AIDS – The Chronology
of a Misunderstanding

The “AIDS” problem has already occupied [the pages of] raum&zeit since the beginning, when the topic moved (was moved) into the focus of the public at the beginning of the 1980’s with the discovery of the first five AIDS cases.

At that time, one of the most important authors was certainly Prof. Dr. Peter Duesberg (USA) as one of the first scientists who criticized the official AIDS/HIV theory. In 1990 he wrote among other things the raum&zeit article “Why the AIDS virus theory cannot be correct”. In it he criticized the approach of the official AIDS/HIV scientists and demonstrated that the AIDS virus hypothesis is not compatible with the generally recognized principles of virology.

The scientist Luc Montagnier who received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the HI-Virus as the cause of AIDS, stood in the crossfire of criticism from the beginning. Quite soon an “Anti-AIDS” movement of scientists, physicians, naturopaths and affected persons formed who did not want to bow to the authority of mainstream science. In England for example groups of homosexuals united who let themselves be tested at different places – with different results. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative.

The biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka found out that the proof of the so called HI-Virus had not taken place according to the scientific standards of virology and consequently the existence of the virus is to be questioned. Many physicians who themselves dealt with so called AIDS patients in their practice published about their experiences and questioned both the virus theory as well as the conclusions resulting from it. Through the work of these courageous doctors many people were taken [away] from the fear of deadly AIDS and affected persons could again recover. Representative for all the courageous pioneers only some names should be mentioned here: Dr. Heinrich Kremer, Dr. Claus Köhnlein and Dr. Juliane Sacher.

Meanwhile in the mainstream media it has become quiet around the topic of “AIDS”. The epidemic predicted in the 1980’s is missing. Once a year public figures and politicians meet for an AIDS-Gala, where one is pinned with little red loops of solidarity, donates a few Euros for a good conscience, but basically however wants nothing to do with the AIDS affected persons. In the end they still attach something disreputable to the whole thing because sexual intercourse remains valid as the most frequent transference path.

That “AIDS” developed no epidemic character in Europe in our opinion is certainly not due to the fact that society has become “better” and that as a result everyone now always has condoms “just in case”. It is probably due rather to the fact that the HIV-AIDS Theory is false. For the general public the “AIDS” problem has transferred to Africa, where the people are poorer and certainly have to combat more strongly with immune deficits because of food and hygiene deficiencies. Whether the AIDS Test, and the WHO-financed orthodox medicine therapy with highly toxic pharmaceuticals, really is a blessing for the people in Africa remains strongly in doubt. Nevertheless, for the account balances of the pharmaceutical industry, the AIDS tests and AIDS medication manufacture are definitely a real (money) blessing.

However even in Germany it is still attempted to always stigmatize people as “AIDS patients” and this on the basis of doubtful tests and thus not necessarily because people feel ill. Furthermore we [at raum & zeit] will let scientists, therapists and affected persons have their say and will not become tired of pointing out the abuses in medicine and science so that the people who put profit before health become ever rarer.

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An Exclusive Editorial Commentary for Members
From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published June 2012

From an editorial in raum & zeit, Volume 30, No. 177, May/June 2012
Machine Translation by SYSTRAN, Lernout & Hauspie, LogoMedia & Promt
Translation & redaction by: Carolyn L. Winsor, OIRF

© Copyright 2012, Andrea Ehlers, Wolfratshausen, Germany

Ehlers Verlag is the publisher of raum&zeit
This is an editorial following an article entitled: “Stop the HIV Tests” by Anne Sono, Berlin

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