The Central Pillar in the
New Medicine of the 21st Century

In spite of indisputable advances with the treatment of many illnesses like allergies, rheumatic illnesses, respiratory illnesses, acute and chronic pain or neurological pathologies, school medicine pushes on the boundaries with their focus on medication therapies and surgical interventions. Thus it is urgently necessary to more strongly pursue, as already known, the innovative complementary medical therapy approaches. In the future the [complementary medical approaches] will no longer stand in contrast to classical school medicine, but rather for the purposes of the patients will be an important supplement to the diagnosis and therapy of the most diverse illnesses. It is therefore the duty of our time to bring both perceptions together equally within the scope of a New Medicine of the 21st Century.

MORA Therapy – A Central Pillar

With this new realignment of medicine, biocybernetic* methods like MORA-Therapy will play a central role. The new biocybernetic MORA-Therapy is the further development of conventional BioResonance which was founded by the Engineer Erich Rasche and Franz Morell, MD more than 35 years ago and was steadily further investigated since that time.

Since 1977 the MORA device [models] developed by Rasche and Morell stood in the central point of practical application. In the meantime in close collaboration with scientists and practicing MORA therapists a new device generation – the MORA Nova – was efficiently and practically developed.

Expressed very simply, the individual oscillation patterns (frequencies) of a patient or a substance are taken up through an input electrode and delivered electronically modulated (by amplification or attenuation of the frequencies or by inverting them) as a therapy impulse. These therapy impulses can be returned to the patient in combination with built-up [electronically] stored away substance frequencies (e.g., Bach Flowers) through the output electrode.

MORA-Therapy is free of harmful side effects, can be used accompanying for every symptomatology, and can be combined with many therapy procedures. Thus it can support the therapist very well in his goal to treat comprehensively.

Case Study

The following case representation shows an example of the possibilities of MORA-Therapy in practice.

The first contact took place in September 2012. It was a basic test (duration: 100 minutes) and eight treatments (duration from 40 to 45 minutes) carried out in intervals of between seven and nine days.

The patient, born 1979, was pregnant in the fourth week. As a main wish she expressed “to finally be able to breathe freely again” and to get lasting help for the resolution of chronic back pain and headaches which regularly developed into migraine-like attacks. Additionally partial skin symptoms happen on the face. Pimples and efflorescence appear in the cheek area as well as around the eyes. This represented a great psychic burden for the young woman.

Also, she could no longer consume fresh fruit or vegetables, because this led immediately to diarrhea and hypoglycemic symptoms. In the meantime a recognizable fear had already manifested itself in her eating behavior. However it became clear in the anamnesis that the chronic sinus problems and the respiratory difficulties linked with it, especially at night, explained the longest existing and the most fundamentally burdened symptom. On an arbitrary scale of 1-10 (1 = no problem, 10 = maximum burden) the intensity was evaluated by a permanent 9. The patient was normal weight, non-smoker and seldom consumed alcohol. The physical examination established no particular features. The last gynecological examination results showed no pathologies.

From the allergological point of view a basic RAST-test was submitted which showed particular features for nuts and different spices as well as a “possible intolerance” of fructose. The patient could not identify herself with it. A period of restriction for these foods showed no significant effect. In the past the patient was repeatedly in osteopathic treatment of the head, back and pelvis. This was felt as very pleasant, nevertheless the complaints increased again after six to eight weeks.

Her food and eating behavior was declared as “normal”. And moreover to be mentioned is that besides pork and also refined sugar, iodized food salt, emulsified fat, white flour, ultra-highly heated homogenized and pasteurized milk products as well as daily use of a microwave was considered as “normal”. These habits were changed during the eight week treatment time with lasting effect.

Figure 1: Diagnosis with the MORA-Nova device: The patient is tested for possible intolerances.


Bioenergetic testing by means of EAV established a priority disturbance (indicator drop) in the Lymph and Spleen/Pancreas system.

These systems were associated with the Water Element (taste: salty) and the Earth Element (taste: sweet). Interestingly the patient declared a great craving for “salty” in the early evening. However the “sweet” was almost a compulsion for her after each bigger food intake.

An increased (EAV) measurement value also appeared in the Liver System (Wood Element) and Large Intestine (Metal Element) as well as Allergy (Water Element) and connective tissue (Metal Element). For the liver measurement point a clear improvement with the Toxoplasmosis nosode D200 could be developed. The frequent waking phases between 1-3 o’clock in the night (Liver time) and the migraine-like half-sided headache attacks (the course of the Gall Bladder Meridian) are classified anamnestically to the “picture” of an energetically disturbed Wood Element.

The measurement value of the Large Intestine Meridian end point with its direct connection to the nose and the mucous membranes is nearly to be expected as already an expression of the symptomatic events.

Furthermore, a burden was tested for this system through Cladosporium and household dust (brought from home) and treated.


The Spleen/Pancreas Meridian as a representative of the Earth Element “suffered” from a strong geopathic burden from a fault with an additional gravitational anomaly (Benker grid) in the area of the sleeping place. By means of a continuing capacitive coupling with the heating system the radiation was distributed in the whole house and was additionally amplified.

Here MORA-Therapy was coupled with a Baubiology renovation.

The Lymph System was probably burdened for decades by the incompatibility from lard and yeast. Distributed over several appointments only transmission to the patient of the combination of both substances simultaneously from the ELH Module (ELectronic Homeopathy) and the 180 degree phase shift derived from it (inversion), led to lasting stable measurement values.

Therapy Success

The treatment was completed in the middle of November 2012. The patient declared a subjective massively improved attitude to life (individual scale: 1-2). The chronic sinus problem had actually disappeared and the respiration functioned unhindered, also at night. The skin symptoms had disappeared up to the smallest little points on the left cheek. The patient tried to avoid pork and lard to the present day. In the meantime, yeast containing cakes and pastries and drinks, fruit and raw vegetables were again tolerated without problems. The pregnancy and birth proceeded normally and the child is healthy and appropriately developed for its age.


In the past decades MORA-Therapy very much has a stimulating effect on the everyday practice life on the basis of its concepts, questions, studies and success. Our own practice experiences confirm over and over again that it can and should take on a central role in the New Medicine of the 21st Century because it makes it possible to connect the [scientific] knowledge of School Medicine with the empirical knowledge systems of the old European and Asian health teachings and at the same time still integrate the scientific models of quantum mechanics and biophysics.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Affiliates
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published January 2014

From an article in CO’MED, Volume 19, September 2013
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2013, Dr. Andrea Reupke, Düsseldorf, Germany

About the author

* The use of the term “biocybernetic” is somewhat confusing here. This is an older term still used by the MORA Physicians Society in Germany, to which Dr. Reupke obviously belongs. More commonly used today the term “BioResonance” describes the method in view of current research and understanding. CLWS


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