Since the causal connection between the papillomavirus and cervical cancer was investigated, such a [connection] also seems to exist with other tumor and virus types. On the other hand, the use of “vaccination viruses” in the tumor fight is also explored in the framework of virus therapy. Oncolytic viruses are able to increase selectively in the tissues of the tumors and metastases and to attack these. An effective point of attack could also be identified by the evidence of stem cells in the tumor conglomerate. For virus therapy mild or acute reactions are drawn into the calculation, i.e. “vaccination damages” as they are documented in various vaccination procedures. In “natural healing observations” this hundred year old research project in the area of cancer origin is shown in connection with microbial infections as well as a case in a naturopathic practice.

Viruses – The Cause of Cancer?

In 2008 Professor Dr. med. Dr. h.c. mult. Harald zur Hausen* received half the Nobel Prize for Physiology in the area of Medicine. In decades of research and against considerable resistance from professional circles, he has proven and cleared up about how the papillomavirus causes cervical cancer. On the occasion of his speech in the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden Prof. zur Hausen expressed his evaluation “that today more than 20% of the worldwide cancer illnesses trace back to infection illnesses” [1]. Liver cancer is to be considered as another example of a virus initiated tumor illness, which in accordance with a 2002 study carried out in Taiwan seems to stand in causal connection with the Hepatitis-B virus [2].

Prof. zur Hausen together with coauthor Katja Reuter wrote the book “Gegen Krebs. Die Geschichte einer provokanten Idee” [“Against Cancer. The History of a Provocative Idea”] containing the dedication “For all scientists who pursue original ideas, and those who encourage it.” [See Annotation 1]

One of the objectives of current research called for Prof. zur Hausen to grant interviews within the framework of the scientific journal “Nature” [3]. Asked for a clarification about his statement that colon cancer can be in connection with a virus which is contained in raw or half cooked beef, he explained the investigation for such a virus certainly resembles the search for a needle in a haystack. But with the advance of sequencing technologies the discovery of many other viruses in human cells is to be expected, and with it also cancer cancelling active substances. The bowel contains an enormous number of microbes. With many viruses it is a matter of bacteriophages. It is a complicated history whose resolution would take up a long time. At the same time he reminded [us] of the long time period required from clarification of the effect of HPV viruses until the proof of its relationship with cervical cancer.

Infections – “Co-causes” of Leukemia in Children?

In 2006 Professor Mel Greaves of the “Institute of Cancer Research” in London, England already published the most notable article to date under “Nature Reviews Cancer” on the subject “Infection, immune responses and the aetiology of childhood leukaemia” [4].

In his hypothesis (which needs further intensive research) he assumes that children suffering from leukemia already show a prenatal genetic disposition for this illness.

In one study published in the scientific journal “Science” in 2008, in which Prof. Greaves collaborated as a co-author, he gave a report on cancer cancelling stem cells which already exist in the fetus [5]. This influencing control on the genetic function may be considered as the main attack objective in the fight against childhood leukemia.

However Prof. Greaves also sees this as one of several cancer cancelling factors in a not sufficiently differentiated immune system – caused by too strong isolation in the quasi “germ free area” in infancy. The immune system later “over reacts” because with infections – for example through the confrontation with viruses – the necessary defense mechanism of the immune system is no longer “trained” accordingly.

However clarification of how the over reaction of the immune system – possibly caused by viruses – finally leads to leukemia is still pending and must remain the subject of further research.

Virotherapies – Vaccination Viruses for the Tumor Fight

“Nature” published an article in September 2011 about a clinical study which dealt with the application of viruses for the tumor fight [6]. The vaccinia virus, which had already proven itself within the smallpox protection vaccination, was administered intravenously. This variation of the oncolytic virus developed by the researchers is able to selectively increase in the tissues of the tumors and metastases and to attack them. Through the thymidin-kinase gene lacking in the virus, normal cells are secure from an infection, while strongly rampant growing tumor tissues positively attract the virus, and its expansion is also facilitated by the high ability to penetrate the cell walls. Therefore with these kinds of genetically modified viruses there is a strong affinity to the tumor tissue.

On the one hand the effect could be that the viruses directly destroy cancer cells. On the other hand by getting dead cancer cells in the blood stream the immune system is stimulated to form antibodies and to fight the tumor also from this side.

In addition the viruses themselves serve simultaneously as carriers of information of the growth factors GM-CSF. This is likewise able to stimulate the defense reactions of the immune system.

