Identifying Your Key Hormonal Gland

As an expert in the area of hormonal health, I have found that it is far more effective to strengthen weak glands that produce hormones, rather than simply seeking to boost their performance through the use of hormones themselves. This approach sets me apart from many in the field of hormone therapy who simply prescribe hormones when endocrine glands test weak. In order to restore hormonal glands to health, however, it is important to first identify the specific, or key, gland that has the most influence over each person.

A number of researchers and physicians have developed systems that are built around the concept known as metabolic typing. Much of the original research with regard to metabolic typing was conducted by a dentist named William Donald Kelley, DDS, who was able to cure himself of pancreatic cancer by adopting a vegetarian diet and using a wide variety of nutritional supplements, along with various detoxification techniques. More than a decade later, however, the same approach that had restored his health failed to help his wife, who became extremely ill after being exposed to chemical toxins. Baffled when she didn’t respond to his therapy, and in fact became even worse because of it, Kelley desperately decided to try adding beef broth and small amounts of meat to her diet. Within 24 hours of his doing so, his wife’s condition began to improve, and soon she too was restored to full health.

This led Kelley to discover the relationship between a person’s metabolic type, their biochemistry, and the type of diet and nutrients that were most appropriate for him or her. Eventually, he developed methods for determining each person’s specific metabolic type and today is known as “the father of metabolic typing”. For the rest of his life Kelley helped many people achieve remarkable, and documented, recoveries from illness using his methods, including many cases of cancer. For the most part, though, his work was ignored and he was attacked by the medical establishment as a fraud and worse. Before he died, however, he came to the attention of Nicholas Gonzalez, MD, and researcher William L. Wolcott. Dr. Gonzalez initially set out to debunk Kelley’s claims, yet once he began to delve into Kelley’s work and verified it for himself, he shifted his entire medical practice and today metabolic typing is a central component to the work he does as an integrative physician specializing in cancer care. Wolcott worked alongside Kelley for over a decade and is largely responsible for preserving and furthering what Kelley taught him, both through his company, Healthexcel, and in his book The Metabolic Typing Diet.

Kelley recognized four major metabolic groups: Fast Oxidizers, Slow Oxidizers, Sympathetics, and Parasympathetics. Kelley grouped these four categories into one of two dominant systems. Both fast and slow oxidizers belong to what Kelley called the Oxidative system, whereas sympathetics and parasympathetics belong to the Autonomic system. He also recognized that each group corresponded to a specific endocrine, or hormone, type.

I am most interested in the dominant gland, and their hormones, that most influence my patients. By determining which gland/hormone-type they are, I can more easily and effectively tailor make my treatments for each patient I see.

Although a basic determination of one’s metabolic type can usually be found through a questionnaire, proper testing using Kelley’s protocol involves analysis of a patient’s saliva and urine samples and can be a bit complicated. Using Energy Medicine, I am able to greatly simplify this process and effectively determine my patients’ status quickly and easily. I do so by using Electro-Dermal Screening, specifically measuring the response to sugar. To conduct this test I also developed the following homeopathic formulas (RegenRx) distributed by Apex Energetics (800-736-4381): Growth Hormone (fast oxidizer), Pancreas (slow oxidizer – the endocrine pancreas), Thyroid (sympathetic), and Adrenal (parasympathetic – the adrenal cortex).

The testing procedure is simple. Sugar will cause an increased skin resistance (or if using applied kinesiology, a weak muscle). Then I test patients by having them hold each of the vials containing the homeopathic formulas, one at a time. The formula that restores the skin resistance to normal indicates the patient’s most important hormonal gland, and thus his or her metabolic type.

As an example, if the adrenal vial neutralizes the response to sugar, I would tell the patient that the adrenals were that person’s key hormonal gland, and that the more optimal the adrenals become, the more energy they would feel, the better they could handle stress, and the more optimal their health would be (given all the other parameters, such as drainage, detoxification, exercise, and nutrition). Based on this finding, I am then able to tailor a treatment program for the patient that is specific for him or her, and that addresses and supports optimal adrenal gland function. This same approach works for the other three metabolic types and their key hormonal glands, as well. Most of the therapies in medicine are designed to treat lab values that are out of the “normal range”. This form of metabolic typing that I employ states that even though the lab value for the specific gland/hormonal-type is in the normal range, I want to continue to strengthen their key gland so as to optimize its function (instead of bringing a lab value from “out of the normal range to in the normal range”).

