Stuart Craig Wagstaff, ND
* March 15, 1955 – † September 27, 2012

This year Craig celebrated 30 years of naturopathic practice. He was a rare and gifted man who positively influenced the lives of thousands of people with his knowledge, wisdom and caring. He humbly gave of his time, scholarship and mentorship to any and all he encountered. Craig was a lifelong learner who travelled the world seeking knowledge that would benefit his patients. Craig was a specialist amongst naturopaths and was a sought after lecturer and teacher in North America and Europe. His loss will be hugely felt by his community; family, patients, colleagues, students and friends.

In lieu of flowers, please share your support with one of Craig’s favorite charities; your local Food Bank, Salvation Army or the SPCA. A legacy trust will be established at the National College of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Karin Wagstaff, ND will continue practice at the Winfield clinic. Condolences may be sent to the family by visiting . . .

A Legacy Fund has been established in Craig’s name at The National College of Natural Medicine, 49 Southwest Porter Street, Portland, Oregon 97201 of for more information call (503 )552-1555.

I am sitting at my desk once more with tears in my eyes and great sadness in my heart at the news this morning from Dr. Karin Wagstaff that her husband, partner and friend Dr. Craig Wagstaff passed away unexpectedly late last week. From my own personal experiences some eight years ago when Dr. Walter Sturm passed away, I understand how difficult this time is for Karin. I offer my prayers and support for her, their family and their staff and I hope they will find comfort and understanding as they grieve this great loss.

As I remember back through the many years that Craig has been a part of OIRF as a member, a teacher, an advisor and as a strong supporter and proponent, I think of his friendship, his laughter and his ready smile. His efforts to utilize the best methods to help his patients, and to teach and mentor new practitioners into those methods, have earned our utmost respect and support.

Even as my tears fall for my personal loss of my friend and colleague, I am even more heartbroken for our field of Biological Medicine as we grieve the loss of yet another pioneer. As I say my goodbyes to Craig, I am saddened by this great loss on so many personal and professional levels. Let us honor him and remember him as the friend, colleague, teacher, researcher and healer that he was. May his work continue to guide us into the future

Be at peace my friend . . .

Carolyn L. Winsor-Sturm
Managing Director & CEO

Karin and Craig just after his last lecture for OIRF
at the Bioloigical Medicine Symposium
in Vancouver BC Canada

A Sad Announcment for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published October 2012

© Copyright 2012, Occidental Institute, BC Canada

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