These comments follow the article Referred Pain, or The Connections of Pain Transfer found at this link.

This is the second article by Dr. Jörg V. Schöpe translated for “The Bridge” newsletters . His first article highlighting a patient with CFS appeared in “The Bridge”, Volume 6, Issue #6, December 2010. For those of you who don’t still have that issue on hand, a reprint of the article has been posted on this website for your easier access (follow this link). In both articles he utilizes BioPhoton Light and Magnetic Field Therapy as his instrumental treatment choice.

In the article published in this Issue Dr. Schöpe once again shows us an interesting combination of diagnostic and therapeutic approaches with a very practical application. The references to and reliance on Referred Pain via the various “–tomes” gives us an insight into one recognized and widely utilized Osteopathic diagnostic technique. For those practitioners familiar with the technique, these assessments can be completed quite quickly. For those not familiar with this technique a bit of basic reading can give you sufficient knowledge to at least make basic diagnostic assessments while interviewing and examining your patients. Those basics can then be used to guide your EAV or Vega-type point and medication testing to confirm your suspicions. For example from this article, Dr. Schöpe’s suspicions regarding the liver involvement for Mr. S. and the heart for Mrs. Z. could have been easily confirmed even with preliminary point testing.

Here are a few pictures and a couple of websites that will give you a bit of further information: (sorry, no longer available).

And then there is the therapy. By now I think you all know that BioPhoton Therapy is one of our favorite and most frequently recommended therapies. As we learned from Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp BioPhotons are the small quanta of light. It is via BioPhotons that cells communicate and transfer information, in other words using light particles as the primary carriers of information in the body.

In previous articles in “The Bridge” (i.e. those by Marlene Kunold on borreliosis, see Vol. 8, Issue #6, Dec. 2012, follow this link) and those of Dr. Schöpe, we have seen that there are a number of BioPhoton Therapy devices available in Germany and Europe (some now even in North America) which are all very successfully used for a broad range of applications (from pain to borreliosis). Although some practitioners utilize other brands of instrumentation than that recommended by OIRF, the concepts and applications are applicable regardless.

We have worked closely with Mr. Dieter Jossner of the Medical Electronics Company (one of the original and long term researchers for BioPhoton technology). The HPT 3D Standard BioPhoton device recommended by OIRF has two basic frequencies (Alpha – mostly used on the head, and Poly – mostly used on the rest of the body). This approach has been highly successful with nearly 30 years of experience behind it. And, if the practitioner really feels it necessary to work with additional frequencies, other models of the Medical Electronics devices are available with those features.

With BioPhotons we are talking about delivering information to the body via the body’s own light pathways. Although highly effective as a standalone therapy, BioPhoton Therapy lends itself to combination with any other therapy approach – usually greatly enhancing their effectiveness. For example, the introduction of remedy information will not only send energy to the body (i.e. the use of organ preps will guide the information directly and precisely where you want it to go), but will also give it the information it needs to bring about healing. In view of cost, effectiveness, long term r&d and longevity, the OIRF recommendation remains with the Medical Electronic models. You will simply find other therapy concepts will be completed more quickly and effectively.

Using the HPT 3D HyperPhoton device from Medical Electronics, one short BioPhoton therapy session gives the body the information it needs to communicate this healing energy. Therapy begins with the push of one single button and automatically stops approximately 8 minutes later – easy, simple and delegable. For pain or trauma a second treatment can be added later in the same therapy session while any necessary follow up treatments can be spaced by a couple of days.

Optional accessories for the HPT 3D HyperPhoton device include:

  • Choose either a rolling floor stand or a wall mounted “swinging” arm
  • Magnetic coils (in three sizes) – to add a stronger and more focused magnetic field therapy component
  • Music modulation – to incorporate relaxing and healing sound through the BioPhoton field (e.g. reflection and meditation music of Arndt Stein, etc.)
  • Specially designed honeycomb for delivery of medication and remedy information

A Commentary Prepared for OIRF Supporters
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published March 2014

© Copyright 2014, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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