follow this link to see corresponding  “Practice Applications – Flu Vaccination”


If besides an early individual acute therapy, also the constitution (here lymphatic) and the factors burdening the immune system (here allergies, antibiotic treatments) as well as stress, bad eating habits, chronic intestinal illness, etc. are considered, the expectation to get over the “flu season” well is absolutely given.

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From an article in, Vol. 20, Nov. 2014
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Author and Translator Footnotes:

  1. Source: Peter Kaufhold, PhytoMaster
  2. The author used a colloquial term here that literally translates as “sun hat” or “sun shade” remedies.
  3. Homeosiniatry = describes an alternative medical concept which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture) and Homeopathy. Some definitions also include Neural Therapy as part of the combination, and others use the phrase to describe Laser-Acupuncture.

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