As the 30th anniversary of my practice approaches, I have been reviewing the different concepts of treatment and the modalities I have used over the years. While some have come and gone, others have been recognized as valid and have evolved into a sustaining part of my practice.

One of the most valued and helpful concepts I have discovered is the identification of blocks to healing. In the beginning of my practice I didn’t always understand why some patients were just not responding to my ‘best’ therapies. Refusing to accept defeat I continued to question why and discovered that many people had long standing, often forgotten, underlying conditions that had significant ongoing impact on their overall wellbeing. By applying the concept of ‘Blocks to Healing’, I have helped thousands of patients regain and achieve maximum wellness. In this article I would like to share what I consider to be the seven most common and treatable blocks in the healing process.

  1. Environmental Toxicity. As well as disrupting and suppressing the immune system, heavy metal intoxication can irritate the nervous system and influence biochemical processes, sometimes leading to behavioral disorders, learning disorders, inability to form and maintain satisfactory interpersonal relationships or general unhappiness or depression. Some heavy metals can contribute to neuropathies, hemolysis, anemia and Raynaud’s syndrome. As our external environment continues to become more polluted our body’s detoxification processes are overtaxed. By overburdening this process we set up a vicious cycle of poor detoxification, leading to more accumulation and sequestration in deep tissue. Testing for specific heavy metals can be done through hair analysis or provocative urine testing, to determine actual load of specific metals. VEGA or EAV testing, while not appropriate for determining measurements of accumulation, can be used to determine presence of specific metals and metabolic waste and what pathogenic influence they may be initiating, supporting or advancing. Pollution from chemicals and pesticides is ubiquitous in our air, water and food supply. VEGA or EAV testing is useful to determine the specific toxin present and how well your patient’s organs of elimination are working and providing appropriate detox support. The MORA can create the specific nosode needed in conjunction with liver support, pH balancing, saunas, dietary support, botanical and/or nutritional supplements. As toxic loads are reduced energy and sensitivity to treatment rises and the patient is better able to make gains in overall health.
  1. Geopathic stress comes from living close to or directly over faults in the Earth’s crust. These faults are created by underground streams, geomagnetic zones over mineral deposits or areas of high traffic that create vibrations. These are subtle yet powerful influences on our health. The most negative health effects are manifested when you sleep over these geopathic disturbances. Some symptoms include infertility and nervous system irritability. A simple solution is to move the bed a few feet from its original position and watch for symptom improvement. You can also have the bedroom assessed by a professional dowser. Electromagnetic smog arises from electrical outlets, appliances or electronic devices in the bedroom. Many patients are sensitive to electromagnetic radiation but don’t know what the problem is. Testing for electromagnetic stress can be done with a REBA device, dowsing or an electromagnetic detector that determines emissions from appliances and outlets. The easiest treatment is shutting off the electrical breaker to the bedroom so no EMF’s are present in the room. This can then be followed by a homeopathic detox therapy.
  1. Scar tissue from a surgical procedure or trauma can cause interference in the local area and can extend through the formation of adhesions. Scar tissue and the associated adhesions can grow in long strands that have the potential to impinge and impair blood, lymph and energy in local or remote sites. Local treatment of a scar can improve function at a distant site that appears to be totally unrelated to the scar. This phenomenon is known as a ‘lightening reaction’. By testing with VEGA or EAV along the scar you can find the interference in the energy flow or you can make an assessment by patient symptomology. Assume that scars are a contributing factor to chronic health problems and treat them. Acupuncture or neural therapy can be used to physically break up the scar tissue and be repeated as needed. Treatment will improve blood, lymph and energy flow in local and remote areas, often resolving long standing issues.
  1. Dental interferences can be a major contributor to ill health in the form of heavy metals, physical blockages in acupuncture points and meridians, chronic infections and structural abnormalities. VEGA or EAV testing can give you an indication of dental interferences. However the best solution for your patient is to collaborate with a biological dentist who can assist with the complexities of treatment. From a naturopathic point of view, treatments can include a variety of homeopathic and botanical remedies for detox and overall system support.
  1. Damage from acute, chronic or undiagnosed congenital toxins or infection have long challenged the physician. In some cases the active infection is long gone but a lasting immunologic effect remains switched on. Some of the most effective treatments for this include the Sanum Ploysan and PleoSan Chronic infections (bacterial, viral, fungal or rickettsial) create inflammation and cellular damage and require intense treatment to resolve. Some areas of potential chronic foci are the sinuses, appendix, uterus, prostate, teeth and emotions. Diagnostics include patient history, EAV or VEGA testing, blood cultures and immunological testing. In chronic cases consider the energetic effect of infections as well as blood work parameters. The treatment may include pharmaceuticals, botanicals, homeopathics, nosodes or isopathic remedies.
  1. Allergies or intolerances can be transient, acute or chronic. A true allergy is something that will always illicit a serious immune response. While an intolerance is often a delayed reaction to foods, chemicals or inhalants. Allergic manifestations may involve one or multiple body systems. The resulting reaction may affect the nervous system, brain, GI tract, musculoskeletal system, genitourinary tract, the skin (hives, eczema, etc) respiratory tract and the cardiovascular system. Diagnostics include patient history, food avoidance and reintroduction, VEGA or EAV testing or blood analysis. Food avoidance is the first stage of treatment. For the past 20 years I have relied on MORA Therapy for desensitizing my allergy patients.
  1. Psychological trauma and stress can influence every aspect of a patient’s health. Some patients view chronic stress as a sign of weakness and are reluctant to discuss their issues. In many cases, without treatment of the psychological state, there is little hope of affecting a physical improvement in the patient no matter how appropriate the chosen therapy. In these cases I use a combination of physical detox, counseling either with myself or another qualified professional and homeopathic support. Some of the most effective remedies I have found have been the Rubimed remedies. The Rubimed remedies combine homeopathic treatment for the mind-body connection by addressing both physical and emotional issues relating to a specific area of the body.

I have shared with you here the types of testing and treatment I have chosen to use in my practice. I have selected devices and treatment based my clinical experience and expertise. There are other manufacturers and devices on the market that may give you similar success, but these are what have worked for me.

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From THE BRIDGE Newsletter of OIRF
Published April 2012

© Copyright 2012, Dr. Craig Wagstaff, BC, Canada

About the author

After graduation Craig established the first naturopathic clinic in the Okanagan Valley. He practiced in Kelowna for 10 years before moving his clinic to Winfield, BC. Craig also offered mobile service to his patients in Vancouver and Edmonton for 20 years. This year Craig celebrated 30 years of naturopathic practice. He was a rare and gifted man who positively influenced the lives of thousands of people with his knowledge, wisdom and caring. He humbly gave of his time, scholarship and mentorship to any and all he encountered. Craig was a lifelong learner who travelled the world seeking knowledge that would benefit his patients. Craig was a specialist amongst naturopaths and was a sought after lecturer and teacher in North America and Europe.

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