In the course of the study it could be proven that the viruses were provable afterwards in the cancer tissue of about 87 percent of the study participants who had received a high dose. As a side effect influenza similar symptoms were emerging, while non-cancerous tissues were apparently not being damaged. These findings were of course verified even before the background of the great number of so called “vaccination damages” like for example as were vehemently stated by Gerhard Buchwald (1920-2009), and also take into consideration the statistically absolutely positive balance of the measles protective vaccination.

Of course, an effective virotherapy is not possible with one single intravenous vaccination. Further studies, of which already a substantial number are carried out worldwide, will deliver insights into the appropriate necessary dosages. Besides the use of the vaccinia virus also other kinds, like for example adenoviruses, herpes viruses, parvoviruses and paramyxoviruses, are in the test for clarification of their suitability both for their general as well as their tumor specific cancer control.

Parvoviruses to which the human immune system reacts only after about ten days – because it hardly confronts it – were recently used as a trial for the treatment of a glioblastoma in the University Clinic in Heidelberg. Professor Jean Rommelaere initiated the therapy in the German Cancer Research Center in Heidelberg. The use of the Parvovirus H1 was considered advantageous because in the human organism still no immunity against it exists and at first no defense reaction occurred. Also intravenous vaccination took place with this therapy (alternatively the possibility of an injection directly into the tumor existed) where the viruses eliminate tumor cells on the basis of their genetic composition. However results of the approved experiments from the Paul-Ehrlich Institute in Langen are not to be expected before a period of one year [7].

Oncolytic viruses were already mentioned in 1904 in the literature, however they fell into oblivion for nearly 100 years and are presently being further followed up intensively for their potential. Their impact consists in that they infect the tumor cells and destroy them within the framework of the lytic cycle of virus replication [8].

In the University Clinic in Tübingen they experimented for some years with a weakened measles vaccine with the same objective. In the University Hospital in Zurich they want to steer “microbial medications” into the tumor cells via blood stem cells as the “Trojan Horse” in order to destroy them from the inside out.

Are there stem cells in tumor conglomerates? At this time this possibility is controversially discussed. Hypothetically they should exist. And if they exist they should be the actual cause of neoplasms and their relapses.

The Canadian researchers D. Bonnet and John Dick, University of Toronto, have observed that acute myeloid leukemia (AML) can only be transferred to mice by certain selected leukemia cells. The fact of fewer tumor cells leads us back to the stem cell qualities. In the meantime, similar cells were also found in different tumor masses, e.g. in breast cancer.

In the next step of their research substances were sought which destroy these cell systems or drive them into “suicide” (apoptosis). Then they came across an antibiotic which is used in cattle breeding: Salinomycin!

With in-vitro experiments the supposed stem cells were killed 100 times stronger than with the cancer remedy Paclitaxel (substance from the Pacific yew tree – taxus brevifolia).

Herewith a new beginning would be given to cancer therapy. In what way these results are transferable to a human, further experimental studies must first be shown [9].

Adenoviruses were already used for a long time as the ‘taxi’ for gene therapies. Now they should be used as an infection material for tumor cells against malignant melanoma – in any case according to private university lecturer [Assistant Professor] Nettelbeck at the University Dermatological Clinic Heidelberg. According to previous explanations, particularly parvo- and adenoviruses are interesting for clinical research.

However, are Parvoviruses Harmless?

The usually harmlessly proceeding Parvovirus B-19 infection (erythema infectiosum / fifth disease) may serve as an example. This virus has a distinctive tropism for erythropoietic precursor cells which infect it lytically. On the whole this infection usually runs asymptomatically. Nevertheless, if the hemato-poietic and immunological initial condition is not stable enough, life threatening aplastic crises can occur [10].

Will diffusing this pathogenicity succeed through genetic engineering?

The same is considered for the oncolytic therapy beginning with Adenoviruses. This virus group strikes with infections primarily in the respiratory tract, the lymph, the mucous membrane system, the eyes and the intestinal tract. Out of about 80 serotypes nearly 50 are applicable as human pathogens. Most infections run mildly. Nevertheless, with immune suppressed people, delayed after-effects can emerge such as encephalitis, multi-organ manifestations, cardiomyopathy, Type 1 Diabetes.

