Wheels of Wellness –
An Introduction to White Heron PIOH Ceremony

By Dirk Yow
(Appointed Medicine Man of the Tlingit Community –
Nemenhah Medicine Man / Traditional Leader)

Published 2014 by Geetha Publications, Printed in the USA by Joshua Printing

Dirk Yow is an expert in “the process of intestinal detoxification.” He holds a BXc (Microbiology, Medicinal Botany, Drugless Healing) from Evergreen State College in Washington; a certificate from Germany in the use of oxygen/ozone as it relates to Precision Intestinal Oxidative Hydrotoning (PIOH).

Dirk coined the term PIOH after thirty plus years of experience. He is both a researcher and a scientist. Deeply committed to passing on his knowledge to the next generation, Dirk has begun the PIOH Institute in Burien, WA. “Ceremony” is the name given to each PIOH treatment, as each client is treated with confidentiality and respect.

This book is an introduction to PIOH and the author’s first of many. Future books will be much more detailed and some will function as manuals for his students.

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Covina, CA 91723 USA

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Published February 2015

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