As we approach the end of another year and suffer the loss of yet another pioneer, I felt compelled to repeat once again why those tried and true methods that Dr. Walter Sturm used in his busy but highly specialized practice continue to be recommended so strongly by OIRF. And primarily, it is because these are the methods and techniques that have allowed so many practitioners to build a long term successful practice!

Join with me as I take you on a verbal tour of Dr. Sturm’s office and his practice. As a “court of last resort” for many patients his approach was to charge one (quite astronomical) fee for each patient and then he could spend the time needed to personally work with them three times a week for a period of two to six weeks. The initial visit easily lasted four or five hours (with lots of breaks) and subsequent re-test and therapy sessions often lasted one or two hours. The purpose of this format was to permit the incorporation of whichever diagnostic or therapeutic methods were appropriate for that individual patient into the treatment course without having to bill each method individually.

His goal was always to reduce or eliminate as many medications as possible that the patient was taking and to teach the body to heal itself. For the naturopathic practitioner the incorporation of remedies and medications in the therapy is critically important (both for the approach to healing and economically within the practice). As a homeopath primarily, Dr. Sturm thought in terms of energy and energy information and because of his licensure and position with OIRF he seldom prescribed medication for any patient. Theoretically he certainly could have done such prescriptions, but he chose not to unless it was critically important for the patient to utilize the actual substance on a chemical or reaction level – such as insulin. On the other hand, he was a strong proponent of prescribing and utilizing those German homeopathic medications which were registered and available in North America, such as SANUM and Heel.

Usually however, he turned to his basic triumvirate – his so called “three-legged therapy stool”. Initially and with every patient Dr. Sturm used:

  1. Inhaled Ionized Oxygen
  2. BioPhoton Light Therapy
  3. MORA BioResonance Therapy

To these were added the various diagnostic procedures (his choices remained with EAV, Performance 2001, BEV and the Vega DFM). He would have loved the AMSAT (fast and accurate segmental type diagnostics) had it become available before his passing. Additional therapies when needed included pulsed electro-magnetic field therapy, laser for pain and color therapy. In light of his research and teaching position with OIRF he was fortunate to have access to all of these techniques (including VEGA) and was able to assess the areas of greatest effectiveness for each. However, if he had gone into private practice, he would have maintained the previously mentioned triumvirate as his basic and most often used techniques.

Why would Dr. Sturm (and many, many others including Dr. MacCoy, Dr. Wood and Dr. Wagstaff) choose to use that triumvirate as the basis of their practice?

Step One is Inhaled Ionized Oxygen. This was the first method every patient experienced in Dr. Sturm’s office. With the push of a button on the VNS Diagnosis 3000 an appropriate therapy program is chosen (based on their state of vagotonia or sympathicatonia) and sent to the Oxygen Ion 3000 (both from CSTronic and according to Prof. Dr. Ivan Engler). Therapy begins with the push of one more button. Easy, simple and delegable. But what does it do? Pure oxygen from either a tank or a concentrator is forced through the ionization chamber of the Oxygen Ion device and delivered to the patient via a mask. The patient is breathing pure oxygen that has been given a positive or negative charge (change of spin). The patient is simply breathing oxygen the way we normally breath, however because the body does not need to process or filter that oxygen it becomes a pure and natural energy donator. Thus, we have given the body pure energy that allows the healing process to begin – and relaxes all the little stresses and problems of the day (the traffic jam getting to your office, last night’s hangover, the fight with their spouse, the teenager that annoyed them, etc., etc.) before you start your diagnostic process. We have simply given the body energy and evened out the playing field.

Step Two is always BioPhoton Light Therapy. As we learned from Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp (another genius and pioneer who has recently retired due to illness) BioPhotons are the small quantum of light. It is via BioPhotons that cells communicate and transfer information, in other words using light particles as the primary carriers of information in the body. Using the HPT 3D HyperPhoton device from Medical Electronics, one simple BioPhoton therapy session (either Alpha frequency on the head or Poly frequency on the body) is giving the body the information about how to communicate this healing energy. Again, therapy begins with the push of one single button and automatically stops approximately 8 minutes later – easy, simple and delegable. Even before the next step in this cycle we have already started the healing process. For pain or trauma a second therapy session can be added later in the cycle.

Step Three was then diagnostics. What is it that this patient needs? What is the cause of the discomfort or illness? And what direction do we need to take in order to focus and promote the healing process? Here, Dr. Sturm believed you could never have enough toys (you know that guy thing). He always primarily relied on EAV (with an old RM-10S and also the diagnostic portion of the MORA) which is a technique that he first learned in the late 1960’s, where he felt comfortable and skilled, and for which he had collected that amazing set of actual homeopathic remedies and test sets. He also incorporated BEV and the Vega DFM. In this step he spent a lot of time, laughing (often singing) and talking with the patient, and he called himself the ultimate private detective. He delighted in back tracking or determining the cause and origin of the patient’s disorder and we always heard loud whoops of triumph (from both Walter and the patient) when that initial cause was discovered.

Then moving into Step Four, the therapies become more individual and designed specifically for that patient. MORA BioResonance Therapy from Med-Tronik was always at the top of the therapy list. This therapy reads the patient’s own energy and information, processes it (filtered or inverted for allergies, etc.) and gives it back to the patient as their therapy. We have given the body the energy to heal (IO2), we have taught the body how to communicate that healing energy (BioPhotons) and now we must teach the body how to utilize that energy. Whether you utilize remedies, or strictly MORA Therapy in essence here you must give the body the information it needs to bring about the healing process.

For many disorders, Dr. Sturm also added Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Therapy from Advanced Medical Systems with great success and effectiveness. And, of course you can always go back and run a quick diagnostic re-test to determine that your therapy has been effective and has actually started the healing process.

All in all, it is a time consuming and complicated process. It is also a process that often will not fit into a busy and fast paced private practice (as so many of you face). However the concept of the process and the application of the three basic devices can easily be incorporated into any modern practice and readily combined with existing methods already in place.

Once again I have added basic information on the four therapy methods mentioned here. It’s not fancy color brochures but you can get the idea. There’s more information on our website and we welcome your phone calls and emails with enquiries, questions and comments.

Once again I ask you to join with OIRF and help us to disseminate this critical therapy information and to bring new practitioners into the knowledge of their effectiveness.

An Exclusive Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published October 2012

© Copyright 2012, Carolyn Winsor, OIRF, BC Canada

About the author

  • Founding director, administrator and executive director of Occidental Institute; the first English language acupuncture “school” in North America founded 1972 which over the years developed into the largest educational and promotional advocate of Biological Medicine until its closing in 2018.
  • 35 years experience with medical and technical translation and literary research in English, French and German.
  • Participation in every seminar, workshop and tour program sponsored by OIRF
  • Participation in more than 35 Medicine Week Congress programs as well as events too numerous to count sponsored by German instrumentation, homeopathic and research organizations
  • Training and certification in multiple Biological Medicine Methods including BioResonance Therapy, EAV, AMA, VEGA, Mayr Therapy, Ionized Oxygen Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy, BioPhoton Therapy, the so-called Global Diagnostics and many others.
  • As a teacher, lecturer and author she has already trained hundreds of practitioners from diverse English-speaking countries.
  • Her passion and insight provide an overall view of the most effective German Biological Medicine diagnostic and therapeutic methods

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