There also remains hope that you do not open Pandora’s Box with it. In any case from the start the immune situation of the patient is crucial whether a pathogenic virus in its infection strength releases a mild or acute reaction – see vaccination damages from smallpox vaccinations with regard to meningitis or in some cases the after-effects in children on account of an oral polio vaccination with peristaltic restrictions of the intestinal musculature. Only a stable, well balanced relationship of the virulence of the pathogens and the immune situation of the patient can guarantee that no iatrogenic damages appear. The recently published statistics from Finland with regard to the vaccination against swine flu makes one wonder that 80% of all children and teenagers underwent. In 68 cases, narcolepsy appeared after a short time. Worldwide 353 registered suspicious cases are indicated, where the number of unreported cases must be assumed to be much higher. As a trigger Adjuvant AS03 appears in the discussion [11].
(Source: FAZ 11.9.2011)

Natural Healing Comments

At the beginning of the 20th century Antoine Nebel (1870 to 1954) already described “blood microbes” which he had cultivated from carcinomas and sarcomas and called “Onkomyxa”. He divided three of these so determined microbe stems into categories A, B and C, and considered them as mycetogenetic (fungus) which in the course of their cyclogeny also emerged in the form of bacteria and viruses. This work proves in any case that microbes possess a clear affinity to certain tissue structures (see Figure “Les Cycles …”).

Dr. Antoine Nebel: “Les Cycles d’evolution des parasites du cancer humain”[The Cycles of evolution of the parasites of human cancer]; Lausanne, Impr. Borel & Seiler, 1932

Thus Dr. Nebel along with some other scientists belonged to the first pioneers who uncovered a connection between tumor and virus or fungus attack. His work and that of his colleagues cannot be highly enough rated if you consider that at his time the entire microscopy technology was in children’s shoes. Regrettably further intense follow up of the microbiological investigation and cancerous effect was neglected.

In 1927 Julius Wagner-Jauregg (1857 to 1940) won the Nobel Prize for medicine with his formulation for “malarial therapy”. He had patients who were suffering from syphilis in the progressive paralysis stage infected with the malaria pathogen [plasmodium malariae]. At the same time it became apparent that the bacterium “Treponema pallidum” is destroyed by temperatures of over 41 degrees Celsius. The objective was to generate a fever reaction triggered by the malaria.

At the same time the fight against pathological processes by other non-pathogenic, avirulent, microbial development stages prove Dr. Freiherr von Seld, Prof. Enderlein and Dr. v. Brehmer. Particularly worth mentioning is the discovery of Prof. Friedmann. With his so called “turtle vaccine” [12] he had almost wiped out the national tuberculosis epidemic in Pesterszébet, Hungary [13]. Unfortunately, he was also fought. The method applied by Prof. Friedmann was later supported on a wide basis by Prof. Enderlein and Dr. v. Brehmer and was also used among other things against cancer. Although many successes were recorded, the whole procedure went more and more into the background, not the least by propaganda from elitist circles and state restrictions.

In the area of natural healing cancer patients appear over and over again whose past infections have at least weakened the immune system and thus the precondition was laid for a precancerosis. This weakening of the immune system can be fought with different measures. In the search for such a concept one comes across the little book by Rudolf Breuß “Krebs – Leukämie – Ratschläge für Krankheitsfälle” [“Cancer – Leukemia – Advice for Illness Cases”]. Here a juice cure is recommended which can be absolutely valuable for the purpose of an improvement of the vitality in heavy cases and hence is already advisable. According to the research of Professors Danny Burke and Gerard Potter, Salvestrol**, which contains mainly the “juice mixture of beet root, carrots, celery, [large white] radish and potato”, seems to have caused the healings described by Breuß.

Finally as far as the connection between cancer origin and microbial infection is concerned, only one case from a naturopathic practice shall be described:

Olivier C.-M., 45 years old

Diagnosed adeno-cystic carcinoma 1995 in neck area of the left submandibular gland and removed with subsequent irradiation.
Relapse 2009 in the parotid gland and lung metastases without operation, however irradiation. To date light growth. In the constant mucous secretion in the bronchi it was clinically proven: Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenza, Monilia albicans. By means of BFD*** could be proven: Bacterium pyoceaneus, Scarlatimun, Myucoplasma pneumoniae.

To what extent these microbe groups are/were road-preparing or trigger factors cannot be said afterwards because every form of cancer development is always a multifactorial problem. But the fact of its presence proves the affinity of infectious material on the tumor situation.

An Exclusive Translated Article for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published Octobe 2012

From an article in Naturheilpraxis mit Naturmedizin, Vol. 65, June 2012
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2012, Heinrich Schürg, Wiesbaden, Germany

About the author


* All of these initials and abbreviations mean: Dr. zur Hausen is a university professor, a medical doctor and has multiple honorary doctoral degrees.
** Salvestrols are natural compounds in the diet which are converted inside diseased cells, by a specific enzyme, into compounds that can destroy the diseased cell. They are part of a natural rescue mechanism and may be essential to maintain good health.
*** BFD here stands for Bioelectronic Functions Diagnosis, an intermediary point and medication testing method developed and utilized in the years between EAV and the introduction of VEGA.


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