Based on several thousand patients that I have tested and treated in this way I have found that 50 percent were Parasympathetics (adrenal), 25 percent were Sympathetic (thyroid), 20 percent were Slow Oxidizers (pancreas), and five percent were Fast Oxidizers (Growth Hormone). Interestingly, I find that I cannot get an accurate response using this test for children up to the age of 13, but after age 13 the test works well for everyone. I’ve concluded that these metabolic types were determined in childhood, and that there is an emotional connection to these organs, as follows:

  • Adrenal – Fear
  • Thyroid – Anger
  • Pancreas – Love
  • Growth Hormone – Anxiety

When I find that my patients are an adrenal type, and that their adrenal glands are exhausted, it usually takes six months to a year to get their adrenals back to health. If they are a pancreas or thyroid type, and their adrenals are exhausted, however, I can usually restore optimal adrenal function in as little as four weeks. What I have also found is that people with high blood pressure are usually pancreas or thyroid types. For pancreas types, the key mineral is potassium, while for thyroid types, the key mineral is magnesium.

Many doctors use blood and other tests to figure out which hormones are low and high and then make corrections. But my experience has shown me that you first have to figure out which hormone gland is the star player (metabolic type). Again, 50% of the time it’s the adrenal glands. Once I strengthen the adrenals, balancing their hormones becomes much easier. What I see is that these different metabolic types dictate our reactions to how we respond to treatment, both in terms of hormone therapy and also other treatments, including nutritional supplementation.

If a patient comes to most physicians complaining of low libido or other sex-related issues, for instance, the physician will typically begin treatment by attempting to balance the sex hormones, perhaps with the use of estrogen, progesterone, or testosterone treatments. But if adrenal exhaustion is the underlying cause of that problem, this approach will prove to be ineffective. The first and best course of action in such a case needs to be restoring proper adrenal function, beginning with strengthening the adrenal glands themselves.

The same holds true for the other key hormone glands. The best course of action in each case is to start to strengthen these glands. The beauty of the individualized approach to diagnosis and treatment of hormone related issues is that it allows me to quickly determine which is their key hormonal gland. Once that gland begins to be strengthened, greater levels of health and energy soon follow.

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Published March 2015

© Copyright 2015, Dr. Michael Galitzer, CA USA

About the author

Dr. Galitzer is also a nationally recognized expert in anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). He has been featured in 8 of Suzanne Somers’ books.

He has been practicing Longevity Medicine since 1986, including the areas of nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, weight management, heavy metal toxicity, intra-venous orthomolecular medicine, Bio-identical hormones, and the all important area of cell, tissue, and organ regeneration. In 1989-1990 he completed a UCLA course in Medical Acupuncture, and incorporates acupuncture amongst many other treatment modalities.

Dr. Galitzer had been a member of the following organizations:

  • The American Association of Medical Acupuncture
  • The American Association of Acupuncture and Bio-Energetic Medicine
  • The International Oxidative Medical Association
  • The American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

He is currently a member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine, a leading organization of physicians in the area of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

Dr. Galitzer has been lecturing to doctors and other health care professionals for almost 20 years. He has lectured in Italy and Holland in the area of BioEnergetic Medicine. In the United States he has given numerous lectures in Alternative Medicine. In 1997 he addressed the American College for Advancement in Medicine, speaking about Biological Terrain Assessment. In 1998 he addressed the International College of Oxidative Medicine. In May 2005 he lectured to the American College for Advancement in Medicine concerning the BioEnergetic Treatment of Menopause.

Dr. Galitzer has written a number of books – and another new one is due out in February – as well as the forward to several of the bestselling books by Suzanne Somers. He practiced ER Medicine for many years, but eventually moved into the realm of natural, holistic, energetic, Biological Medicine, including herbs, nutrition, and homeopathy.

Dr. Galitzer is the medical director of The American Health Institute, an organization dedicated to education and research in the areas of anti-aging medicine and cancer.

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